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#Taiwan: Legislators concerned Taiwan's reservists not ready for war - 60% of Taiwan's military reserve force not trained in 8 years - It's time to wake up before it's too late
The approximately 2.3 million reserve soldiers in Taiwan, 60 percent (450,000) have not received any formal training in the eight years since they were discharged. Although Taiwan has a relatively high number of soldiers in reserve, they might not be combat ready.
According to a Budget Center report, there were 770,000 people eligible for refresher training as of August, but only 300,000 had been called back. Many discharged reservists have already lost their combat skills and could not realistically contribute to the national defense.
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#Taiwan: “This is a friendship that is incredibly important. This is a military relationship that is incredibly important. This is an economic relationship that is incredibly important,” said Senator @TedCruz about the #US relationship with #Taiwan 👍…
Taiwan celebrated its National Day on Oct. 10 and among the dignitaries and guests who came to the island for the festivities was U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who reaffirmed the strong relationship between the island and the United States.
Cruz explained that his visit to Taiwan was part of his Indo-Pacific tour, which took him to Hawaii & Japan before his arrival in Taipei. In Hawaii, Cruz was briefed by the US Indo-Pacific Command about military threats in the region, particularly about China’s military build-up.
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Another #Canadian warship passes through #Taiwan Strait 👍💪🇨🇦💪👍…
Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the Canadian representative office in Taipei confirmed Tuesday that a Canadian warship recently sailed through the Taiwan Strait, a rare passage by a non-American military vessel.
The MND did not provide any additional information on the transit through the waterway that separates Taiwan and China, except to say that Taiwan's military was fully aware of the situation and that it was done under Canada's freedom of navigation.
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Thread: #Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen says #US arms deals help ‘aggressively promote’ indigenous defence industry 👍🇹🇼👍…
On Taiwan’s armed forces day, Tsai says homegrown submarine and jet trainer programmes are not just about sloganeering - US expects Taipei’s defence budget to grow ‘commensurate with the threats’ it faces
She said purchases of M1A2 Abrams tanks and multirole F-16V fighter aircraft from the US were proof that “our determination to defend ourselves [has] also won support from international society”.
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With revolution unfolding in #HongKong it is also crucial to tell #Taiwan's story fairly and from the perspective of its own people & history. Hoping @eosnos & @NewYorker will consider that Xi does not want to reunify TW but conquer it, not heal a rift but colonize a free country
If only we'd look further, the #HKProtests make clear the PRC's colonial impulses in Tibet, Xinjiang, & #Taiwan. CCP imperialism is intersectional; our analyses must be too. It is insufficient to reject the CCP gaze when it comes to HK but adopt it for these other places.
Link to original piece:…
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Thread: Trump administration plans $8 billion fighter jet sale to #Taiwan, angering #China - Tough, let China get angry…
The Trump administration is pressing ahead with an $8 billion sale of new 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, a move likely to raise strong objections from China amid the deepening trade dispute between Washington and Beijing.
The State Department submitted the package to Congress for informal review late Thursday, and its not expected to meet opposition, according to US officials & other people familiar with the matter. It would be the largest and most significant sale of weaponry to Taiwan in decades
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Thread: #Taiwan to lure the rich and shelter HK protesters - The island is eying money and talent, but is also willing to aid those facing charges in Hong Kong…
Taiwan has reportedly been mulling further lowering the threshold for Hongkongers to apply for residency and live and work on the island, either via investments and setting up businesses or through a vetting mechanism for non-refoulement protection.
Taiwan is looking to capitalize on the new wave of exits by Hongkongers worried about their future. Taipei and other urban centers aim to woo Hong Kong’s crème de la crème as the island aspires to become a new hub of finance, trade and tertiary education in the region.
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Thread: Dual diplomatic Recognition of both #China & #Taiwan: Could Taiwan Countenance the Idea? The zero-sum game in the Taiwan Strait has outlived its usefulness and no longer reflects reality.…
2: The zero-sum game in the Taiwan Strait has outlived its usefulness and no longer reflects reality. Taipei should make it clear that it is willing to think creatively about the problem. Offering the possibility of dual recognition would be a step in that direction.
3: For decades now, Taipei & Beijing have played a zero-sum game in the political sphere & everybody is keeping count. Every loss of an official diplomatic ally of Taiwan is marked off as a win for the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
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#Taiwan responds to Beijing’s military exercises with drill of its own - Armed F-16 fighter jets simulate attack followed by medium and long-range missile launches into eastern waters 👍💪🇹🇼💪👍…
Taiwan responded to Beijing’s military drill targeting the self-ruled island by deploying its most advanced fighter jets and firing 117 medium and long-range missiles on Monday and Tuesday.
Defence ministry spokesman Lee Chao-ming said the missiles were fired from the Jiupeng military base to waters off eastern Taiwan, with a range of 250km (155 miles), in an exercise covering five types of training for the island’s forces.
