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How can a public person restrict people to reply on a public platform . However we #Kashmiris will not allow you to use #Kashmir as your grandfather used it and compromised in 1971 . @BBhuttoZardari @ForeignOfficePk
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J&K LG @ManojSinhaOffc releases book - The Two Kashmirs by author @sheikhkhalid Jehangir,
Secretary General of International Centre for Peace Studies.
@Vitastapublish @india_narrative @Aditijan @sunandavashisht @AshaKhosa Image
The third book by the author, it compares #development indices of the two Kashmirs - POK and J&K. #education #health #income
The book says #Indian #Kashmiris have fared much better than #Pak #Kashmiris.
@KinraMark @drvivekkaul @KroenerJess @InsightGL @PatilSushmit @rajivchuni Image
@manojsinha_ said good #governance has restored the confidence of #Kashmiris. He added that propaganda by the #Western #media and by #Pakistan has been busted. Corruption has been controlled to inspire confidence among people.
@abhikyogi @AdityaRajKaul @KhalidBaig85 @Amana_Ansari Image
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1. @guardian 15 Oct 22, p 21 @tweeter_anita @EmpirePodUK, a cold-eyed, #critical #historian would've provided the #lowdown, and six of her best, to those boorish, blingy, visiting #Punjabis about the #Sikhempire or #ZulfikarBhutto.
2. #Kashmiris and #Ladakhis, unlike mawkish #Punjabis, don't quite share that lachrymose view of #Punjabi #history or #DuleepSingh. #Lamaist #Buddhists and #Muslims chafed under #Sikhrulers. Expelled former; forbade latter #fasting/#Fridayprayers.
3. #India was in a tailspin under #Sikhs, #Marathas, #Mughals etc. and #Britishrule consolidated the peninsula unseen since the #Mauryas. #Newsflash right-on Radcliffe ranters either side: #EmpressVictoria sired #MotherIndia and #Iqbal's sarey jahān bulbuls.
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The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (#OIC) expresses it deep concern over the pronouncement of life sentence for one of the most prominent #Kashmiri leaders, Mr. #YasinMalik, who has been leading a peaceful freedom struggle for many decades.
Reiterating its solidarity with the people of #Jammu and #Kashmir, the #OIC General Secretariat urges the international community to ensure that the legitimate struggle of the #Kashmiris for the realization of their rights must not be equated with #terrorism.
The General Secretariat calls on the Government of #India to release all #Kashmiri leaders unfairly incarcerated, halt forthwith the gross and systematic persecution of Kashmiris in the #Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and #Kashmir (IIOJK);…
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From Tip of the Tongue to Manuscript - A Brief History of Vaakh's of Lal Ded -
There is nothing greater in Kashmiri literature than the Vaakhs of the 14th century's great Saint- poetess #LalDed. There is perhaps no Kashmiri who does not have a Vaak on the tip of his (1/9) #LALDED #LALVAAKHS
tongue. The popularity of these sayings is so ubiquitous that an average Kashmiri always finds use of one or the other Vaaks during conversation to make a point with the desired emphasis. However, even as the Vaaks are popular but the story of their compilation is barely (2/9) #Manuscript #LallaVaakhs
known to the world. Here goes the fascinating story:

Until as late as the 19th century there were no manuscripts of #LallaVaakhs but they survived on the tongues of the #Kashmiris and also had been transmitted by word of mouth from generation to generation. Reportedly, (3/9)
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What has changed after abrogation of #Article370?
A thread brought by a #Kashmiri to readers of the world

