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@Martha86791287 @slackernneed @theblaze Look at THIS 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻too. It’s all very clear now. The Evil Elites’ NWO Agenda. Also beware of snopes and fact check. Best to ignore them bcos they are also “owned” by the Evil Elites. #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE #TRUMP2020 @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany @SecPompeo @FLOTUS ☝🏻☝🏻👇🏻👇🏻💥
@Martha86791287 @slackernneed @theblaze @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany @SecPompeo @FLOTUS 1) I just saw this 👇🏻. Apart frm these seeds possibly biowarfare, those seeds could potentially grow all over the USA. They may be GMO seeds, patented by somebody. When the crop, this seed produces has blown all over the US farms, someone will claim patent
@Martha86791287 @slackernneed @theblaze @realDonaldTrump @kayleighmcenany @SecPompeo @FLOTUS 2) rights something like what Monsanto has been doing to small farm owners. The GMO seed blew into the small farms n grew there, intermingled with the farmer’s non-GMO seeds. Then the patent owner lays claims to part of the harvest bcos the crop consists of the patented seeds. It
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@twhfsu @kva2cad @but_abta @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump I’m in the process of looking and found👇🏻 too. If you ve the time, listen. Find out that Bill Gates prepared for contact tracing last year, Aug 2019. This research was done by top financial researchers who r very serious & not just to lie to create “Manipulated Reality” like MSM
@twhfsu @kva2cad @but_abta @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump 1) Ok, found this 👇🏻. WHO gave directives that the C19 deceased are NOT to go for autopsy. Also majority info frm WHO in the beginning as to the sequencing of the C19 virus i.e. SARS-CoV-2 (SARS 2.0) came frm CCP.…
@twhfsu @kva2cad @but_abta @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump 2) China researchers and doctors who found more info and wanted to research the info were shut down immediately. If you want links for all these, pls ask. It was good that Australia was one of the first to do their own sequencing based on their local cases. Many reports frm diff
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All within the past 30 DAYS
@realDonaldTrump is the first president serious about ending #humantrafficking, especially of children.
#pedogate2020 #Maxwell #Epstein #SaveTheChildren
All within the past 30 DAYS
@realDonaldTrump THREAD #SaveTheChildren

👉🏼Ghislaine Maxwell arrested (Jeffery Epstein’s girlfriend/accomplice) who is cooperating with officials & has proof of a global elite pedophile & human trafficking ring…
All within the past 30 DAYS
#stophumantrafficking #SaveTheChildren

👉🏼UK - Massive Global pedophile ring bust - 31 children rescued, 700 suspects being investigated…
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@MagaBillClay @dlomane @realDonaldTrump 1) I ve been following the C19 Agenda frm the beginning. I appreciate what u want to do to help others since u had “it”. But I just want to draw u to the fact that the C19 Agenda is an engineered ploy used by the NWO Elites to roll in their plans. Don’t get me wrong, I m not
@MagaBillClay @dlomane @realDonaldTrump 2) disputing the fact that there is a coronavirus. In fact there r many versions of bioengineered coronavirus which can be just be SARS type or combined with HIV and/or MERS. These r released all over the world. I suspect the deadlier versions require ingestion thru tainted food,
@MagaBillClay @dlomane @realDonaldTrump 3) tainted tests, tainted drugs etc. Why different versions? To throw the entire scientific n medical community into chaos, confusion and fighting each other. Notice how the C19 behavior is reported so differently in different countries? It seems like the blind men describing
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😎You'd be stoned too, if you were digging in this pit😎


Know Your Enemies - "Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall" Edition


Today I'm going to touch on the Ancient Persian religion: Mithraism...
And I mean I'm barely gonna touch on it. At the end of this thread, I will post some links to more information for deeper digs to come.

Right now, my head is spinning and I just want to throw some stuff at you.

First, you need to know this may be the oldest religion on record.
Mithra is a sun god.

