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Tech companies hiring tech roles that don't require experience or a degree to get hired🎉 Here are 25 roles paying up to $10K per month🧵
Google, Pinterest, Deloitte, Accenture, IBM & others have roles in Data Analytics, AI, Data Engineering, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Cloud, UX, Product Management, Product Design, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Software & Systems Engineering.

#jobsearch #Job #TechisHiring
These apprenticeship programs pay YOU starting day ONE to learn tech skills on the job, complete assigned training, be mentored and coached while working full-time with benefits🚀
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An amazing analysis of the current #Ukraine️ #war
@kamilkazani takes us back to Cold War and evolution of Russian war machine based on those weapons/tactics.
Question: Will this op prove to be as much a watershed for #Russianarmy as it was for #UkrainianArmedForces in 2014?
In addition, the entire situation raises further questions
1-As mentioned in the tweet above, would this stimulate transformation of military affairs in the #RussianArmy in particular and #RussianArmedForces forces in general?
Especially considering the points @kamilkazani made?
2-Actually, and retrospectively, this raises more questions. And these questions are based on President #Putin own past career in particular and the post #SovietUnion combat experience of the #RussianArmedForces in general
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While looking for a way to start her career as a developer, Tuğçenur realized that the solution was obvious - then she landed her first tech job. How? Let’s read 👇
💻 Tuğçenur’s most challenging courses were coding-related courses while studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering - so she thought coding wasn’t for her.
👀 But her perspective had utterly changed when she practiced with Android programming during her internship.
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Dear Job Seeker,

#Unemployment is a condition no one enjoys.


It's hard! Really hard! But this moment can be the best in your life in your career. It was the best moment in my life.

Read on with me:
Being jobless can be challenging. It can bite hard into your bones, making you look like a false reflection of your true self.
Depending on the length, it can make you lose confidence in yourself and give up on life entirely.
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#Cadre ou #Entreprise,

Et si vous optiez pour de l'#alternance ?

On vous parle des #avantages de ce #contrat et on vous dit tout ce qu'il y a à savoir sur le sujet !

Liens utiles en fin de thread 😉

#alternance #emploi #recrutement #OPCO
[Le statut]

Contrairement au stagiaire, l'alternant.e est compté.e dans l'effectif de l'#entreprise. Il/Elle a le même statut que les autres salarié.e.s, et donc les mêmes avantages : tickets restau, congés, primes, etc. 👌
[Les avantages pour le/la candidat.e]

L'#alternance permet à l'étudiant.e de se confronter aux réalités du #travail en entreprise, d'acquérir une véritable #expérienceprofessionnelle, de toucher un #salaire et d'économiser ses frais de #formation

#CestFaitPourMoi #projets
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[How I aced my #UPSC]🧵

On the day of my #IAS interview - I was sleep-deprived, overburdened with my office work, and was clearly underprepared

To make matters worse, a week ago -my then-girlfriend had broken up with me. And there were a million emotions running through my mind Image
Unlike my friends who had prepared full time for #UPSC, I had prepared along with a full-time job, and therefore, could take only 2 days off of my work to prepare for the interview. Long behold, my interview scores were amongst the highest in India that year.
What worked for me?
1. Confidence: I am thoroughly convinced that confidence always supersedes the content. No matter how well versed you are with the subject, if you can not confidently articulate it - you are doomed to perform poorly in an #interview.
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Anyone perusing the top articles of major media outlets last weekend would have read several pieces on the extraordinary #shortages being witnessed in the U.S. #economy today, and particularly those in the #labor market.
The tone of many articles was pessimistic, suggesting that the #supply-side #shortages and dislocations may be systemic, or long-term, but we think there’s evidence that the U.S. #economy will display considerably greater dynamism and resilience than the pessimists believe.
First, it’s vital to recognize that this is a #supply constraint problem, not one of #demand. Indeed, strong demand is being driven by a host of powerful influences: 1) household balance sheets never been cleaner and HH #wealth is $25 trillion greater now than pre-Covid level.
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We are #hiring soon! We have a series of #job openings for: #DataViz Specialists, #DevOps Engineers, #RStats/#Python Developer, and #Usability Specialist @USGS_Water & @USGS_DataSci. Location negotiable

