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Left: Sherkessi Villa of Palestinian entrepreneur, Ibrahim Haqqi, in Qatamon, #Jerusalem 1930

Right: The villa today as the headquarters of the Zionist "International Christian Embassy Jerusalem."

In 1948, Zionist militias attacked Qatamon, forcing its Christian population out ImageImage
2\ The Sherkessi villa was 1 of the most luxurious Palestinian villas in #Jerusalem; with unique architecture & captivating beauty.

When Israel was founded, the owner & his 7 kids were permanently made refugees in Jordan.

They have not been able to even visit since 1948. ImageImage
3\ The owner's eldest son, Hani, keeps a portrait of his father's "Sherkessi Villa" at his home.

Returning was his mother Qudsiya's dream, a native of #Jerusalem.

He remembers every little detail in the house; his parents room; the washing area; the fountain..

He can't return! Image
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🧵#Israeli public streets & monuments named after convicted terrorists who are now deemed "National Heroes & Martyrs."

The Mordechai Alkahi street in #Jerusalem: named in honor of a member of the terrorist Irgun militia who was sentenced to death by the British. ImageImage
2\ Shlomo Ben-Yosef street in #Jerusalem - Israel: named after a convicted terrorist member of the Irgun who attacked a bus full of civilians & was sentenced to death.

#Israel erected a monument honoring his bravery in Safed with the line "To die or conquer the mountain." ImageImageImage
3\ Yehiel Dresner street in Tel-Aviv: named after a convicted terrorist member of the Irgun militia who took part in attacking the Lydda railway station, where 4 Palestinian civilians & 2 British security personnel were killed & several buildings were blown up. ImageImage
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LYING IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! #Israel has been falsely claiming this footage shows the mother of the #Jerusalem shooter "celebrating."


It shows Raed Abu Saif's mom. Raed was killed by the IDF 2 years ago!

The shooter's mom has been under arrest since the incident!
2\ #Israel's police itself has posted that they arrested the shooter's parents on the same night & sealed their home for punitive demolition!

That doesn't stop Israel from lying so blatantly to dehumanize Palestinians & legitimize further oppressing them!
3\ Today, an #Israeli court extended the arrest of the Jerusalem shooter's mom until Tuesday.

So they knew she wasn't the woman in the video handing out candy & "celebrating," but lied anyway to score some cheap points!
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#Israel drones, in coordination with the #US, attacked in #Isfahan and other parts of #Iran is retaliation to the attack in #Jerusalem where 7 Israeli were killed and 10 others wounded.

Nothing new: #Iran and #Israel have been at war for the last 43 years.+
Every attack #Israel carried out in #Syria, #Iran responded, without claiming its responsibility, in #Palestine.

There is no large-scale war expected, but rather intelligence attacks on both sides.
#Iran doesn't need to retaliate to the drone attacks because it has already hit #Israel quietly. However, it doesn't mean that the #Jersulam attack will be the last one: far from it.
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🧵on "East" #Jerusalem

1) People are trying to justify yesterday's horrific attack on Jews (as they exited synagoguge prayers during the holiest day of the week) by saying it took place in "East" #Jerusalem, a term made up by #Jordan when they occupied this land in 1948
2) Did you know that Batn Al-Hawa حي بطن الهوى the largest part of Silwan #Jerusalem was established by #Yemeni Jews in 1881? The land was purchased by the Ezrat Nidachim charity fund and included synagogues, yeshivas, and many homes
3) Here is a picture from 1890 showing Yemeni Jews (with our famous sidecurls) working the fields, with the Yemeni neighborhood in the background
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JUST IN: #BNNArgentina Reports.

Argentine Foreign Ministry @CancilleriaARG condemned the attacks on a #Jerusalem synagogue and the #Azerbaijani embassy.

#Argentina #Politics
The Argentine Foreign Ministry condemned "in the strongest terms" the attack that took place in a synagogue in Jerusalem, as a result of which at least seven people died and others were wounded.
A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry expressed that "Argentina reiterates its firm condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations".
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WATCH: #BNNIsrael Reports.

According to Israeli police and medics, at least two people were shot and injured in a shooting attack outside #Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday morning.

#Israel #Crime
The Magen David Adom ambulance service said its medics treated two people on Ma'alot Ir David Street in the capital, near the Silwan neighborhood in East Jerusalem, before transporting them to the Shaare Zedek hospital.
The injured were identified as two men, 23 and 47 years old, who were in moderate to serious condition, according to paramedics.

Police stated that the attacker had been "neutralised," but provided no further information about his condition.
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WATCH: #BNNPalestine Reports.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in spontaneous demonstrations across the #GazaStrip to celebrate the #Jerusalem attack calling it revenge for the killing of nine Palestinians in Jenin on Thursday.

#Palestine #Israel #War
Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem also justified the attack as "retaliation and a natural response" to the killing of nine Palestinians in Jenin.
The attack heightened tensions that were already high after the deadly military raid in Jenin, West Bank, that killed nine people, including a 61-year-old woman.

