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@jornane_no @Warcop I think we're mixing up two different cloud use cases here, which have similarities but also huge differences. We also have to look at the size of the company we're talking about. 1/
@jornane_no @Warcop A: You need infrastructure to run your product/service. Yes, either way, you will need people who develop the software, deploy it somewhere and operate it there. IMHO companies should focus on their distinctive features and buy the commodities from suppliers. 2/
@jornane_no @Warcop The smaller your company is, the more this matters. Like a small business would not invest in their own electricity infrastructure and a whole electricity department because it's obvious that it is cheaper to rent an office with batteries included. 3/
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Ok. This feels like an absolute anchor around my neck, but it's probably why I should do it.

Sooooo. I've been a big admirer of @swardley and sometime practitioner of #wardleymaps

Yet I don't feel like I've really developed a mapping practice that is regular and consistent. 👇
This thread by @aleixmorgadas really struck a chord for me. Wardley mapping takes time and commitment. It's easy to start and stop without some catalyst to keep you on track.

I'm also confident there are many other would-be Wardley mappers like me. Solid on the theory. Avidly consumed content and dabbled in mapping, but lack confidence in taking it to the next level.

So in the spirit of building in public, I'm going to learn in public. 👇
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Use cases of #wardleymaps:
What to expect when #wardleymapping #strategy #agile
A visual 🧵⬇️. Image
If you are new to the game, start with this intro to Wardley Mapping:
Choose the right approach. Image
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Explain the use of #wardleymaps as quick as possible.
#strategy #wardleymapping
A visual 🧵⬇️.
Create a value chain.
Add evolution.
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1/12 Today we have made a lot of progress at #WardleyMaps #WardleyMapsFoundation. @spurkis has laid the foundations with @swardley and today we have formed 7 working groups to make progress towards the Foundation's goals.
2/12 We will be posting the #WardleyMapsFoundation meetings here in the Meetup group. Anyone who would like to have a listen or join in, please register:…

All beginning is exciting and we will learn a lot.
3/12 Talk to your colleagues in the working groups if you would like to participate in any of them. We need help.
There is hardly anyone in the sixt group yet
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I presented the #ValueFlywheel today at #MapCamp - it's an illustration of using #WardleyMaps to visualize tech & product drivers and move forward with pace and precision. I live mapped it, which was fun. Here's an early copy of the map. 1/
The top-level is visible by the executive and the mid-level by the technical leadership. Often the two are not aligned - but they have to be. We often go to Cloud but don't really think about how we are going to behave when we get there. 2/
The #ValueFlywheel is a concept that I created with @MarkMcCann and @bigheadoreilly - 1/ Clarity of Purpose 2/ Challenge with mapping 3/ Next Best Action and 4/ Long Term Value - mapping plays a role in all four phases. 3/
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A new book, Flow Architectures by @jamesurquhart ... thank you James.
Ok, books with #wardleymaps now include

Flow Architectures -…

Reaching Cloud Velocity -…

Digitizing Government -…

From intention to action -…

The art of strategy -…

Wardley Mapping : The Knowledge -…

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X : How did you create #WardleyMaps?
Me : Ah, it came to me in a flash of my incredible genius.
X : Really?
Me : No. I needed to solve a problem, I put in a lot of hard work and basically it was all down to a huge bucket load of luck ... a series of fortuitous accidents.
X : Luck?
Me : Yep. Luck and privilege generally determine most things. We obviously have this desire to believe that somehow we're special, that we live in a meritocracy in which our talent shines but ... that's mostly garbage ... actually, it's pretty much all garbage.
X : So, if you were born on a council estate then ...
Me : I was born on a council estate. I did go to Cambridge. But then that's my generation, I imagine it's vastly harder for kids these days. I had a lot of luck. Smartest person I know worked as a road sweeper ...
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What is getting deep down into my brain this #MapCamp2020?
Shared Understanding.
New way to describe / create organization structure.
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How to #wardleymaps with people who don't (yet) care about or know mapping: 1) Don't explain anything about mapping. 2) Do value chain as a stand-alone exercise. 3) Reason about evolution stage for each component, still no map. 4) Place on map and talk anticipation & movement.👇🏻
Each step valuable on its own, without needing to grasp full complexity of mapping from the start. Easier to stay focused on the contents of what's being mapped and the expertise in the room, rather than on the framework itself.
This kind of approach empowers participants over the person who brings the framework - just like the maps themselves empower people to challenge a strategy instead of a storyteller. Crucial that people feel empowered to engage in mapping for that to work though!
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Brilliant @ServerlessChats episode with @simalexan - not only on #serverless but voice and its future, bit of #WardleyMaps. Go and listen - you will enjoy it:
@ServerlessChats @simalexan Now - there is a moment when @simalexan and @ServerlessChats discuss a case for a plumber who uses voice to check which parts he needs using voice assistant backed by serverless tech. 1/2
Believe or not it is exactly the case we envisioned for plumbers supplier who asked us "how we can avoid being not relevant" few years ago.

