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#ThisDayInHistory Post 661:

19 April 1770 (252 years ago): Captain James Cook sighted the eastern coast of what is now Australia.

CC: @Australia


#History #OnThisDay #OTD #CaptainJamesCook #Australia
19 April 1971 (51 years ago): Launch of Salyut 1, the first space station.


#ThisDayInHistory #History #OnThisDay #OTD #Salyut1 #SovietUnion
19 April 1975 (47 years ago): India's first satellite Aryabhata launched in orbit from Kapustin Yar, Russia.

CC: @isro


#ThisDayInHistory #History #OnThisDay #OTD #Aryabhata #India #Satellite #ISRO
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INDIA beware!
Did #Cheen really think they will be able to fool #Israel? LISTENING devices in THERMAL MUGs! 😄
These were gifted to Israeli govt by Chinese embassy.
Shin bet (internal spy agency of Israel) has taken up the investigation!
Reminiscent of #ISRO- cheeni #OPPO deal!

Earlier in Israel Chinese students wr apparently also tasked to spy. Nothing new! CONFUCIUS institute is known to carry out such acts across the world. Confucius institute is still active in Mumbai. Know more about it in one of our
posts here👉( )

We had also reported 2 years ago on how an #ISRO’s office in #Kolkata is located right next to infamous cheeni company. Read here 👇…
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#US, #Russia and #China made up for 88 percent of space debris, India among the lowest contributors…

By @Krittiiii
There are 25,182 pieces of space debris in the lower earth orbits, within 2,000 kilometres (km) of earth’s surface, according to the latest issue of Orbital Debris Quarterly News published by #NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office.

These 25,182 pieces of space debris, include 8,171 active and defunct spacecrafts and 17,011 objects categorised as “spent #rocket bodies and other cataloged debris” as of February 4 of 2022.

#SpaceDebris #NASA
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🧵 Mapmyindia
A wealth machine-IPO subscribe with a 3 year horizon and it will be a wealth machine for your portfolio.
I wrote a long thread on #PayTm why investors should not subscribe for it had over 25k views hope many would have benefited now it’s a positive investment idea
IPO Subscribe with a 3 year horizon, this stock will create wealth
for investors it’s much different from any of the new age startup’s although it’s a OFS its a proven model for over 25 years.
~ Asset light
~ Debt free
~ 2000 enterprise customers since inception
#MapMyIndia is both B2B, B2C catering to
~ Consumer tech
~ Automotive OEM
~ Mobility & logistics
Addressable Market Size ₹45000 crores & market leader.
Leader in automotive space with complete solutions including software, navigation, safety & tracking
Geospatial, IOT etc
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-We all thought #China is much ahead in #Technology
-But things are bit different
-#India is best in Optical Satellite Imagery in #Asia

@LevinaNeythiri @changu311 #ISRO Wiki
-#India is best in Asia in Radar Satellite Imagery too
-#India has record of launch of Multiple-Satellite Simultaneously

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-2 days ago I gave glimpse of technological advances #India is making
-Those were part of my old article out of that many weapons are already in practical use
-Today I talk about advancements in the world #technology
-Some sound like science fiction…
-Courtesy #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war we all know abt #drones
-Next in line r hypersonic Kamikaze Drones tested by #Pentagon
-Vintage Racer are low-cost
-Capability to stay close to target for 60–90 min
-Due to small size, it will have low radar signature making it more lethal
-Super Cannon being developed by #USArmy
-Fire rounds >1150 miles
-This distance is approximately same that is between Mumbai & Jaipur
-Complements coastal and other artillery defensive systems
-Utilizes low-cost ammunitions when compared with existing defense systems

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#ISRO truck blocked in Kerala!
Reason why India’s TIP (Kerala) is kept so rogue! #PortStates
Pls read d thread!🙏

