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So tomorrow #NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter circling Moon since 2009 is scheduled to fly over #Chandrayaan2 #Vikram lander's site. Interestingly #LRO was close enough during Vikram's landing to gather data about maneuver using its Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project instrument.
"As a matter of fact during descent of #Chandrayaan2, the
Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project #LAMP instrument was observing the changes in the exosphere of #Moon as a result of the rocket effluence coming down"

- Jay Jenkins, Office of Exploration at NASA's Science Mission Directorate
#ISRO lost contact with #Chandrayaan2's #Vikram during final stages of its descent. An unexplained wobble may have caused Vikram to go off course, data suggests. Descent was to last around 15 minutes. But around 11 minutes after Vikram began its decent, things went haywire.
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Went back to Quora for a break from my studies and found something interesting.
Someone criticised on Quora for treating #Chandrayaan2 mission like a "cricket match".

Well, it did put a lot of smiles on my face despite the tone of the answer.…
I started thinking - What he said is true. We didn't give enough attention to @isro before Mangalyaan and #Chandrayaan2 .

What led to a sudden surge of support for #ISRO and the advent of hashtags #IsroPerGarvHai #ISROweareproudofyou ?

Let me explain.
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Y'day I committed a technical error in casting Muhurt chart of Chandrayan-2 launch & went ahead analyzing it. I realized latter in the day that the TZone was incorrect. The correct Lagna of chart is Scorpio and not Dhanu. I apologize & correcting the mistake with right chart. 1/n
I was unhappy y'day seeing the muhurt chart of Dhanu Lagna. It looked quite disappointing. However, now that I hv the correct chart, I must say that the Muhurt Chart does not look that bad. It must b kept in mind that NO Muhurt chart can be totally auspicious w/o any blemish. 2/n
A competent Jyotish pandit needs to select a Muhurt wherein Good dominates over the bad so that the given task/project/venture gets to the reasonable to great success. At least doesn't end up in failure. Thus, to suggest muhurt is a task of great responsibility for a Pandit. 3/n
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A thread of all the Ganpati we've seen till now...pls add your own pictures in comments below-
The first and foremost is Lalbaghcha raja🙏
The bustling crowd of people waiting with patience in long lines for long hours and the sheer joy of looking at him renders your speechless.
The theme this year was India's space programs
#Chandrayaan2 #isro
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Isro chief Dr. Sivan
Kailasavadivoo Sivan born in 14 April 1957 in nagercoil in kanyakumari district in TN.
Son of a farmer and 1st Graduate in his family studied in a Tamil medium Govt school in Mela Sarakkalvilai Village & later in Vallankumaranvilai in Kanyakumari.
Sivan graduated with a bachelor's degree in engineering from Madras Institute of Technology in 1980. He then got a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1982, and started working in ISRO.
He earned a doctoral degree in aerospace engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2006. He is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, the Aeronautical Society of India and the Systems Society of India
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Tonight we're using the Dwingeloo @radiotelescoop to track the landing of the @isro #Chandrayaan2Live Vikram lander on the surface of the Moon. The lander just reappeared from behind the Moon and locked on to the Madrid telescope of the @dsn_status network.
@radiotelescoop @isro @dsn_status @PI9CAM @tammojan The #Chandrayaan2Live Doppler curve has just reached its maximum. This means it has just passed over the lunar North pole and is now moving South towards the landing site.
@radiotelescoop @isro @dsn_status @PI9CAM @tammojan The S-band carrier of #Chandrayaan2Live is showing faint whisps over the last few minutes. Could these be reflections of the signal from the Lunar surface?
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Neeraj Verma & Rashmi travelled all the way to from #Nagpur to #Sriharikota to witness the historic #Chandrayaan2 take off. I asked them what do they do for a living? Their answer amazed me, We are science activists (vigyaanan sevak) said the couple. Like how? #IndiaMoonMission
The couple travelled more than 1100 KM's to reach #Sriharikota from their village near #Nagpur border to be a part of @isro #Chandrayan2 launch

The couple travelled for more than 20 hours & reached #Sriharikota on 15th July, but the launch was called off in the last minute
They went back to their village & by the time they reached home the next launch date was announced

The couple left home again and travelled all the way back to #Sriharikota just to be there to witness the historic #MoonMission2 launch
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India's headed to the moon w/ #Chandrayaan2. Both the project director & the mission director are women - Muthayya Vanitha & Ritu Karidhal respectively. Reportedly, 30% of @isro's workforce is female. 1/
There were also several female scientists in the leadership team of India's Mars orbiter mission, some of which were featured in this video 2/ #Mangalyaan
ISRO scientist V. R. Lalithambika leads India's Human Spaceflight Programme. India is aiming to send astronauts into space by 2022 #Gaganyaan 3/
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All eyes on @isro this morning 👀 - the Indian Space Research Organisation is set to launch its spacecraft, #Chandrayaan2, to the south pole of the moon today. The launch is scheduled for 14:43 local time (10:13 BST). Here's @BBCNews' report from Thursday…
This is @ISRO’s second attempt at launching #Chandrayaan2 - the first attempt, on 14 July, was aborted just minutes before launch, due to a “technical snag”…
If the #Chandrayaan2 landing is successful, it will make India just the fourth nation to complete a soft landing on the moon, after the US, USSR, and China, and the first to land near the south pole…
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So this thread was going to be about the launch by @isro of #Chandrayaan2 - India's 🇮🇳 second lunar mission. The unmanned mission was scheduled to launch on 14 July and land on the moon’s surface in early September...…
…but the #Chandrayaan2 mission was put on hold at the last minute due to “a technical snag”, according to the Indian Space Research Organisation, @ISRO
Leaving a lot of people disappointed 😞
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Here's a short list of things ISRO will do for the first time en route to executing its Chandrayaan 2. #ISROMissions #ISROFirsts (another thread but not that long) 1/n
Over 5,000 people will witness the launch live from inside the premises of the Sriharikota spaceport thanks to a new 'Launch View Gallery' ISRO has erected for just this purpose. It's one of three components of a 'Space Theme Park' the org. has planned. #Chandrayaan2 2/n
The other two are a 'Rocket Garden' and a 'Space Museum'. Some deets:… #ISROFirsts #Chandrayaan2 3/n
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#Chandrayaan2 – the space-exploring, moon-landing, lunar-roving flying machine that Indians in 5019 AD will call 'ancient pushpak vimanas' and actually be right for once – is set to lift off onboard a #GSLVMkIII rocket at 2.51 am on July 15, on the rocket's M1 mission. 1/n
There is a tremendous amount of details surrounding this one mission, with good reason: it's India's most complex robotic mission to date. A #PSLV launching a hundred satellites into different orbits pales compared to what's going on here. E.g., the rocket itself 2/n
has been fit with the new CE20 cryogenic engine, whose development began in 2002 and which completed its integration full-duration hot test in 2017.… Though it's one of the most powerful such engines in the world, many people seem to think 3/n
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