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1. To the black people that hate White people:
We get it we hate white people too, the white people that are keeping you down, the white people that are destroying your very own neighborhoods, the white people that have Image
2) ..enslaved all of us(which includes white people but not those white people). The problem is you need to understand where to place that anger, it is purposely mis directed at the very people that truly belive all men are created equal, it Image
3) ..should make perfect sense as to why, but they disguise it well, so i will explain. The White People #DeepStateCabal that you should be standing against are the ones, inciting you to destroy your own neighborhoods, the ones who let illegal aliens take your jobs,
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#Anons connecting many dots PLEASE dig further

This brings in many aspects & has been happening for many decades!

#ObamaGate #FISA #FISAGate #fiveeyes #CoronaVirus #ClintonFoundation #ClintonCrimeFamily #AussieQ #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #JuliaGillard #Crown #TheQueen #Royals
Let's START here....


This will give you the names of the COUNTRIES involved plus a bit of back ground

REMEMBER the countries!
To start it seems we have some countries now finally standing up to #BillGate #BillGatesVirus as we are well aware that Him & his WIFE are fully involved!…
We know they own a HUGE investment into the Virus!
I don't need to go into that as most are aware.
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1)Just a reminder about all the #DeepState moves you are seeing played out without thought to disguise, and why that is, and why we are here.. And How it all just shows the plans (THEY) have for us, making it quite clear that, we are in a fight for our
2) very survival, its not a game, its not a what if or a maybe. There is no fence to sit upon, there is no left, no right no inbetween, there are only 2 sides US vs [THEM].
The fight began long ago, we are at full engagement there is no wayback only
3) forward. We win or we all's that simple and never before has the totality of our destruction been so within sight, as its always been hidden in plain sight. Thats how they fight from the shadows & they use symbolism to communicate. The
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We're told #Qanon is a 'conspiracy theory' but it's not that at all.

But that's just lazy.

#Q is a person posting on a message board. The #anon part comes from the anonymous people responding to the original post.
So no one knows who anyone is.

Ever heard of a conspiracy where the co-conspirators don't know each other?
I would also invite anyone using the 'conspiracy theory' label for #Qanon to explain what the aim of the conspiracy actually is.
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Thank-You #SaintedAnon
“Exposing shills. DJ Jefani connected to all the Clowns/Shills Pt1” via @YouTube #TheGreatAwakening
@therealJefani @1st5D @TheDeaconShow
Linked File (Screenshots) to support Video
From Dark to Light - Q

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
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1) Patriotas, na Deep Web se fala em uma Batalha Feroz entre Hackers e Crakers Americanos contra Chineses e Russos.Acreditarmos que isso seja entre as Agências de Inteligência destes países,é coisa que disseram nunca terem visto e devem ser computadores quânticos.
2) O que já posso adiantar é que dezenas de Terabytes já foram baixados (F.B.G-OMS-WUHAN)e estão chegando nas mãos de #Qanons e logo nós vamos divulgar tudo!!
O medo da esquerdalha é grande,e já estão dizendo que foi um Ataque de Neonazistas.
3) Eu acredito que essas invasões ao Inst de Wuhan, OMS, Fundação Bill Gates foram executados pela NSA agência de segurança Nacional, se fala muito isso na Deep Web, pois temos muitos #Anons militares que são da inteligência e eles estão eufóricos com o material já baixado.
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My 2nd day on Twitter...

I have now witnessed one of the greatest enlightenments of my life


I have Covid-19
I am not suicidal

I’ve been working to piece together what I knew before and everything learned

since I’ve few followers, (KeK) fig’d I’d thread
2/ The most incredible game ever played ...

7+ years ago, perhaps longer, our now President, Mr. Donald J. Trump began formulating one of the most significant shifts in global history.

Present day, Bill Gates is trying to implant tracking into every American via a vaccine.
3/ He himself has put this plan into motion over the years with ID2020, the Gates Foundation, donations to the WHO, his vaccine atrocities all over the globe and his network of “elites”.

