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America's words on Taiwan can no longer be trusted…
2/“The lawmakers' visit is a blatant violation of that commitment and a brazen facilitation of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials' separatist impulses.

The one-China principle is the cornerstone of the China-U.S. relationship. It is China's red line. But it has become
3/“clear that forces within the U.S. political circle are dead set on breaching it. With President Biden reiterating his government's commitment to the principle, lower members in the political echelon are taking advantage of the stabilizing Biden's reiterations have and pushing
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#democracysummit 2021

US is organising DS 2021 where it has invited 110 nations who will discuss ways to strengthen democracy and fight communism.

Taiwan has been invited to it and this is one step closer to formally announce it as a nation by USA.

China's reaction to this will be closely watched. If it just reacts by issuing statements then next step by US might be to officially recognise #Taiwan as a country. China is not invited to this summit obviously.

#Bangladesh and #SriLanka have also not been invited to #DS2021

Recent KiIIings of H¡ndus in Bangladesh & no satisfactory reaction by Bangladesh has made US exclude it.

While the role of current President & PM of SriLanka in Tamil people gen0cide had led to their exclusion. +
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1/2 Last night we had posted this news.👇
#BIG if u knw what this implies!!!
#Russia needs Ukraine bcoz it is the BREAD BASKET of Europe.
If any action is tkn against Ukraine #NATO will become busy.
Once that happens CHEEN might want to tk #Taiwan or it can be at INDIA’s LAC. ImageImageImageImage
2/3 This buildup has been happening at Ukraine since April. I had posted about it. 👇 Russia maintains this is defensive step. But if CHEEN or Russia move their fingers in their respective regions, then I wld hate to fathom what follows. So then why is this news doing rounds?
3/3 There can be 2 reasons— the build up since April is so BIG that we are moving into inevitable circumstances. Or others are preparing to put harsher sanctions on these 2 countries and news about the 2 regions will facilitate it.
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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and European Council President Charles Michel are planning to meet in Japan on Nov. 29 to discuss closer ties in the Indo-Pacific region. The stability of the #Taiwan Strait is one of the main topics for discussion.…
Kishida and Michel are expected to raise the importance of peace and stability in the #Taiwan Strait, democratic values and the rule of law as well as #China's attempts to unilaterally change the status quo in the East and South China seas during their talks, the source said.
The first visit by Michel to Japan since he took office in December 2019 comes after the EU released its new Indo-Pacific strategy in September that includes bolstering relations with Taiwan ...
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Taiwan’s zero-#Covid_19 policy has now forced some foreign residents to petition for some flexibility to allow families to be reunited. Here’s one example:…
An American surgeon on Friday hand-delivered a petition to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA), calling for entry permission to be granted to family members of foreign residents in #Taiwan who have been separated from their families because of COVID-19 border restrictions.
The United States national, a 36-year-old man, identified as only Alvin, took the action on behalf of a group of 11 foreign residents who want to be reunited with their family members in Taiwan.
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The son of #Taiwan’s “White Wolf,” who founded the biggest gang and the party that promotes unification with #China, has been indicted for his involvement in a scam that allegedly helped more than 1,000 Chinese nationals, including government officials, get visas to Taiwan.
The son, Chang Wei (張瑋), his wife Wang Shu-ying (王姝茵), a retired reporter surnamed Hung (洪) and seven others were indicted on charges of helping Chinese nationals enter Taiwan illegally from January 2017 to June 2019,……
…and doing so with the purpose of making a profit, according to Taipei prosecutors.
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Malaysian rapper Namewee and Australian singer Kimberly Chen sipped champagne to toast their song "Fragile" that has 30 million views as of Monday.

