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Messi tenía una firma y 400 millones de motivos para decir que sí a Arabia, pero en las próximas horas firmará para el #InterdeMiami. La ‘intrahistoria’ del astro argentino con los árabes. ABRO HILO ⬇️ Image
Hace un mes, el viaje a #Riad de Leo con su padre #JorgeMessi fue noticia porque el PSG sancionó al jugador con una suspensión de 2 semanas. ¿Cuál era el motivo del viaje? Firmar un ‘pre-contrato’ para lo que se conoce el proyecto ‘Saudi 2030’. Image
En los últimos tiempos, jugadores como #CristianoRonaldo, #Benzema y #Kanté han sido una gran publicidad en el mundo para el deporte árabe que quiere ver crecer su movimiento en vista de la asignación del Mundial 2030. ImageImage
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Wall Street Journal goes to bat for the vultures who want to steal your house; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ A Georgian eviction scene i...
Tonight (5/6) at 7:15PM, I'm at the #BritishLibrary with my book *Red Team Blues* for an event hosted by @Marthalanefox:…

Tomorrow 6/6, I'm doing a remote panel on #interoperability for @rightscon:…

2/ Image
Wall Street Journal goes to bat for the vultures who want to steal your house: When the editorial page leaks into the news.

3/ Image
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The start of meteorological summer. It's also the start of the 17th month which has seen war in #Ukraine.
It's Day 463 of #Russia's illegal war and Thursday is another day which has started with murder in #Kyiv.

All the important news and analysis in one thread, starts here:
First, a quick reminder that you can access all yesterday's developments in #Ukraine in this link to the start of Wednesday's thread⬇️

Thanks to all my followers, boosters, story suggesters and financial supporters (see my profile for the link)

1/ Attack on #Kyiv

The first day of summer is Children's Day in #Ukraine. Yesterday schools closed for the summer.
In the first few hours of this special day, an 11 year old child was killed, murdered by #Russia's missiles, along with two adults in their 30s.

#StopRussia ImageImage
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The American Jewish Congress released a statement on May 8, 2023 on Bashar Al Assad rejoining the Arab League. This is a good time to recall why this is not a good idea after #Assad attended an Arab Summit in #SaudiArabia over the weekend. Read this #thread⬇️/1

The #AmericanJewishCongress is alarmed that efforts are underway to rehabilitate #BasharAssad. Before any normalization, Assad needs to talk to the opposition, eliminate #Iran presence in #Syria, and initiate a political transition in accordance with UNSCR 2254. /2
Sharing our concerns about rehabilitating #BasharAlAssad is more than half of Syria’s population displaced by #Assad’s actions over the past decade, says @JackRosenNYC, President of #AmericanJewishCongress. /3
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Jordanians want sanctions on Syria lifted

Jordan's exports to Syria increased by 23% during the first 7 months of 2022, but are not close to prewar levels.

Jordanian economists demand that the Caesar Act that disrupted trade be lifted.…
“The international sanctions on #Syria must be lifted, and Jordanian-Syrian economic relations must return to the status quo ante,” wrote Musa Al Saket, a member of the Amman Chamber of Commerce.
“The sanctions are unfair to our economy & the Syrian people,” he wrote. “Twelve years since the war broke out, more than 90% of the #Syria population lives below the poverty line, with limited access to food and medicine. This is a major catastrophe,” Saket added:
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There is a controversial HUGE secret hidden in plain sight all around the world.