Follow us for updates
#DataScience #SciComm #RemoteWork #uxui #TechTwitter A banner advertising job openings with the USGS Water Missio
We especially encourage you to apply if you are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, have a disability or are of any marginalized identity @BlkInData @BlkInGeoscience @AccessibleGEO @500QueerSci #BlackInSTEM #QueerInSTEM #DisabledAndSTEM #DiversityInTech #NativeInSTEM #LatinXInSTEM #BlackTechTwitter
The Data Visualization Specialists and R/Python Tool Developer will be advertised under the Biologist, Physical Scientist, and Mathematical Statistician job series (series 401/1301/1529).
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I have listened to my colleagues in Nigeria complain about not getting a job after passing ielts and CBT. This is quite saddening I must say. However there are tips to #successful #job Application that I want to share.
1.The Organisation
To apply for a job, take your time to read about the. #NHS Trust you intend to apply for a job in, over here , they're CONCERNED about Core Trust Values, so know them and highlight how you embody them during your interview.
2. Job Description.
Before you make the decision to apply, take out time to download the job description/candidate specification. Read in between the line and ask yourself if you fit the description. Some desired skills if mentioned & you meet it,demonstrate how while applying
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Hello everyone,

I'm officially looking for a front end position. I've experience of about 2 and a half years workin with full stack technologies but I'm lookin to work and learn primarily in front end.


#job #javascript #reactjs #frontend

ReactJs, TailwindCSS, GraphQL/REST, Apollo, Styled Components/Emotion, Javascript/ES, HTML/CSS, Redux/Context



#developer #job #javascript #github
In my free time, I've been building tools/apps and have been streaming them on YouTube while I build them.



#youtube #apps #products #live
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[big update 🥳] I'll be joining @Google @DeepMind later this year as a Research Engineer!!! 🤖😅❤

It feels surreal, I don't even know where to start. 1/
I didn't come from an "Ivy League" university. Not because I couldn't get in - but because when you're 19, from a less developed country, and you didn't have tech-savvy people around you growing up - you are not even aware that @Stanford/@MIT are a thing. 2/
I can deeply empathize with many because of that. Not all of us were lucky enough to get exposed to tech when we were 9. I "heard" about programming when I was 19! We had to compensate by working harder than everyone else. 3/
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To those of you who are at the #vaccine fork in the road in order to keep your #job, maybe this can #help.
The secret is to NOT refuse it.
“I write with regard to the matter of potential covid vaccine & my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead.
I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements.”:
1. Can you please advise the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?

#SayNoToVaccinePassports #SayNoToBullying
2.Can you provide details & assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently & rigorously tested against control groups & the subsequent outcomes of those tests?
3.Can you advise the entire list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive & if any are toxic to the body?
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From rejecting a seven-figure job to building India’s largest platform for financial education,

Here’s the story behind my entrepreneurial journey so far.
I graduated from IIM Indore in 2008 and got placed in JP Morgan. Having a zeal to do something in the #education sector, I didn't take that #job, to start up a new venture of my own.
During that time CAT went online. I started my own venture- FireUp, an e-learning portal for training for #management entrance examinations.
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What can cause the market to crash 70%+? I've been thinking more and more about this question as almost nobody, except @DaveHcontrarian, thinks it's a possibility.

Important thread⬇️for anyone invested in $BTC $ETH $SPY $QQQ #FANG or any other risk asset.
Let's start off by saying that I am in no way giving advice on what to do to prepare for a potential crash in the markets.

I am only giving my thoughts on what could happen that would lead to a massive correction and how I would not be surprised if it did.
Let's take a step back and look at the current environment:
-> Retail speculation at all time highs, look at any highly leveraged stock with worthless equity and madness going on in #crypto land and #NFTs
-> #liquidity near alltime highs, consumers flush with cash from stimmys
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So the Gov't has gone from promising a review of #VaccinePassports in February...…

to officials saying #domestic uses are "dead" and "not going to happen" in May...…

to the review stating they won't be #mandated in early July... @BorisJohnson announcing they WILL be #mandatory for (mostly) young people from the end of September:…
Meanwhile, and despite MONTHS of denials*, it turns out the Government has already spent £23.6 million on #VaccinePassports 👇 and has already cut deals that could run until 2023 at least...…