Fragile, which pokes fun at Chinese government and nationalist netizens, has become a viral sensation across Asia and beyond.
#Taiwan-based Malaysian rapper Namewee defends China satire 'Fragile' as views hit 30 million.…
Malaysian rapper Namewee and Australian singer Kimberly Chen, both based in #Taiwan, performed their hit song "Fragile" at a press conference.
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Tibet's spiritual leader @DalaiLama criticised the leaders of #China, saying they "don't understand the variety of different cultures" there and there is too much control by the main Han ethnic group.
"I know Communist Party leaders since Mao Zedong. Their ideas (are) good. But sometimes they do much extreme, tight control," he said from his base in India, adding he thought things would change in China under a new generation of leaders.
"Regarding Tibet and also Xinjiang, we have our own unique culture, so the more narrow-minded Chinese Communist leaders, they do not understand the variety of different cultures."
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Angry thread: #Taiwan said it hopes to attract 100,000 foreign talents to Taiwan by 2030. However, the reality on the ground for maintaining foreign talents who are genuinely hoping to stay in Taiwan is the complete opposite. Here's why:…
A friend of mine, who works for a local company here, has been contributing to a recently-launched project that truly needs foreign talents who has the knowledge about #Taiwan and the expertise that is in great shortage here.
That person was originally here on a certain visa type and after he was successfully hired by this local/government-supported initiative, he was recently told that his visa is coming up and he needs to leave #Taiwan on time, despite he is actually employed by a ...
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New Zealand has left the door open to both #China and #Taiwan joining CPTPP pact as Australia continues its opposition to #Beijing’s entry until it halts its trade strikes against Australian exports.…
New Zealand Trade Minister Damien O’Connor said he would not prejudge China’s application to join the CPTPP. But he warned it was up to new applicants to “reach the standards that we have set” and vowed those benchmarks would not be lowered.
Mr O’Connor said members of the CPTPP have “always been open to ascension by applicants”, but the requirements for entry did mean that applicants “will have to look at the standards required ultimately become members and be accepted”.
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The World Is Fed Up With China’s Belligerence

Democracies are less worried about offending a fragile Beijing.

Today, Beijing represents a frowning, finger-pointing, never-erring crank, its constant vitriol diminishes the effectiveness of Chinese anger.… Image
2/ Not long ago, Beijing was economical & targeted with its outrage, only lashing out over major issues.

“Now China just picks fights out of arrogance and bullying.”

After all, if most moves are likely to anger Beijing, why hold back from any of them? Image
3/ The #USA has led the way in expanding ties with #Taiwan while grappling with an increasingly prickly China.
Similar dynamics are changing the minds of world leaders. In #Europe Beijing’s belligerence dented its image & inadvertently boosted #Taiwan 's international profile. Image
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A United States C-40 Clipper military transport plane made a brief stop in Taipei on Tuesday night with a group of American senators and representatives on board for a previously undisclosed visit to #Taiwan, according to local media reports.…
Taiwan's foreign ministry confirmed the visit but refused to give more details in accordance with the wishes of the American guests.

The military aircraft touched down at Taipei Songshan Airport around 6:17 p.m. before departing at 7:10 p.m.
Local media said the group of U.S. lawmakers will remain in Taiwan for an unspecified period of time.
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I'll try to do some live tweeting in this thread once the press conference with the EU Parliament delegation starts.

#Taiwan #Glucksmann #INGE
(The inclusion of the ROC flag in the preview pic by @europarlAV is quite remarkable. Would be interesting to know if this was okayed by someone higher up.)
Not much to see so far.
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If #OpenSource on #China #military capabilities vs. #Taiwan is your thing, you need to read this #ASAP!

@ChinaMaritime Report #16: “#Chinese #Ferry Tales—#PLA’s Use of Civilian #Shipping in Support of Over-the-Shore Logistics”

See 47 figures + 7 tables!
Big splash by #MikeDahm, a retired @USNavy #intelligence officer & senior #researcher @JHUAPL!

Among his #IndoPacific assignments, he formerly served as Asst US #Navy #Attaché in #Beijing—& graciously hosted me & my @ChinaMaritime/#CMSI colleagues there.…
#Scroll through #MikeDahm @JHUAPL's eye-opening 47 figures + 7 tables here:

You'll see immediately:

1. #OpenSource today reveals what only top #governments knew yesterday!
2. Dahm offers some of world's best public analysis on #PLA #amphibs vs. #Taiwan!
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🧵Breaking: #Vaccines now the #1 cause of #coincidence. November Edition.

Kids having heart attacks is the new normal, don't forget. Purely coincidence. #GetVaccinatedNow…
🧵Did @zillow overpay, or do the #vaccinated no longer need their homes to live in for some reason?

Could it be so many of them are now dead that the market has more sellers than buyers? 🤔

Meh - #coincidence I'm sure. #GetVaccinated
🧵They know. They're hiding the truth because they're complicit in genocide.
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Superspannender Artikel im Kontext der deutschen Debatte um #Digitalisierung's-fails und ein mögliches #Digitalministerium mit einem Gegenbeispiel aus #Taiwan und wie es vielleicht auch gehen kann... 👇

