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But, you knew that already.
Hence why [AS][SDNY][MW] are attempting to keep the ‘insurance’ scheme ongoing post Mueller.
The fun begins directly after.
Will make the Super Bowl look like a puppy show.
Remember Mr. Huber? He's been very busy.
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
After Mr Huber delivers his report, there will be more fun to be had as the FISA will be declassified.
FISA brings down the house.
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
Remember these two? Who could forget a face like Strzock's? Really makes one have faith in the FBI, doesn't it?
Enjoy the show!
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
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6 Months Ago POTUS Asked for Release of Unredacted Docs from Russia Hoax and Fisagate

🇺🇸 Q Post: 2819 - 20 Feb 2019 - 12:21:23 AM
Review time.
Months Ago POTUS Asked for DOJ Investigation into Spygate

🇺🇸 Q Post: 2820 - 20 Feb 2019 - 12:39:26 AM
Review time.
Q Responds to Anon in Need
🇺🇸 Q Post: 2821 - 20 Feb 2019 - 12:48:33 AM

>>5272527 (/pb)
Thoughts and prayers.
May you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you.
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What ‘family’ runs CA?
They are all connected.
The More You Know….
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
Pacific Corporate Group (PCG), of which Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ronald Pelosi, was the new CEO. #TheRainMakers #QAnon…
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🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 >memes are important - BEYOND WORDS.
>we are here for a reason
🇺🇸#GreatAwakening Across the World 🌎
🇺🇸PATRIOTS theres a FULL BLOWN ADD on #SpewTube
with Degrading comments about @realDonaldTrump
I was watching a Fox News clip and it just Cut-In as a normal add


🇬🇧 Its similar to the first #Comey #FakeNews video

meme is unrelated
🇺🇸 On 245 occasions, former FBI Director James Comey told House investigators he didn’t know, didn’t recall, or couldn’t remember things when asked. Opened investigations on 4 Americans (not 2) - didn’t know who signed off and didn’t know Christopher Steele. All lies! . . . DJT
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They knew POTUS was set up to appear to have colluded with Russia. Then they discussed invoking the 25th amendment, in order to get rid of @POTUS!
They have committed TREASON!
Rosenstein knowingly signed fraudulent FISA!
#QAnon #TheRainMakers…
No mercy.
No bargaining.
A Traitor’s justice.
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
If nothing criminal (i.e. treason vs duly elected President) occurred, why then did majority of senior FBI leadership get FIRED/removed?
What do they ALL have in common?
DOJ later ([2]departures imminent).
#QAnon #TheRainMakers
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Obama was going to stick us for $2.1 billion.
Before Obama left office, he arranged with the State Department for a series of "official visits" to foreign countries spanning the next 20 years. Using discretionary funds... #TheRainMakers
...from the Office of Presidential Visits and Vacations, Obama was planning to use what would have been another $2.1 billion in free vacations for him and up to 24 members of his family plus staff and even a dog sitter until the year 2036... #TheRainMakers
He would have, until Donald Trump put a stop to it! Trump, who's always looking for ways to save $, was presented with a ledger that contained all of the Obama travel plans & expenses. The ledger was found by one of the workers Trump hired from outside the... #TheRainMakers
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An estimated 58,000 illegal aliens voted in Texas midterms alone.
Look at the maps below.
Now ask yourself this question:
Why do democrats want open borders?
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
We need voter I.D!
Did you know voter I.D. was upheld in the Supreme Court in 2008 and ruled VOTER ID did NOT suppress votes or deter minorities?...
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
...However, NC's 4th circuit court ruled that voter I.D. laws would “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.” Really? Give me a break!
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
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Why do D's push to fund [PP] using taxpayer dollars ($500m/year)?
Where does the money go?
Past political donations of [PP]?
What is the process of disposal re: aborted fetus?
What regulations (who monitors) are in place to ensure that process is being followed? Q
Where does the money go? Past donations?
How much money did Planned Parenthood donate to Democrats?
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
Where does the money go?
Did they influence the Midterms at all?
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
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Look what went down in L.A. ! Military ops downtown at 1138 + 1126 Wilshire Blvd. at Tom Girardi law offices and the Guatemalan House of Culture!
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
Here's a great thread on this military op in downtown L.A.
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
Was it a drill? Not likely.
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
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🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers ☔️💦
🇺🇸 Justice Department Finds No Evidence That Foreign
Meddling Impacted 2018 Election
Acting Attorney Gen Matt Whitaker and Sec of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen submitted joint report to Trump on Feb 4
🇺🇸#GreatAwakening #KAG
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Joint Report on Impact of Foreign Interference on Election and Political/Campaign Infrastructure in 2018 Elections | OPA | Department of Justice

