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O amor que a América Latina tem pelo futebol é enorme, não? Até quem não sabe nem o que é um pênalti se gaba do Brasil ter 5 copas

Isso faz parte da nossa cultura, em um nível tão forte que teve uma vez que ele causou uma GUERRA

Certo, como sempre, vamos falar primeiro de um pouco de contexto

Essa história aconteceu na América Central, aqueles países pequenininhos entre o México e a Colômbia

Por mais que eles sejam separados hoje em dia, eles na verdade foram unificados pela maior parte da história Image
Essa região antes era dominada pelos colonizadores espanhóis, e fazia parte da "Nova Espanha". Nessa época, todos esses países, o México, algumas ilhas na Ásia e na América, e mais uma caralhada de regiões que hoje fazem parte dos Estados Unidos faziam parte dessa mesma gororoba Image
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1/ "If you have Putin, you have rivers of blood": Moscow court sentences Russian opposition activist to 7 years in prison. His crime? "Justifying terrorism" and "issuing threats of violence." His offense? Comments and posts on Facebook. Image
2/ On May 17, 2023, an pro-democracy activist Mikhail Kriger, a member of the Solidarnost movement, was sentenced by a Russian military court to seven years in prison. He was convicted of "justifying terrorism" and "issuing threats of violence."
3/ Prosecutors claimed that Kriger put the lives of FSB officers at risk and advocated for the hanging of Vladimir Putin. According to his supporters, Kriger's offense involved comments and posts made on Facebook.
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1/ Russian School Teacher Sentenced to 5 Years for Referring to Crimean Bridge Explosion as "Putin's Birthday Present" Image
2/ On May 11, 2023, Nikita Tushkanov, a 29-year-old history teacher from Russia's Komi Republic, was sentenced to 5,5 years in prison on charges of "justifying terrorism" due to a social media post about the bombing of the Crimean bridge.
3/ Tushkanov has been a longtime supporter of Russian opposition politician @navalny. In 2021, he was fired from the school where he taught history after organizing a picket and posting online in support of political prisoners. The dismissal order accused him of "immoral conduct"
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1/ The number of acts of sabotage in Russia has surged in 2023, more than doubling compared to the previous year, according to the independent news site Vyorstka, which reported on May 15, 2023. Image
2/ Publicly reported incidents of attacks on Russian railways, military enlistment centers, energy sites, and other targets have reached at least 57 between January and May 2023. Railway tracks have been the primary target, accounting for nearly two-thirds of this year's attacks
3/ This is a significant increase compared to the 21 similar attacks in 2022 and the lone attack in 2021.

At least 26 Russian regions, including annexed Crimea, have experienced at least one such attack, with the Moscow region leading with nine incidents.
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"Fermiamo la guerra", la manifestazione a Brescia
L'appuntamento è in programma domenica 26 febbraio 2023 L'appuntamento è in programma domenica 26 febbraio 2023 l'appuntamento alle 15.30 con ritrovo in Largo Formentone attorno alla bandiera della Pace.➡️
Alle 16 si terrà il cammino di Pace per le vie del centro storico. Alle 17 all'auditorium San Barnaba corso Magenta 44/A a Brescia andranno in scena "Note e parole contro la guerra".

La mobilitazione per fermare la guerra
Cresce di giorno in giorno la mobilitazione della ➡️
➡️ società civile italiana ed europea a sostegno di percorsi reali di Pace per l’Ucraina, a partire dal cessate il fuoco per arrivare ad un vero dialogo con negoziati di pace. L’iniziativa coordinata da Europe for Peace, dopo mesi di azioni condivise per la Pace, vivrà un ➡️
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Dans un monde dans lequel on trouve des milliards et des milliards pour la guerre, on trouve des millions d’enfants qui vivent comme ça aussi.

