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First up today at #DevOpsDays #DevOpsDaysATL #serverlessdays #WardleyMapping [what a mouthful of tags]: @littleidea on how to pick the right thing to do [ed: if I got his talk's theme right off the title/abstract]!
@littleidea He starts off by pointing out the giant elephant in the room: there's a huge missing demographic from this room. So many people of color are in Atlanta but not here at the conference... so hire the talented people less than 10 miles away! #DevOpsDays
We're getting 3 talks for the price of 1: rehabilitating devops injuries, what moves to make given a map, and making serverless the goal. #DevOpsDays
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Yesterday I gave a brief introduction about #WardleyMapping at a Scrum community event in Munich. As it's currently strong beer time, I used a simple brewery example.
So let's say we are a brewery and attempt to map our main product - the beer - from a customer's perspective. The customer becomes the anchor and he craves a bottle of our beer.
To create a bottle of beer you definitely need two more components: a bottle and beer. As we are a pretty big brewery (thanks to avid Bavarian drinkers!) we put those components into the quite industrialised space already. We make our own beer and we buy standardised beer bottles
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#wardleymapping #wardleymaps Time to look back and map a horrible project that didn't work because too much custom build and didn't bring right evolution axis- it was an online shop, it cost millions and is not working. lets start with easy user needs. very much simplified
#wardleymapping #wardleymaps lets maps the User needs and the components. project leader was a developer and he like to develop most things from himself. time delay of the project min 1 year
#wardleymapping #wardleymaps lets look a little bit more about the details and what was commodity. first mistake: we dont need digital marketing competencies. developer - good at java - doesnt know much about digital marketing. only a few hundret visits in a month
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A few days back @swardley kindly mentioned that I have been working with Wardley maps for a long time... so I thought I would answer some questions - and if you want to know anything specific - please shout. 😀👍
#WardleyMapping #AMA #thread (1/n)
When did you first discover mapping?
Xmas 2010 - bored - I accidentally applied to write a paper on cybersecurity in the cloud, and like many at that time I was struggling to work out what "cloud" meant - which lead me to Simon's @oscon presentation: (2/n)
This was the first time cloud made sense - and the influence is clear in the final paper (…). After finishing the paper I read and watched everything I could find on mapping. (3/n)
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Thinking about #progressions of #WardleyMapping.

Level I
You can identify one user, one need, and the 8 or fewer high-level components in play. You can also categorize the components by evolutionary stage and make an "is" vs "ought" comparison.
Level II
You can express the above, but as a map. That means you include dependency relationships (forming the value chain) and can place the components along the Evolutionary axis (forming the map). You can also articulate your basic intentions by annotating the map.
Level III
You do all of the above with friends/colleagues. You hold good discussions to challenge and refine the map (as well as your intentions) together.
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Whenever I see a tool become popular (e.g. #wardleymapping #cynefin, [insert tool here]), I have a tinge of sadness (amidst a lot of gratitude).

Why? Bc it reinforces for some ppl that the lack of “tool” was “the problem” all along. Tools help. But it’s not “the problem” .(1/3)
I remember a decade ago having an awesome whiteboarding session. We weren’t “doing X” exactly, but we were improvising well. We were grounded in first principles. We got so much mileage from those conversations.

That required an extremely safe environment. AND PRACTICE (2/4)
Whenever you have a new Way ... you have the Way of Ways. As you move further along this path, you’ll get shallower and shallower interpretations. Less context. Less awareness of the influences, prior work. More silver-bullet-ism (3/4)
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