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#Chandrayaan2 Successfully Completes One Year of Orbiting the Moon…

(📸:IANS/ISRO) Image
🛰️It is one year since India's second moon spacecraft #Chandrayaan2 was inserted into the lunar orbit, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said on Thursday.
➡️The Indian space agency (@isro) said #Chandrayaan2 spacecraft/orbiter was launched on July 22, 2019 and inserted into lunar orbit on August 20, 2019.
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Chandrayaan2's Pragyan "ROVER" intact on Moon's surface & has rolled out few metres from the skeleton Vikram lander whose payloads got disintegrated due to rough landing | More details in below tweets @isro #Chandrayaan2 #VikramLander #PragyanRover (1/4) ImageImage
1.Debris I found was of Langumir probe from the Vikram lander
2. Debris NASA found might be from other payloads, antenna, retro braking engines, solar panels on side etc.,
3. Rover has rolled out from lander & has actually travelled few metres from the surface
South Pole region is not always well lit and the lander was in a shallow depth of 2 ms from the surface so it was not visible in Nov 11th's NASA flyby due to different angle of incidence & would be difficult for anyone to find it unless the sun is directly above the surface(3/4) Image
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@LRO_NASA peculates through the trees! Hopefully sending data of #VikramLander home. Image
Here's Madrid's DSN54 calling #VikramLander as heard by its signal reflecting of the Moon to my station almost 9000Km away. The signal path is over 800000km! Image
Now that's better! The trees are now out of the beam and the Madrid DSN54 signal is loud and clear! Image
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Many have asked about the status of re-establishing contact with #VikramLander. I see #NASA DSN continues to send signals toward the moon aimed at Vikram, with DSN54 presently active. No reports of signals heard professionally or by amateurs.
The next major event is unfolding now as @LRO_NASA's orbital plane is arriving over the #VikramLander site. As the lander was only suppose to survive the first lunar day the chances of recovering the mission, assuming it is intact and comms are reestablished, are dwindling fast.
Given the lack of communications, the results of the @LRO_NASA data could verify the condition of the lander and perhaps provide valuable data to #ISRO for the next landing attempt.
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#Chandrayaan2 orbiter Doppler data from last night and 4 day trend. This trend indicates the orbital plane was not quite perpendicular to Earth when I observed it last and that the plane of the orbit will be fully visible for the next couple of days. ImageImage
Polar orbiting lunar satellites will twice a lunar day (~27 Earth days) present the full plane of the orbit to Earth and not pass behind the Moon. This plot of a full month of @LRO_NASA data demonstrates the phenomenon nicely. Image
After a review of data collected last night no signals observed from the #VikramLander.
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Good evening all, nothing new to report here. Just getting acquisition of signal on @LRO_NASA now. Shouldn't be too much longer before the moon completely clears the trees and we can begin listening seriously. Image
The 3m dish is trained on the moon now. China's Chang'e 5 test mission orbiter is load and clear! Image
I use @LRO_NASA and CE5T1 as alignment references to ensure the large dish is aimed properly as it's field of view is rather narrow.
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No status change in #Chandrayaan2 mission in last 24 hours. No signals reported from the #VikramLander, orbit of #Chandrayaan2 remains stable. No new official reports from #ISRO, speculation in the Indian media as to the cause of the landing anomaly continues.
#NASA's #DSN appears to have stopped active transmission of commands to #VikramLander to stimulate a response. DSN NOW website appears to show stations tasked to #VikramLander but emissions have not been observed.
#Chandrayaan2 orbiter continues to emit strong S-band radio signals. I found an error in my earlier period timings for the orbiter and now my data nicely matches that of @df2mz. It’s safe to say rumours of the orbiter lowering its orbit are not true. ImageImage
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Many new followers from India have asked many great questions about the #Chandrayaan2 orbiter and the fate of the #VikramLander. The following thread will provide some plain English answers about what I know about the present status of the mission.
#ISRO has not released any further official updates on the mission since Sept. 10th. Which indicated the orbiter had located the lander on the surface of the #Moon. Many rumours but there is no new official reports about #VikramLander or #Chandrayaan2 orbiter since this report.
No radio signals have been copied from #VirkamLander since the landing anomaly occurred.
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In a more stunning fallout @pallavabagla has been capturing pictures of Women Scientists & selling it to Getty Image. #PallavaBagla #ISRO #KSivan #Chandrayaan3 #NDTVWithPakistan #IndiaWithISRO #VikramLander Pics that are in Getty contributed by this Disgraceful man. @PMOIndia
All these pictures have similar details and price difference..
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India's #VikramLander failure is being debated here depending on which angle one is taking: consider.
1, as a scientific/tech achievement, final-phase failure aside, it is a big leap and shows #ISRO in a good light; 2, it also shows that #India is producing an impressive array>
> of scientists and engineers; that should be a matter of concern for us; 3, space is one of the frontiers in future wars, which will be tech-, and capital-intensive, not labour-intensive; 4, we should take serious stock of the education we are imparting and whether we can keep>
> up or, better still, overtake. i don’t have to say what it means if we can’t…
now to the failure: we are adversaries; #Kashmiris are under lockdown and being oppressed. while we should never underestimate the adversary, there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be happy>
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Once again PM leading from front at the time when our scientists need reassurance and faith he is there holding their hand, boosting their morale.
Science is all about experiments and struggles, there is nothing like failure in Science.
Well Done #ISRO
Its important to know that #Chandrayaan2 had two missions
Lander (Vikram) & Rover (Pragyan)
While Isro is trying to get communication back with Vikram, orbiter remains in operation orbiting the moon successfully and will continue to study the moon from far.
Losing contact with the lander & the rover just 2.1 km above d surface is not a failure. Only 5% of the mission is lost .The orbiter can take several images of the moon and send it to @isro also take pics of the lander to find out its status .
This is a remarkable achievement
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Isro chief Dr. Sivan
Kailasavadivoo Sivan born in 14 April 1957 in nagercoil in kanyakumari district in TN.
Son of a farmer and 1st Graduate in his family studied in a Tamil medium Govt school in Mela Sarakkalvilai Village & later in Vallankumaranvilai in Kanyakumari.
Sivan graduated with a bachelor's degree in engineering from Madras Institute of Technology in 1980. He then got a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1982, and started working in ISRO.
He earned a doctoral degree in aerospace engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2006. He is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, the Aeronautical Society of India and the Systems Society of India
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