It was the West Bank's deadliest single raid in two decades.
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• At least 7 Israelis killed at synagogue in Jerusalem

• Gunman may be from terrorist org Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade

• Comes after IDF killed 9 Islamic Jihad terrorists last night

• Palestinians handing out candy in celebration of dead Israelis.🧵 ⬇️…
Palestinians in Jenin celebrating tonight's shooting attack in #Jerusalem at a mourning tent from militants killed last night, chanting: “Revenge came even before the days of mourning were over."
Here is video from Gaza, announcing over the loud speakers celebrating the terrorist attack in Jerusalem:
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🚨🇮🇱 #Israele. Almeno cinque persone uccise in una sparatoria nel quartiere di Neve Yaakov a #Gerusalemme. Tensione alle stelle.
L'assalitore avrebbe preso di mira una sinagoga. Il bilancio delle vittime è in aumento: Channel 12 parla di 8 morti. Il terrorista sarebbe stato "neutralizzato".

🚨🇮🇱#Hamas plaude all'attentato alla sinagoga a #Gerusalemme. Condanna degli Stati Uniti: "Attacco spaventoso".
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BREAKING: At least seven people have been killed in a suspected terrorist shooting attack in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in Jerusalem on Friday evening. #Israel
Video purportedly showing the moment of the attack in Jerusalem. Gunshots can heard in the background. #Israel
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#BREAKING Several wounded in shooting incident in Jerusalem
#BREAKING Some of the wounded are in critical condition, the assailant is neutralized
#BREAKING 10 wounded in Jerusalem shooting incident, which police say it is a suspected terror attack
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#Gaza: muore di cancro metastatico dopo aver aspettato 5 mesi un permesso per sottoporsi a radioterapia in Cisgiordania.
#Israel lo ha concesso quando ormai era incurabile. ⬇1/8

#Palestine #ApartheidIsrael #IsraeliOccupation #15gennaio #HumanRights…
"Mahmoud al-Kurd, di #DeirAlBalah nella Striscia di #Gaza, è morto il 16 dicembre 2022 all'età di 45 anni per un cancro ai polmoni in stadio avanzato che si era diffuso al cervello.
Ha lasciato una moglie e 6 figli, il più grande Muhammad (20), il più piccolo 'Obaydah (7). ⬇2
Nell'agosto 2020, gli erano stati riscontrati dei tumori maligni nei polmoni e nella gola.
Si è sottoposto a chemioterapia in vari ospedali della Striscia di Gaza, ma le sue condizioni sono peggiorate. ⬇3
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1\ Activists daring to raise the Palestinian flag at the #Israeli pro-democracy demonstrations tonight were at risk of assault by both the police & fellow protesters who think that "democracy to all" is too controversial & outrageous.
2\ Here, a pro-democracy protester blocks the Channel 14 cameraman from filming the Palestinian flag in #TelAviv. The protester then accused the cameraman of assault.
3\ Israeli pro-democracy protesters were forcefully preventing a protester from waving the Palestinian flag at the Azrieli Junction #TelAviv.
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#Israeli settlers desecrate Christian graves in #Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s Anglican Archbishop Hosam Naoum described the vandalism of the Protestant cemetery as a 'clear hate crime'…
Palestinian graves in the Protestant Mount Zion Cemetery in occupied east Jerusalem were desecrated by two Israeli settlers on Sunday, 1 January.…
In a press release, Archbishop Hosam Naoum condemned the vandalism of the revered Protestant cemetery on Mount Zion in the occupied city.…
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I hesitated before stepping into this minefield.
1/ Reaction focused on 2 points: Extremism associated with Ben Gvir and possible change in status quo (can cause war). Additionally, many Arabs were angry over Jewish access to what they believe is Muslim religious compound.
2/ Extremism or not of Ben Gvir is not the issue. Arabs get angry at all Jews — deemed extremist or moderate — who walk through this compound, call these walks “storming” of compound, describe Jews as “settlers.”
3/ Change of status quo means permanent demolition/building of structures in this disputed area. It does not include access of non-Muslims. Questions thus becomes: Why are non-Muslims not allowed access into the compound?
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🧵on Jews of #Syria سُورِيَة 🇸🇾

1) #Syrian Jews are one of the most ancient and indigenous communities of the Middle East

#Jews first arrived in Syria from #Jerusalem during the time of King David, over 3,000 years ago
2) A large and influential Jewish community was first established in Damascus. During the rule of the Byzantine Empire, the community was led by Rabbi Rafram Bar Papa, son of Babylonian Rabbi Rav Pappa, who is cited often in the Talmud
3) The Jewish community of Aleppo was established during the 5th Century

It would become one of the most influential communities in the Jewish world, as its scholars and liturgical traditions would later be embraced by the rest of Sephardic Jewry
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#IsraeliCrimes #NOannexation

La Corte internazionale di giustizia dovrà decidere se quella di #Israel in #Palestine sia occupazione o annessione.
"Spoiler per L'Aia: è annessione." ⬇1/17