But as much artifacts that could be was carted away and hidden beneath places like the #Smithsonian institute & the #vatican.
[they] hid the traces of GIANTS from us as much as possible.
Taking exhaustive measures by removing bones from "indian" mounds, relics, artifacts, texts and countless archaeological relics of these GIANTS to cover up the massive truth of our real past.
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Syrian world war? Is the label correct? Or is it a Syrian revolution between the people and the regime? We will see that in this thread about the statistics of the number of foreign fighters who came to support the Syrian revolution and 👇1️⃣ Image
bring democracy from their countries full of "freedom", and others wanted to establish (the Islamic State)
An American document revealed that the total number of foreign terrorists who flocked to Syria reached 171,400, half of them from Arab countries, and 2️⃣👇 Image
that the Syrian army and its allies alone killed 51,910 of them, and 33,847 of them went missing.
As for a study by the European Ferrel Center, it found that the number of foreigners fighting in Syria from April 2011 until the end of 2015 reached 👇3️⃣ Image
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Jordan benefits from lavish assistance from the US, its far-and-away largest provider of aid. That it gets away so easily with harboring a killer of Americans shames all those involved. That certainly includes the news industry, the think-tanks and the analysts who cover it up.
So where's the outrage? Americans including our child were murdered in an act of savagery for which a fugitive terrorist takes open credit. Years go by and most of America's senior political figures pretend not to notice that #Jordan shelters #AhlamTamimi. This is bizarre. Image
Both sides of US politics ignore it. The fugitive says it's about religion, yet most human rights orgs steer clear. We're not into conspiracies but this is black and white. Justice is trampled and the silence from the many we've approached for support is crushingly consistent. Image
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Since Russian funded terrorists from #Hezbollah are killing Jews in #Israel today and both Russia and #Palestine cheer, it’s time to revisit this special antisemitic brotherhood. 🧵

So I supported Palestine on human rights argument. Among my friends much support also for 🇵🇸
1. Because we believed that this generation should not be guilty for crimes of its people in past. And what of these crimes? #Palestine and it’s supporters will tell you that all of this violence is because Israel stole land almost 80 years ago. Land that has been in dispute
2. Among three religions for eons by way. But what they leave out is that Palestinian territory was home of both Jews and Muslims during WWII. It is these Muslims who sided with Nazi Germany to eradicate, genocide Palestinian Jews. ImageImage
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A quartet memo of understanding was signed on Monday between #Syria, #Iraq, #Lebanon & #Jordan for cooperation in agricultural field & the promotion of trade exchange in a way that would achieve agricultural integration between the four countries.
The memo which was signed at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus also includes enhancing cooperation in the agricultural field, & exchange of experiences, information, successful agricultural experiences & the management of nature reserves & gardens.
The memo stuplates cooperation in the field of fighting fires, climate change, rural development, agricultural extension, production, animal health and veterinary medicines.
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Normalizing #Assad; cntn’d…

#Syria & #Saudi_Arabia have agreed to reopen their embassies after cutting diplomatic ties more than a decade ago; a step that would mark a leap forward in Damascus's return to the Arab fold.”…
“The decision was the result of talks in #Saudi_Arabia with a senior #Syrian intelligence official.
A Gulf diplomat said a high-ranking Syrian intelligence official "stayed for days" in Riyadh & agreement was struck to reopen embassies "very soon".”
“One regional source identified the official as #Hussam_Louqa, who heads #Syria's #intelligence committee; talks included security on Syria's border w #Jordan & the smuggling of captagon to the Arab #Gulf, from Syria.”
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UAE orders envoy to Israel not to meet with govt officials: Report…
The UAE Foreign Ministry ordered Emirati Ambassador to Israel Mohammed Al Khaja not to meet with any Israeli govt officials or attend events where Israeli ministers & politicians will be present in response to inflammatory comments by Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, Image
who this week said that “there is no such thing as a Palestinian people.”…
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#Syria reiterates its support for #Palestine , #Jordan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity

Syria reaffirmed its stand by the Palestinian people and its support for Jordan’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.
“Syria reaffirms its support for the Palestinian people to obtain all their rights, including the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital”,
-Syrian Foreign Ministry-
Foreign Ministry affirming its support for the sovereignty of the brotherly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its territorial integrity.
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Arab youth delegations visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier… Solidarity Forum begins its activities in Damascus
The Arab student delegations participating in the Arab Solidarity Forum visited Friday morning the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Qasioun Mount in Damascus and laid a wreath of flowers on it.
The Student delegations came from #Lebanon, #Jordan, #Palestine, #Egypt, #Algeria, #Iraq, #Yemen, #Kuwait, #Morocco & #Bahrain in order to show solidarity with #Syria & demand an immediate end to the embargo & unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people.
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“End the Siege”campaign in solidarity with #Syria to launch next Saturday
In solidarity with the #Syrian people, a campaign entitled “End the Siege” will be launched next Saturday, at the initiative of the Arab Forum in Amman, & in cooperation with a group of organizations & figures in the #Arab world, #Europe & #NorthAmerica. Image
The campaign comes in solidarity with the #Syrian people who are suffering from the unilateral measures imposed on their country by the #US & its #European allies, & aims to mobilize efforts to lift the Western blockade on Syria, especially after the recent earthquake. Image
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Shaaban: Damascus is open to relations with all Arab countries
The earthquake disaster proved that the terrorist war waged against the Syrian people has not affected their coexistence, belonging and compassion, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic has affirmed.
In an interview to Russia Today T.V. Channel, Shaaban noted that there is a positive Arab rapprochement towards Syria, and Damascus is open to relations with all Arab countries.
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How ISLAMIZATION occurs when
there are sufficient MUSLIMS in a country.... #Thread

When culturally diverse societies agree to 'the reasonable'
Muslim demands for their 'religious rights,' they also get the other components under
the table. Here's how it works...👇🏻👇🏻 Image
📍 As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will
be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone.

(#UnitedStates --1.0%; #Australia --1.5%; #Canada --1.9%; #China --1%-2%; #Italy --1.5%;
#Norway --1.8%)
📍 At 2% and 3% Muslims begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected
groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

(#Denmark --2%;
#Germany --3.7%; #UnitedKingdom --2.7%; #Spain --4%; #Thailand --4.6%)
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Northwestern #Syria#Idlib & #Aleppo in particular — have suffered 12yrs of brutal conflict. More than 65% of the basic infrastructure of the area is destroyed or heavily damaged.

Tonight’s earthquake couldn’t have hit a more vulnerable region.

An absolute disaster.
Utterly horrific reports coming from all across NW #Syria - every town I’ve heard from has dozens of buildings flattened. People stuck under the rubble.

Any many, many casualties — including children.

@SyriaCivilDefe will be heroes tonight, working amid heavy rain & sleet.
I’ve heard from x3 hospitals in #Idlib & N. #Aleppo — all are full, every bed taken by emergency cases following tonight’s earthquake.

As rescuers & civilians seek to extract people & belongings from rubble, there’s mass panic about aftershocks.

@SyriaCivilDefe stretched thin.
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#earthquake with epicenter reportedly in #Turkey was felt throughout the region. Many people i know woke up to the shake. Some went into streets. #lebanon #jordan #Syria
This is strongest #earthquake I felt since #egypt’s 1992 destructive one. In #beirut, waking up in middle of night to shaking building brought back terrifying memories of #aug4 #beirutblast in 2020. Where to hide?
This time, I am in a new building with 2 four-legged dependents and no @leenasaidi to pull me out of house. It took a few minutes to regain composure. Still contemplating what to do with drake and smudge
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🧵on "East" #Jerusalem