Prior to 2019, 3 Medical Colleges, 20 district hospitals
Today, 2 new AIIMS, 7 new Medical Colleges, Cancer Institutions and Nursing schools.
#NayaKashmir @AartiTikoo
Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme provides free universal health coverage up to ₹5 lakh per household per year for all residents of UT of J&K & Ladakh.
New ₹28,400Crore scheme for industrialisation of J&K in 2021. Creation of 4.50Lakh new jobs
Qazigund-Banihal tunnel section of the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway completed which reduce traveling time by 6.5 hours.
Completion of 4 national highway projects & agreements for 10 new road/tunnel projects.
@Imam_A_Siddique @GeneralBakshi @Tiny_Dhillon @AskSheikhAadil
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Why Aamir Khan is more Dangerous than Zakir Naik?
Aamir is a very intelligent operator. Unlike Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, he played it very well from the beginning. He made super-patriotic movies like Sarfarosh, Lagaan and Mangal Pandey and gained the acceptance and trust of
patriotic Indians. Then he surreptitiously & subtly started inserting his agenda into his movies.
Take the example of Rang De Basanti. Everyone who saw it hated George Fernandes and BJP govt for making a quick buck with corruption in Defence deals. This is exactly what
Sonia Gandhi tried to prove with Tehelka scam using likes of Tarun Tejpal. And who knows how much ISI would have loved to see the people who defeated them in Kargil War getting maligned in their own country as corrupt people who made money in soldiers coffins.
Aamir then started
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The movie is an attempt to fan the hatred against a minority community in #India by #BJP & #RSS

यह फिल्म भाजपा और आरएसएस द्वारा भारत में अल्पसंख्यक समुदाय के खिलाफ नफरत फैलाने का एक प्रयास है
कश्मीर फाइल्स मुसलमानों के खिलाफ हिंसा भड़का रही है, इसलिए फिल्म बोर्ड, मूवी सिनेमा और स्ट्रीमिंग ऐप्स की नैतिक जिम्मेदारी है कि वे इसे प्रतिबंधित और बहिष्कार करें।
The #Kashmir Files is inciting violence against #Muslims so film boards, movie cinemas and streaming apps have a moral responsibility to ban and boycott it.
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#Thread On #BalochistanSolidarityDay

#Pakistan has been committing serious human rights violations in Balochistan including [enforced] disappearances of people, arbitrary arrests, torture & extrajudicial killings. 1/8


@UN_HRC @amnesty @IndianEmbassyTR
At the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) protest in June 2020, protesters said that every second home in #Balochistan has been afflicted with a missing person and receiving a disfigured dead body has become a norm. 2/8
#Balochistan is the most deprived region of Pakistan and the govt has done nothing for development. The state sponsored death squads are committing atrocities regularly under the umbrella of the #PakistanArmy. 3/8
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Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) workers have been protesting in #Kotli against unlawful confiscation of party literature by authorities. The protest against this unacceptable attack on legitimate dissent has entered 8th week.

The incident is the latest example of rapidly escalating attacks on pro-independence voices in Jammu Kashmir by Imran Khan's Pakistani government, which is reportedly drawing up plans to follow Modi regime in unlawfully annexing parts of the occupied #JammuKashmir.

The confiscated literature includes 100K copies of JKLF's Declaration of Independence - the template for reunification and independence of #JammuKashmir approved at Party's historic convention on 4 September 2021.
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Our researchers found a 2 year old hate literature, circulated as "academic discourse" from Huma Dar, a promoter of the recent #DismantlingGlobalHindutva conference. Daughter of a Pakistani Army officer, she masquerades as a Kashmiri activist spewing anti-India & anti-Hindu hate.
Note the use of divine Hindu imagery, while conveying blatant #Hinduphobic messaging and vicious anti-India propaganda. This graphics was used by Huma Dar for an event that was hosted at @UCSanDiego on October 30, 2019.
It is this kind of hate propaganda against Hindu communities, by propagandist like Huma Dar, that triggered the #Pakistani invasion of #JammuAndKashmir on October 22, 1947, that resulted in the murder of 11,000 #Kashmiris, and the rape of thousands of #Kashmiri #Hindu women. 3/4
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Thread: selected footage everyone should see of #India’s Military and their #HumanRights violations in #IIOJK against #Kashmiris shared by #Pakistan in dossier today by FM, NSA and Minister Mazari. First clip, grave digger testifies to mass graves #KashmiriLivesMatter
In the second clip, we can see testimony of a young #Kashmiri whose fingers and legs were brutally chopped off by #India’s occupation forces 14 Dogra Regiment in #IIOJK this is one of hundreds of cases documented in the dossier #KashmiriLivesMatter
Warning: graphic images. Shows possible use of chemical agents/weapons by #India in #Kashmir. Mutilated body is shown in the video footage. #KashmiriLivesMatter
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Today, 5th August 2021, marks 2 years of atrocities in Indian illegally Occupied Kashmir.

