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Yesterday's got a leucistic Jungle Babbler @ Ayodhya #IndiAves
In leucistic birds, affected plumage lacks melanin pigment due to the cells responsible for melanin production being absent. #birdwatching #nature #BirdsSeenIn2021 #BBCWildlifePOTD @Avibase @ThePhotoHour
2/n #IndiAves
This results in a white feathers, unless the normal plumage colour also comprises carotenoids (e.g. yellows), which remain unaffected by the condition. Although leucism is inherited, the extent and positioning of the white colouration
3/n #IndiAves
can vary between adults and their young, and can also skip generations if leucistic genes are recessive.
The reduction of pigment in leucistic birds causes feathers to weaken and be more prone to wear.
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White-rumped Snowfinch (Onychostruthus taczanowskii) is one of the two species of Snowfinches that can be seen reliably in India only in the Tibetan Plateau region of North Sikkim, generally above 4500 meters (the other being Rufous-necked Snowfinch)
White-rumped Snowfinch associate very strongly with Black-lipped Pika or Plateau Pika , the most abundant mammal in this cold desert. Their burrows are used for nesting and also used for roosting, particularly by the juveniles.
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Here is a Ground Tit, alongside a yak dung pat, from the cold plateau around Gurudongmar, North Sikkim.
See comments for more info

#IndiAves #birds #nature #NaturePhotography #birdwatching #birding #Luv4Wilds #WaytoWild #WorldofWilds #IndiWild
@orientbirdclub Image
Dung of large herbivores, particularly that of Domestic Yak has an important place in the grassland ecology of this high plateau. Dungs increases the abundance of arthropods particularly the larvae of coleopteran beetles which are consumed by a number of species of birds.
Many birds are often found close to areas with an abundance of dung pats. Ground Tits have long and curved beaks to probe into the dung pats and the soil around it for insects.
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My #BirdsWithTalons long #Thread from Delhi. Seeing raptors around Delhi is a Joy. Each sighting is unique but not always gr8 wrt #photograghy

On a good day, they can be found up close
Black-winged kite & White-Eyed buzzard
#IndiAves #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdwatching #birds
And there are days when they surprise me by visiting the fig tree just outside my house -like this Shikra which I clicked from my balcony.
#BirdsWithTalons #indiAves
#BirdsSeenIn2021 #birds #birdwatching #thePhotohour #birdphotography #NaturePhotography
But on some other days(should I call them bad days?) they are quite far. Like this Grey-headed fish eagle from Okhla & the Short-toed snake eagle from Mangar.

#BirdsWithTalons #indiAves
#BirdsSeenIn2021 #birds #birdwatching #thePhotohour #birdphotography #NaturePhotography
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This beautiful collection of owls found in #IndianSubcontinent, created from his own pictures by @KamleshMirkale

#birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #IndianBirds #IndiAves #nature #BirdTwitter #PhotoOfTheDay #owls
TOTAL 30. 
(Please read & View from left to right – Row-wise)
Collared Scops Owl (Otus lettia) – Tinsukia, Assam
2. Serendib Scops-Owl (Otus thilohoffmanni) – Sri Lanka.
3. Sri Lanka Bay Owl (Phodilus assimilis) - Thattekad, Kerla
4. Andaman Barn Owl (Tyto deroepstorffi) - A&N
5. Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl (Bubo nipalensis) – Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam
6. Oriental Bay Owl (Phodilus badius) - Dehing Patkai, Assam
7. Andaman Scops Owl (Otus balli) - Andaman & Nicobar Islands,
8. Mountain Scops Owl ((Otus spilocephalus) – Tinsukhiya, Assam
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#FDA on the right..Nuclear Regulatory Commission building on the left, CIST next to that....

#goodmorning #fridaymorning #nevergiveup #israel #joffe #wuw #israeljoffe Israel Joffe fda
Angry bird just went after my dog! Lol I went ahead and got my friend who is a vet to take the birdie.. #israeljoffefda #israel #joffe #birdwatching #dogsoftwitter Israel Joffe fda
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Asian Barred owlet #Thread

I have photographed (shared earlier here) a pair of Asian barred owlet earlier last month which I found in the backyard of my home in Assam in my recent visit in April.