// cc @anked @HonkHase
"Dazu setzt die Digitalministerin, deren Behörde als »vertikales« Ministerium gilt, das die Zusammenarbeit von verschiedenen Ministerien bei einzelnen (Digital-) Projekten koordiniert, auf das Potenzial von Open Source, also frei zugänglichen Daten"
"Ihr Ziel: »Die Bitrate der Demokratie zu erhöhen.« Sie lacht, der klassisch analoge Urnengang sei »nur drei Bits pro Person alle vier Jahre«. In einer digitalen Demokratie könnten politische Strategien stattdessen ständig interaktiv revidiert und optimiert werden."
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1/5 Influential Chinese Professor Jin Canrong: Resolution of the Taiwan Issue Can Establish China's New International Prestige; If We Succeed, We’ll Replace U.S. As the “Big Boss” #China #Taiwan ...
2/5 Influential Chinese Professor Jin Canrong: Resolution of the Taiwan Issue Can Establish China's New International Prestige; If We Succeed, We’ll Replace U.S. As the “Big Boss” #China #Taiwan
3/5 Influential Chinese Professor Jin Canrong: Resolution of the Taiwan Issue Can Establish China's New International Prestige; If We Succeed, We’ll Replace U.S. As the “Big Boss” #China #Taiwan
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"The resolution did not address the status of #Taiwan or whether Taiwan should be a member state of the UN. @UN's later interpretation of that resolution to resolve the question of Taiwan's status is unsupported, in my view," @julianku told @heguisen.…
Joanne Ou, the spokeswoman of #Taiwan's @MOFA, worked at Taiwan's UN Task Force has dealt with UN-related issues for Taiwan for 13 years, said "the UN chose to ignore Taiwan and help the PRC block the Taiwanese people from participating in UN activities."
"That is contrary to the spirit of the UN Charter -- I am surprised by the incredible hypocrisy that reigns in the UN."
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1. I saw a report by the @TheHill that tries to portray @JoeBiden's remarks about defending #Taiwan as a misstatement. When asked if it was a policy shift, @PressSec pointed to the Taiwan Relations Act. From its reaction, it's apparent staff at The Hill haven't read it.
2. The Act provides our relationship with #PRC is based on its commitment to address Taiwan peacefully. Moreover, the principal finding of policy is to maintain peace in the Western Pacific. We are close to war with China over its South Sea aggression. It's not just Taiwan.
3. And the Act states the policy was,

"to make clear that the United States decision to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China rests upon the expectation that the future of Taiwan will be determined by peaceful means;
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Amid @JoeBiden's latest comments regarding #Taiwan, the @StateDept issued a statement on Saturday, revealing that AIT and the TECRO held a virtual forum on expanding Taiwan’s participation at the UN and in other international fora.…
"The discussion focused on supporting Taiwan’s ability to participate meaningfully at the UN and contribute its valuable expertise to address global challenges, including global public health, the environment and ...
... climate change, development assistance, technical standards, and economic cooperation."
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North Korea accused the Biden administration of raising military tensions with #China through its “reckless” backing of #Taiwan, and said that the growing U.S. military presence in the region constitutes a potential threat to the North.…
In comments carried by state media, North Korea Vice Foreign Minister Pak Myong Ho criticized the United States for sending warships through the Taiwan Strait and providing Taiwan with upgraded weapons systems and military training.
The United States’ “indiscreet meddling” in issues regarding Taiwan, which the North sees as entirely a Chinese internal affair, threatens to touch off a “delicate situation on the Korean Peninsula.”
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Looks like Chen has conceded in this highly watched recall vote. He becomes the first elected legislator to be recalled since the national election in 2020 in #Taiwan. Several thoughts here:
The main opposition party @kuomintang has been putting a lot of resources into this recall vote, as this district used to be a stronghold for Chen's main opponent, Yen Kuan-Heng, whose family has been winning legislative election in this district for years.
They put in lots of resources to dig up Chen's past while mobilizing the local constituents. This result may prove that local faction politics is still very important in #Taiwan, especially in legislative elections. Chen won by a small margin back in 2020, but this time ...
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The Central Electoral Committee in #Taiwan has begun the vote count of a highly controversial recall vote. The vote is the fourth recall vote that has taken place in Taiwan over the last few years.…
In the first four recall votes, two politicians have been recalled while the other two recall votes were unsuccessful. However, the frequency of these votes has raised concerns among observers, worrying that the relatively low threshold to hold a recall vote will ...
... turn it into a political tool for rival politicians to "seek revenge" against its opponents.
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US Senator @SenMarkey and @DanSullivan_AK introduced the #Taiwan Actions Supporting Security by Undertaking Regular Engagements (Taiwan ASSURE) Act on Friday. The bill "invests in stability measures to lower the risk of conflict in the Taiwan Strait…
... by supporting dialogues to mitigate misunderstandings and promote transparency," according to the statement.
"The legislation also authorizes funds to support an expansion of the Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF), which allows Taiwan to share its expertise on issues from public health to disaster relief with international partners."
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