In 2017, Bill Gates, as well as Dr Andrew Fauci, predicted a viral pandemic in 2020
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1)As msgs de Q estão se confirmando como o Post 35 de 01/11/17
Mudanças de fotos em 5 perfis hj no tt na mesma data que Q disse ocorrer nos fazem acreditar mais ainda que o Pântano está sendo drenado.....

Segue a thread
2) No dia 01/11/2017 Q nos enviou no post 35 o que seria um código para sabermos quando a TEMPESTADE estaria sobre o 👁️Deep State e esse código seria hj 10/04/20
Vamos ver o que diz.....

#QanonBr #WWG1WGA
3) E exatamente hj o @GenFlynn mudou novamente a capa de seu tt são dois olhos bem no meio de uma TEMPESTADE.
Sabemos quem o olhos Representam....
Os Illumi-nati Globalistas do Deep State e #Pedowood

#QanonBr #WWG1WGA
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The #Matrix
Why it was so easy for all the #Pedophilia & #Satanism to be right in front of are faces
Denial keeps you sleeping even when you know something isn't right
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Okay #anons been doing some digging into the #KennedyCenter. I think in found something interesting. 1st question I asked is why is it so important to fund this performing arts center when its obvious money should go to the people and small businesses that are affectedby Covid-19
A simple search will show you who is involved with this center. Billionaire philanthropist david Rubenstein who is a part of the Carlyle group(more digging required into this)
Now this is what stood out to me. The D.C sewer project significantly delayed the construction. We all know from #Q that the elites use DUMBS, and more importantly tunnels to traffic humans.
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Anons 🐸Let us take a 👀Fauci🤡 > Short thread👇
#FauciFraud Absence From Task Force Briefing Turns Heads…
Flashback👉From 1988 >41 honors little known [DS]🤡 Dr. Fauci for his work w Aids #Qanon #WeAreTheNewsNow
👉From 2008 >43 honors [DS] Fauci 🤡w/ Presidential Medal of Freedom #DarkToLight…
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Did @POTUS confirm a lot of our suspicions about what is really going on with the #ChineseVirus through #TimeStampSauce yesterday?
First at 8:22am there was 4 retweets, using the Plus 1200 Rule takes us to #QPost 2022.
Main frequency bands TERMINATED.
Then at 9:34am @Potus tweeted leading us to #QPost 934 talking about More CEO resignations and using the Plus 1200 Rule #QPost 2134, Q post an #Anons post which says,
Buckle up, buttercups - it’s about to get bumpy.
#GodBlessUsAll #TimeStampSauce #QArmy #CoronaVirusUpdate
At 2:36pm yesterday @POTUS tweet leads us to #QPost 1436 using the Plus 1200 Rule where an #Anon post about a movie called Rapid Fire, a movie about a corrupt FBI ‘Flood is Coming’
#Q responds with,
It’s happening. Q
#GodBlessUsAll #TimeStampSauce #QArmy #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
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Q > 3599

I have always felt like the [Y] in this drop said more than just referencing the Rothchild’s masquerade photo/parties.

I believe it refers to 3 things:

1) James Comey ordeal;

2) Y (male chromosome) is behind genetically modified out;

3) think 13 Bloodlines

Q > 184

🔘Follow the Owl & Y Head

We know this refers to the Rothchild > Illuminati family bloodline > hunts, etc.

🚨 You are sheep to them.
🚨You are feeders.

Think “farms” & “crops” 😳

Director Stanley Kubrick warned & IMO was murdered for 🎥 👇

Experts Say the Y Chromosome is disappearing.

1) Are they using #eugenics to bread out MALES?

Masculine > Feminine?

2) Is this about population control?

