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Hey you!

Do you know that interoperability in Web3 games is coming closer to reality?

Well.. at least this is what @Treasure_DAO is working on right now 🧵

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1/24 @Treasure_DAO is a decentralized video game console/publisher fostering the growth of indie Web3 games.

Aspiring to be the "Web3 Nintendo," it empowers devs with resources to create innovative on-chain experiences in a shared ecosystem.
2/24 Treasure's thesis:

Unite games & players to forge a dynamic meta-ecosystem, unlocking innovative experiences, open economies, and compound network effects.
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1/ #GM and #MerryXmas!

What is @Treasure_DAO? What is @playbridgeworld? How does @Treasure_DAO keep all of their long list of connected games cohesive (hint: $MAGIC)? In this #visualthread, we will discuss how @Treasure_DAO aims to be the ‘decentralized gaming ecosystem’.
2/ Let’s take a brief overview of the whole @Treasure_DAO ecosystem. Multiple NFTs and #games are connected to Treasure, but at its core, stands @playbridgeworld.

Complete list of @Treasure_dao cartridges:

#GameFi #Web3 #Blockchain #NFT
3/ @playbridgeworld is where $MAGIC is mined (emitted). The whole process is gamified using social coordination and gameplay mechanics.
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#Arbitrum 101: #ETH on Nitro

Here's your everything guide to Arbitrum, ETH's fast, low cost scaling solution.

A thread🧵👇
2. ETH is great. We love ETH. But ETH has some flaws. It sucks at scalable.

Cue The Scalability trilemma

The Scalability trilemma that all blockchains face is that they can only choose 2 out of 3: scalability, decentralization and security.
3. ETH is secure and decentralized. But it is not scalable. Gas fees have become super pricey and the network is getting clogged up.

A lot of people are trying to solve these problems in different ways. You’ve alt L1s like AVAX that have found ways to be scalable.
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Tales of Elleria 101: The 3D #GameFi RPG that's coming to #Arbitrum

Here's your intro guide to the world of Elleria, the GameFi RPG that's launching soon and working with #TreasureDAO

A thread🧵👇
2. Tales of Elleria (TELL) is 3D RPG GameFi project built on Arbitrium One.

It’s online RPG game where players can summon heroes, go on quests and adventures and serves as the entry point into the Elleria metaverse.
3. Monsters run rampant outside the city of Elleria and heroes are needed to keep the city safe.

Elleria utilizes NFTs and tokens to create an RPG progression system.
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Treasure 101: Bridging Metaverses

Here's your intro guide to #treasuredao, the NFT ecosystem that connects metaverses.

2. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about @Treasure_DAO.

Treasure is an #NFT ecosystem built on Arbitrum ( ETH L2) that bootstraps other NFT metaverses.
3. Treasure projects use $MAGIC in their ecosystem. Each community creates its own story for the Treasure marketplace and all treasure projects are linked through $MAGIC.
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