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A Delhi Court (Karkardooma Court) is likely to resume hearing arguments on the bail plea of #UmarKhalid, accused in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case connected to #DelhiRiots. Image
Senior Advocate Trideep Pais has concluded his arguments on the plea whereas Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad is set to begin his submissions on behalf of the state. Read what happening previously:…
SPP Prasad requests the matter to be taken up at 12.30 pm.
Court checks with defense counsel.
Pais: I am just here for this hearing. I just want the hearing to start.
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#DelhiRiots accused Umar Khalid in his arguments in a Delhi Court said that nothing illegal happened at the #CAA protest sites & involvement of PFI was later shown only to make the situation muddier,"

A witness had alleged the involvement of Popular Front of India (PFI). Image
Khalid's lawyer Adv Trideep Pais also argued against the allegation that on Khalid's father's instance 250 #bangladeshi women were called to the protests sites and Khalid made a statement that Bangladeshis should be sensitized.
#DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
Adv. Pais said that the statements of the witnesses alleging PFI's involvement and 250 Bangladeshi women having been called were fabricated.
He said that there was no physical evidence and it was just prosecution's 'tadka' to the whole story.
#DelhiRiots #Umarkhalid #caa_nrc
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[DELHI RIOTS] #DelhiCourt to shortly continue hearing bail plea by Umar Khalid, accused in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case.

#UAPA #DelhiRiots
Khalid's counsel sought a short passover since Senior Advocate Trideep Pais was appearing in another court.

Court to hear the bail application at 12.30 PM.

#UAPA #DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
Senior Counsel Trideep Pais appears in court for Khalid.

#UAPA #DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
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#DelhiRiots Salim Khan is accused of UAPA charges as #UmarKhalid&others in FIR59. Recently,he told court that all he thinks about in jail is dying&urged them to hear his case.@the_hindu met his family in Yamuna Nagar-wife,2daughters,son.Elder kids have stopped higher edu.(1/n)
Two years ago, in a photograph with his wife, standing near the fridge in his house, Mohammed Salim Khan wore a blazer and had black hair. In a photograph from the jail a few days ago, he has grown bald and his beard has turned grey.
Salim wrote a 12-page summary of his life before jail, the events that led up to his arrest and his time in jail, and sent it to his family a few days ago through another riots accused who has been granted bail. “I was 47 when I came to jail; now, I look like I am 60,” he wrote.
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A Delhi court will today continue to hear the arguments on the bail application of #UmarKhalid in a case under #UAPA relating to #DelhiRiots

Matter listed before ASJ Amitabh Rawat. Image
On the last date of hearing, Khalid's counsel Adv. Trideep Pais filed a fresh bail plea substituting the old one stating that there have been absolutely no changes made in the pleadings except replacing Section 439 CrPC with Section 437 CrPC.
#UmarKhalid #UAPA #DelhiRiots
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A Delhi court will today continue to hear the bail application of #UmarKhalid in a case under #UAPA relating to #DelhiRiots

Matter listed before ASJ Amitabh Rawat.
In the previous hearing, Adv Trideep Pais for Khalid told the Delhi Court that the entire charge sheet filed by Delhi Police against Khalid did not read like a charge sheet but the script of “The Family Man” Amazon web series.…
Hearing begins.

#UmarKhalid #UAPA #DelhiRiots
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A Delhi Court will continue with the bail hearing of #UmarKhalid who has contended that statements against him were inconsistent and case's chargesheet resembled a television serial script. Khalid is accused in a #DelhiRiots UAPA case.…
Senior Advocate Trideep Pais represents Khalid whereas Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad appears for the State. The proceedings are before Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat. #UmarKhalid #DelhiRiots
Hearing begins.
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Delhi Court to continue with the bail hearing of Umar Khalid in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case related to #DelhiRiots.
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Delhi Court will today hear bail plea of JNU scholar Umar Khalid, accused in a conspiracy case related to #DelhiRiots, facing offences under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.
SPP Amit Prasad seeks half an hour break as I have to argue in another matter.
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#DelhiCourt to hear Bail plea of former JNU student Umar Khalid in connection with Delhi Riots.