On sunday workers union demanded “gawking wages” for an ISRO truck.
A practice where headloaders charge money for STARING at people loading/unloading cargo.🙄
2/10 It’s a banned practice yet workers union protested for it. This is jst ONE example of hw c0mmies work. They create a ruckus when not provided gawking wages. A #sinister practise to make KERALA an UNDESIRABLE location for investments.Ports of KERALA face similar issues.
3/10 Why ports of Kerala r so important? India is well placed geographically and since ancient times we hv hd ports which helped India prosper. Why did #VascoDeGama arrive in Kerala? Kerala was always an opening to Indian subcontinent. Thats why! (Pic: yozivag)
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- Oppn says ‘outsiders’ brought into RS to thrash its MPs
- First Delta Plus death in city
- Thackeray to attend Sonia’s virtual meet with oppn leaders
- Twitter locks Cong handle

Read More:
Study from home to continue: Reopening of schools on August 17 put on hold amid fears third wave of COVID-19 in Maharashtra
- @SanjayJog7 reports

#COVID19 #COVID19India #Maharashtra #education…
Opposition says 'outsiders’ brought into Rajya Sabha to thrash its MPs; Piyush Goyal, Anurag Thakur condemn 'unruly scenes'

#RajyaSabha #MonsoonSession #ParliamentMonsoonSession @PiyushGoyal @ianuragthakur…
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And…. it took off today. 👍 #ISRO has posted update: “Performance of 1st and 2nd stages was normal. However, Cryogenic Upper Stage ignition did not happen due to technical anomaly. The mission couldn't be accomplished as intended.” Will have to wait to see the impact of this.
ISRO’s GSLV failed to put EOS-03 in orbit. This launch was to be followed by other launches.
This was the 14th launch of GSLV and 4th failure. Last time GSLV developed anomaly in 2010.…
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@SpaceX backed Starlink @SpaceXStarlink #Broadband #Service could debut in #India in 2022:
#SpaceX, venture by #BILLIONAIRE #ElonMusk @elonmusk aims to launch company's own #Satellite #internet service. #Aerospace company listed multiple Indian locations on website.
#Thread #tech
Services will be available on first-come-first-serve criteria. Starlink as concept is collection of tiny internet satellites orbiting closer to #Earth surface, at altitude of 550km, which, when compared to larger navigation and #communications satellites operate from medium Earth
Orbit of around 2,000 to 35,000 km or, at times geosynchronous orbit, usually operates from beyond 35,000 km. Potential users can pre-book Starlink services in India on website for refundable amount of $99 or Rs 7,265.
Due to proximity to planet's surface, Starlink and other...
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कॉंग्रेसने 70 वर्षात काय केले..."

2] विज्ञान आणि तंत्रज्ञान..

स्वातंत्र्यानंतर देशापुढे दारिद्र्य, रोजगार, भूक, उपासमारी हे प्रश्ण आ वासून उभे होते पण तरी बाकी प्रगत जगासोबत आपणही पुढे नाही गेलो तर हा देश कधीच... 👇(1/)
स्वतःच्या पायावर उभा राहू शकणार नाही याची जाणीव नेहरूंना होती त्यामुळं 1952 साली अमेरिकेच्या MIT सारख्या संस्था भारतात उभारण्याचा निर्णय नेहरूंनी घेतला. पहिली #IIT खरगपूरला स्थापन केली गेली. त्यानंतर मद्रास,मुंबई अशा वेगवेगळ्या शहरात #IIT आणि #IIM या संस्था उभ्या राहिल्या..👇(2/)
येणारा काळ अणुऊर्जाचा असणार आहे हे दूरदृष्टीचे नेहरू जाणून होते त्यामुळं 1956 साली मुंबईच्या तुर्भे इथ भारतातलीच नव्हे तर आशिया खंडातील पहिली अणुभट्टी सुरू केली. आजघडीला देशात अशा 7 अणुभट्ट्या आहेत. आज जगातल्या ज्या मोजक्या देशाकड अण्वस्त्र आहेत त्यात आपण.. (3/)👇
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✳ Some Of The Key Achievements Of
@narendramodi Led NDA Government For Last 7 Years: Part I
1. Strengthened Economy
2. Improved International Relations
3. Change In Attitude On International Issues
4. Increased Internal Security
5. A Government With A Clean Image
6. #BannedTripleTalaq
7. #RemovedArticle370
8. #RemovedArticle35A
9. #SurgicalStrike On Pakistan Terror Camps Along LOC On Night Of 28-29 October 2016
10. #PreemptiveStrikeOnBalakot Terrorist Camps Crossing The LOC On 26th February 2019 Killing Estimated 300 Terrorists
11. Secured Release Of Indian Air Force Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman Who Took Down Advanced Pakistani F16 Fighter Aircraft With His MIG21 Aircraft;Ejected In Pakistan Territory;Was Captured;Forced By Narendra Modi Government To Release In 48 Hrs;Returned In 60 Hrs✌🏽
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Lesser known facts:
1. #NambiNarayanan case forced Kerala's CM to resign & a new CM came to power, AK Antony.
2. Congress Ldr MM Jacob--"AK Antony played a role in #ISRO conspiracy & ws a DIRECT beneficiary".
Antony ws DEFENCE min of India when #AgustaWestland scam happened.
3. ISRO conspiracy cld not b escalated as much as Hamam wanted it to.
Real target was A. E. Muthunayagam👇( responsible for creation of Liquid Propulsion Sys Centre).
4. What really shocked Nambi sir ws-- then ISRO head, Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan didnt come to his rescue.
Number of scandals which took place when AK Antony ws Defence Minister of India (LONGEST SERVING).
~Gen VK Singh issue
~TSD (military intel unit) closure
~Tatra Scam
~AgustaWestland bribery
~Rafale delay
~His wife earned Rs 28 CRORES for her PAINTINGS.
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.@isro all Set to Launch #Earth Observation Satellite on November 7 from #Sriharikota… Image
The 26-hour countdown for the Saturday rocket launch from the first launch pad will begin on Friday afternoon.