Très beau jeune garçon, avec un si beau regard !! Insoutenable de voir des enfants dans de telles situations.
Où sont les philanthropes et autres organisations ?
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Don't trust those telling you that everyone in Russia supports the war - there are quite a few movements against the war.
One of our aims is to make antiwar protest visible, so today we'll tell you about some regional antiwar initiatives inside Russia🧵
Free Kalmykiya
This anti-war movement organizes protests and helps people in need of evacuation in Kalmykia: it provides information support, helps with transportation and temporary housing. It stands up for the idea of real federalization of 🇷🇺
New Tyva
This initiative campaigns against the war with Ukraine among the countrymen, helps them avoid mobilization and evacuation to Mongolia and Kazakhstan, conducts political actions, and supports activists.… Image
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Nach zwei Wochen Reisen in #Zentralasien ein paar Gedanken und Beobachtungen zum #Ukraine-Konflikt und #Putin’s Invasion. Kurzer 🧵🇷🇺🇺🇦👇
1⃣ #Kasachstan und #Usbekistan sind seit ein paar Monaten voll mit jungen Menschen und Familien aus #Russland, die vor der Einberufung geflohen sind. Bis zu 300000 sollen es sein.…
2⃣ Flüge sind unglaublich teuer, viele Hotels ausgebucht. Auf den Straßen in #Almaty, Tashkent und Samarkand immer wieder junge erschöpfte, russische Männer, die mir meine Hotelbesitzerin bestätigte, ständig auf der Suche sind: Wo kann man noch hin? Wie viel Geld braucht man?
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#Ukraine condemned Andrij #Melnyk for defending #Bandera, but hypocritically still has 350+ monuments to dozens of such OUN,UPA &SS Nazi collaborators.
They are celebrated with parades & museums, & have streets, schools, parks & stadiums named after them.…
At #Peacetalks in April a #Zelenskyy adviser said #DeNazification of streets names was no problem, but #Ukraine preferred in the end to rename ones named for Russians like Tolstoy instead.
They refuse to talk to🇷🇺& prefer to escalate than try to #StopWar…
1/OUN leader #Bandera spent part of WW2 as a German prisoner after declaring independence, despite pledging allegiance to #Hitler.
He signed a leaflet at #LvivPogrom calling for destruction of 'Muscovites, Poles, Hungarians& Jews'……
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Halo Rakyat Indonesia Sahabat Ukraina!
Konser Amal-Marathon Internasional untuk mendukung Ukraina dan bernama Save Ukraina – #StopWar akan diadakan di TVP, saluran TV Polandia, pada hari Minggu, 27 Maret, pukul 17:30 CET (22.30 WIB) dan akan berlangsung di Warsawa. Image
Di antara pesan utama dari konser tersebut adalah #StopWarInUkraine, #stoprussia, #NoFlyZoneUA, #CloseTheSky, #StandWithUkraine. Ukraina melindungi seluruh benua dengan menerima pukulan dari seluruh gudang senjata mesin militer rusia.
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Stamattina 3 navi russe sono state colpite nel porto di #Berdyansk probabilmente da 1 o più missili balistici #Ukraine "Tochka-U".La nave Project 1171 "Saratov" e 2 navi Project 775 "Novocherkassk" e "Caesar Kunikov".#UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #nowar #peace
La Marina Militare #Ucraina riferisce di aver distrutto la nave da sbarco russa Project 1171 "Orsk" (non "Saratov"), nel porto di #Berdyansk (occupato dai russi). #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineRussiaConflict #UkraineWar #Ukraine #StopWar #nowar #Peace
Da notare oltre alla grande nave da sbarco russa "Orsk" (classe Alligator) Project 1171 della flotta del Mar Nero in fiamme al porto di #Berdyansk, le 2 navi (classe Ropucha) Project 775 (danneggiate) partono dal porto. #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine
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1/🧵Russia's invasion of Ukraine has prompted a massive humanitarian crisis. For many the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming 💔.

Here are some great ways to help (some not even requiring any money).

Please retweet & share 🇺🇦🌻💙💛#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine #HelpUkraine Image
2/🧵Ways to help include donating to Ukraine via a registered charitable organization, donating money /goods / points / miles, fundraising, volunteering, attending rallies, contacting MPs, fighting disinformation online, etc. 🇺🇦💪#Ukraine #HelpUkraine
3/🧵Money is still the most effective gift.

