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With due respect to all the relevant parties, that doesn't strike me as the right approach. @TheJusticeDept and @StateDept have tried since 2013 to persuade @JordanGov, which is party to an active extradition treaty with the US, to honor its obligations. Jordan's highest court
declared in March 2017, less than a week after the charges against #AhlamTamimi were unsealed in Washington, that the treaty signed by the present king's father and the Clinton Administration was invalid on constitutional grounds. And had been invalid since day one!
The US says it doesn't agree […]. The confessed #Sbarro bomber, meanwhile, instead of preparing herself to face federal charges in Washington, lives the life of a privileged celebrity in Jordan. The kingdom enabled her to host a terror-inciting TV show
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Welcome to our battle #1

March 14, 2017, five years after we asked @TheJusticeDept to go after our child's killer, a US Federal criminal complaint was unsealed with a warrant for #AhlamTamimi’s arrest. The charges had been under seal since July 15, 2013. Why? Good question.
Welcome to our battle #2

US officials told us the same day that Jordan is obliged under a 1995 treaty to extradite #Tamimi - and was refusing. Less than a week later, its highest court ruled the Jordan/US treaty had been invalid under Jordan's law since the day it was signed.
Welcome to our battle #3

Jordan, which now says the extradition treaty was never valid, has extradited terrorists to the US every time it was asked. Why's the #AhlamTamimi case different? Some say because most of her victims were Jewish children making her a Jordanian hero.
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Practically everything @MattiFriedman writes is incisive and worth the effort. This latest @NYTimes piece comes with a high-res photo of the devastated Sbarro pizzeria minutes after #AhlamTamimi delivered her human bomb there. My daughter's inside, dead. She isn't seen.

My wife and I first heard of #Tamimi, a woman of 21 back then, much later via news reports. She confessed to her key role, never stopped grinning, confidently told the judges she would get out soon despite the 16 life term sentence they gave her.

And she did. She walked free a few years later in the #ShalitDeal. With unreported help from the Kingdom of Jordan she quickly became a celebrity activist there for terror and its practitioners. She still is despite now being an @FBIMostWanted who faces charges in Washington.

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Good news. #AhlamTamimi, the bragging bomber who says she wishes the death toll of people she killed (16) were larger, has just been shut out of @Instagram. And the clip below that captures her boasting to a Kuwaiti spiritual leader of how she did it just passed 300K impressions.
What's needed now is greater focus on removing the obstacles that have so far prevented #AhlamTamimi from being extradited from her Jordanian safe haven to face the terrorism charges pending against her in the US.

"Justice, justice shalt thou pursue."
Deuteronomy 16:20
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@arnoldroth @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack @FBIMostWanted @JoEmbassyUS @JordanUN_NY @JordanUNGeneva @LegInsurrection Wednesday update: After multiple complaints by us and others to @Twitter, the active Twitter account of Jordanian fugitive from the @FBI #AhlamTamimi, boastful killer-of-Jewish-children including ours, remains active, free of any visible interference from @Twitter.
@arnoldroth @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack @FBIMostWanted @JoEmbassyUS @JordanUN_NY @JordanUNGeneva @LegInsurrection @FBI Wed night, JLM time: Our complaints notwithstanding, #AhlamTamimi's @Twitter account which she operates from her Jordanian safe haven remains active and spreading toxic terror incitement. She's an @FBIMostWanted terrorist and confessed mass-killer.

None of this moves @Twitter.
@arnoldroth @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack @FBIMostWanted @JoEmbassyUS @JordanUN_NY @JordanUNGeneva @LegInsurrection @FBI @JoMedIns Here's a Thursday evening reminder that the latest iteration of @FBIMostWanted terrorist, Jordanian #AhlamTamimi's @Twitter account remains up.

Are the morality police at @Twitter still busy ignoring the filed complaints?

There's some history to this.…
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#AhlamTamimi: "I will defend my rights until my last breath. Greenblatt doesn't scare me. I am going on with my life... as a free citizen in #Jordan. I have not done anything against Americans."

The #Sbarro massacre mastermind is looking for more sympathy
"I'm Jordanian. These statements coincide with @KingAbdullahII’s meeting with [the Trump administration]. They spoke of... consolidating Jordanian/American relations in combating terror; then these statements were made. I leave readers... to analyse the timing of the 2 events."
Do #Jordan's political insiders realize #AhlamTamimi is implying it's @KingAbdullahII who's behind the wave of media attention about her being pursued by the @FBI? How much political capital can they burn just to shield this loathsome murderer of children?…
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Imagine a fugitive terrorist, proud of the blood of 16 Jews on her hands, was honored with her homicidal husband by the highest-rating TV station in the land:

"24-Nov-18: How Jordan's mainstream media showcase a couple of role-model jihadist murderers"…
It's just so thrilling! The show's young presenter, Aya, a sometime-fashion model, gasps on air to the homicidal #Tamimi couple:
"You, the people of the struggle, elevate the name of #Jordan!"

Does she know that, between them, they took the lives of 17 Jews?
ICYMI: The adoring presenter of a Jordanian prime-time TV show gushes to her honored studio guests, the #Tamimi couple (both of them convicted of murder, both released in the #ShalitDeal):

"You, the people of the struggle, elevate the name of #Jordan!"
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Meet #AhlamTamimi who killed my daughter #Malki and 15 others. Hard not to see the thrill she gets from talking about her massacre. She's not in prison: #Jordan's king can explain why.
Thanks to @MEMRIreports who do non-Arabic-speakers a great service by translating such clips.
I'm convinced that if enough people invest the 2 mins it takes to watch my daughter's proud, happy and free killer #AhlamTamimi, we'll have enough public opinion behind us to ensure Jordan, which shields her today, hands her over for extradition to the US (they currently refuse).
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