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In his statement at today's Arab FMs meeting, Foreign Minister Dr Riad Malki calls on Arab nations to take a stand against unilateral #Israel-UAE deal for violating Arab Peace Initiative. Thread ⤵️
Dr Malki said the #israeluaedeal violated the Arab consensus normalisation with #Israel before ending its occupation of the Palestinian territories, warning this could create a slippery slope towards similar initiatives with regards to other occupied Arab territories
Dr Malki added that the #israeluaedeal comes as the Palestinians were hit by punitive suspension of aid by some Arab states, a move for which the US administration brazenly took credit, in addition to the ongoing disposession and various forms of pressure by the Israeli occupier.
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1a. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - Article & Videos: WARNING GRAPHIC Thread 9.4.2020…
1b. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - WARNING GRAPHIC - Thread 9.4.2020…
2. News: The Atlantic Posts Ridiculous Hit Piece on President Trump and His Treatment of Veterans — President Trump Responds to Junk Report…
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"Byzantine Empire
Further information: Illyrian emperors

With the disintegration of the Roman Empire, Gothic and Hunnic tribes raided the Balkan peninsula, forcing many Illyrians to seek refuge in the highlands.
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#Palestine #Israel #Ramallah #Jerusalem #conflict

This is yet another indication of the attempt by the Israeli government to weaken the Authority and further reduce its position, "said Hasan Awwad, a Palestinian policy expert.
Israeli political analyst and expert on the Israel-Palestinian crisis, Eli Nesan, disagrees. “The Palestinian side disapproves of everything that Israel does,” he saysing what is seen as an attempt to marginalize the Palestinian Authority,
the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the Israeli Defense Ministry unit responsible for civilian affairs in the Palestinian territories, has announced it will accept requests for permits to enter and work in Israel,
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Savez-vous que le monde des ingénieurs du #nucléaire dominé par la rationalité technique et #scientifique, depuis les 50's, de nombreux réacteurs portent le nom de personnages mythologiques, légendaires ou romanesques ?

Thread « Mythologie atomique » !

1/ On débute avec les réacteurs de recherche de type « piscine » (refroidis et modérés à l'eau) qui, pour certains, portent le nom de divinités aquatiques. Sur la photo en tête de ce thread, vous avez Siloé, réacteur de 35 MW situé sur le site du CEA Grenoble qui démarre en 1963.
2/ Le réacteur est destiné à l'irradiation des matériaux. Ce réacteur subit une fusion de combustible en 1967 (quelques grammes) … Le réacteur est arrêté en 1997.
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"Allah willing, we will massacre the Jews like we massacred them in Hebron".

Testimony from elderly Palestinian woman who remembers.
#OnThisDay in 1929, massacres resulted in murdering of 133 Jews and destruction of entire Jewish communities in British ruled #Palestine.

Violence erupted after vile anti-Jewish incitement was coming from the #Arab leadership, and in particular, from the grand Mufti Amin al-Hussaini.
False claims that the #Jews plan to take over the Al-Aqsa Mosque instigated the masses “to take action”.
In few of his sermons, al-Hussaini was quoted saying:
“a place in heaven is promised for those who kill the Jew”.
Attempts by the British authorities to reach calm failed. Violence began in #Jerusalem on 23/8/1929.
19 Jews were murdered. Homes and synagogues were burnt down.
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SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, 2020: Thank You, Father, for another day and a new week. Thank You for this 8th month, pregnant with new beginnings and transitions for birthing season. Thank You for #Jesus, His Finished Work and Resurrection Power. Thank You for Grace and Mercy.
Thank You, Father, for #America, freedom to worship You without hindrance and the right to bear arms. Thank You for #voting rights, housing, groceries, transportation, #education and public services. Thank You for @realDonaldTrump and His heart for Righteousness and Justice.
Thank You, Yahweh Mishpat, The Righteous Judge, for #BillBarr and #JohnDurham who are seeking justice for the corruption perpetrated against American citizens for too long. Thank You that political criminals are being called to account and will answer spiritually and naturally.
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He is Robert of St. Albans, an English Crusader military commander of Knights Templar (1185 AD - 580 AH)

Thread (1/6)

#islamichistory #history #islam #islamic #ummah #allah #quran #jerusalem #crusader #templar #knight #christianity #jesuschrist
Robert was initially a crusader knight who came to the Jerusalem with fervor & passion in his heart to wage the holy war against the Muslims. Robert was impressed by the morals, principles, courage of Muslims and the goodness of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi in particular. (2/6)
He realized that the Muslims are true followers of Jesus (peace be upon him) when he learned some verses from the Qur'ân that speaks about the Prophet of Allah Jesus (peace be upon him) and his honor, he left the Christianity & embraced Islam along with five other knights. (3/6)
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WATCH: A Palestinian family of 10, including 5 children, in Silwan in occupied #Jerusalem are forced to remove their belongings after receiving a demolition order from Israeli occupation authorities. The family will self-demolish their own home to avoid high demolition costs.
UPDATE: The Abu Sbeih family self-demolished their home earlier today.
Iyad Abu Sbeih sits on top of the rubble of his home. Image
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Today, the mexican president @lopezobrador_ announced that the journalist Isabel Arvide — whom have no experience nor career in the foreign relations field — as the head of the mexican Consulate in #Istanbul, #Turkey?