3) something more? 🤷‍♀️

A must watch 👇

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• The meme video was created by a well-known Anon/Patriot, @Solmemes1 & a familiar Fren from the #Q community.
• It appears like a "Q." And the medallion horse/Q is on #Qplus President Trump.
• POTUS RT'ed it.
• Symbol is a horse and also appears as a #Q
Anyone remember this?
What do you hear?
Yanny or Laurel?
Or #Covfefe ?
#Qanon #MultipleMeaningsExist
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i, as many of u, have gone through a lot of growing maturing as we #researched the #truth about the #evil that has been trying 2 destroy #America & the #World from it's #journey started in 2016, #WL #HRC #emails...
i've had #meltdowns, my💔4 those #suffering things. i felt #helpess #hopless & #depressed until #Q came & THEN, some of u #Bible Thumbing #anons started posting.When public/private was dropped My 💔 & i cud NOT let that go, so i persisted like many of u...
All my time energy was2 #4chan ➡️#8chan..#cbts➡️#QResearch i felt the #world just seemed so #fake & #Drops were the Only #Reality.i've almost been #fired,i lost my bff,going thru ch13, all the while reading about #patriots dying as everything has been unfolding b4 our very 👀s...
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Follow up on #DaytonaDonald twats from earlier, missed the mirrors for everything! (Total Rookie Move!)
1. Q+ takes stage @ 14:33 military time so 3341 = [JA] Under Protection / Key to DNC Data Leak = Relevant to Roger Stone Case
Modular Arithmetic All Mirrors diff divisible by 9
2. So 3341-1433=1908/9=212 = “Elon Musk Rocket Man” is this reference to his Emerson twat yesterday and 1 year Delta on rockets? Just a thought. 212 is also a palindromic number which is derived from palindrome... Race Car is also a palindrome word.. Coincidence?
3. 62 mirror 26 = “The Only Way is Military” Marine made the shot where Q+ started speaking plus fighter jet flyover which leads to
4. 62-26=36/9=4 = 100% Insulated & to sit back and enjoy the show = The Great American Race
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So as I’ve been watching the news and digging there is a very big picture being painted. ITs Habbening!!! #PatriotsAwakened #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
While we have been watching impeachment hearings, other things have been occurring and it all ties together. This is going to be a thread to help you see how it ties together. #PatriotsAwakened #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
On January 15th, @realDonaldTrump and China signed the first stage of an Epic trade deal #PatriotsAwakened #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide…
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The info in Q drops was given so far in advance that people were quick to scream "LARP."

All is being fulfilled... cancer cure to pedophiles exposed, to traitors.

The greatest military intelligence operation of our time! #DeepStateExposed

Ty #Q & #Anons
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(Tag other Maga)
The last 24hrs the supposed Judge has again made allegations against other #Q #Anons.
Slinging accusations with no proof attached?
Causing division?
People are now asking questions...
Who is the Judge?
...because you @ROYALMRBADNEWS are hurling accusations to spaceshot, redpill and methods without providing reason and evidence behind it.
Stalking social media accounts, really? What criminal behavior did you actually uncover? You’re just causing division! I call you a LARP!
When I outed you in 2018 you immediately blocked me after giving stupid excuses on who uses your account.

Let's get to who is really FAKE...a self-serving social media attention seeking LARP.

Let's look at who the real Judge is...
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
Here's the lastest of today's #QAnon drop...
#Q 3773 ==> 👀once again proving that #Anons have known all along.
Included is a 2 year old read which still holds true.
3) #QPlus2020 [ ! ]
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Thoughts and a small message for today. I’m sure this won’t teach many but it will reach those who were meant to hear it. #TheGreatAwakening #q #DarkToLight #anons /1
God is ALWAYS in control, ALWAYS 🙏 there are many messages being put out currently and some quite scary, unbelievable, and mind boggling. Trust your heart in all things. #TheGreatAwakening #q #DarkToLight #anons /2
Remember that God is LOVE and is always in control and knows infinite. God shows us the way by showing the good, the light. God loves you and always listens He always knows. #TheGreatAwakening #q #DarkToLight #anons /3
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