#IndiAves #birds #birdwatching #BirdsSeenIn2021 #TwitterNatureCommunity Image
Today, my bother called me in the morning and told me that he found a chick at the bottom of a tree with a large hole. I ID the bird and he managed a bamboo 🪜 to place the chick in the hole. He noticed 2 more chicks there.

#IndiAves #BirdsSeenIn2021 #birdwatching ImageImage
While doing so he was attacked by one the parents. The hole was little wide at its mouth so we concluded that the chick came out of its own while crawling inside the hole.

#IndiAves #BirdsSeenIn2021 #birdwatching Image
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1ere partie d'un #ThreadPhoto, résumé de notre ballade ce matin avec @petitesarcelle au (quasi) lever du jour dans le parc Paul Mistral à @VilledeGrenoble .
⚠️Clic sur les 📸 pour les voir en format réel 😊
#TwitterNatureCommunity #NaturePhotography #nature #Grenoble
C'était une matinée "étournesque". Cet #Etourneau sansonnet ( Sturnus vulgaris) était en train de se laver en barbotant dans l'eau, pas très loin de nous
#Starling #photography #birds #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdphotography #TeamOrnitho #ornithology Etourneau sansonnet (Common starling) - Sturnus vulgaris
Du coup Cette petite Merlette (#Merle noir ♀ - Turdus merula) s'y est mise aussi, pour notre plaisir =)
#blackbird #photography #birds #BirdsSeenIn2021
#birdphotography #TeamOrnitho #ornithology
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Rose ringed Parakeet ImageImageImage
Spotted necked Dove Image
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Today is the Emperor's Birthday holiday in Japan so would like to share some of my photography of this beautiful country. #Japan #MtFuji #birdwatching
Cherry blossoms falling like snow. #Japan
Sunset over Mt. Yatsugatake and rice fields. #Japan #Yatsugatake
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Thread: I got some fantastic news today so am going to pay it forward by doing a special Friday deal. Your chance to own an original collection of three of my bird drawings for the price of one! Take a look! Image
As part of my Affordable Art Project my original drawings are just €149 each (£133/$177). But this group are only €149 for the three. There’s free shipping worldwide. (A3 sized; 11.7x16.5 inches)

Buy here in my Etsy Shop:
A Dublin Jay (2020) #birdwatching ImageImageImage
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Birding Diaries today . Pelicans from the Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj #birding #birdwatching #birdphotography
Birding Diaries today. The green bee-eaters are one of my favorites but when I started birdwatching I saw a few more varieties, like chestnut headed bee eater and blue bearded bee eater (love the name). These were photographed in Hampi and Anegundi. #birding #birdwatching
Birding Diaries.. the Asian fairy blue bird from Ganeshgudi . #birdwatching #birding
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Need your advice. RIGHT AFTER I TOOK THIS VIDEO a little wren flew out of there but maybe it’s still the parents? Maybe a baby? #Birds
Update. No idea what this means but it looks downy & baby size. I need a new degree #birds Image
DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A BABY or PARENT? & HUGE update in the bird-nest-in-the-dryer-vent story: both of our neighbors offered to let us use THEIR dryer until the babes fly the coop. #birdwatching #wren #Help Image
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I have seen a lot of kingfisher predation so I made a thread. First up: pied kingfisher bashes a bream it caught in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. #birds #birdwatching 1/7
Many kingfisher species do not catch fish. E.g., this is a woodland kingfisher from Zimbabwe: they eat insects, reptiles, small birds and in this case a bat. After catching prey they usually beat it to death, which is what this bird was doing to the bat. 2/7 Image
Giant kingfisher bashes a big fish against a tree branch and then swallows it whole. Not great video quality - the bird was quite a distance away - but still cool to see. Filmed at the Okavango Delta, Botswana. 3/7
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A thread of birds with odd and unfortunate names. #birdwatching

1. The Agile Tit-Tyrant Image
2. Screaming Cowbird Image
3. Knob-Billed Duck Image
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