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Bad day for #job seekers 🤦
@wisdom_jobs which is one of the three major job portals in #India has allegedly been breached and login credentials of around 238K+ of its users have been made public for free by hackers on #telegram and #hacking forums :(
@sanjg2k1 @IndianCERT
The login credentials which the hackers have made public includes email address & Base64 encoded passwords which literally just takes 2 secs to decode and I have personally verified that almost all of them are working credentials 🥴
Cyber criminals can easily login using these credentials and can get access to a user's name, DOB, number, residence address, education background, marital status and many other info and also make any changes to it, which is scary !
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Here are 16 of our many open positions @NordicTweets especially suited for junior and entry level applicants (we have R&D offices in many countries, see…).
DM me if you have any question! A group of people huddled around a screen. Title: "Work
Graduate Software Developer: Design, implement and test simulations written in C++ and SystemC in South West Hertfordshire, #UK 🇬🇧…
Summber #job 2021: #Poland 🇵🇱
Work with a variety of tasks, such as design, implementation and software testing for embedded systems. You have the knowledge of the tools to support development of embedded software as well as C and good skills in English.…
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Today, I met with the Chief of Defence Space Administration (DSA), Rear Admiral Williams Kayoda on the proposed establishment of the Nigeria Space Communications Satellite Centre in Ekiti State. This project complements the Ekiti Knowledge Zone initiative (EKZ).
Our administration conceived the #EKZ to take advantage of technology for #scientific research, industrialisation, and #innovation.
We envisioned the EKZ to position Ekiti for such a time as this, and we are pleased that the DSA has found in Ekiti a worthy partner for such an important project.
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- SALT Story -

“I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that my story is not unusual. If I just say that I was born to a farmer in a Solapur village, you will get the drift. My mother was very young and used to everything that comes with being a mother of five girls." (1/10)
"As the eldest, I grew up determined to be the son. Fortunately, I was good at Math. I saved myself from early marriage by getting into an engineering college on merit. My sisters were very happy." (2/10)

#realstory #Finance #womenpower
"Not because I was going to study, but because they could now share the scooty that I used to ride to school!

I am like a mother to my sisters because I do not want them to go through what I did." (3/10)

#money #education #scooty #MOTHER
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It is said that the candle glows the brightest towards its end. As a nation neared its end, a general took charge and prevented its fall, till he was killed and the nation collapsed.

Story in the evening ...
Julius Valerius Majorianus may have been born around 420 to a distinguished Roman family. In 423, Western Emperor Honorius had died and Ioannes was elevated as Emperor. But soon the Eastern Emperor recognized his cousin, Valentinian, as Emperor. A civil war was imminent. 1/10'
Ioannes send out Flavius Aëtius, who had been a hostage as young boy with the Visigoths and the Huns, for help. But by the time Aëtius returned, Ioannes was already dead. Nevertheless, Aëtius retained a formidable role in the military. 2/10
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When I was 25, I went to a job interview with the director of a small IT company in St Kilda, who insisted on meeting at his office at 6pm, outside work hours. As I walked in, the last employee was walking out, and I was left alone with the owner, a very large man of...
... about 6’5”, and easily quadruple my weight. We sat down together in the conference room, and at once I felt I was not in control of my situation.
He asked about my resume, and I explained that I had sent a fresh version to his receptionist earlier that afternoon, with...
...the additional information they had requested. I had called her immediately afterward, and she confirmed receipt of it.
Now, he flipped the papers in front of him this way and that, and said “this isn’t the right one”. I advised him that his receptionist *had* received the...
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#Job issues and Solution in vedic Astrology

Career Issues are Majorly related to weak Sun & Saturn.Whenever there is transit of Saturn over NATAL moon, ketu, Mars & Saturn native usually experience loss of Job, termination, transfer, profile change & Demotion related issues
Issues in thier life. Along with there should be a weak dasha active in chart having relation with 8th, 12th or in affliction with nodes etc.

So what should native have to do work on job issues.

It is said that Bilva tree manifested from Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi
and there is one verse in Sri Suktam which clearly explains Goddess Lakshmi as…

"Aadithya varnae tapassodhi jaatho
Vanaspathi stava vrukshotha bilvaha
Tasya phalani tapasaanudantu
Mayaantha raayaashcha baahya alakshmeehi"
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@Inferbro while legally & technically the entire #ContentID-Fuckup of @YouTube is to be blamed 75% on the #CopyrightMafia, that's even assuming someone get's 50k subscribers and can make a living from Videos.
@Inferbro As a personal example: @4ltYT was killed by the #AdPocalypse, and now I've a single-digit € balance of #Advertising #revenue on my @YouTube's @GoogleAds/#AdSense with no reasonable chance to ever reach 1st payout of €70 cuz in the meantime, I had to get another #Job.
@Inferbro this really puts on a huge damper on my plans to release content, and with <1k subscribers on @YouTube it's not worth opening up a @Patreon, @Flattr or @kachingle for the few cents per month - espechally when this would be taxable income to file.
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Attention all #SciComm-ers #journalists! Looking for a #paid (full-time, long-term) #job doing what you love in a beautiful place (#SantaCruz @CityofMonterey #California) at an impactful #nonprofit #ocean #research institute?!! Apply to come work with us at @MBARI_News.
Tagging a few others to see if they can help amplify the ad. Thanks in advance! @Revkin @PREAUX_FISH @WhySharksMatter @MiriamGoldste @KatyCroffBell @deepseadawn @shahselbe
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@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil A nora de Azenate Barreto Abreu, empresária q teria vendido R$ 15 milhões em #leitecondensado ao governo de @jairbolsonaro em 2020, também tem uma empresa c/contratos c/o @govbr federal. Ao todo, a mulher já recebeu +de R$ 7 milhões em repasses desde 2015.…
@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil @jairbolsonaro @govbr ÁUDIO-B0MBA!! B0LSONARO PERDE APOIO E CPI DO #leitecondensado VEM AÍ!! via @YouTube
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📢 thread: 12 reasons to be cheerful about the UK #economy in 2021🎄

