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Looking for a life change? BiG iNC is waiting for you! 🫵✨
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Step 1: Fill out the questionnaire! 📝 We’ll absolutely read it!
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: SVB bailouts for everyone - except affordable housing projects; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ A glass-and-steel, high-tec...
There's just TWO DAYS left in the @Kickstarter for the audiobook of my anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams, *Red Team Blues*. #Audible won't carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free. Crowdfunding makes them possible!

2/ Image
SVB bailouts for everyone - except affordable housing projects: Even the shareholders got billions.

3/  Image: Lydia (modified) ht...
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#GM Anon! Today is the big day!

📌 Every resource you need for the Arbitrum Airdrop in 10 Hours 🔵

DAO contracts deployment addresses…

Exact Countdown to Claim…

Blockworks Research Dashboard… Image
2/ Satoshisss Dashboard…

Henrystats Dashboard (Arbitrum Metrics)…

Pre-approve your ARB tokens and add them also in your metamask tutorial
3/ DefiLlama team built a page to claim, pre-approve & sell all your $ARB airdrop in one transaction(Degen Mode)
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☕️#GM #Crypto

Why we dump? What happened in the crypto market in the last 48 hours?📉

🎓Crypto trading is managed through 2 pillars:
1/ Studying charts and using patterns to anticipate movements.
2/ Follow the news, good or bad.
But as you know, the crypto market is particularly sensitive to news.

They will ALWAYS take over the charts.

This means that a good or bad news will make the market react instantly and take over your chartist study even if the move seemed perfect.
Then, we have to wait for the end of the effect of the news (pump or dump) and go back to our chartist study to try to determine the next move

Regarding the last 48 hours, we have encountered a series of bad economic news worldwide and some directly related to the crypto market
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JUST IN: General Motors offers buyouts to “majority of U.S. team.” Employees have two weeks to decide, per letter sent to whole company. #GM #GeneralMotors $GM #BREAKING

This comes just 10 days after GM laid off 500 employees back on Feb. 28.

Something General Motors CEO Mary Barra said, in no uncertain terms, was not on the table during a January earnings call.

Passage below *seems* to hint that if buyouts do not work, layoffs at #GM *could* happen again.

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1/ With $FCTR launch in the horizon @FactorDAO is not only just hype and bandwagoning real-yield narrative. In this mini visual guide we will see why @FactorDAO is offering the true yield.

#Arbitrum #RealYield
2/ In a crowded market where many projects claim to offer real yields, @FactorDAO stands out by focusing on creating a sustainable business model with a product-market fit, instead of relying on superficial features to attract users.
3/ The main source of revenue for @FactorDAO comes from transaction-based fees, while the platform also earns a percentage of the creator's fees, including management and performance fees.
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1/ In the follow-up section of the @FactorDAO visual guide, we examine the inner workings of the Factor's ERC-4626 vault mechanism and uncover its role as a liquidity middleware and supporting structure for #DeFi protocols.

#Arbitrum #RealYield $FCTR
2/ Before we move forward with the topic, you can familiarize yourself with @FactorDAO in our previous publication.

3/ Please note that this thread merely aims to share our understanding of the topic, and should not be taken as financial advice. We are also part of
@FactorDAO team and as objectively as this thread was created there might be some bias involved.
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1/ There's lot of questions, How @FactorDAO differentiate themselves from other decentralized asset management platform. In this mini visual-thread we will share the reason why @FactorDAO become the building blocks and liquidity hub of #DeFi.

#Arbitrum #RealYield $FCTR
2/ @FactorDAO is fully-decentralized, ensuring that funds are kept safe in a trustless ecosystem. This level of decentralization, security and composability sets @FactorDAO apart from other projects in the market. Image
3/ @FactorDAO use of ERC4626 makes their platform highly composable, scalable and cost-efficient. Factor leveraged ERC4626 capabilities to cater any conceivable strategies for anyone. Image
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1/ #GM
How does @FactorDAO build #DeFi products for mass adoption? What is #Hyperstructures? how does @FactorDAO weaves the #RealYield narrative and create the liquidity layer of asset management? Tune in to our visual thread.
2/ Disclaimers

Before we move forward, please note that this thread merely aims to share our understanding of the topic, and should not be taken as financial advice. We are also part of @FactorDAO and as objectively as this thread was created there might be some bias involved. Image
3/ #DeFi brings innovations in finance but with a non-inclusivity aspect due to the protocol's complexity and dedicated resources to conduct due diligence. DAM delegates the investment decision while retaining transparency, self-custody of assets, and composability. Image
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GM #GM, we are so excited to share that courtesy of our portfolio frens @staratlas, we have a #giveaway for you to celebrate their second anniversary!