🇺🇸#Trump2020 #F15 #TheWorldIsWatching
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Special Guests for President Trump's Second
State of the Union Address
Meet the special people who will join the First Lady & Pres Trump
They represent the very best of America
🇺🇸#WeThePeople #GreatAwakening
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Curious. These birther operations were shut down in 2015. Indictments are just now being unsealed? Things that make you go hmm...
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
People are being rounded up by the hundreds.…
Good to see this is being pursued!…
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Looking like Nick Sandman & Covington Catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgements proving out to be false - smeared by media. Not good, but making big comeback! “New footage shows that media was wrong about teen’s encounter with Native American” @TuckerCarlson
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 I have a dream that one day my children will not be judged by the colour of their hat; but by the content of their character.

🇺🇸#WeThePeople #GreatAwakening
There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate and even fraudulent reporting of the news. The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame...DJT
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🇬🇧 New thread - #DeepFakes
🇺🇸 How Should Countries Tackle Deepfakes?
🇺🇸 Deepfakes are hyper-realistic video or audio created with artificial intelligence (AI) of someone appearing to do or say things they actually didn’t do or say.
🇬🇧 #DeepFakes
🇺🇸Jennifer Buscemi: Deepfakes Are More Terrifying Than Ever
While the nation grapples with concerns over the spread of deepfake vids in which an individual’s face is superimposed onto another persons face
🇺🇸Jennifer Buscemi: Deepfakes Are More Terrifying Than Ever
While the nation grapples with concerns over spread of deceptive info online, deepfake videos in which an individual’s face is superimposed onto another persons face.
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The movement’s slogan is “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

Pelosi hosts fundraiser with radical Islamists…
Since the May event, the DCCC distributed a large amount of money - likely including the Islamists funds - to many house candidates who are part of the DCCC's "Red to Blue" effort, which is trying to unseat 55 Republican members of the house.
The Islamist fundraiser illustrates the increasing ties between American Progressives & the various Islamist groups.
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🇬🇧 a very eye opening article!
🇺🇸 MAY 2016 - Congressional Delegation Visits Mexico City
🐀Rep. Sánchez: “We would like the U.N. involved in that process so that unaccompanied minors are not making this dangerous journey north . . “
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Enrique Pena Nieto, (former Mexican Pres.) took $100 million
bribe from Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin "El Chapo"
Reuters couldn’t reach Pena Nieto or his former spokesman for comment.
🇺🇸#StopDrugs #BuildTheWall
🇺🇸 Notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman
trial packed with Hollywood-style tales of grisly killings, political payoffs, cocaine hidden in jalapeno cans, jewel-encrusted guns and a naked escape with his mistress through a tunnel
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It’s a DISGRACE that yet another Female Islamic preacher is ‘not just allowed’, but ENCOURAGED to SPEW their HATE FILLED LIES & IDEOLOGY upon this generation; and as per usual, it goes UNCHALLENGED? Look at #Europe

#JesusTheOnlyWay #LoveConquersAll
🇬🇧 #Patriots, check out this website
🇺🇸 United States Illegal Alien Crime Report
We Lost...the no. of Mosques has Doubled since the 9/11 attacks
🇺🇸#BuildTheWall #AmericansFirst #KAG
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸 @realDonaldTrump🇺🇸
🇺🇸 WATCH: ISLAMIC LAWMAKER Ilhan Omar go after
Covington Catholic Boys...AGAIN *
Omar said “The hate in this country is often perpetuated by the inhabitor of the W.H. 🤔. . 🇺🇸#WakeUpAmerica look at #Europe
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🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump🇺🇸
🇺🇸 8 Shocking Facts About New York's Radical New Abortion Law - Breitbart
The New York State legislature has put in place one of the most Radical Abortion Laws in the United States!