Why #AMLO and the #SinaloaCartel need her there?
Why appointing an unrelevant and unexperienced journalist as the Consul in #Istanbul?

#Turkey's geographical position makes it the perfect gateway to #Europe for heroin from #Afghanistan.

The turk mafia released this vid earlier on June; stating an alliance with #SinaloaCartel:
The misuse of Consulates and the abuse of Ambassadors to carry on with delinquential activities is nothing new; just in April of this year, the general consul of #Colombia in #Uruguay was caught with a narcotics lab within the Consulate premises:…
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A few hours ago, the #Israeli #military #demolished farmland west of Beit Jala in the area of al #Makhrour—land belonging to the Abu Eid family, one of the original #Christian families residing in Beit Jala.
According to one of the family members, they have owned this farmland for at least one hundred and fifty years.

In 1993, part of their farmland was destroyed to build Route 60—an #Israeli road which runs north and south through the #WestBank,
connecting illegal #settlements to #Jerusalem. This is now the second time that this family’s #land and #agricultural #resources have been destroyed for the sake of a #settler road. As usual, #Palestinians are paying the price for settler-colonial conveniences.
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Die Ermordung des behinderten Palästinensers Iyad Al-Halak in #Jerusalem war eine regelrechte Hinrichtung. In seiner Hand war nur eine Schutzmaske. Seine Betreuerin schrie die #Polizei mehrmals an, er sei behindert und unbewaffnet. Trotzdem wurde er 8 mal angeschossen. (1/2)
Das war kein Zufall. Das ist die Taktik der israelischen Sicherheitskräfte seit 4 Jahren. Personen, die verdächtigt werden Attentäter zu sein, werden exekutiert, auch wenn sie keine Gefahr mehr darstellen können. Das nennt man auf Hebräisch „totprüfen“. (2/3)
Das Haus von Iyad wurde Stunden nach seinem Tod noch durchsucht, um „Waffen“ zu finden. Dabei wurde seine Familie beschimpft. Nur als klar wurde, dass es überhaupt unmöglich war ihn als Attentäter zu framen, begann die israelische Polizei den Fall zu ermitteln. (3/3)
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Nous vivons tous avec, autour de nous, des #héros discrets du quotidien.

Je vais vous parler de David #Applebaum

Déroulez ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Né en 1952 aux USA, David Applebaum mène à la fois des études religieuses et des études médicales, car il estime que la meilleure manière d'accomplir son devoir en tant que rabbin, c'est de #sauver des vies humaines. En 1976, il est ordonné Rabbin, et en 1978, docteur en Médecine
Alors que la fin des années 1970 voit exploser le nombre d'attentats #islamistes en #Israël, David Applebaum décide de quitter le confort des hôpitaux américains pour venir aider les urgentistes en Israël : il fait son #Alya en 1981 et rejoint l'hôpital Shaare Zedek de #Jerusalem
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This thread proves that #Jerusalem is, always has been, and always will be The Capital of #Israel.

Please help share the truth by retweeting these facts.

#JerusalemIsTheCaptialofIsrael 🇮🇱

1️⃣Jews’ Spiritual centre for over 3,000 years
2️⃣Jews ever present since 1,000BC
3️⃣Jews have been the majority since 1850
4️⃣Never been the capital city of any other people, apart from the Jews
5️⃣De facto capital city of modern Israel

#JerusalemIsTheCapitalofIsrael 🇮🇱
💙Jerusalem is praised in Jewish daily prayers

💙Jerusalem is mentioned in the Jewish Bible, 669 times

💙Jerusalem is commemorated at every Jewish wedding, by the breaking of a glass

💙Jews have always faced Jerusalem when they pray.