Check the thread to learn how to enter the giveaway:

#HappyBirthday #WeAreStarAtlas #AAA
2/But first, let us explain what we are celebrating & what is at stake: today is the 2nd anniversary of the moment when the vision of @staratlas started becoming a reality. It marks the day this world of the future we're #BUIDLing together began expanding at an exponential rate🚀
3/ @staratlas is known for its exceptional user experience and visually striking multi-dimensional visuals. We're excited to share with you the opportunity to take a tour of the Showroom and experience it for yourself!

#AAA #blockchain #gaming
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1/ #GM
Let’s talk DeFi yield. What are the types (and sources) of yields in DeFi? How we are headed towards a more sustainable model, with #realyield. In this #visualthread, we will discuss all you need to know about DeFi yield.

#Blockchain #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum $ETH $BTC
2/ Disclaimers.

Before we move forward, please note that this thread merely aims to share our understanding of the topic, and should not be taken as financial advice.
3/ Patron and Support

We also would like to say appreciation and thanks to our patron, @Candlestick_io analytics platform.
If you want to join, you can use this link to get $25 discount…
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1/ #GM and #MerryXmas!

What is @Treasure_DAO? What is @playbridgeworld? How does @Treasure_DAO keep all of their long list of connected games cohesive (hint: $MAGIC)? In this #visualthread, we will discuss how @Treasure_DAO aims to be the ‘decentralized gaming ecosystem’.
2/ Let’s take a brief overview of the whole @Treasure_DAO ecosystem. Multiple NFTs and #games are connected to Treasure, but at its core, stands @playbridgeworld.

Complete list of @Treasure_dao cartridges:

#GameFi #Web3 #Blockchain #NFT
3/ @playbridgeworld is where $MAGIC is mined (emitted). The whole process is gamified using social coordination and gameplay mechanics.
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1/ #GM! Henlo!
What is @berachain? What is Proof of Liquidity? How do their native tokens play together? Who’s building on their ecosystem? In this #visualthread, we will discuss how @berachain plans to build a #DeFi-native chain.


2/ What is @berachain? Bera is an EVM-compatible L1 built using the @cosmos SDK. Proof of Liquidity and the @Tendermint_Core consensus mechanism powers their chain.
3/ #Liquidity is on-chain gold, it’s what started the @CurveFinance wars, vampire attacks, etc. It’s even more important on the chain-level. It's inevitable that people will flock and migrate liquidity to the most exciting/profitable avenue.
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1/ Introducing, #ReHash, a new initiative by me and @archipelabro to produce more structured and in-depth memos on projects. Our first #ReHash, focuses on @ribbonfinance. We’ll cover a general overview of their product, space and our thoughts on it.

#DeFi #OptionsTrading Image
2/ You can view the full memo (.pdf) in @skiffprivacy link below:…
3/ Disclaimers. Nothing in this tweet/memo is to be used as financial advice, these are merely for our personal educative consumption. Image
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How, over the past 40 years, U.S food supply chain has become concentrated in hands of a few large multinationals, which serve as middlemen in everything from seed genetics to hog processing to supermarkets. Do we want such a business model in India; think hard, do we ?
~From 1975 to 2015, Market share of 4 largest beef packing firms increased from 25% to 85%.

~From 1988 to 2016, Market share of 4 largest soybean seed firms increased from 42% to 76%.

~From 1976 to 2015, Market share of 4 largest hog processing firms increased from 33% to 66% !
~From 1997 to 2018, Market share of 4 "top grocers" increased from 25% to 44%.

~~From 1988 to 2016, Market share of 4 largest corn seed firms increased from 59% to 85%.

~6 brands acct for half the global chocolate market, an asymmetrical market that favors only buyers & traders
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1/ #GM! What is modularity? how can it solve the data availability? How does it unlock the potential of scalable networks?
Find out in our #visualguide: The Age of #Modular #Blockchain Part 1.

#Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #DeFi #Rollups #Arbitrum #Optimism #ZK $ETH $OP $ARBI
2/ Blockchain networks by design faces the 'Blockchain #Trilemma'. Decentralized networks can only provide two of three aspects at any given time with respect to decentralization, security, and scalability.
3/ To achieve scalability, decentralized network must solve the data availability problem. Data availability refers to the idea that all transaction-related data is available to nodes on the blockchain network, but this process is resources incentive and causes network bottleneck
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🧶 Rapport de @biotechaction et @STOPGETREES sur les risques de la dissémination des arbres génétiquement modifiés pour le climat et les écosystèmes forestiers.

Carte - Arbres #GM
La recherche sur les arbres GM et leur dissémination dans l’environnement par les États et les multinationales s’accompagnent de protestations dans le monde entier par des associations de la société civile et de peuples autochtones en raison des risques associés.
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1/ #Atlantic Straddles is the latest options product from @dopex_io. Compared to normal options, Atlantic has many advantages. Join us to dive deeper into the bottom of the Atlantic.

#DeFi #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Options #Trading #Dopex $ETH $DPX $rDPX Image
3/ A #straddle is a neutral #options strategy that involves simultaneously buying both a put option and a call option for the underlying asset. Investors employ a straddle when they anticipate a significant move but are unsure about whether the price will move up or down. Image
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1/ How do the cross-chain #bridges works? In this #visualguide, we explain how assets are transferred between chains and how interoperability becomes a fundamental aspect of the future.

#DeFi #Cryptocurrency #Ethereum #Bitcoin $ETH $BTC Image
2/ Blockchain networks are very fluid and efficient as single entities but lack the ability to communicate with each other. This creates demand for seamless transfer across different chains without using centralized exchanges as intermediaries or selling the token first. Image
3/ Cross-chain #bridges solve the problem by enabling the transfer of tokens, smart contracts, data, feedback, and instructions between two independent chains without intermediaries. Image
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1/ What is Maximal Extractable Value (#MEV)? How does it become an integral part of the #blockchain network? How does MEV work? All of your questions will be answered in our latest #visualguide.

#Ethereum #cryptocurrency #TheMerge $ETH #DeFi Image
2/ In the blockchain transaction ordering process, the block producers are responsible to aggregate, selecting, and reordering transactions in the #blockchain network based on the given economic incentives thus creating opportunities for #MEV Image
3/ #MEV refers to the maximum value that can be extracted from a block more than the standard block reward and gas fees by including, excluding, and changing the order of transactions in a block Image
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1/ #Perpetuals #futures contract has been the holy grail of derivatives in the #crypto market. We present you our latest #visualguide that breakdown complexity behind future market simplicity with our lead @minnymousegirl

#Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL Image
2/ A #futures #contract is an agreement to buy or sell a commodity, currency, or another instrument at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. two counterparties will trade a contract, that defines the settlement at a future date. Image
3/ A #perpetual contract (Perp) is a special type of futures contract that doesn’t have an expiry date. So one can hold a position for as long as they like. Perp only exists in the #crypto market. Image
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1/ $GMX and $GLP mechanism are so delicate that some new people might be confused, but fret not! we're here to help you summarize them with #QuickBites.

2/ If $GMX is you betting on the growth of @GMX_IO growth, $GLP enables you to become the house against the traders.

#GMX #GLP #Perpetual #Futures #Derivatives #Arbitrum #Avalanche #AVAX #Ethereum #ETH
3/ $GMX and $GLP together they make an amazing compounding flywheel as the value accrues and vested overtime.
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1/ #Lending and #Borrowing (LB) are the most primitive financial services. We will discuss how #DeFi LB solves and enables financial inclusivity with transparency but still maintain #privacy.

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #visualguide
2/ In traditional #finance, the intermediaries are appointed banks or financial institutions that act as the bridge between the lender and borrower. All of these services are strictly regulated and monitored by the central #banks.
3/ Despite already existing for a long time, LB in traditional #finance has a long-standing problem: non-inclusive, stringent procedures, arduous verification process, low rate and approvals, and non-transparency.
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1/ #Stablecoins have become inseparable part of #DeFi and gained immense popularity in early 2022. After the disaster of $UST and $LUNA, demand of stable medium of #exchange never dissipated.

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Ethereum #ETH #BTC #AVAX #BNB #SOL #visualguide Image
2/ #Stablecoins are stable-price digital assets. These coins are 'pegged' against reserved assets. Unlike digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are volatile, stablecoins value remain relatively stable. Image
3/ Digital assets such as Bitcoin and Altcoin are subject to high volatility in the market, making them hard as store of value and medium of exchange. #Stablecoins designed to provide stable value of asset. Image
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