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Thread: Duterte Wants Coast Guard to Patrol the Batanes islands, between #Taiwan & PH, & Upgrade a Runway At Batanes To Save Islands From #China…
Duterte on Sunday called for the Coast Guard to patrol the Batanes island group north of Luzon, the main island in the Philippines. He also called for an upgrade of two runways on the islands of Batan& Itbayat to improve delivery of relief supplies & “for national security”.
The Batanes are halfway between Luzon and Taiwan, located on the western edge of the Philippine Sea that leads into the South China Sea further west. Batan is home to the main runway and the provincial capital of Basco. Itbayat contains the other runway used for smaller aircraft.
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#China military starts exercises in #Taiwan Strait - Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense is closely monitoring the situation, confident of ability to defend homeland
China’s Guangdong Maritime Bureau issued an alert on Monday morning for a military drill in waters near Dongshandao, a coastal area in Fujian province. Ships are prohibited from entering, where China’s military is conducting exercises until Aug. 2 at 6 p.m., the statement said.
National Defense Spokesperson Shih Shun-wen said on Monday the military has taken measures to constantly surveil the situation on the water & air. The military is confident of its capacity to defend the homeland, safeguard the country’s freedom, democracy &sovereignty.
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1\3… | #CCP continues to project naval influence in SE Asia by targeting corrupt authoritarian gov'ts backed by Chinese loans & the CCP's diplomatic clout. Together, Cambodian facilities & China's military outposts in the South China Sea would create 2\
2\3 a triangular perimeter controlled by Beijing that effectively boxes in all of mainland Southeast Asia. This threatens the independence of Taiwan, making it very difficult for the U.S. to support Taiwan if Beijing decides to attack and overtake the Island #FreeHongKong #Taiwan
3/3 At a time when #HongKongProtests demonstrate the demands of the people seeking #Democracy & freedom from Communist repression, this presents an acute threat to the Independence enjoyed by the people of Taiwan and MUST NOT BE IGNORED. #China #Cambodia #Vietnam @BaldingsWorld
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A growing number of #Taiwanese are willing to go to war to defend their country in the event of a #Chinese invasion, according to the results of a survey released Friday by the government-funded #Taiwan Foundation for Democracy 💪👍🇹🇼💪👍…
Among those polled, 57.4 percent said they would be willing to go to war to defend Taiwan if China launches an attack in the event of Taiwan declaring independence, up from 55 percent in a similar poll published by the TFD last year.
The percentage of respondents who would be unwilling to fight also dropped from last year's 35.9 percent to 31 percent this year, according to the poll results.
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Thread: #Taiwan independence hardliners set to form new party to challenge President Tsai Ing-wen - Veteran campaigner Kuo Pei-hung to unveil Formosa Alliance as new party on Saturday…
Hardline supporters of Taiwanese independence are set to form a new political party this week, splitting the so-called pan-green movement in a move that could hit President Tsai Ing-wen’s chances of being re-elected in January.
Yoshi Liu, a spokesman for the proposed party’s organising committee said Kuo Pei-hung, convenor of the Formosa Alliance, would formally announce the establishment of the new party on Saturday.
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Thread: #HongKong showed #China is a threat to democracy. Now #Europe must defend - Beijing is bullying another democratic neighbour. The EU must stop ignoring authoritarianism for the sake of stability and cash #Taiwan…
Hong Kong’s administration has backed down over the controversial extradition bill, but the canary in the coalmine of China’s tacit acceptance of democracy is already dead.
Under China’s “one country, two systems” model, Hong Kong was given the guarantee that the freedoms of its citizens would be preserved & respected. Meanwhile, for a long time in the west, the consensus was that, as its economy grew, China would start to look more like Hong Kong.
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#HonKong Thread: Hong Kong protesters abandoned Facebook for other platforms - "Facebook is not a useful tool for the movement except for those celebrities and parties, on which they make announcements and deliver statements."…
The 2014 Hong Kong generation was dependent on Facebook. Now, "most young people don't use Facebook anymore & turned to Snapchat or Instagram." At the core of the issue is Facebook's algorithm, which prioritizes posts triggering an intense debate in the comments.
"In 2014, Facebook amplified the disagreements between the various "school of thoughts". EconReporter wrote. "In 2014, the movement had no experience and leaders did not know how to handle it and promote democratic decisions within it," Han Mei said.
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1. Given China's #recenthistory, did anyone truly think "#OneCountryTwoSystems" would work?
This is another legacy of #colonialism, where the #colonizers, enriched by its #extractivemethods, left its colonized with false promises of hope encased in #emptyidealisticrehtoric while
2. #extricatingitself from its responsibility of both #equalapplication as well as protection.
Though operationally different, this reminds me of the #divisionofIndia post #Britishretreat.
Though I'd urge #China, #HongKong and #Taiwan to learn from the destructive and
3. regionally destabilizing results of India's (and Pakistan's subsequent) division, I'm afraid that #politicalselfinterest will dominate over #thegreatergood and the thoughtful and peaceful overcoming of #EastAsia's #coloniallegacy.
If only #humanrights had the magnetism of
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(1/12) "Geben Sie uns Ihr Handy!" Mit diesem Satz begann vor Monaten unsere @SZ Recherche zur #OperationHonigbiene