I know 2021 will be another tough year for many people and businesses, but I’m aiming here to provide some counterbalance to the more negative commentary you can easily find elsewhere...
1. The household sector (in aggregate) has built up substantial #savings during the pandemic that could be used to fuel a strong recovery in #consumer spending. Obviously, the distribution is uneven and much still depends on confidence. But…
2. Consumer ##confidence jumped by the most in eight years in December on the good news on the #vaccine. Even in November, households were the least pessimistic about #job security since March, despite the grim headlines...
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Who's up for the learning?👇👇

@dmuthuk @shl
@SahilBloom @FinKrypt @FinMedium @Sanjay__Bakshi @DividendGrowth @vedantm_ Image


Considers China a "foe" and "adversary". Trump's attitude towards the Chinese government may help India if things turn sour between New Delhi and Beijing

#USAElections2020 #USElection #TrumpIsALaughingStock #TrumpCollapse @GabbbarSingh Image

Considers China to only be a fierce competitor. and strives to bring down unnecessary tension between the governments

#Biden #Biden2020 #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica #Michigan
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661,000 jobs restored to economy in September; unemployment rate falls to 7.9%. Broader unemployment rate: 12.8%.
This morning's jobs report was the last before Election Day - it shows that only half of all jobs lost thus far during the pandemic have been recovered. There are still nearly 11 (eleven) million jobs that remain lost
1) Trump inherited an unemployment rate of 4.7%
2) Americans will vote with it at 7.9%
3) broader U-6 unemployment rate preferred by many economists: 12.8%. Image
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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Dr. Belakowitsch(#FPÖ), Nationalrat #Austria 2020-05-13:

"Die Apokalypse ist abgesagt.

Ich weiß, das tut Ihnen wahnsinnig weh!

Und deswegen erzählen Sie uns heute ja auch schon den ganzen Tag von einer angeblichen zweiten Welle!

..natürlich brauchen Sie die #ZweiteWelle!
> Sie wünschen sie sich direkt herbei!

Auch der Herr Präsident wünscht sie sich!

Weil Sie damit natürlich auch politisch rechtfertigen wollen, dass Sie dieses Land in Grund und Boden geführt haben!

Es gibt nämlich sonst keine Rechtfertigung dafür!
..Langsam lichten sich ja>
> auch die Nebel!

Es ging niemals darum, rationale Argumente zu bringen!

Es ging einzig und allein darum, #Emotion zu streuen, #Angst zu streuen, Panik zu streuen!

Und genau das haben Sie gemacht, und das ist so weit gegangen, dass viele Leute wirklich Angst hatten!
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#Verteidigungsbereitschaft vs #Gendergaga = #LiterallyLoosingItLieutenant
Rant🔛: 90% der Möchtegern-Ritterkreuzträger Contra und Gender-Studies-Studenten Pro #Dienstgrade-Gendern werfen hier mit Verteidigungsbereitschaft um sich, als stünde der Große Vaterländische ins Haus.
Warum haben wir denn zu wenig Ausrüstung, warum fliegt nix? WEIL. ES. EUCH. NICHT. INTERESSIERT! Alle paar Monate trendet #Bundeswehr wegen irgendeinem #skandal, #gate oder #gaga....und sonst stehen wir völlig allein mit unseren Soldaten im Wald und machen Dinge irgendwie möglich
Klar, es gibt unermüdliche Streiter für #SiPo-Themen, @CarloMasala1, @thomas_wiegold, @Jess_Nie_ , @fritzfelgentreu etc. etc. aber leider bewegen wir uns hier auch oft massiv in einer #bubble.
Fakt: mit mehr Panzern gewinnt man keine Wahlen in D
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The #deficit #myth #deficitmyth by @StephanieKelton #MMT modern monetary theory
Myth N. 1: The #state should budget like a #household
#RealityCheck : unlike a household, a #SovereignNation, which owns its national #centralbank, issues the #currency it spends
Myth N. 2: #deficit is evidence of #overspending
#RealityCheck: look to #inflation for evidence of over spending
The purpose of #taxes is not to pay for #government expenditures but to help rebalancing the #wealth distribution #MMT
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Encouragingly, this morning’s #JobsReport witnessed not only solid job gains, with 1.37 million #jobs added, but also a drop in the #unemployment rate to single digits, at 8.4%, which is a psychologically meaningful threshold to breach.
Still, great perspective is required when situating this #data in proper context. The #unemployment rate is still resting too close to double digits, and many #businesses will not recover their footing for years to come, if ever.
Additionally, the sectors of the #economy that were responsible for much of the past decade’s #job gains (travel, #leisure and entertainment) will be slower to come back and may be years away from recovering.
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1.4 million jobs restored to economy in August; unemployment rate falls to 8.4%. Broader unemployment rate (U-6 rate) 14.2% (
#Job growth since 2008 (millions)
2008: -2.76
2009: -4.13
2010: +1.03
2011: +2.07
2012: +2.17
2013: +2.30
2014: +3.00
2015: +2.72
2016: +2.34
2017: +2.10
2018: +2.31
2019: +2.13
2020: -11.08 (Jan.-Aug.)
(Labor Dept./Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Broader U.S. unemployment rate down to 14.2%, Labor Dept. says. Definition: Image
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People say opportunity comes but once. But we say opportunities comes every week. In our bid to make the Canadian journey easy for our clients. We will be posting Canadian job opportunities every Wednesday. #Canada #Job #jobseker Image
Every job postings can be explored to get a job offer which can be used to apply for permanent residency.