🇺🇸#ProLife #March4Life
🇺🇸 #ChooseLife
🏴 The Abortion Agenda: Its Benefactors & What You Don’t Know
These power players are in this game for the long haul. They are planners, deceivers, manipulators, and if you don’t pay attention, you may be fooled
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers #LifeMatters
🇺🇸Planned Parenthood Ordered to Answer Questions About
Illegal Money for Baby Parts Scheme
🤔 Statue of Liberty? what about the Liberty of the Millions of Babies Discarded every year, and SOLD OFF to Science
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🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
Veteran political operative Roger Stone has been arrested in Florida, according to the office of the special counsel led by Robert Mueller
🇺🇸#Spygate #WithHunt
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country!
NO COLLUSION! Border Coyotes, Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers are treated better. Who alerted CNN to be there? Donald J. Trump

🇺🇸#Spygate #WitchHunt
🇺🇸 Here is Stone on Tucker Carlson Tonight
Magically, in the wee hours of the morning on day 618 @CNN had camera crew and producer stationed outside Stone’s home. Call it a “reporter’s instinct”

🇺🇸#WitchHunt #RogerStone
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🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers ☔️💦
🇺🇸 Joy Behar: admitted Tues, the media rushed to Condemn the Covington kids because they Hate Trump
🤔 WHY do they Hate Trump so much?
Because @realDonaldTrump Exposed #MSMFakeNews for what they really are

🏴#Hypocrites #Haters
When a Baker refused to bake a cake for sodomites, the controlled #MSMFakeNews accused them of DISCRIMINATION and went into a news frenzy

Yet @kenjilopezalt and other #SocialistDemocRats are OPENLY REFUSING to SERVE members of the public who wear a #MAGA hat, where are the MSM?
🐮 The only cow farting and causing global warming are on the VIEW. Whoopi and Joy together blow out about 1 degree of the total global warming problem by themselves. Cancel the show and you can keep your cars. #ProblemSolved @MrWyattLA
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Link not available? got screenshots of vote

Last week, House GOP voted to pay federal employees their 1st paycheck of 2019, despite shutdown
Only 6 Dems voted with us. It failed

Dem priority is not paying workers or opening gov't. It is opposing Trump.
These #SocialistDemocRats 🐀 Must HATE your Country and #WeThePeople yet they’re never off #MSMFakeNews
calling everyone else HATERS & RACISTS etc etc ...

It’s all Projection / the Dems are the HATERS

#DemocRatExit 🐀 🐀
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🔺Sheila Jackson Lee 🐀 Resigns from Key Posts
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) will resign from two high-profile positions after being sued for retaliation against a staffer #HumanTrafficker 🍕#Pizzagate
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🏴 After taking Money from #Backpage
Nancy Pelosi needs to Make things Right
At best, Nancy Pelosi’s acceptance of a $10,000 check from @JamesLarkin a co-owner of was extremely careless
🍕 #Pizzagate #HumanTrafficking
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
🍕BACKPAGE CEO, Pleads Guilty to State, US charges
The Company founded by the former owners of the Village Voice in New York City, Michael Lacey, 69, and James Larkin, 68

🏴#Backpage 🍕#Pizzagate #Traffickers
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers ☔️💦
🇺🇸 Nancy Pelosi, Secret Overseas Mission Included 93 Family Members Why?
🤔 Who takes 93 family members, mostly kids, on a Secret Gov trip on Military Aircraft & paid by Tax Dollars?

🇺🇸#GreatAwakening #ClintonCabal
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This is really unprecedented. We need to find a way to rein this in without stepping on free speech/press, but how? Tougher slander laws? Requiring sources to be revealed? What is the answer? This is unacceptable!
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
These are some other examples of the fake news. They don't work very hard to hide it. They fool lot of people. People who will never hear or see a retraction. They simply continue to believe the lie. #TheRainMakers #QAnon
Now look at who controls your media. They have a network that leads straight to D.C. This must stop!
#TheRainMakers #QAnon
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It would appear we have a world wide movement against the establishment.
I wonder how that could have happened? The more you know.
#TheRainMakers #Qanon…
Barcelona, Spain
#TheRainMakers #Qanon
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If you don't know what Cloward Piven is or who Saul Alinsky is,
Want to know about the term "manufactured crisis" and what it really means? Pay attention! #TheRainMakers #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA @POTUS
Understanding Rules For Radicals, by, Saul Alinsky.
#TheRainMakers #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA @POTUS
Who, besides Obama, subscribes to Rules For Radicals ideology?
#TheRainMakers #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA @POTUS
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