Ein Informant hatte uns eine App zugespielt, die ihm an einer Landgrenze zu #China auf dem Handy installiert wurde.

(2/12) Sieht eigentlich ganz harmlos aus. Die Beamten erklärten nicht, was die App kann oder warum sie installiert wird. Ohne Anfangsverdacht muss jeder Reisende seine Geräte aushändigen. Sie bekommen sie später kommentarlos zurück. Deshalb haben wir uns das genauer angeschaut.
(3/12) Wir ist untertrieben. Dabei waren von der @SZ @Remrow @cutterkom @femeb @n_richter @f_obermaier @Lea_Deuber Aber auch Experten von der @ruhrunibochum, dem @OpenTechFund und dem @citizenlab. Dazu die großartigen Kollegen @josephfcox @hilaryosborne @zhonggg @sveckert
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Thread - How entrenched is China's infiltration into #Taiwan's local media? One perfect example is the massive acquisition of radio stations broadcasting in Taiwanese in southern #Taiwan.
These stations are traditionally tailored towards farmers, service industry people and factory workers in southern Taiwan, and most of the listeners are over the age of 60, according to my interview with Dr. Wang Hong-zen.
As a regular listener of these radio stations, Dr. Wang started picking up news stories about Taiwanese businessmen setting up booths at trade shows across #China and how successful their businesses have become since they joined these trade shows.
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I have received many new followers in recent days from the sovereign & independent lands of #EastTurkistan, #Tibet, #Manchuria, #SouthernMongolia, #Taiwan, #HongKong, #Canton, & even places that don’t quite exist (yet), like #Jinland, #Basuria, #Nguyuit, etc., which are all…
… currently wrongfully claimed as part of “#China” by China’s illegitimate, totalitarian regime. These people who are willing to assert their Independence from China’s Communist Party deserve to be celebrated, & I’m honored that they’re following me. I‘ll continue to support…
… their aspirations to be free from the #EvilEmpire currently enslaving them, and in time, I believe more Americans will join me. All people living under the #CCP deserve to be freed from their shackles.

#China” is not a nation; China is a prison for nations. Resist the CCP!
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There is a village in #Taiwan called Houtong Cat Village 猴硐貓村. Need I say more

Every cat is a good cat, 💯
This is the cattiest cat place I have ever catted
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I've been trying to figure out what to tweet about #Taiwan. Today is the 15th anniversary of Massachusetts granting FULL *in-state* marriage equality to all people. Today also the day Taiwan legalized "separate but equal" marriage equality.…
What is happening in Taiwan is deeply personal for me as a person with Taiwanese citizen parents in law so intensely disapproved of my race and sexual orientation that they begged my spouse not to marry me, calling me mentally ill and initially refusing to meet me.
When the Supreme Court of Taiwan commanded the Taiwanese national legislature to pass a law granting same sex couples partnership rights, I celebrated. I thought finally my in law's would have to see that Taiwanese society had changed.
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#SupplyChains #India needs to work indipendently with #USA and #China to separate the supply chains headed in the two directions and try to shift as much of them as possible to India
3/n #SupplyChains This is the final opportunity for making India a manufacturing hub, & bring manufacture jobs to India. It would be tragic if we miss this opportunity. I suggest that the new Govt appoint a #MOS(Supply Chains)in @PMOIndia to attract Global supply chains to India.
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"Endgame" -- May 11, 2019
Operation Disclosure…

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)
The Earth Alliance's plan to collapse the fiat debt-based financial system is nearly complete.

These plans were in the making after the events of 9/11 and were set in motion after the collapse of 2008.
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