The religion influenced Hinduism, Buddism, Judaism, Catholicism, Zoroastrianism, morphed into the favorite religion of the Roman Empire, can be found in Norse and Greek mythology, Ancient Egypt and is evident in the Incan and Mayan temples...
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Thread on #Qanon & #GhislaineMaxwell -
Q has posted 10 posts on Maxwell, ONE exactly 1 year prior to the day and almost to the -exact hour- she was denied bail and ordered to report to prison.

Let''s have a look at the others?
Of the 10 posts #Qanon made specifically referring to #GhislaineMaxwell, #3431 and one other post, #3428 posted here, came exactly one year ago today.

#Qposts #WWG1GWA #DarkToLight Image
In #QPost #3428 above, Q directs us to an article about Victoria's Secret, owner #LexWexner and a woman who said she'd been promised modeling work there and been sexually abused by #JeffreyEpstein and #GhislaineMaxwell.…
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Patriots thank you so much for Watching, Enjoying, ReTweeting, and sharing the LOVE of my "baby-red pill" videos. I've decided to create a thread here with all the Videos in one place. Please enjoy, share if you deem them worthy. #TheGreatAwakening #wwg1wga
1/#AnswerTheCall Updated. I felt God-led and infinite chills making this. I'm so PROUD to be in the trenches with you, my fellow #DigitalSoliders 😍🇺🇸 #GreatAgainGeneration #TakeTheOath #WWG1WGA
2/Time To Rally the Troops Again! Infinite-Chills! This video in Tweet below was seen all around the world over 10k times from my little account. Here's Part Deux! #wwg1wga #TakeTheOath
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Who are you Dr.Spencer?
How come there is no solid information as to who you really are!
We heard of you in 2014 W/your #ebola #Plandemic story !!! & now, w/cov!d .But, we still have no idea who you really are!! Who are you Dr?
What's your story? #qanon #QANONWORLDWIDE @POTUS
Did you take this photos in africa ?
Were you there?
Just curious what is your Board certification license # ..and why were you really in africa at the same time that Prince William was ! Were you in the same event?🙄

#WWG1GWA Image
Do you know anything about this?
Why are there armed militia in the pic!

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They said it was illegal to set off fireworks in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles responds.

I added a special touch. The Silent Majority cannot be silent anymore! #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @DonaldJTrumpJr @Scavino45 @parscale
For those wondering, the audio came from this video of 500 students singing the National Anthem inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Louisville, KY. There is a choir competition there every year.
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Q has mentioned Project Looking Glass and Looking Glass on a few different occasions. See more in comments.


I thought it was odd that they have re-written not only Alice In Wonderland but also Through The Looking Glass with Hillary Clinton as the main character. ImageImage

A portion of a video from a supposed whistleblower on "Looking Glass and Cube Tech". Thoughts? Could they have had access to the tech? Awful lot of "Looking Glass" mentions going around....

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Alien Q Survival Guide to the Digital Apocalypse
The Day is here
It's time
Now, I'm going to show you how you can play your part in this war
Follow below..
Q has told us that memes are the weapon of choice
Algorithms have difficulty scanning them
So, it's time to learn how to do it.
Let me show you some tips that even you Amazing Nannas and Soccer Moms can follow
Ok, free meme apps
The best for beginners is called MEME GENERATOR…
It looks like this:
And here is a youtube video on how to use it- easy 5 min lesson
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I believe Q is JFK Junior. And he will re-emerge in 2020 and run as VP with Trump for the 2Q2Q presidential elections. Here are the evidence for my predictions. Image

#1. In 1995, JFK Jr started a magazine called "GEORGE". See wikipedia. Why "GEORGE"? It is the name of the person who killed his father.