#JerusalemIsTheCapitalofIsrael 🇮🇱
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Several yrs ago I wrote about this #California restaurant👇 whose owner chose to honor Rasmea Odeh, a (now deported) US immigration fraudster & convicted #terrorist. It was utterly grotesque—customers were invited to eat w/a huge wall mural of Odeh smiling down at them #shameful
A group of (mostly elderly) Oakland residents held weekly vigils outside the bakery to honor Odeh’s victims—2 young college students, murdered in 1969 in a #Jerusalem supermarket bombing 😥😥
At several of the vigils, the peaceful protesters were harassed by Reem’s buddies 😡 1/
It’s too bad that so many neighborhood restaurants are struggling these days; it’s important to support them through these difficult times! But Reem’s closing is sweet #sorrynotsorry
It should bring some comfort to Leon & Edward’s still grieving families. 2/
FYI @AnarchoZionist
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As I recover from #COVID19 I remember the strength of my ancestors, esp my grandfather #DavidOhannessian, who mastered ceramic art in Ottoman Kutahya in the years before WW1, survived exile during the #ArmenianGenocide & founded the art of #Armenianceramics in Jerusalem in 1919
I tell his story in a book #FeastofAshes & share here a sample of his art, which changed the face of Jerusalem, where he carried over the Ottoman Kutahya ceramics tradition. This art continues to flourish today in the studios of several Armenian families.
One of #DavidOhannessian’s most characteristic works in Jerusalem, the tiled triptych made for St John’s Ophthalmic Hospital in the 1920s, when it was renovated by #architect Austen St Barbe Harrison #Armenianceramics
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FREE: I've written about eager despots who are using the virus as an excuse to crack down on basic liberties, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Thank you, @joannaelmy, for bringing the story of the persecuted Plovdiv doctors to my attention:…
and for helping me understand the translation from Bulgarian, which I don't read--but Google Translate does a bang-up job.

Neo-Nazis and right-populists in Europe, in particular, are finding coronavirus extremely useful. Russia is of course exploiting this.
The EU--like everyone else--is completely distracted by the two most immediate problems: the virus and the economic collapse. But Europe's also in the most dire geopolitical position it's been in since the 1930s--
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Israel's @N12News is reporting that #TelAviv's Dan Panorama Hotel, which sits on the city's beach promenade, will become #Israel's #Covid_19 quarantine facility in the country's center
#IDF confirms that #TelAviv's Dan Panorama and #Jerusalem's Hyatt will turn into #Covid_19 quarantine facilities. I'm so down
Correction: Jerusalem’s Dan Hotel
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I am starting a new research project called New Noahide World Order based on the idea that they are building a #NWO created by #Marxist '#Zionist' religious perps.
HQ for the ME will be #Jerusalem, the rest will be Asia, Africa, etc.
Info is welcome 😉
Pope Francis welcomed top officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the Vatican.
“We talked about our mutual concern for the people who suffer throughout the world and want to relieve human suffering".…
CIA-mind-control, Evangelicals, Jonestown, USAID, Zionist Christians, African Pentecostal exorcism and gay pastors for the NWO…
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#Important #News! #Threade

#Israel #Jerusalem #Russia #Syria

#Russia's #ambassador to #Syria released this week what some saw as a veiled threat to #Israel if Israel continued to #bomb #Iranian positions in the war-torn country.
On February 6th, 20 #Syrian and #Iranian military officials were #killed in an airstrike on a target near #Damascus. The attack also resulted in #Syrian air defense systems accidentally firing on a #Russian 172-passenger plane.
The plane was able to land safely at a nearby airport. However, #Russian #ambassador Alexander Yefimov was not interested in the Israeli justifications. In an interview with Sputnik arabic, Yefimov described the #Israeli #attacks as “#provocative and very #dangerous”.
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Only a callous, insensate, person would tell a victim of carnage, pogrom, genocide, ethnic cleansing that there are "two sides to truth". Hopefully Vidhu Vinod Chopra will not make a film on Bengal Famine, 1971 genocide by #Pakistan, Marichjhapi, 1984 massacre of Sikh, 26/11. n1
Sordid #denialism is worse than the crime against humanity being denied. It is morally abhorrent, ethically repugnant. Denialism is the tombstone that marks the grave where conscience has been buried. Denialism is by design, not by accident. n2
A velvet tongue does not impart legitimacy to #denialism nor do treacly words make it tolerable. Every crime against humanity has collaborators. Every denialist has supporters. Think Vichy and you will get it. That is why the needle of the moral compass must never waver. n3
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Statement by Arab League foreign ministers following emergency session totally rejects Trump's peace plan and calls on US administration to abide by internationally-acknowledged terms of reference for peace negotiations. Thread:
The statement affirmed East #Jerusalem as a capital of the State of #Palestine, the right of the State of Palestine to exercise sovereignty on all its territories occupied in 1967, and on its air space, territorial waters, natural resources and borders
The Arab FMs rejected the "Deal of the Century". It doesn't meet the minimum requirements of the Palestinians and violates all previous agreed terms of reference upon which negotiations were held as well as int'l law. They called on Trump's administration to abide by these terms.
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Five nuggets mined from @POTUS #Israel-#Palestine peace plan that commentators may have missed on a quick reading: 1/6
1) Plan cites 1949 Armistice negotiations as a rationale for Triangle proposal, an #AvigdorLieberman favorite, to transfer 10 #Arab towns/villages from #Israel to #Palestine. Imagine if Palestinian negotiators cited '49 precedent to claim land currently inside #Israel? p. 13 2/6
2) Despite affirmation of the "same governance regime that exists today" for #Jerusalem holy sites -- and despite #Trump's appeal to #Jordan's king yesterday -- plan does not specifically endorse special #Hashemite role in preserving holy sites. p. 16 3/6
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