Part :- 1
Pak's puppet govt could do nothing for Kashmiris. On this occasion, if Pakistan had a truly democratic govt, it would have sided with the Kashmiris.
Part :- 2
The problems of Kashmiris cannot be solved by renaming the road and standing on the road for five minutes. Unless you take Practical steps.
Part :- 3
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#Pakistani Premier Rules Out Normalization Of Ties With #India

" Normalizing Ties With #NewDelhi At This Point Means Betraying #Kashmiris ," Says Imran Khan
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday ruled out the possibility of normalization of fraught trade & diplomatic relations with longtime rival India , saying it will be tantamount to " #Betraying " Kashmiris .
" Normalizing ties with India at this point means betraying Kashmiris . #Pakistan will never compromise on Kashmiris blood ," #Khan said in a live telephonic conversation with citizens .
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#WhatCongressHates 1/n
#NarendraModi of course!!
#WhatCongressHates and why I want #CongressMukTBharat 3/n
@myogiadityanath @CMOfficeUP
because of the colour of his clothes and because he headed a #Hindu temple trust
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Faces behind #Kashmir Intel #Thread

Let us know, what's the motive and who are/were some of the people running handles like Kashmir Intel (@Kashmirosint), which claim themselves to be voice or source of information of #Kashmir.
NIA in Sep 2020 filed a charge sheet against 5 operatives of #IslamicState Khorasan Province, including the #Kashmiri couple who were running Kashmir Intel for allegedly conspiring to utilize the anti #CAA protests to instigate #Muslims against #Indian government & provoke riots
Here is how the couple, Jahanzaib Sami Wani & Hina Bashir planned to exploit gullible Muslim youth
They were conspiring to create unrest during anti #CAA protest by coining seditious slogans & making graffiti at public places, highlighting the same on social & international media
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Deradicalisation of #Kashmir Youth, need of the hour. #Thread.

The valley has been bearing the brunt of radicalisation that has the potential to destroy the future generation of #Kashmir. Its a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed at the earliest.
The gradual erosion of #Sufism is an indicator of the growing radicalisation in #Kashmir. Sufism faces a stiff competition from the Wahhabi brand of Islam as preached in Saudi Arabia & other parts of the world.
Sufi shrines are being burnt and there has hardly been any public outcry regarding the same, indicating the waning influence of the Hanafis. With the abundance of Saudi money, Wahhabi followers are gradually taking over Hanafi masjids in the valley.
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The assassinations of #MirwaizFarooq & #AbdulGhaniLone that reveals the ugly face of #Pakistan’s proxy war in #Kashmir. A #Thread

Pakistan is a festered wound in the lives of #Kashmiris that has been eating away the soul of Kashmir for decades now.
Some sane leaders in #Kashmir who saw through the devilish design of #Pakistan & tried to save its people from this snake in the grass were either sidelined or worse killed in cold blood.
This includes the two most influential leaders of Kashmir #MirwaizFarooq & #AbdulGhaniLone.
What happened with them?
At 7:15 p.m. on 13 Feb 1990, #terrorists shot Lassa Kaul, 45, director of the government-run #television station as he stepped from a vehicle in front of his home.
It shook Mirwaiz Farooq, Lassa Kaul was his dear friend.
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It's not #police record but an act of violence [first, second or many, each holding equal weight] that make you a #terrorist : A #Thread

On 21-22 Dec 20, terrorists Amir Mir and Yawar, both from #LeT surrendered to SF at Tantripora, #Shopian, during live operation.