Most charities prefer donations of cash due to issues with donated goods (logistical hurdles, custom regulations, transport costs, lacking capacity of nonprofit teams to sort the goods, carbon footprint, etc.). 💲🇺🇦#GiveMoney #Ukraine Image
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MOSCOU, 15 mars : Les forces armées de la Fédération de Russie le 20ème jour après le début de l’opération en Ukraine ont pris le contrôle de toute la région de #Kherson, les représentants de #Moscou et de #Kiev ont poursuivi les négociations.
#BiolabsinUkraine #StopWar #Spotify Image
Sur la prise de contrôle Région de #Kherson le ministère russe de la Défense a rapporté, notant également que le bastion des mercenaires étrangers dans la région de Guta-Mezhyhirska a été capturé.
En outre, le ministère de la Défense de la Fédération de Russie a rendu compte de l’équipement militaire détruit: depuis le début de l’opération - 156 drones, 1306 chars et autres véhicules blindés.
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Who cares for the orphans of #Kropyvnytskyi? German volunteers trying to get the kids out of war in #Ukraine.Although all authorities on both side have agreed, the kids are currently being prevented from leaving the country. WTF?! 1/ @KatapultUkraine @katapult_mv @ZelenskyyUa
Of course, we'll guarantee a safe place for the carers and their kids, too.We are really frustrated now. For almost a week we negotiate with local authorities about the life of kids in war. Feels like as if we were suspected to steel them. 2/ @ErikMarquardt
Everything was settled with the authorities. However, now we are on our trip to Ukrainian border. There are lots of people, who need help. Even if we continue to worry about the orphans of #Kropyvnytskyi. 3/3 RT! #StopWar #PutinsWar @janboehm @isabelschayani @MelnykAndrij
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Я не думаю, что россиянам сейчас легко получить доступ к информации, но я размещаю это на русском языке, чтобы люди с VPN могли увидеть это и узнать факты. Идет война, более конкретно - геноцид украинцев со стороны России.
Путин вторгся в Украину безосновательно и неспровоцированно и является геноцидным убийцей с кровью на руках, которая запятнает и заклеймит русский народ на всю его жизнь и на все последующие поколения.
В Украине нет никакого нацистского правления, от которого укранцы нуждаются в освобождении. Украина - демократическое государство, и они проголосовали за свое правительство и поддерживают его. Это Россия ведет себя как нацисты.
Россиян безостановочно кормят бредовой информацией,
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⚠️Q:Why didn't Putin invade #Ukraine when #Trump prez??
A:Trump did Putin's dirty work for him; he blocked hundreds of millions in military aid for Ukraine. He created division & disunity in #NATO. He wanted US out of NATO-killing it.
#Kyiv #EU #Kharkiv #BREAKING #Russia #NoWar
Trump did Putin's bidding while prez!
This story is from 2019!
#Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From #NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over #Russia and #Ukraine
#StopRussia #StopPutin #NoWar #EU #StopWar #Kyiv #Kharkiv #Zelensky
This story from September 2019:
The timeline of #Trump decision to withhold $400,000,000. in military aid to #Ukraine is increasingly suspicious
#Trump #BreakingNews #BREAKING #news #Russia #EU #NATO #Germany #Poland #NoWar #UK #StopRussia #StopPutin…
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Es widert mich an. Ein Wut-Thread aus aktuellem Anlass.

Während keine zwei Flugstunden von uns entfernt seit einer Woche Menschen – darunter entgegen sämtlicher Propaganda-Lügen des Kremls auch zahlreiche Zivilisten, Familien, Frauen und Kinder – durch einen Überfall des
Autokraten Putin bombardiert und mit Leid und Schrecken überzogen werden, schäme ich mich hier in unserem Friedensparadies Deutschland für eine Gruppe von vernagelten Vollidioten, Realitätsverweigerern und Putin-Freunden zunehmend in Grund und Boden. Verblendete „Spaziergänger“,
die unter dem Vorwand „Frieden, Freiheit, keine Diktatur!“ durch unsere Straßen ziehen und dabei ihren unsäglichen Schwachsinn verbreiten dürfen – weil sie in diesem freien und friedlichen Land eben sämtliche Vorzüge einer Demokratie wohlwollend ausnutzen – sich bei den Pflichten
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In the face of this terrible tragedy, we must remain cohesive and invoke the ideals of democracy, solidarity and universal brotherhood by strongly saying #StopWarInUkraine #Peace .

