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#SupremeCourtofIndia #CourtroomExchange

Bench was hearing pleas regarding compliance of its judgement in Satender Antil

Justice Kaul: This is getting too cumbersome. Should we close? Every application we cannot (entertain) ... File SLPs. All focus cannot go on individual... Image
Justice Kaul through the hearing reiterates that the exercise is meaningless if HCs don't file proper compliance affidavits.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt
While dictating a part of the order Justice Kaul states: Let the needful be done by the concerned HC towards training of the judge at judicial academy.

#SupremeCourtofIndia #SupremeCourt
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Supreme Court hearing plea by death-row convict Balwant Singh Rajoana, accused in assassination of former Punjab CM Beant Singh, seeking commutation of death penalty on ground of delay in deciding his mercy plea.

Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi representing petitioner.

Matter before Justices BR Gavai, Vikram Nath and Sanjay Karol.

Rohatgi: Convicted of bomb blast in which Punjab CM was killed, death sentence awarded in July 2007, confirmed by HC in 2010. Served 27 yrs, mercy plea in 2012
Rohatgi: To keep prisoner on death row for so long violates their fundamental rights.

Justice Gavai: We will ask Home Secretary to be present in next hearing? Mr (KM) Nataraj on the face of it is is contempt, so many decisions of their Court, why haven't you decided on mercy..
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Gujarat High Court reserves orders in a petition by Gujarat University challenging direction to furnish copies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's degree certificate to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

#NarendraModi @PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal #GujaratHighCourt
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta for the University argued before bench of Justice Biren Vaishnav.

SG: There is nothing to hide as the degree is there in public domain, on social media etc. But we cannot be compelled to disclose the information.

SG: We cannot be asked to furnish the information to satisfy someone's childish and irresponsible curiousity. Also, it should be noted that the info sought has nothing to do with his (Narendra Modi's) role as a public figure.
@PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal

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#SupremeCourt #CourtroomExchange

Bench after disposing of an election petition

Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul: We need some thinking out of the box. So many statutes have limitations, but the matters are not heard on time. If you have specialised Tribunals, these are but manned.
Former AG Mukul Rohatgi: This retired judge syndrome must end. Those in TDSAT or electricity matters would have never dealt with such matters in their life.

Justice Kaul: That is why by and large like in AFTs, where there is balance of judicial and military members, worked well
Counsel: Regional benches can help.

Justice Kaul: I would not mind sitting in Chennai.

Rohatgi: Bengaluru is anyways a better city.
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#SupremeCourt Constitution Bench led by Justice S Abdul Nazeer to continue hearing pleas challenging the 2016 demonetisation of 500, 1000 rupee notes.

#Constitution #demonetisation
Hearing starts.

Justice Nazeer: I think we should be able to finish today. Unless Mr (Jaideep) Gupta takes long or Mr (P) Chidambaram chooses to reply.

Gupta: Power was not unguided as RBI is the expert body here.

Justice Gavai: That is what the ld AG also said.

Gupta cites a judgment.

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#SupremeCourt Constitution Bench led by Justice KM Joseph to continue hearing pleas relating to legality of bull-taming sport Jallikatu.

#jallikattu #Constitution #AnimalRights
Hearing begins.
State of Tamil Nadu to make submissions.

Sr Adv Rakesh Dwivedi for Tamil Nadu says the court must first consider the term "unnecessary pain"
Dwivedi: The implication of unnecessary pain and sufferings needs to be prevent as it posits that there will be some necessary pain which is permitted under the Act

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#SupremeCourt #CourtroomExchange

Justice Shah: This drugs and alcohol problem is a serious issue in Punjab. You (government) are only filing FIRs, but it is their case that a bhatti is there in every mohalla.
The Supreme Court was hearing a matter in connection with the large-scale manufacture and sale of illicit liquor in the State.

Justice Shah: You must use the seized money for campaigns. When will the persons caught be tried?
SC: This is unfortunate. Punjab is a border State.

Adv: That is also a concern.

SC: If somebody wants to finish the country, they will start with the borders. They have to take every effort to save the country, it is very easy to ruin the youth. Wherever a bhatti is found...
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#SupremeCourt to hear PIL by BJP leader and advocate @AshwiniUpadhyay against forced religious conversions.

#religion #conversion #SupremeCourtOfIndia
Read what the Central government stated in its affidavit in the matter, here:…
Hearing starts.

Justice Shah: Mr Datar is for whom?

Datar: Mr Upadhyay.

SC: Your entry is a surprise.