Result: their board said - it is not realistic as plumbers will never use a phone for things like that. They ditched it

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X : Any thoughts on Agile?
Me : Hmmm ... I assume you mean XP (as in @KentBeck). It's excellent, a really good method in the right context.
X : So you would always recommend using it?
Me : In the right context, yes.
X : What's the wrong context?
Me : When it's not suitable.
X : How do you know if it's not suitable?
Me : Use a map.
X : How does that help?
Me : Do you understand how things evolve?
X : You mean like better products?
Me : Hmmmm ...
Me : Let us take a "Thing". It could be anything, for the sake of this example let us pretend it is the introduction of teleportation. Now obviously, teleportation will be something very novel and new which we will barely understand but we will marvel at its wonder.
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Gosh ... #wardleymaps in a ebook format - - all proceeds to charity. That makes me smile.
X : Aren't you concerned about other people making money from mapping?
Me : No. It was a gift. You don't give a gift to others and then expect payment for it. That's really not the point of giving.
I fully intend that when I finally shuttle off this mortal coil that I will have given far more than I have taken both from the present and the future.
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We have 95 standard tickets left for #MapCamp, 15th October, Sadler's Wells theatre -… ... once they are gone, that's it, same with the early birds. I know the event is over 3 months away but it should sell out end of this month #WardleyMaps ...
... I will put up a wait list as per previous years but we've planned for just over 600 people and it'll be difficult for us to add more. There are a limited number of sponsorship options which includes blocks of tickets for that company that wants to take several people.
Anyway, we've not spent any money on marketing ... this has just been me tweeting. But I want to give everyone a decent chance of going, spread awareness as much as I can ... soon, I'll go quiet on #MapCamp as we get closer to closing ticket sales.
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#wardleymapping #wardleymaps Time to look back and map a horrible project that didn't work because too much custom build and didn't bring right evolution axis- it was an online shop, it cost millions and is not working. lets start with easy user needs. very much simplified
#wardleymapping #wardleymaps lets maps the User needs and the components. project leader was a developer and he like to develop most things from himself. time delay of the project min 1 year
#wardleymapping #wardleymaps lets look a little bit more about the details and what was commodity. first mistake: we dont need digital marketing competencies. developer - good at java - doesnt know much about digital marketing. only a few hundret visits in a month
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X : You often talk about counter plays, can you give me an example?
Me : How about a counter play to ILC?
X : ILC?
Me : Innovate - Leverage - Commoditise, a type of gameplay.
X : Don’t know it.
Me : Oh, tricky. Let us start with a value chain [A] for an application to some need.
… now let us pretend we have taken the decision to move compute from a product to a utility [A] because all the signals and factors tell us that it’s ready to change.
X : Signals? Factors?
Me : Another conversation. Let us pretend our gut feel has told us.
…. so compute is a utility [A] which we use in our internal value chain. But we also decide to expose this as an API so others can build on top. This might include thousands of things i.e. people building “big data” systems [B] which we might use to unrelated applications [C, D]
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Want to learn how to map? Try ...

3) A course. Either "Wardley Map" course by Chris (aka @wardleymaps) at the @lefep -… or "Pragmatic Wardley Mapping" by Ben (@BenMosior)…

2) Read the book -

1) Practice!
You can also attend Map Camps e.g.

Belgrade, March

Scotland, 11th Mar…

Atlanta, 9-10 Apr


Map Camp London, 15th October, t.b.a.
You can find and join a mapping group e.g.

Slack Channel - details on

@AWMUG by @mrchrisadams

or sign up with @MappingMapsNews

It's run by communities. I made Wardley Maps CC by SA to enable us all to learn from each.

So dive in and help yourself.
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X : How do I lean about #WardleyMaps ?

Me : Read the book

Try the course…

Find a local group or come along to a Map Camp.

Most importantly practice, practice, practice!

There are also some tweet threads that might help you ...
1/14 Let me fix this, one final last time. Why one size fits all methods whether Agile, Lean or Six Sigma don't work.

2/14 How to fix procurement, culture & project management when building big systems

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In the old days, this is how I use to organise ... by silos based around aptitude e.g. skillsets such as engineering and finance. There was always fight between silos and even within silos ...
... then after a bit of time, I introduced the idea of small teams with product owners. The small teams had a mix of aptitudes (i.e. skills). The result was - more fights ...
... then around 2004, I had an amazing idea. The conflict was caused by two types of work - the new development and core operations. The solution was simple, split the company into two different focus. I started with IT. The result was all out warfare and endless fights ...
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Excellent talk by @tehviking on hacking the tech treadmill with pioneers, settlers and town planners (PST) - ... but word of caution, the hype cycle does not show evolution but hype and this can be dangerous to mix with model such as PST ...
... to explain why, let us take a map of ERP. We can even use this map to anticipate what next for ERP. There is consistency of movement ... take the bold ERP, 2002 ... you know what happens next, more industrialised forms ...
... because of this consistency of movement, we can determine patterns and structures to cope with constant change. Hence the Pioneer, Settler, Town Planner model ...
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X : At the rate you're going, other people will write books on #wardleymaps before you do.
Me : Sounds perfect to me.
X : But calling them Wardley maps limits the progress of the field.
Me : Quite the contrary. The CC by SA nature and the naming limits people taking the body of work, adding tuppence in value and announcing the {add consultancy name} map. Everyone will just call them out.
... my intention is to increasingly become the benevolent dictator in hiding i.e. to let community build and run mapping, to only pop up when some muppet consultancy tries to claim IPR for using yellow lines or rounded squares etc.
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