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Are words more powerful or images?
Which strategy is most effective for #Twitter growth?
This is a very important issue that can have a huge impact on your business.
A Thread by “Wealth Roadmap” 🧵
I do not know what position and job you are currently in.
Are you a business #manager or an #entrepreneur or an employee or looking for a #job?
In any case, today's information will be useful to you.
Human beings today are bombarded with millions of words.
More than 70 million #tweets are published daily.
All kinds of emails, text messages and #advertisements surround us.
It is difficult to convey our message to the audience in these circumstances.
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Here's to the top level data points on Indian designers' salaries. As promised by the end of June! 😅

#salary #design #job
Yes!! A whopping 650+ participants
This one needs improvement in the industry I guess!
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If you want to get hired and stand out in the job market. focus on improving your personal branding.

I'll share the top 6 ways to use personal branding to get the job position you want.

#job #personalbranding #malaysiajobs
1. Craft a brand (you're the brand) statement: A branding statement, or summary statement, is a brief introduction to an employer that discusses your skills, your uniqueness, and the ways you used these skills in the past.
2. Network on multiple platforms: The best way to demonstrate personal branding is to show that you live your brand is by articulating your brand statement across multiple platforms. Use your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to demonstrate your branding.
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🚨How to find your first #job in an International Organisation? 🇺🇳

My career advice to young graduates. 👩‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓
Thread 1/22 ⬇️
2/22 I come from Paris’ banlieues. I did not know the etiquette to work in this field.

Now, I want to share with you what I would have liked to know 15 years ago.

Hope this is helpful…
3/22. The best way is often to start by an internship.

It will give you:
✔️ A first professional experience;
✔️ A better idea of what you would like to do – or not - in the future;
✔️ Contacts and a network.
How to find an internship? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Check my past thread about it! 👇
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Super excited to see our paper on #Covid19 #Fiscal Support and its Effectiveness, with Alexander Chudik @DallasFed & @mraissi80 @IMFNews, out in Economics Letters. You can read it (free access) from here: #TGVAR 1/n Image
With new variants/waves & reimposition of restrictions in some regions, governments around the world are calling for a careful assessment of the effectiveness of the adopted #Covid19 #fiscal measures before they embark on further easing or tailoring of measures 2/n
The #Covid19 pandemic led to a sharp tightening of global #financial conditions at the acute phase of the crisis and has inflicted large economic losses across the world (see Figure below) ... 3/n Image
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Bad day for #job seekers 🤦
@wisdom_jobs which is one of the three major job portals in #India has allegedly been breached and login credentials of around 238K+ of its users have been made public for free by hackers on #telegram and #hacking forums :(
@sanjg2k1 @IndianCERT
The login credentials which the hackers have made public includes email address & Base64 encoded passwords which literally just takes 2 secs to decode and I have personally verified that almost all of them are working credentials 🥴
Cyber criminals can easily login using these credentials and can get access to a user's name, DOB, number, residence address, education background, marital status and many other info and also make any changes to it, which is scary !
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Here are 16 of our many open positions @NordicTweets especially suited for junior and entry level applicants (we have R&D offices in many countries, see…).
DM me if you have any question! A group of people huddled around a screen. Title: "Work
Graduate Software Developer: Design, implement and test simulations written in C++ and SystemC in South West Hertfordshire, #UK 🇬🇧…
Summber #job 2021: #Poland 🇵🇱
Work with a variety of tasks, such as design, implementation and software testing for embedded systems. You have the knowledge of the tools to support development of embedded software as well as C and good skills in English.…
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Today, I met with the Chief of Defence Space Administration (DSA), Rear Admiral Williams Kayoda on the proposed establishment of the Nigeria Space Communications Satellite Centre in Ekiti State. This project complements the Ekiti Knowledge Zone initiative (EKZ).
Our administration conceived the #EKZ to take advantage of technology for #scientific research, industrialisation, and #innovation.
We envisioned the EKZ to position Ekiti for such a time as this, and we are pleased that the DSA has found in Ekiti a worthy partner for such an important project.
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