Sr Adv Sanjay Hedge: Represented by multiple counsel in similar pleas.

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#SupremeCourt to continue hearing matter of MediaOne channel's security clearance being revoked.
Sr Adv Dushyant Dave: Please see the bare acts again. Freedom of speech includes that of press and carrying out business.

#SupremeCourt #MediaOne
Dave reads from Cable TV Regulation Act.

Dave: It is in consonance with Article 19(2). Parliament specified criteria for denial, but that must also be through prescribed rules. In the garb of 162, you cannot limit fundamental rights.

#SupremeCourt #MediaOne
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#SupremeCourt hearing plea by MediaOne challenging the Kerala High Court order upholding the Central government's decision to ban the Malyalam news channel on security grounds.

Matter before Justices DY Chandrachud and Hima Kohli.
Sr Adv Dushyant Dave: Two important questions here ...

Bench discusses.

#SupremeCourt #mediaone
Dave: Far reaching questions, freedom of press at the centre of the controversy. Other is the scope and ambit of the power to grant or refuse uplinking permission. Does the Centre have unbridled power in this regard, if that power is applied with general principles of law.
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#SupremeCourt #CourtroomExchange

SG Tushar Mehta seeks adjournment of matter where Delimitation exercise in northeast and Jammu & Kashmir challenged.

SG: Seek accomodation. Not prepared.

Justice Kaul: but you made us prepare last night (smiles).
Bench: Even we need to be prepared better and do our ground work as to the legal position. How much delimitation stated for enforceability.

Adv for Petitioners: I'm challenging the number of seats and division and readjustment in J&K.

SC: File a short synopsis.

Adv: (Article) 170 i can argue right now. Within 10 minutes I'll convince.

Justice Kaul: If you specify the time, I'll bind you to it. But no point doing it today, give him (SG) a copy of your dynopses.

#SupremeCourt #delimitation
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#SupremeCourt #CourtroomExchange

Bench was hearing a matter where marriage was sought to be quashed using Article 142 powers as husband pointed out earlier efforts at reconciliation have failed.

Justice Kaul: Why force 2 young people who have their life ahead of them to ...
Justice Kaul: something that is not working out.

Justice Kaul: We don't have the Western system here where you file divorce one day and get it approved the next. Here i feel that both parties need to give it a try, we can't import western philosophy.

#SupremeCourt #CourtroomExchange
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Constitution Bench of #SupremeCourt led by Justice KM Joseph to hear pleas regarding passive euthanasia and the right to die with dignity.

#euthanasia #SupremeCourtOfIndia
Justice Joseph: How is this before Constitution Bench?

Sr Adv Anand Grover: I'm for the petitioners, we're saying allowing Jallikatu was unconstitutional.

Sr Adv Shyam Divan for Tamil Nadu, SG Tushar Mehta for Maharashtra.
Sidharth Luthra reads from pleadings.
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Constitution Bench of #SupremeCourt led by CJI UU Lalit to continue hearing pleas challenging the validity of the 103rd Constitutional Amendment, which provides for 10% reservation for EWS, on the ground that economic classification cannot be the sole basis for reservation.

Matter likely to reserved for judgment today after hearing rejoinders to the Central govt's arguments.

#SupremeCourt #EWS #CJIUULalit

Read about the questions of law in the case, here:…
Hearing starts.

Adv Rahul Chitnis for Maharashtra says he has filed written submissions.

Counsel: I will add to AG Venugopal's submissions. Dr Ambedkar said that poverty should be the foundation for reservation. Now what's happening is instead of caste-less we're going...
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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear pleas regarding amendments to #BCCI constitution to do away with mandatory cooling-off periods between tenures of administrators.

Bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and Hima Kohli to hear matter.

#Cricket #CricketTwitter #cricketnews #IndianCricket
SG mentions matter

SG: I'm sorry I've been bothering your lordships with this for indulgence. Had mentioned yesterday also. May take it up.

SC: We'll hear it after the transfer Petitions? How much time will you need?

SG: Atleast 20 minutes.
SG: Mr Sibal and I are on the same side for once.

SC: Who are you representing Mr Sibal? What is your stand?

Sibal: Tamil Nadu Cricket Association my lords. We support the amendments.

#SupremeCourt #BCCI
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#SupremeCourt #CourtroomExchange

Bench was hearing a case pertaining to setting up and safety measures for the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

Justice Chandrachud: Mr Bhushan, can this Court order for closure of a plant. There's investment riding on this.
Bhushan: If the reactors are not put in place properly, it'll be hazardous beyond what happened at Fukushima.