#Umarkhalid #DelhiRiots Image
Court to hear matter at 12.45 pm

#UmarKhalid #UAPA #DelhiRiots #DelhiCourt
Adv Trideep Pais appears for Umar Khalid.

Pais places the copy of FIR.

#Umarkhalid #UAPA #DelhiRiots #DelhiCourt
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“India is often called as the world’s largest democracy, but it uses authoritarian means to silence the dissent” ~ @suchitrav

#CongressionalBriefing #ReleasePrisonersOfConscience
“Draconian laws like UAPA is being disproportionately used to target Muslims, Kashmiris, Dalits, and Adivasis," @suchitrav #CongressionalBriefing
“When a state treats its citizens as an existential threat then that state ceases to be a democracy.”
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Hello! This is the Innocence Network tweeting today's event in this #thread 👇🏾

We are an all-India collective of individuals & orgs working on the issue of wrongful & malicious prosecution under charges of terrorism, facilitated by exonerees + civil liberties groups. 1/n
Sharib: Today marks 300 days of #UmarKhalid's arrest, 500 days of farmer's protest, Lingaraj Azad, Hidme Markam, a week since Stan Swamy was many Varavara Rao, Gautam, Surendra Gadling, Meeran Haider, Sharjeel...many many others, students from more than 30 unis...2/n
those who know mountains, rivers, forests are sacred and not the state...

we've become so used to the state's [oppression] that we see Devangana, Natasha, and Asif's bail as a breath of fresh air 3/n
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I spent half the weekend ranting about that case to friends. Basically it was "A man is in jail for weeks for a joke he neither told nor was intending to tell and has been denied bail repeatedly by the judge, just because of his name. Kafka couldn't dream this up." On loop.
With an "of course, no one should be arrested for jokes but we crossed that line in India years ago."
The world call now stop citing Minority Report as the reference for arresting people for crimes before they happen. #MunawarFaruqui case is even more dystopian. He is ostensibly under arrest because the local police think he might tell "insulting" jokes and threaten public order
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Umar Khalid produced before Delhi Court. His extended term in judicial custody in connection with a Delhi riots case under UAPA ends today.

Hearing before Judge Amitabh Rawat.

@UmarKhalidJNU @DelhiPolice

#DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
There's an application for 3 days Judicial Custody for both Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam: SPP Amit Prasad
Sharjeel Imam is also present for the hearing.
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#PROFILESOFDISSENT is a series that centers on amplifying stories of courage that are both ordinary and remarkable in India, and their personal and political histories, as a way to reclaim our public spaces
Here is a thread with what we have published so far:
“Above all, there should be dignity and respect in the affairs related to the birth or death of human beings” – a profile of Varavara Rao #ProfilesOfDissent #VaravaraRao…
We need groups organised to fight, they’re the ones who can make a dent” – a profile of Sudha Bharadwaj…
#SudhaBharadwaj #FreePoliticalPrisoners #ProfilesOfDissent
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Delhi Court to shortly begin hearing Delhi Police plea for extension of Umar Khalid's judicial custody in connection with a Delhi riots case under UAPA.

Police has sought an extension of 30 days.

@UmarKhalidJNU @DelhiPolice

#DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
Last month, Khalid was sent to judicial custody till October 22.

Yesterday, Khalid had informed the Court that he was being kept in solidarity confinement in Tihar jail.

Read more:…

@UmarKhalidJNU @DelhiPolice

#DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
Umar Khalid joins the hearing virtually.

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Delhi Court directs jail authorities to provide adequate security to Umar Khalid during his judicial custody in a Delhi riots case.

The case pertains to FIR registered at PS Khajuri Khas.


Delhi Court also allows Khalid to carry his spectacles, books as per Jail Rules.

Video conference meeting with lawyer aslo permitted as per Jail Rules.


A similar order was passed by Additional Sessions Judge while remanding Umar Khalid to judicial custody till October 22 in the Delhi riots case concerning the commission of offences under UAPA.