1) People are trying to justify yesterday's horrific attack on Jews (as they exited synagoguge prayers during the holiest day of the week) by saying it took place in "East" #Jerusalem, a term made up by #Jordan when they occupied this land in 1948
2) Did you know that Batn Al-Hawa حي بطن الهوى the largest part of Silwan #Jerusalem was established by #Yemeni Jews in 1881? The land was purchased by the Ezrat Nidachim charity fund and included synagogues, yeshivas, and many homes
3) Here is a picture from 1890 showing Yemeni Jews (with our famous sidecurls) working the fields, with the Yemeni neighborhood in the background
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Over 235 million Captagon pills were seized in MENA in 2022, an absolute record. Over 90% of seizures done by 4 countries (3 of them bordering #Syria):
- #KSA: 108 M
- Jordan: 54.5 M
- Iraq: 31 M
- Turkey: 21.3 M
$ billions that won't finance Assad's Regime.
#Jordan did a first, modest, Captagon seizure this year. Jordanian forces raided a location in an area bordering #Syria & found around 100,000 pills. 3 arrested. Image
#KSA made the first major Captagon seizure of the year. Over 3 million pills, hidden in a secret cavity inside a truck, were confiscated. 3 arrested. ImageImageImage
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מחאת המשאיות 🚛🚚 - מה קורה בממלכת #ירדן? 🇯🇴⛽
מה הסיפור ואיך הכל התחיל?
לאחרונה, עלו מחירי הדלק במדינה.
בשנת 2012 היו שתי העלאות במחירי ה #דלק. ההעלאה השנייה (10%) שהייתה אמורה להעלות את המחיר לליטר לדינר (כ1.4$ בזמנו) הוציאה את הירדנים לרחובות וכמעט והופלה הממשלה. >>
ב2012 ההחלטה הושעתה ע"י המלך והסערה שקטה, לבינתיים.
באמצע דצמבר 2022 שוב התקבלה החלטה להעלאת מחירי הדלק אלא שהפעם מחיר הדלק הוא כבר 5 דינר לליטר מאחר וירדן כבר אינה מסוגלת לסבסד את הדלק. מסיבה זו, המלך #עבדאללה השני לא יכול לעצור את ההעלאה במחי החלטה כמו בפעם הקודמת. >>
עם משכורת ממוצעת של הרבה פחות מ2000 ש''ח העלאה כזאת היא בלתי אפשרית עבור הירדני הפשוט.
נהגי המשאיות, הנפגעים הראשונים מעליית המחירים, לא מסוגלים לעמוד בזה. פשוט לא משתלם להם להיכנס למשאית ולהניע.
כאן חשוב לזכור ולהזכיר ש #ירדן תלויה במשאיות כמו אוויר לנשימה.
רק שני שדות תעופה >>
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מוקדש לורדי... @bIZigikifC3IagS
#الجزم_السينائي.... או בעברית 'ורדית #סיני'.🐦
הציפור הלאומית של #ירדן 🇯🇴
#ציפור קטנה עם גוון ורדרד-כתמתם שנפוצה באיזור המדברי מסיני בואכה סעודיה.
היא משגעת את ירדן. הבנק המרכזי של הממלכה הודיע על שטרות חדשים וקשים יותר לזיוף>>
וגם על עיצוב חדש לשטר בשווי של #דינר אחד: הציפור הלאומית תחליף את הלוחמים והדגל מהמרד הערבי.
המרד המדובר הוא המרד של שבטים #ערבים בעזרת והכוונת הבריטים ובראשם תומאס אדוארד לורנס המוכר כלורנס איש ערב, כנגד האמפריה העות'מאנית במהלך מלחמת העולם הראשונה. זו ראשיתה של הלאומיות הערבית השטר הישן והחדש...🇯🇴🐦
ושל מדינות הלאום הערביות. אז עם כל הכבוד לציפור...
וביננו? זה רק שמן למדורה של חוסר השקט הקיים עכשיו במדינה דווקא בקרב #בדואים.
אז אם אתם בדרך לצ'יינג' חשוב שתדעו שהשטר החדש בשימוש כבר יומיים...
#ירדן #הממלכה_ההאשמית #ורדית_סיני
#Jordan #bank
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2022 in #EastMed - The year’s main energy developments wrapped up in a thread 🧵

#Discoveries, #Borders, #Licensing, #Deals, #Infrastructure and more 👇

🇨🇾 Zeus (op. ENI), 2-3 Tcf
🇨🇾 Cronos (ENI), 2.5 Tcf
🇪🇬 Narges (Chevron), est. 3.5 Tcf
🇪🇬 Meleiha (ENI), 8,500 BOED
🇮🇱 Athena (Energean), 0.4 Tcf
🇮🇱 Hermes (Energean), 0.2-0.5 Tcf
🇮🇱 Zeus (Energean), 0.47 Tcf

Maps: Mees, Energean
More discoveries may be announced soon. Ongoing exploration wells in:

🇮🇱 Hercules (Energean)
🇪🇬 Thuraya (ENI)
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