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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/27/2022…
We are Black and Indigenous front line workers. Our own parents died of COVID-19 in Canada’s inequitable health system | The Star…

#CanadianHealthCareSystem, #BlackAndIndigenousPopulations, #FrontLineWorkers, #COVIDDeath, #TreatmentInequality
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🔴Excellent 🧵 again from @trvrb👏

#OmicronVariant really seems weird, interesting and terrifying. #OpenData #OpenScience will save the world now. Global cooperation and openness. This is no time for ’normal’ greed (nationalism, 💉patents), as the globe and future are shared. 1/
What we can already say is that the world must be grateful to #SouthAfrica🇿🇦 #Botswana🇧🇼 @Tuliodna @ceri_news @nicd_sa, all experienced with #Sequencing (HIV, BetaVariant): THANK_YOU🌼.

Thank you for the quick #Omicron discovery and global alert. Thank you for your honesty.
2/ ImageImageImageImage
Like #China🇨🇳 in 2020, have 🇿🇦🇧🇼 been now extremely fast & open online, working by the principles of #OpenScience #OpenData. China solved in a week the #SARSCoV2 gen code publishing results online — allowing #US🇺🇸 to start vaccine development next week. 3/… Image
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गेले १५ दिवस झाले सोशलमिडीया असो, टिव्ही, पेपर वा घरातली चर्चा असो कोरोनामुळे वेड लागायची पाळी आलीये इतक्या विचित्र थराला जाऊन पोहचलीये.

सरकारी अनागोंदी, राजकारणातील कुरघोडीच्या विकृती, कपटी राजकारणी,

#SaturdayThread #CoronaPandemic #CoronaSecondWave #मराठी
त्यांना साथ देणारे नकली पत्रकार, सुट्टीवरील न्यायव्यवस्था आणि नाकर्ते प्रशासन याला जेवढे कारणीभूत आहेत तेवढीच किंबहुना त्यापेक्षा जास्त आपली “बेशिस्त” जनता याला कारणीभूत आहे. (या प्रत्येकात अगदी काही अपवाद आहेत, त्यांची मी क्षमा मागतो)

पण वस्तुस्थिती ही आहे की प्रत्येक
क्षेत्रात, ऊद्योग असो, खाजगी वा सरकारी नोकरी असो वा घरगुती वा लघु ऊद्योग असो आपल्याला नियम आणि कायदे वाकवायची, मोडायची भितीच वाटत नाही, आणिबाणीच्या, महामारीच्या काळातही कोणी कायद्याला किंमत देईना.

एकंदर अघळपघळपणा आणि “चलता है” ॲटिट्यूड आपल्या जगण्याचा अविभाज्य घटक बनलाय.
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One of India's money managers explained ‘the mother of all bull runs’ using @SrBachchan-starrer Amar, Akbar, Anthony…

@NileshShah68 @KotakMF

By @jainrounak
@SrBachchan @NileshShah68 @KotakMF @jainrounak Indian benchmark stock indices have nearly doubled since crashing in March 2020. However, the economic situation might leave you confused if you compare it with the stock market performance.

@NileshShah68 @KotakMF #BudgetInsider
@SrBachchan @NileshShah68 @KotakMF @jainrounak But there is a reason why the #stockmarkets are on a bull run while the economy hasn’t picked up pace yet. Nilesh Shah, the managing director of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management company explains this phenomenon using a simple analogy.