SG says he would take 1 hour to argue, and that Tamil Nadu is yet to conduct a public hearing.

Sr Adv V Giri: We will conduct it and place our stand.
Justice Chandrachud: We have to take a median approach. Concerns of community about the spent fuel at the site, before the reactors are established they must be ...

SG: They are not conventional fuel. They can be recharged and reused.
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#SupremeCourt #Courtroomexchange

Bench hearing a govt co's capital investment balance sheet matter

Justice KM Joseph: We are very sorry to shout at you. These are public funds. We don’t want to be emotional about it. People are without jobs! Image
SC: ... we’ll take action for contempt. These officers are responsible for taking up the courts time and have been so casual about it. Nobody here comes on daily basis from any of you. Please ask them. What are they doing?

Adv: this is part of original plaint record [reads]
Justice Joseph: Come to clause 2.47. Oh is that another mistake yeah?

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Constitution Bench led by Justice Indira Banerjee hearing matter relating to the validity of the 1st and 3rd Schedules of the Delhi Sales Tax Act, 1975. #SupremeCourt to decide whether exceptions can be provided for tax exemption provisions in sales tax laws.
Advocate for the Petitioner: Need to determine if such exemptions can be general or through a specific notification.

SC: We're asking was there any notification.

Adv: It was in the scheme of the Act itself, the Delhi one not UP. Act says declared goods, doesn't exempt gutka.
SC: for the purpose of argument of law, your question would be whether your goods are exempt or not? We'll assume it was.

Adv for respondents: issue before the HCs was how do you construe the expression gutka and pan masala, as to whether it would constitute tobacco or not.
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
On the last date of hearing, Adv. Vijay Shankar Rastogi, the appointed next friend of Lord Vishweshwar, had argued that the land in question belongs to the 'Swayambhu' lord since always, therefore, Aurangzeb never had any right over it.…
The matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
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#SupremeCourt is hearing a plea seeking a declaration that mandating vaccination for COVID-19, in any manner whatsoever, even by way of making it a pre-condition for accessing any benefits or services, is a violation of rights of citizens and unconstitutional
Adv Prashant Bhushan: There were phase 3 trials of these vaccines at all. In absence of informed consent the mandate of such vaccines is unconstitutional @pbhushan1 #VaccineMandate
Bhushan: increase in hospitalisation is rampant in countries where vaccination has been there. vaccine is a a matter of individual decision and it is I who will be ill due to this virus. whether i take medication or not is my absolute right

@pbhushan1 #VaccineMandate
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🚨The #DelhiRiots Hearing —-
A Delhi Court will continue hearing #UmarKhalid’s bail plea today. Yesterday, SPP Amir Prasad exhibited multiple statements deposed before Magistrate to substantiate his argument of “pre-planned violence & mobilisation” by Khalid & Others.
Prosecutor also exhibited Whatsapp Chats & CCTV footage which form part of Chargesheet & Supplementary Chargesheet in order to showcase alleged mobilisation, preplanned conspiracy & undercurrents of violence by Khalid, Safoora, Saifi etc #DelhiRiots read👇🏼…
Yesterday’s arguments by Prosecutor also include allegedly “apparent” violent means resorted to by Khalid, others and the pinning of blame on BJP leader @KapilMishra_IND. Prasad told Court that he would like to now argue on the law under #UAPA, Conspiracy. #DelhiRiots
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Delhi High Court is hearing a plea by TMC leader @MahuaMoitra seeking quashing of summons and FIR issued to her in a defamation case.
Sr Adv Kapil Sibal appears for Moitra.
Sibal: Zee News has filed a complaint of defamation against Moitra.
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A Delhi Court to resume hearing today over the bail plea of Umar Khalid in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case connected to Delhi Riots.

#delhiriots Image
Judge Amitabh Rawat to hear the case shortly.
Meanwhile, a lawyer tells the judge that COVID will end for sure this time. "Omicron will take away the Delta"

Judge - "Ho jaey to acha hai" ( it's good if that happens)

Lawyer - we can only hope for the best.

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Delhi High Court is hearing a plea seeking a declaration that the #PMCares Fund classifies as "State" under Article 12 of the Constitution.

@PMOIndia @narendramodi
Sr. Adv. Shyam Divan appearing for the petitioner Samyak Gangwal: There is an attempt to portray the fund as being part of the Government of India.

Divan: If the fund is not State under Art.12 it should be restrained from using the prefix "PM", and the centre should not extend secretarial support to the fund.

#PMCares @PMOIndia @narendramodi
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