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FREE: I've written about eager despots who are using the virus as an excuse to crack down on basic liberties, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Thank you, @joannaelmy, for bringing the story of the persecuted Plovdiv doctors to my attention:…
and for helping me understand the translation from Bulgarian, which I don't read--but Google Translate does a bang-up job.

Neo-Nazis and right-populists in Europe, in particular, are finding coronavirus extremely useful. Russia is of course exploiting this.
The EU--like everyone else--is completely distracted by the two most immediate problems: the virus and the economic collapse. But Europe's also in the most dire geopolitical position it's been in since the 1930s--
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Israel's @N12News is reporting that #TelAviv's Dan Panorama Hotel, which sits on the city's beach promenade, will become #Israel's #Covid_19 quarantine facility in the country's center
#IDF confirms that #TelAviv's Dan Panorama and #Jerusalem's Hyatt will turn into #Covid_19 quarantine facilities. I'm so down
Correction: Jerusalem’s Dan Hotel
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I am starting a new research project called New Noahide World Order based on the idea that they are building a #NWO created by #Marxist '#Zionist' religious perps.
HQ for the ME will be #Jerusalem, the rest will be Asia, Africa, etc.
Info is welcome 😉
Pope Francis welcomed top officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the Vatican.
“We talked about our mutual concern for the people who suffer throughout the world and want to relieve human suffering".…
CIA-mind-control, Evangelicals, Jonestown, USAID, Zionist Christians, African Pentecostal exorcism and gay pastors for the NWO…
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#Important #News! #Threade

#Israel #Jerusalem #Russia #Syria

#Russia's #ambassador to #Syria released this week what some saw as a veiled threat to #Israel if Israel continued to #bomb #Iranian positions in the war-torn country.
On February 6th, 20 #Syrian and #Iranian military officials were #killed in an airstrike on a target near #Damascus. The attack also resulted in #Syrian air defense systems accidentally firing on a #Russian 172-passenger plane.
The plane was able to land safely at a nearby airport. However, #Russian #ambassador Alexander Yefimov was not interested in the Israeli justifications. In an interview with Sputnik arabic, Yefimov described the #Israeli #attacks as “#provocative and very #dangerous”.
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Only a callous, insensate, person would tell a victim of carnage, pogrom, genocide, ethnic cleansing that there are "two sides to truth". Hopefully Vidhu Vinod Chopra will not make a film on Bengal Famine, 1971 genocide by #Pakistan, Marichjhapi, 1984 massacre of Sikh, 26/11. n1
Sordid #denialism is worse than the crime against humanity being denied. It is morally abhorrent, ethically repugnant. Denialism is the tombstone that marks the grave where conscience has been buried. Denialism is by design, not by accident. n2
A velvet tongue does not impart legitimacy to #denialism nor do treacly words make it tolerable. Every crime against humanity has collaborators. Every denialist has supporters. Think Vichy and you will get it. That is why the needle of the moral compass must never waver. n3
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Statement by Arab League foreign ministers following emergency session totally rejects Trump's peace plan and calls on US administration to abide by internationally-acknowledged terms of reference for peace negotiations. Thread:
The statement affirmed East #Jerusalem as a capital of the State of #Palestine, the right of the State of Palestine to exercise sovereignty on all its territories occupied in 1967, and on its air space, territorial waters, natural resources and borders
The Arab FMs rejected the "Deal of the Century". It doesn't meet the minimum requirements of the Palestinians and violates all previous agreed terms of reference upon which negotiations were held as well as int'l law. They called on Trump's administration to abide by these terms.
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Five nuggets mined from @POTUS #Israel-#Palestine peace plan that commentators may have missed on a quick reading: 1/6
1) Plan cites 1949 Armistice negotiations as a rationale for Triangle proposal, an #AvigdorLieberman favorite, to transfer 10 #Arab towns/villages from #Israel to #Palestine. Imagine if Palestinian negotiators cited '49 precedent to claim land currently inside #Israel? p. 13 2/6
2) Despite affirmation of the "same governance regime that exists today" for #Jerusalem holy sites -- and despite #Trump's appeal to #Jordan's king yesterday -- plan does not specifically endorse special #Hashemite role in preserving holy sites. p. 16 3/6
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Trump‘s „Friedensplan“

Ich erkläre in einem kurzen Thread erst die Fakten und dann, was mit diesem sogenannten Friedensplan nicht stimmt:

1. Palästina existiert als Staat seit 1988 und wurde von 71 % der Welt anerkannt.
(Grenzen der Staatsgebiete sind unklar: es existiert der UN Teilungsplan und die 1967 Linien).