#Srinagar Image
Questioning of Amir revealed that Zahoor Ahmed Bhat r/o Hattipura, whose name doesn’t exist in any police records, is his close #terror associate.

Following lead, joint team of 34 RR & #JKP launched an operation in which Zahoor was arrested with Pistol, Grenades and ammunition ImageImage
It is thus established that Amir Mir, Yawar and Zahoor were all #terrorists who acquired #weapon and war like stores but were given chance to #surrender by Security Forces at Tantripora, Shopiyan & Hattipura

#Kashmir Image
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195 #terrorists neutralized in 86 operations this year in #Jammu & #Kashmir. #Pakistan in Panic.
Year 2020 saw an all out assault on terror outfits including crackdown on terror-funding, OGWs as well as clampdown on separatists supporting these terror outfits.
Some of the top #terrorists eliminated this year included Hizbul’s Commander Reyaz Naiko, Junaid Sehrai, Dr Saifullah, Sajad Nawabi, Asif Dar, AGH Commander Burhan Koka, Tahir Bhat, IED expert Ikram alias Faujibhai, Zubair Wani, Waleed & Jaish #Kashmir Chief Qari Yasir.
Such coordinated actions has left the terror outfits in #Kashmir with no leadership, no money or weapons. Todays most of the new recruits are running around with country made/Chinese pistols.
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22 Oct, a Black Day in #Kashmir’s History.

On 22 Oct 5,000 Kabaili tribesmen backed by #Pakistan army stormed Muzaffarabad and scattered 500-strong #Kashmir state army who had already suffered defections by its soldiers.
Flushed with victory, the #Pakistan's tribesmen got down to wanton looting and arson.
They plundered the state armoury, set entire markets on fire and looted their goods.
#Kashmir #22octoberBlackDay
@CestMoiz @neeraj_rajput
They indiscriminately shot poor #Kashmiris at will who couldn't recite the Kalma. Many women were enslaved, while many others jumped in the river to escape capture.
#Kashmir #22octoberBlackDay #PakistanCivilWar #PakistanTerroristState
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#Terror Funding: Cutting the Pipelines that Flames #Terrorism. #Thread

To destroy the terror nexus in #Kashmir it is imperative to dismantle the terror funding networks which have become the biggest money-spinning industry in Kashmir that's on Govt radar.
To carry out an attack or continue operating, #terrorists requires resilient financial and material support base – to buy weapons, to train and execute attacks.
#Kashmir #terrorism
There has been an increasing clampdown on these establishment to put the conflict entrepreneurs out of business. NIA raids on the money laundering & #terror finance networks heralded the new approach of the government.
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#Kashmir was never about Article 370, #Kashmir belongs to #Kashmiris. We the Youth of Kashmir are masters of our own Fate. We the Youth of Kashmir will create a Better Kashmir for all. 

#JK Govt rolls out welfare measures, Social #security given topmost priority, In 1 yr Pension benefits extended to 7,42,781beneficiaries including those of State ISSS Scheme.


100% achievement in flagship schemes like Mission Indradhanush JK  1353 children and 381 pregnant women vaccinated and Mission Indradhanush Aspirational Districts under GSA(Baramulla & Kupwara)  2259 children and 320 women vaccinated. 

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Azadi is not an option
A #Thread
What does a misguided #Kashmiri mean by “Azaadi”? Is it the right to #equality, right to #freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural & educational rights, right to property & right to constitutional remedies
If that is the meaning of “Azaadi” then it is already entrusted to them through the #constitution then who are these people and why are they asking for Azadi?
The people of #kashim for long have been disassociated with the #progress in mainland due to provisions of #Article_370 which restricted the investment and #development in the state.
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