@NileshShah68 @KotakMF #BudgetInsider
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We are so proud of receiving the Health and Science Award by @NCDiamanteInc Our success is rooted in being an interdisciplinary network that started meeting on March 18, 2020 to respond to the pandemic @GabrielaPedsMD @vivimbmd @ISLA_NC @DurhamPublicSch ImageImage
and went on to appear on many networks, facebook live, radio, and youtube sessions to inform the community in Spanish how to stay safe from #COVID19 @Duke_FamMed @dukeobgyn @DrBevGray @DukeHealth @StethoscopeOn ImageImageImage
Our biggest success is rooted in uniting clinicians, health departments, health systems and government together with the community in safe conversations to improve health. La importancia de identidad y dignidad ImageImage
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How Jared Kushner’s Secret Testing Plan “Went Poof Into Thin Air” | Vanity Fair…
2/On March 31, 3 wks aft @WHO designated #coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, a DHL truck rattled up to the gray stone embassy of United Arab Emirates n D.C., delivering precious cargo: 1M Chinese-made diagnostic tests for COVID-19, ordered at the behest of the Trump admin.
3/Normally, fed gov purchases come w detailed contracts, replete w acronyms & identifying codes. They require sign-off from an authorized contract officer & are typically made public in a U.S. gov procurement database, under a sys intended as a hedge against waste, fraud &abuse
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#ICYMI This week we discussed reforms on policing, the impact and opportunities of the crisis on economic growth, unfolded Kerala’s story in tackling #COVID19 19 outbreak and administrative measures in other Indian states, and explained Taiwan’s COVID-19 strategies. 1/7
Policing: @AvantiDurani and @priveda22 write in @ThePrintIndia about India’s big chance to change the police into a true civilian service. 2/7
Economy: In @livemint, @CafeEconomics reflects on Prof. Barry Eichengreen's views about the impact on growth of the current economic crisis and market opportunities . 3/7
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#Read | Our note documents Kerala’s response to the #COVIDpandemic:…

This #thread highlights how #Kerala worked to support the primary care and sanitation capacity of its health system (1/5) Image
Kerala converted educational institutions into temporary care centres, establishing #COVID19 Care Centres as early as 20 March to take care of those who had no residence in the state (2/5)…
Sanitiser kiosks were set up in public places across Kerala by 21 March (3/5)…
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Minnesota State Patrol just fired tear gas at reporters and photographers at point blank range.
Update: We are safe. Just filed the story of what happened @Latimes
I got hit with a rubber bullet I think, maybe two
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#Read | Our note documents Kerala’s response to the #COVIDpandemic:…

This #thread highlights how they took swift legal and regulatory decisions to support public health measures (1/6) Image
Kerala declared #COVID19 as a ​state calamity ​as early as 1 Feb : (2/6)
The Epidemic Diseases, COVID-19 Regulations, 2020 released on 21 March. This allowed the state to “restrict the duration of services in essential or emergency services such as banks, media, health care, food supply, electricity, water, fuel, etc.” (3/6) Image
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1. Recently, some people talk of supporting #Taiwan participating in the World Health Assembly (#WHA) or even the @WHO. #China’s position has been consistent and clear. @SKinnock
2. There is only one #China in the world; the #Taiwan region is an inalienable part of #China’s territory. This is the consensus of the international community.
3. In October 1971, the United Nations General Assembly adopted at its 26th session Resolution 2758, recognizing the People's Republic of China (#PRC) as the sole legitimate government representing the whole of #China.
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3/20/20 - #covidpandemic #covidflorida

Follow @gregggonsalves now for up to date and ACCURATE informaion. #MacArthurGenius Grant Fellow in #Epidemiology and #publicheath he is a vital link to real info in a cloud of noise. Yale Public Health and a man (CONT)
I trust with my life — certainly more than you hear in the papers. Accurate information and your access to it CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE

Follow HIV/AIDS HERO @peterstaley and join us

in taking #directAction from YOUR HOUSE - #DONOTGOOUT.

when they kill your family and friends.

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A dear friend and #nutrition expert, Dr. @MaryamSHamidi|@StanfordWellMD:…

In a study of 245 @StanfordMed physicians, researchers found that a better diet is associated with reduced side effects of sleep deprivation.…
Sleep deprivation. Stress. Mood. Diet. all are interdependent.

⬆️ calories food are more rewarding. Higher added sugar/saturated fat/salt = comforting. Also impairs sleep. Weight gain --> sleep apnea.
Sleep deprivation --> want to eat more even when not hungry
On Food, hydration & performance:
Dehydrated pilots have poor flight performance.
Soccer referees make poor judgment when dehydrated.
Physicians who are dehydrated have impaired short term memory.

HANGRY is real.

#doctorsarehumanstoo #preventburnout
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