1.1 #Gaza, #WestBank und #OstJerusalem (= #Palästina)
sind von Israel besetztes Gebiet.
Besetzte Gebiete dürfen weder vom Besatzer besiedelt, noch darf die indigene Bevölkerung
zwangsweise umgesiedelt oder vertrieben werden.
Beides geschieht jedoch seit der Besetzung, also seit 1967.

(Deshalb hält Israel den Weltrekord an UN Resolutionen.😬)
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I have read the entire #Israel-#Palestinian peace plan and my advice to revelers is not to pop the champagne anytime soon -- "peace" is not around the corner. Here's a quick assessment. 1/11
I congratulate the plan's authors for injecting some realism into conventional views of this conflict. It is realistic for the Jordan River to be Israel's security barrier. It is realistic for hundreds of thousands of Israelis in West Bank not to be forced to relocate. 2/11
But they took those & other principles and stretched them beyond all recognition. #Israeli security control of #JordanValley became full sovereignty; not uprooting hundreds of thousands of settlers became not uprooting even 1 settler. There are no Solomonic judgments here. 3/11
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Cautious optimism. A bold peace plan for Palestinians & Israelis. President Trump has delivered an impressive vision, forcing the two sides to think peace. It could succeed or fail, & we'll hear grievances from both sides, but the plan deserves to be heard, negotiated & tried. /1
#Trump’s ideas for full access to all Muslims &
Christians worldwide to holy sites in #Jerusalem, no uprooting of Palestinians & Israelis, & eventually a contiguous Pal state, offer hope & are better than anything that Pal & Israeli leaders can offer.
Trump’s plan breaks a 27-year-old stalemate since Palestinians recognized Israel & then leaders of both peoples committed mistakes, derailed peace. The current plan is not perfect but offers an opening. Engagement by all sides can improve the plan.
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Thread for the deal of the century announcement. Follow this for all the info as it is released. We recommend watching it live as well.

#Israel #USA #DealoftheCentury
UAE and Bahrani officials both attending the event

#Israel #USA #DealoftheCentury
The President @realDonaldTrump and Prime Minister @netanyahu have walked in to hail to the chief.

#Israel #USA #DealoftheCentury
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#Netanyahu has been formally indicted on corruption charges, just hours before he is expected to join #Trump for the launch of the US Middle East "peace plan". Bibi dropped his bid for immunity after became clear the Israeli parliament would vote against it. What a day.
Here we go, it begins
Trump starts by teasing Netanyahu for not being able to form a government after "The longest-running election of all time". "Israel is a light unto the world, the arts and history of our people are woven together" he adds .
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**New Report: NGO Monitor released a new report series on the #PFLP NGO network.**

8 NGOs with extensive ties to the PFLP terror group
70+ NGO staffers tied to the PFLP
5 arrested for PFLP activity
All funded by #Europe

Addameer is a Palestinian NGO that supports convicted prisoners.

Its chair, former vice chair, & board members have ties to the PFLP.

@SwissMFA provided $120,000 in 2018
@IrelandMFA_RBLX provided $75,000 in 2017
@SpainMFA provided $400,000 in 2015-2019

DCI-P "promote rights of children."

Its child protection director, general assembly pres, board members are tied to #PFLP.

@RockBrosFund gave $90,000 in 2017-2019
@EU_Commission gave $700,000 in 2017-2019
@UNICEF partnered w/ @DCIPalestine in 2013-2017

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L’#EI annonce un nouvel audio via #AlFurqan qui diffuse les grosses productions & les audios du calife ou du porte-parole
L’audio #AlFurqan #EI est du porte parole Abou Hamza al-Mouhajir
AbouHamza fait un rapl des étapes en #Irak avec une défense du choix de Zarqawi de combattre les US mais aussi leur alliés locaux, puis la constitution de l'alliance des Mouatyabins et de l'Etat islamique en Irak qui mettra un terme au projet de confédération & démocratique
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So some people might connect this with #Chirac’s famous “do you want me to go back to my plane?”. But let’s look at the specifics.
First, for those who missed, here is what everybody is thinking about: a similar incident with Chirac in 1996 which profoundly and positively influenced his image in the Arab world for decades:
But today’s exchange between Pres. Macron and the Israeli sec is a bit different. It not abt having enough space in the market like Chirac in the old city in 1996.
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A decade in review: the moments that shaped the past 10 years in #Israel/#Palestine