Help yourself and other people by spreading the word.

Feel free to share this on all your platforms so that more people can access job opportunities in Canada.
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Today’s #JobsReport, which witnessed nearly 1.8 million #jobs gained in the month of July, was stronger than many anticipated, yet it also displayed some signs of slowdown in #labor #market improvement.
The report shows that the pace of #job-gain acceleration has now slowed markedly, and it is our best guess that the rapid rate of return to #work will now exhibit a very deliberate pace of rebound from here.
That’s particularly the case for some sectors, such as #retail and #leisure #hospitality, where the slowing in improvement was even more pronounced.
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#Job growth since 2008 (millions)
2008: -2.76
2009: -4.13
2010: +1.03
2011: +2.07
2012: +2.17
2013: +2.30
2014: +3.00
2015: +2.72
2016: +2.34
2017: +2.10
2018: +2.31
2019: +2.13
2020: -12.416 (Jan.-July)
(Labor Dept./Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Job creation
Trump's first 42 months: -5.89 million
Obama's last 42 months: +9.23 million
Additional historical context. Monthly job averages:
-Jimmy Carter's 48 months in office: +214,000 / month
-Trump's first 42 months: +140,238 / month
(this despite a U.S. population that is approx. 43% bigger today)
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Ein #Thread darüber, warum #Corona halt nicht einfach nur eine easy Grippe ist, die nach 2 Wochen wieder erledigt ist, sondern die Krankheit Einfluss aufs #Gehirn nimmt & warum mich das #Virus auch nach 5 Monaten immer noch voll im Griff hat und nur noch unangenehmer wird:

Anfang März hab ich mich mit #Covid angesteckt. Mein Verlauf war relativ leicht, kein Fieber, dafür ein paar Lungenprobleme, Husten, Schwäche. Außerdem vollständiger Geruchs- & Geschmacksverlust. Dieser ist mir (in abgeschwächter Form) bis heute geblieben.

Seit ca. 1 Woche schalten sich meine Synapsen für #Geruch & #Geschmack scheinbar wieder ein und malträtieren mein Gehirn. So gut wie alles riecht für mich derzeit extrem toxisch, stechend, pfefferig, unangenehm. Selbst mein Freund, meine Familie, ich selbst,

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या आठवड्यात कधी तरी मी माझ्या दुसऱ्या जॉब च्या कंपनीत ९ वर्ष पूर्ण केली, कंपनी मॅनेजमेंटने माझा अभिनंदनाचा मेल केला. मग काय दिवसभर नुसते फोन, मेल आणि मेसेज चालू होते. लोकांना काय कारण हवं असत तरी त्यांना धन्यवाद देणे माझी जवाबदारी आहे. पण खरंच ९ वर्ष एका कंपनी/संस्थे मध्ये राहणे
आजच्या काळात जरुरीचे आहे का? माझे काही मित्र वर्षला कंपनी बदलतात आणि काही माझ्या सारखे वर्षानु वर्ष एकाच कंपनी मध्ये राहतात. कोणती गोष्ट जरुरीची आहे? नवीन संधी सगळ्यांचं हवी असते पण ती शोधण्यासाठी किती जण प्रयत्न करत असतात. नवीन संधी सोबत जास्तीच्या पगाराची अपेक्षा असते,
बहुतांशी तर जास्तीचा पगार मिळतो म्हणून जॉब बदलतात. हे सर्वमान्य आहे, सर्व सामान्य आहे त्याबद्दल जास्त अडचण असल्याचे काही कारण नाही. हे स्वाभाविक आहे, कोणाला नको असतो जास्तीचा पैसे (आता मी काही मानसिक समाधान वगैरे विषयी लेक्चर देणार नाही).
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