Image source➡️

#scritturebrevi #VentagliDiParole #ThePhotoHour #StopWar
I invite you to carefully read the entire thread: one by one the 12 tweets.

#StopWar #UkraineRussiaWar

#scritturebrevi #ventaglidiparole

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Heute fand in #Würzburg auf dem Bahnhofsvorplatz eine Kundgebung statt. Betroffene, Mitglieder von Parteien, Bündnissen und Aktionsgruppen hielten vor ca. 650 mit der #Ukraine solidarischen Menschen, unterschiedlichster Betroffenheit, Redebeiträge.

#FreeUkraine #StandWithUkraine ImageImageImage
Neben OB Christian Schuchardt hielt auch Burkhard Hose einen Redebeitrag und nahm ua Stellung zu den aktuellen Entwicklungen der rechtsextremen antidemokratischen Bewegungen in der EU und plädierte grundsätzlich für Solidarität, Zusammenhalt und einen klaren demokratischen Stand. ImageImageImage
Die Teilnehmer:innen forden grundsätzlich Frieden und Freiheit für die #Ukraine, rücken bei der Bedrohung Putin in den Mittelpunkt und zeigen sich solidarisch mit der russischen Bevölkerung. #StopPutin #FreeUkraine ImageImageImageImage
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#Ukraine Azov Battalion drew its recruits from the Right wing militia and openly displays neo-Nazi symbols, yet it continues to receive U.S. arms and training, even after the U.S. Congress explicitly cut off its funding in the FY2018 Defense Appropriations bill. #Denazification. Image
Peace is a Priority

The U.S. and NATO’s interest in Ukraine is not really about resolving its regional differences, but about something else altogether. #StopWar #RussiaUkraineWar…
Neo Nazi Azov, estimates that more than 17,000 foreign fighters have come to Ukraine over the past six years from 50 countries.
#Azov #Denazification…
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I'm going to post all further updates about #RussiaUkraineWar in this thread.
These children are now hiding in Kyiv subway because of regular air attacks in the city.

I can't even imagine what their parents feel right now.
And here is Kyiv itself.
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тред: что делать во время бомбёжки. что вообще делать. (сбор информации со всех просторов интернета)

1) Возьмите рюкзак, не сумку, рюкзак
2) Соберите документы по пунктам В ПАКЕТ/ФАЙЛ/ПАПКУ/НЕПРОМОКАЕМУЮ ОБЛОЖКУ:
- паспорта (взрослым)
- права
-документы на недвижимость
-свидетельство о рождении (детям)
- загранпаспорта (по возможности)
- медицинские полисы
- написать бумажку с противопоказаниями (медицинские), если особо острые реакции на что-то ТАКЖЕ напишите
- дайте детям кнопочные телефоны(ловят лучше)
- положите им деньги(надо)
- сухой паёк
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🔴#EnDirecto | Ucrania confirma que Putin ha lanzado una operación militar para invadir el país "a gran escala"

Siga en NIUS la última hora de la crisis en Ucrania 🇺🇦…
🔴Esta madrugada Vladimir Putin se ha dirigido por sorpresa a la nación para anunciar "una operación militar" en Ucrania tras la solicitud por parte de Donetsk y Lugansk de repeler la "agresión" de las Fuerzas Armadas ucranianas…
🔴#EnDirecto | El presidente ucraniano, Volodimir Zelenski, ha asegurado que los ataques rusos contra su territorio se están dirigiendo, de momento, a instalaciones estratégicas del país… Image
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