The rocket with 10 satellites is expected to lift off at 3.02 p.m. on November 7 from the #Sriharikota rocket port, a senior official of the Indian Space Research Organisation (@isro) said.
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This is how #JoeBiden hurt #ISRO. 👇There were back to back attempts to sabotage ISRO’s projects. My video about—Joe Biden, ISRO & a SPY RACKET.👇 This man if elected will not jst side with China, bt will impede INDIA’s growth. The spy racket is a proof!!
This is y Joe Biden is wrong for India.

Now the question is was there an attempt to sabotage Chandryaan-2's launch also? Only time will tell. Image
Adding this tweet thread here, coz it proves how Joe has been consistently pro-China.

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ISRO’s #Chandrayaan1 Reveals Rusting of #Moon; Scientists Point at #Earth's Atmosphere as Possible Cause…

(📸: Shuai Li)
Data from the #ISRO has revealed that the Earth’s natural satellite Moon might be rusting. The new research suggests that the moon is turning slightly red, indicating the formation of a reddish-black mineral form of iron named hematite on its surface, particularly at the poles.
The formation of rust or iron oxide can be attributed to the presence of two key elements—water and oxygen—when they come in contact with iron.

#Chandrayaan1 @isro
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#Chandrayaan2 | @isro’s Chandrayaan 2 identifies craters that may have water after mapping 4 million square kilometres of the Moon in its first year…

By @pabsgill Image
🛰️It’s been a year since #Chandrayaan2 has been in orbit around the Moon.

In that time, the eight instruments it has onboard have been scouting the lunar surface for craters that could hold water and landing sites for future missions.
🛰️#Chandrayaan2’s Terrain Mapping Camera took photos of nearly 4 million square kilometres of the Moon’s surface.

The Terrain Mapping Camera - 2 (TMC -2) completed 220 orbits of the Moon and took images of nearly 4 million square kilometres of its surface. Image
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#OnThisDay in 1919 was born Vikram Sarabhai, the father of India's space programme. But Sarabhai was much more than just a scientist, living an extraordinarily full life. Read on to learn more about him! #VikramSarabhai #ISRO #India #history #funwithfundas (1/23)
According to a popular (unconfirmed) story, Rabindranath Tagore, a part-time phrenologist, seeing the baby Sarabhai's large and unusually shaped forehead, pronounced that "this boy will achieve great things". #tagore (2/23)
For those wondering, phrenology is a pseudoscientific study of the shape and bumps on the skull to predict a person's character and traits. It was very popular in the 19th century. (3/23)
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#Watch | A Year Since #Chandrayaan2 Launch, India Prepares to Touch the Moon with #Chandrayaan3…

@isro #ISRO
July 22, 2020 marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of #Chandrayaan2, India’s second lunar exploration mission developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
Initially scheduled to launch on July 14, 2019, this mega-mission launch was aborted and rescheduled with just an hour to go due to a technical glitch.