#2. In 1999, he supposedly died in a plane crash with his wife and sister-in-law. See wikipedia. ImageImage

#1. In one of his magazines, the main title is SURVIVAL GUIDE TO THE FUTURE. Remember, he "died" in 1999. Is he secretly telling us how he intend to guide himself to survive into the future? ImageImage
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@qland007 i) After all my research n postings, I can mention at least 3 conclusions on why they are bad-mouthing HCQ (1)Bcos POTUS TRUMP directed them to look into it for treatment since Mar 20, when at that time deaths frm C19 were still very low. ALL parties who didn’t act on Trump’s
@qland007 ii) orders are directly or indirectly complicit for negligence culminating to manslaughter or worse. That’s why they are fighting HCQ bcos HCQ cannot be seen as the miracle drug that it is, for Early Treatment n Prophylactic Use in the fight against C19. (2)The pharma industry is
@qland007 iii) highly controlled by just a few very powerful players (I m especially familiar with this as I used to be in senior mgmt for pharma manufacturing). Admittedly, huge sums are spent as investment into research on new drugs, that they hope will translate into huge profits later
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Fall of the cabal is in motion & we're starting to see it! Especially w/the celebrity puppets.

Most recently Jimmy Kimmel...makes me wonder which Late Night Host will be the next to fall...lets take a peek 🧐

#hollywoodisdead #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall #MSM Image
🥁 We have to start with the man of the hour...🥁
Jimmy Kimmel!!!

His most recent 'uh oh' with black face & now more videos of his past are coming to the surface. Not so vocal about @realDonaldTrump anymore is he?

AND lets not forget he's on EPSTEINS FLIGHT LOGS
#pedowood Image
Let's move on to the other Jimmy...

Mr. Jimmy Fallon🎤🎤🎤
Just like his bestie Timberlake, Jimmy proudly shows his allegiance to the illuminati #DeepState
AND just for good measure, I threw in his blackface too.

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall #GreatAwakening #pedowood #MSM Image
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@realDonaldTrump “This is a WAR between the CULT (Elites/Cabal) and the entirety of HUMANITY.”

“To WIN that war, it has to DIVIDE and RULE the target population”


. ImageImage
@realDonaldTrump Patriots, pls pray for POTUS TRUMP as what he is facing n doing is not easy but with us n God on his side, it will be a breeze. I just watched

n I saw with disbelief, Patriots beaten up viciously just bcos they are Patriots. Time to double up on prayers🙏.
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@realDonaldTrump Statement to the Senate US protocols supplementary convention suppression unlawful seizure of aircraft
Addresses REMOTELY interfering w flight operation or data transmission systems
Why now?
Civil not Military however Elemental chips can…
2/reconfigure computer systems remotely+Hillary's Rose Law firm helped 2 patent GRS-11 'Death Chip' which allegedly can take down planes, ships, missiles remotely
Mueller,Lynch, Comey,Rosenstein, E Holder, Larry Summers, Wilmer/Hale/Pickering/Dorr lawfirm…
3/Q 463 tells us that 7 out of 10 plane crashes are targeted HITS.
Crashes in other countries where we do not have jurisdiction leaves us defenseless to investigate & prosecute.
#ThesePeopleAreSick #ThesePeopleAreEvil
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1) Fil #Qanon pour le 14 Juin 2020

Q posts n°4475 à 4483


Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#VincitOmniaVeritas #MAGA #MFGA
2) Q post n°4475

Q relaie un 'meme' qui illustre combien la "Majorité Silencieuse" s'est accrue ces 4 dernières années. Contrairement à ce que les médias dominants et les sondages cherchent à nous faire croire, et encore plus qu'en 2016, nous sommes majoritaire, et de loin.
3) (suite)

Rappel du Q post n°4426:

"NOUS SOMMES LA MAJORITÉ ET GRANDISSONS À CHAQUE INSTANT. La projection des Médias [+réseaux sociaux] que nous sommes divisés est fausse.
NOUS SOMMES UNIS ET NE FAISONS QUE NOUS RENFORCER. Les gens sont éveillés et voient ce qui se passe."
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People wonder why society voted the Nazi’s into power in 1933 when they stood for such horrendous values. The truth is the public were manipulated through relentless propaganda and brutality to heavily influence the election and have the Nazi’s elected. Image
we’re are seeing the same methods of manipulation play out again on society in 2020. This time the group responsible is ironically called the Anti-Fascist group (ANTIFA). ANTIFA are funded by George Soros.
Soros is a Jewish Hungarian Billionaire. In the 1940s he pretended to be Christian and took enjoyment on ratting out his neighbours to the nazi party who would then send them to the concentration camps. This is where Soros started to understand the methodology of the nazi party.
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Patriots, this is VERY disturbing. Be alert n be vigilant. #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE #TRUMP2020
TIME TO ACT. Can’t let it continue and escalate‼️ THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL. Patriots, start reaching out n grouping so that u can watch out for one another n ur community. If some areas are difficult to maintain peace, then u may need an exit plan ready. Pray. #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE
I assume this is genuine. I am seeing several of these kinds of tweets where the PD is surrounded n protestors are damaging facade etc. Very stressful time for the police force, especially as they are being intimidated by the LSM n have a “phobia” of exercising “too” much force.
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Throughout the years in my life I have never felt so proud & honored to vote for a President @realDonaldTrump like you, I never wanted to vote. You have inspired so many people Mr. President Trump from #MAGA to #KAG & #KAS that you've inspired the world
...& #WeThePeople stand by you & with you bc you put your life out for America. People rise to your occasions to support you & show how thankful America is for #PromisesKept Like no other President has done before, you have done for America. This #WeThePeople
.thanking you for all the slings and arrows you have taken for us & we stand together in full support of you. I know how proud & honored I feel just to hold my sign #WomenForTrump & four more years #TRUMP2020 is the GREATEST honor yet. More people have woken
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🚨 #ObamaGate hearings thread 🚨

@LindseyGrahamSC’s 53 subpeanoas he has now authorized through the Senate Judiciary Committee entitles the committee to the following; Documents, testimony, communications, reports, memos, etc from the following ppl below 👇🏼

-Special FBI agent Jennifer Boone
-Ex 🤡 Director John Brennan
-Ex DNI Director James Clapper
-Ex FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith
-Ex FBI Director James Corney
-OIA Director Patrick Conlon
-Ex DNI Deputy Dir Michae Dempsey
-Ex FBI lawyer Stuart Evans
-NS Deputy AG Tashina Gauhar

-Ex FBI Asst Director Carl Ghattas
-FBI Agent Curtis Heide
-State Dpt Ambass Kathleen Kavalec
-Ex DOJ lawyer David Laufman
-FBI Special agent Stephen Laycock
-Ex Treasury Sec Jacob Lew
-Ex Attorney General Loretta Lynch
-Ex asst AG Mary McCord
-Ex FBI Deputy AG Andrew McCabe

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For those who do not know, what is going on in the world now has Major spiritual significance, there is a Massive spiritual advancement currently taking place, "The Event" is set to happen toward the end of 2020, a great solar flash which will push the earth, which... currently in the 4th dimension, into the 5th, to give insight to what the people who are even a little spiritually advanced are experiencing, I'll say what I'm experiencing though not everyone is going through the same experiences, we are all on our own journeys, ... is not being reported by the MSM but there are constant waves of Solar Energy being channeled through our sun from the central sun which are currently bombarding the planet, these waves are clearing negative plasma which were generated over hundreds of years...
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Uma dose pequena de #redpill só pra começar
Deixo de aviso que é um caminho sem volta
Quem quiser sair da Matrix:


Fall of the Cabal parte 1

Parte 2

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This was tragic. The death should be PROTESTED. But not RIOTS. That was pushed by Rioters! Black Lives Matter. A Soros Funded Group of the Left.
LISTEN AT 3:12 AS REPORTER INTERVIEWS RIOTER. Then think logically. Hear the accent? Minn. Native?…
Think about who has been in the NEWS lately. Or what has been in the news and what has not. The info coming out about Gen. Flynn is being drown out now by those involved.… ImageImageImageImage
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