Photo: A'ed Abu Amro at the Great March of Return, Friday October 26, 2018. (Mohammed Asad)
Another decade of the Israel-Palestine conflict ends and a peaceful and just solution for the Palestinians seems further out of reach. Look back at the moments that shaped history in Palestine and Israel, and will continue to shape the future of the region for years to come.
2010: A glimmer of hope at the beginning of the Obama era

In his historic "A New Beginning" speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009, Obama promised to mend relations with the Muslim world, and highlighted peace between Israel & Palestine as key to that goal.…
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THREAD #Christmas 2019 – Christians in #Israel

• On the eve of Christmas 2019, approximately 177,000 Christians live in Israel;

• they comprise about 2% of the State of Israel's population;

• In 2018, the Christian population grew by 1.5%
• 77.5% of the Christians in #Israel are Arab Christians. They constitute 7.2% of the total Arab population.

• The localities with the largest Arab Christian populations are #Nazareth (21,900), #Haifa (16,100), #Jerusalem (12,700), and Shefar'am (10,300), as of the end of 2018
• Women constituted 74.4% of Christian students studying toward a second degree, compared to women constituting 63.1% of all students studying toward a second degree.

• For third degrees, the percentages were 62.8% and 53.2%, respectively.
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1/ What does the #Quran have to say about #Christmas, and what does this ruined church located between #Jerusalem and #Bethlehem have to do with it?
2/ The Quran contains its own version of the Nativity story (Q. 19:22-27), in which Mary is said to withdraw to a remote place and to be overcome by the pains of labor. She then finds shelter under a date palm tree
3/ In agony, Mary cries out for help, and a voice tells her that God has placed a brook beneath her for her relief. The voice then instructs her to eat the dates of the tree and drink the water of the brook. She does so, and shortly after, gives birth to Jesus
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We've analyzed this report & it is #bizarre. @HRW says it's promoting #HumanRights but it's actually whitewashing #terror (1/n)
One #bizarre @HRW argument is that #HumanRights are violated by banning membership in #Hezbollah, #Hamas, #PFLP #terror groups!

HRW refers to a Hezbollah affiliate-member as an "artist" & a PFLP leader as a human rights expert. They ignore Qatar Charity's Hamas links. (2/n)
In a #bizarre implication that #WestBank should be annexed, @HRW points to #Israel-controlled #Jerusalem as an example for "less restrictive measures." (3/n)
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#Hanukkah is in 2 weeks.🕎 1/
Did you know the City of #Jerusalem was liberated on the Eve of Hanukkah, not only by the Maccabees, but by the British Army under Gen. Allenby in 1917.

The conditions of the Jews were terrible. Read what Hemdah Ben-Yehuda wrote:
#Hanukkah is in 2 weeks. 2/
But it was to be the day of Deliverance. After years of famine, persecution, disease, and arrest, Hemdah Ben-Yehuda wrote:
#Hanukkah is in 2 weeks. 3/
Even British Gen. Allenby understood the religious significance. This is a British report attributed to Allenby:
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That having been said, I think Roman Catholics should understand that their current Pope, Pope Francis, is a childish, resentful, anti-American, antisemitic fool, who is bad for the Church & for the world & who is failing as a positive spiritual leader. 2) #PopeFrancis
He is no John Paul II by any means. More like a Pope Pius XII (Pacelli). Whose moral compass often was compromised for expediency. 3) #AntiTrump #immigration #AntiAmerican
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Thousands filling #IAC2019 session ahead of @POTUS speech.

Somehow I got a decent seat; will update on content as it goes on.
Video greeting by @PresidentRuvi, saying @israeliamerican has crucial role in maintaining #Israel’s relationship with both the US Jewish community and the United States as a country.
Now video tribute to Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, thanking them for ongoing support; after which, they are set to introduce @POTUS.
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#RashidaTlaib joins other vile antisemites as keynote speaker at 'American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)' convention in Chicago where they promoted new and old antisemitic tropes such as: "Zionism has come in like a disease to destroy the purity of Al-Quds"…
@RashidaTlaib @RepRashida @AMPalestine #RashidaTlaib (D-Mich) used her appearance at @AMPalestine convention to pitch for intersectional politics, equating problems facing Palestinians to systemic oppression facing black people in America. AMP is a radical group that opposes Israel's existence…
Linda Sarsour spews antisemitic tropes at the American Muslims for Palestine conference falsely claiming #Israel is being "built on the idea that Jews are supreme to everybody else" Footage:…
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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket siren activated in Latrun and surrounding communities outside #Jerusalem
incoming rocket sirens activated in #Gaza border communities
More sirens. Seems like a large barrage by PIJ after a quiet night.
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