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Based on 👇

Land,Labour,Liquidity&Laws that are not isolationist but inclusive

Ease of Doing Business

DBT,JanDhan,Aadhar, Micro Insurance,Ujjwala Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM Awaas Yojana,PM FasalBima Yojana,Krishi Sinchai,Swachh Bharat--Key Landmarks
GST,IBC&PSU Bank Recapitalisation in last 6 yrs,have been big reforms

52606Cr given via #DBT to 41Cr #JanDhan holders

Free wheat&rice to 69Cr ration card holders

18000Cr tax refunds given

Free cylinders to 8Cr #Ujjwala holders

#20lakhcrores #COVIDー19
Project DevelopmentCells,working for Promotion of Champion Sectors,in States

#MakeInIndia&Upgradation of Industrial Infra,a success&more will be done to #Decongest economy

3376 SEZs&IndustrialParks with 5 lakhhectares,to be ranked& mapped,in terms of readiness for competition
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(1/7) A @ncaor_goa study: Glacier research is so treacherous at the “3rd Pole-the largest mass of ice & glaciers outside the #polar region”. Scientists in the Indian Himalayas [6Kft -17Kft] live on low oxygen, zip lines & paths blocked by giant boulder. Image
1/3 of the glaciers of the Hindu Kush #Himalayas [2175 mile long] are in danger. “We haven’t even scratched the surface in understanding how fast the glaciers are melting & what happens next” says Sharma, a glaciologist with @ncaor_goa Image
The mass balance of six glaciers of the many in the Hindu Kush #Himalayas range has alarmingly squeezed in the last decade to 86.9 sq. miles in 2019 from 115.8 sq. miles in 2009 & there are thousands like these.
#GlobalWarming @ncaor_goa Image
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#WeekendReading Thread | @GreatGameIndia

Kartarpur Corridor - ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan

While the intention appears to be noble the larger Pakistani plot behind #KartarpurCorridor is ISI's Bridge to #Khalistan directed at the #Khalistan2020 Referendum…
According to leaked information of a high-level meeting, the United States and India’s failure to reach a long-expected trade deal on Sept. 24 has sparked fears of a full-fledged India US #TradeWar.…
A scientist with the National Remote Sensing Centre #NRSC of the Indian Space Research Organisation #ISRO was found murdered in his apartment in #Hyderabad.…
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Many have asked about the status of re-establishing contact with #VikramLander. I see #NASA DSN continues to send signals toward the moon aimed at Vikram, with DSN54 presently active. No reports of signals heard professionally or by amateurs.
The next major event is unfolding now as @LRO_NASA's orbital plane is arriving over the #VikramLander site. As the lander was only suppose to survive the first lunar day the chances of recovering the mission, assuming it is intact and comms are reestablished, are dwindling fast.
Given the lack of communications, the results of the @LRO_NASA data could verify the condition of the lander and perhaps provide valuable data to #ISRO for the next landing attempt.
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So tomorrow #NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter circling Moon since 2009 is scheduled to fly over #Chandrayaan2 #Vikram lander's site. Interestingly #LRO was close enough during Vikram's landing to gather data about maneuver using its Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project instrument.
"As a matter of fact during descent of #Chandrayaan2, the
Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project #LAMP instrument was observing the changes in the exosphere of #Moon as a result of the rocket effluence coming down"

- Jay Jenkins, Office of Exploration at NASA's Science Mission Directorate
#ISRO lost contact with #Chandrayaan2's #Vikram during final stages of its descent. An unexplained wobble may have caused Vikram to go off course, data suggests. Descent was to last around 15 minutes. But around 11 minutes after Vikram began its decent, things went haywire.
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