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A tweet thread.
It is a strange phenomenon. Not the way in which the judicial and criminal investigation processes have been subverted in India to arrest and oppress victims and punish civil rights campaigners. That is a travesty of justice and a denial of civil rights, alright
It is the brazenness with which such gross acts of egregious violation of constitutional principles and protections of civil liberties are carried out. It is the utter lack of regard for the niceties of due process. It is the widespread support for it among ordinary people.
So the mockery of justice of the #BhimaKoregaon activists's trial and incarceration, the arrest and false charges against #UmarKhalid and the many others falsely accused in the #DelhiRiots police investigation are not only tolerated but actually supported by many in #India
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They've 11 Lakh pages of Data to trap #UmarKhalid but no Data on the 400plus (ballpark figure) Migrant deaths bcoz of Modi's unplanned Lockdown.Migrants aren't vote banks. @narendramodi can check the attachments below about Indian citizens dying on the road. Have some conscience
Just Google it @PMOIndia if you don't have the freaking data!
11 Lakh pages of lies approved by , who else @AmitShah !
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#UmarKhalid being arrested under the UAPA is the latest sign that the Delhi Police is blatantly taking sides when it comes to investigating February's Delhi riots.

2/ Former JNU student Umar Khalid was arrested by the Delhi Police late last night for his alleged role in the North-East Delhi riots that happened in the aftermath of anti-CAA protests in February.

He has being called one of the major conspirators involved in the violence.
3/ During a peaceful protest, Khalid had said that he and his followers would not respond to hate with hate, going as far to say “ If they fire bullets, then we will hold the Constitution.”

He has been charged with a law used to detain terrorists.
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Umar Khalid is being produced in Karkardooma Court before Judge Amitabh Rawat through video conference. Advocate Tridip Pais is appearing for @UmarKhalidJNU.

His father Ilyas SQR, Kavita Srivastava present in Court says Kavita Krishnan. @kavita_krishnan Image
Delhi Court reserves order in Delhi Police application seeking 10-day custody of Umar Khalid in connection with a Delhi riots case.

#UmarKhalid #DelhiRiots

@DelhiPolice @UmarKhalidJNU
#Breaking: Delhi Courts send Umar Khalid to police custody for ten days in connection with a Delhi riots case.

Khalid to be next produced before Court on September 24.

@UmarKhalidJNU @DelhiPolice

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1: The arrest of ex-Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) leader, Umar Khalid by the Delhi police is another example of the crackdown on peaceful anti-CAA protests held by the students in Delhi. #UmarKhalid has been arrested under the repressive UAPA.

2: The Delhi police is accusing Umar Khalid as being one of the main conspirators of the riots. Amnesty India had earlier in an investigative briefing pointed out on how the police have taken no action against political leaders who made hate speeches in the buildup to the riots.
3: Many students who took part in the peaceful anti-CAA protests are either being arrested and jailed by the Delhi police under draconian anti-terror laws or subjected to intense intimidation and harassment as they are called in for interrogation during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Who Is #UmarKhalid??,
Let All Indians Know

- Khalid’s father Syed Qasim Ilyas was a one of the founder member of an organization named SIMI (Student Islamic Movement of India), which was banned due to its separatist and radical activities in 2001.
- Based on interaction with JNU students, Umar Khalid is a communist and self-proclaimed atheist but not an Islamist. The anti-Indian slogans which were raised at JNU campus, includes “bharat ke tukde honge, Inshaallah inshaallah’, “PakistanLongLive”.
- Khalid is a main accused for organizing, an event to commemorate Afzal Guru’s death anniversary in JNU campus. According, to the sources, Umar and his group have planned to hold such events in almost 18 universities, across the country.
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The arrest of Jihadi element,
#UmarKhalid in connection with his role in orchestrating the anti Hindu Delhi Riots of 2020 , highlights how a deep rooted conspiracy was hatched to tarnish the image of India at the global level.
From Umar Khalid to Tahir Hussain of AAP, everyone planned to burn Delhi into ashes!

Appreciation to Delhi Police & Home Ministry for being proactive in exposing the brains behind this conspiracy & bringing them to justice one by one despite extreme pressure these people have tried to put on the cops through their connections with the so-called
AntiHindu parties
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