#1gennaio #ApartheidIsrael #IsraeliOccupation #ZionismIsRacism…
"L'Assemblea generale delle Nazioni Unite ha votato venerdì per chiedere alla Corte internazionale di giustizia dell'Aia un parere consultivo sulle conseguenze legali dell'occupazione israeliana della Cisgiordania e di Gerusalemme est. ⬇2
In altre parole, le Nazioni Unite chiedono alla Corte di aiutarla a decidere se sia ancora possibile definire il controllo israeliano sui territori come "occupazione", che è temporanea, o se si tratti di fatto di annessione.
Il processo dovrebbe durare da uno a due anni. ⬇3
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Left: Hanna Basharat with his family in front of the villa he built in Talbiya in #Jerusalem in 1926.

The Zionist Haganah militia took the villa in 1948

In 1960s, Israel's Foreign Minister Golda Meir lived in the villa.
In 1969 she said "There was no such thing as Palestinians"
2\ Hanna tried to reclaim his house in Israeli courts, but to no avail!

In the villa, lived #Israel's labor minister Mordechai Namir, then Foreign Minister Golda Meir, then Knesset Speaker Kadish Luz, Supreme Court Judge Zvi Berenson, & Finance Ministry official Shlomo Arazi.
3\ In 1977, Hanna's grandson Prof. George Bisharat attempted to visit the Jerusalem villa were his father Dr. Maurice was born.

He rang the doorbell & explained the story to the old Israeli woman that answered.
She shrugged "Your family never lived here."
His pain was compounded
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Left: Abla Dajani, 18, at her home in #Jerusalem in 1948

Right: Abla, now 92, walks past her old home like a stranger. It's been taken over by Israelis since 1948

"A lifetime of beautiful memories hit me with a force that took my breath away... [but] I was not allowed to enter" ImageImage
2\ Abla's family fled to Egypt in 1948, thinking they would return in a few days.

Her father was allowed into the neighborhood a week later with a special permit he got through the Belgian ambassador, but only to visit, not return.

He found another family in their home. Image
3\ "All furniture & family belongings had been stolen, including the jewelry that my mom hid in the window shutters." Abla recalled, "The only things surviving the robbery were the family albums that I cherish till this day."

#Israel never allowed the family to claim their home. Image
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🧵on Jews of #Yemen ٱلْيَمَن 🇾🇪

The #Jews of Yemen are one of the most ancient and indigenous communities of the Middle East

Our community first arrived in the Arabian peninsula prior to the destruction of the First Temple in #Jerusalem, over 2,500 years ago Image
2) Depite the geographic distance from other Jewish communities, Yemeni Jews preserved authentic traditions of Judaism as well as pronounication of the Hebrew language

As such, we are not Sephardic, but rather have our own unique branch of traditions Image
3) One example is wearing of the prayer shawl (talith) on the left shoulder at all times, not only during prayer

You'll see notice this in all pictures from Yemen Image
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🧵on Jews of Djerba جربة 🇹🇳

1) Djerba, an island off the coast of #Tunisia, is home to one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world, and the 2nd largest in the Arab world

Jews have lived on this island for over 2,500 years
2) Jews found refuge in Dejrba following the destruction of the First Temple in #Jerusalem

The high priest Tzadok (Kings I 2:35) along with his fellow Kohanim escaped to this distant Island and settled there. They carried stones from the altar as a memoir of the destruction
3) As such, this community is mostly made up of Kohanim. Genetic tests show the vast majority of the community share a common ancestor with Cohens from other communities across the world, both in MENA and Europe

Djerba is popularly know as "The Island of the Kohanim"
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#Iran’s IRGC Aerospace Force colonel Davoud Jafari has been killed in Damascus, #Syria, by a roadside bomb. Retaliation is not excluded very soon #Israel.
No coincidence in the Middle East. Time for #Israel to think twice before carrying out target killing in sovereign states.

2 Bomb Attacks in Jerusalem Kill 1 and Wound at Least 18…
The 2 bomb attacks in #Jerusalem were carried out from a distance, using a mobile phone to trigger the explosions, like the attack against #Iran #IRGC in #Damascus.
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#ApartheidIsrael #IsraeliOccupation

“Un ebreo è un'anima; un arabo è un figlio di puttana.”
La rivolta ebraica di sabato ad #Hebron è solo un'anteprima, purtroppo. ⬇1/14

#21novembre #Israel #Palestine #Razzismo #Fascismo #WestBank #Gaza #Jerusalem…
"Le centinaia di israeliani che sabato hanno causato disordini ad #Hebron lo hanno fatto con la chiara consapevolezza di essere i proprietari della terra e che ora è "il momento di Itamar #BenGvir". ⬇2
Circa 32mila ebrei si sono recati in città per celebrare la preghiera della Torah di Chayei Sarah.

La polizia aveva annunciato di essersi preparata in anticipo per l'evento.
Ma in un luogo ⬇3
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