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On the second day of #WHA, the US and other countries called for a more in-depth investigation of the origin of #COVID19, after the earlier mission of @WHO experts proved inconclusive.…
"We underscore the importance of a robust comprehensive and expert-led inquiry into the origins of Covid-19," US representative Jeremy Konyndyk told the World Health Assembly (WHA).
Australia, Japan and Portugal were among other countries to call for more progress on the investigation, while the British representative urged for any probe to be "timely, expert-driven and grounded in robust science".
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The proposal to invite #Taiwan to join the #WHA as an observer was left off this year's agenda after a debate, during which #China insisted that Taiwan can only be allowed to join international organizations under the "One China" principle.…
"According to sources, the proposal was first raised by two diplomatic allies of Taiwan during the WHA General Committee meeting, but the committee decided not to include it into the agenda due to objections from China."
"Nauru and Eswatini, both diplomatic allies of Taiwan, spoke up for Taiwan while China and Pakistan expressed their opposition to including the proposal on Taiwan in this year's agenda, according to sources."
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As #WHA is scheduled to begin later today in Geneva, #Taiwan has once again not been invited to attend the assembly for @WHO. #Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and Health Minister Chen Shih-chung expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision.
Chen said the resurgence of #COVID19 outbreak in #Taiwan reflects that there shouldn't be a loophole in the global fight against the pandemic and the world needs to share all the information and expertise to deal with the outbreak.
Wu said #China's claim that it has helped #Taiwan to participate in the @WHO is contradictory to the reality, and it is also against Taiwanese people's will.
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Following my initial reporting on @WHO censoring comments containing #Taiwan in its livestream of #WHA, here's how they responded: "During the WHA, WHO faces an onslaught of cyberattacks by online activists on a number of controversial issues,.."…
... using keywords such as 'Taiwan' and 'China',"
That hindered its ability to moderate conversations for people who came to their pages to discuss health issues, it said, and when that happened "our social media team applies content filters", the WHO added.
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Latest: It appears that @WHO has censored comments including words like "#Taiwan," "R.O.C," and "#China" under a livestream of its daily press conference, prompting Taiwan social media users to use creative ways to bypass the censorship and mount countermeasures.
@Facebook told me that fan pages do have the function to censor or block comments containing certain words or phrases, and in this case, it seems @WHO has activated this function to censor the usage of certain words in the comment section.
An expert who prefers to remain anonymous told me that this is a clear example of the @WHO exercising censorship against content related to #Taiwan.
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1. I have done a thread on Why #Taiwan can not be a member of the World Health Organization (@WHO) or participate in the World Health Assembly (#WHA). Here are some basic facts on the Taiwan question and the reunification of China.
2. Taiwan has been a part of China's territory since time immemoral. The Island is closely linked to the Chinese mainland, especially the Province of #Fujian across the Strait. Formerly part of Fujian, Taiwan became a province in 1885 during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
3. China defended Taiwan against Spanish, Dutch invasion. The Qing Dynasty lost the first China-Japan war of 1894-1895. Taiwan was ceded to Japan as a result. Qing Dynasty replaced by the Republic of China in 1911, the official name of China until 1949.
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1. Recently, some people talk of supporting #Taiwan participating in the World Health Assembly (#WHA) or even the @WHO. #China’s position has been consistent and clear. @SKinnock
2. There is only one #China in the world; the #Taiwan region is an inalienable part of #China’s territory. This is the consensus of the international community.
3. In October 1971, the United Nations General Assembly adopted at its 26th session Resolution 2758, recognizing the People's Republic of China (#PRC) as the sole legitimate government representing the whole of #China.
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#WHO 幹事長譚德賽在日內瓦時間8日記者會指,他在近3個月不斷收到人身攻擊與種族歧視的留言,表示這是對黑人社群、非洲的歧視,他無法接受。更直指「這種攻擊就是來自台灣,台灣外交部知情但沒有阻止,甚至也對我加以指責。」
1 對於譚德塞無端指控我國政府、人民對他本人進行抹黑攻擊,這些子虛烏有的指控,已經嚴重誤導國際視聽,外交部表達強烈不滿與高度遺憾,並且提出嚴正抗議。外交部澄清,台灣為成熟、高素養的民主先進國家,絕沒有鼓勵國人對譚德塞人身攻擊,更不可能發表種族歧視言論。
2 譚德塞作為WHO的領導者,面對疫情的因應作為,本來就應接受世界公民理性監督。幹事長未經查證、無端對台灣不實指控,不僅事實不符,也對我國政府人民造成嚴重傷害,此污衊行為極不負責,我國政府嚴正要求幹事長立刻更正毫無根據的指控,立即澄清且向我國道歉。
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