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Chapter 11

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

is titled,

“Culture War Allegory:

“Reversing the Invasion of the Body Follow or Not to Follow the Script”

THREAD…… #FBR #psychology #history

CW22 11/1
“[*Chapter 11 text begins:*] The film, *Pleasantville*, is a postmodern sociological allegory or fable released in 1998.”

READ &/or dwl entire BOOK free AT SITE... #Midterms #psychology #history #Fifties #Psychohistory #parenting #HumanNature

CW22 11/2
“*Not So Pleasantville*

“It begins in then-current time against a backdrop of the usual violence, chaos, & turbulence that we are conditioned by the media to believe characterized the Nineties in America.”

READ/DWL BOOK...… #psychology #history

CW22 11/3
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"As the world prepares to invest trillions of dollars in quelling climate change, we must focus on a just transition by ensuring that climate solutions also uplift those who are most impacted." -- Yusuf Jameel, Project Drawdown…
Forging Venezianita: La Serenissima’s Tortured Relationship with its Byzantine DNA…
#VenetianHistory, #AcademicStudy, #ByzantineBackground
Shifts in regional water availability due to global tree restoration | Nature Geoscience…
#TreeRestoration, #WaterAvailability, #RegionalShifts, #HydrologicalEffects
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Good morning everyone!! 🌞
Here is a small thread on a beautiful #allegory based upon the Chinese Bamboo .

An allegory that teaches us #patience,#persistence,#hope,#habits, #Growth & Life in general. Image
The seeds require to be nurtured with love and care for no less than 5 years without showing any results. The first 4 years solely consist of nurturing & tending with NO SIGNS OF GROWTH. But the farmer goes about his job out of habit .+
In the 5 th yr all of a sudden it begins its exponential growth & shoots to over 90ft in just 6 weeks.
Miraculous , ain't it? 🙂
The farmer tends without knowing the outcome every single day with the same amount of love & concern .He never gives up. He keeps his habit.
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1/ Universal Avatar on Bitcoin & Paymail.

The thread attempts to elucidate the nuances involved regarding on-chain identity, self-sovereignty, security & privacy.
2/ I have great respect for @_unwriter for his significant contributions. This is a focused critique on Bitpic-Paymail solution.

Building a decentralized avatar on Paymail, is building on shaky ground.
@_unwriter 3/

The user’s (Paymail PKI) public key is not stored on-chain (cannot as well) and is issued/authorized by the Paymail service provider, while the bitpic provider stores the mapping of paymailID 🡘 publickey 🡘 signed_avatar.
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Consider my humble raise for concern.

#paymail protocol lacks user privacy, restricts user freedom & its security is inadequate. Building on a federated model with heavy reliance on 3rd party API is archaic.

@shadders333 @connolly_dan @ryanxcharles @JamesBelding @derekm00r3
@shadders333 @connolly_dan @ryanxcharles @JamesBelding @derekm00r3 DNSSEC/ DNS-over-TLS is not a panacea, and it contains many practical issues.

Moreover why should Bitcoin tx. security depend on a centralized top down certificate hierarchy anyway, a new more robust model is possible.
@shadders333 @connolly_dan @ryanxcharles @JamesBelding @derekm00r3 Needing to trust the 3rd party #paymail provider to generate a genuine unique address is unsettling, esp. for high value transactions.

Threats from spoofing, DNS/DNSSEC/TLS vulnerabilities, service provider breach (hacker) or going rogue etc. are real.
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