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Nuit surréaliste aux #EtatsUnis. Le gouverneur du Wisconsin Evers avait déplacé le scrutin prévu aujourd'hui au 9 juin à cause de la flambée du #coronavirus. La Cour Suprême locale et la Cour Suprême nationale à majorité conservatrice l'ont déjugé. Et #Trump s'en réjouit.
2) Evers le gouverneur du Wisconsin, face au début de l'épidémie dans l'Etat, a promulgué 1 décret exécutif qui reportait les élections prévues ce jour à cause de l'urgence sanitaire #Covid_19 au 9 juin et permettait 1 extension de la date du vote postal.…
3) Les républicains, majoritaires à l'assemblée locale, ont dénié l'autorité du gouverneur Evers à pouvoir reporter l'élection en juin et la Cour Suprême locale à majorité conservatrice leur a donné raison sur ce point.
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Here we go, student!

It's DAY FOUR of #ComicsSchool!

Today, we have some cool stuff coming!

We have some guest professors, we will talk about your midterms, we will discuss some comics vocabulary...

…and more!

Stuff is going to be coming at you very fast, the time for introductions is over. Cool?
Let's go!

Now, I asked you to write a #FirstPage with minimal guidelines. I did that on purpose, I want you to try things, then see how they might be done with lots of experience. Then I asked you to revise that first page.

Did you feel you made it better?
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Since the 2018 #midterms I have been writing about how the 2020 nominee must be the 2024 incumbent. Over a year later people are starting to get it. If Democrats nominate Biden, Bernie or Bloomberg, it is a one-term presidency. And the new young Freedom Caucus GOP win 2024.
At the midterms I investigated how many presidents have died in office and/or had heart attacks and strokes. It's not ageism: Age IS a factor and Bernie proved that point when he had a near-fatal heart attack Oct.1. Fortunately, he got emergency surgery that saved his life.
But it is obvious how frail Biden is compared even to Bernie and Bloomberg, who are the same age. These men are all running for one term. Which leaves Democrats much more vulnerable in 2024. Read my investigation here:…
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Le #breaking de taille de la nuit US, confirmant que #Trump est dans la meilleure passe de sa présidence. La #CourSuprême autorise l'administration, durant les procédures d'appel, à utiliser les fonds du Pentagone pour construire le mur anti-#immigration…
2) Tant de choses à dire sur cette décision de la #CourSuprême, à la majorité des 5 juges conservateurs, qui lève la suspension provisoire d'usage des fonds du Pentagone ordonnée par la cour d'appel du 9e circuit, d'abord sur l'équilibre des pouvoirs et les checks and balances...
3) Tout d'abord, comme on l'écrivait cette semaine après l'audition parlementaire ratée de #Mueller, #Trump bénéficie de la "ré-impérialisation" de la présidence US qu'il parachève après la parenthèse du Watergate…
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Folks who have never been disappointed in men sure do get disappointed in women easily.
Pelosi won the #midterms, told candidates they could dis her if it helped them win, had to fight a DINO crew to remain Speaker while Schumer, who failed, got a pass.
But yeah--it's "painful."
It would be great to have impeachment begun. But while Biden has totally derailed the primary for weeks with his claims of being Harris's and Booker's victim and only today gave a tepid apology, Pelosi is just doggedly working to get to 2020 and win. That should be the focus.
Pelosi is Speaker through Jan 2021. If folks still think she, not Trump, McConnell, GOP or Schumer, is the problem at that time, then someone MORE progressive, not LESS, with as much ability to garner votes should run to replace her. But strive to separate politics from misogyny.
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Misleading headline. This piece describes a 3-person race: Bernie Biden & Buttigieg. The only woman mentioned is #HillaryClinton--who is blamed for thwarting Sanders by daring to win in a landslide in 2016.
Dem race shows signs it could get nasty…
Framing a 20+ candidate race as a battle between the two oldest people to ever run and their factions exemplifies what is wrong with much of the MSM coverage of 2020. Now it's the women candidates being ignored.
The failure to understand either how to report on women candidates or consider them as viable nominees is egregious. Ignoring the facts of 2016 and the results of the #midterms is shoddy and sexist. The media narrative fronts for white men, always dismissing the women.
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Like countless others, I've battled with depression and anxiety this past couple few years

I used to be a happy hippie

There's been times where I wanted to throw the towel in

Times where I've felt alone, powerless & hopeless

But I hide it by making jokes and staying busy

For me, it isn't Trump

A snake is going to be a snake

For me it's the people, and the elected officials who have not only condoned Trump's bigotry and behavior

They've supported and even protected it

These are the actions that I will simply never understand

So I do what others do

I fight it every step of the way, when I'm able to do so

I self medicate, I take breaks, I surround myself with the people who continue to constantly amaze me, but it's still extremely difficult

This aint like no "marathon" I've ever seen

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The 2020 Democratic Presidential primary is underway with a large field including five women! Many have discussed conversations with the 2016 Democratic Primary winner @HillaryClinton but Bernie Sanders went on @TheView this morning to emphasize his political differences /1
In particular Bernie emphasized that he got more youth votes in the primary than Trump and Hillary combined saying "We brought a lot of young people into the process." While its true that Bernie got a high youth vote in the primaries does that really mean he brought ppl in? /2
Bernie won 71% of the youth vote in the 2016 Democratic primary compared to Obama winning 60% in 2008 but turnout was lower in the 2016 Democratic primary (though still high compared to others). Therefore its unlikely Bernie actually brought too many young voters into the process
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I put this thread up Friday. Few RTs because #disability ♿ and #poverty are boring to people who aren't living it.

That's a real problem in America.

Yet my mentions were full of people facing the same struggle --the fear, frustration and isolation.

The failure to prioritize sick & #disabled people in America is an actual catastrophe for millions. We already know nearly all of America's #homeless suffer from some #disability.

Also, 81M disabled & 131M chronically ill Americans struggle financially due to medical costs.
When the #GOPTaxScam eviscerated the #ACA mandate, it jacked up the premiums for every sick person in America. Mine went from $239 a month for my HMO to $1,978.10.

The CBO said it would happen and it did. Millions have dropped their health insurance because of these price hikes.
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Before Trump there was a negative influx on the SOUTHERN BORDER with more migration into Mexico than entering America.
—We hadn’t quit the UN’s Human Rights Council
—The US gov’t hadn’t orphaned 1000’s of children
—and Felipe and Jakelin were alive.

Let’s just get rid of Trump.
Before Trump, asylum seekers crossing the SOUTHERN BORDER weren’t criminalized or denied their rightful hearings we provided pursuant to US & international laws.
—Most migrants granted asylum returned to their homeland when it was safe to return.
—Others sought citizenship.
Before Trump, presidents didn’t tour the country
degrading & dehumanizing migrants approaching the SOUTHERN BORDER as “invaders” or a caravan of “diseased,” “vermin,” and “terrorists” to excite their base and turn-out voters in #midterms.

Presidents were decent.
We were proud.
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1/Thread on Govt Funding to Avoid a Shutdown. Congress is back this week, planning to work 2 weeks before adjourning, but facing a 12/7 deadline for continuing funding/a number of fedl executive departments & agencies.…
2/Of 12 regular appropriations bills for exec branch, 5 were enacted in Sept, covering majority/fedl em’ees &/fedl spending. Employees/those depts—including some /largest including DoD, VA, HHS &Labor—are protected from shutdown threat bc full-year funding for them is in place.
3/There’s a bill wrapping together 4/the other measures—covering Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, HUD, the IRS, related agencies, & various science, financial regulatory & central management agencies—remains pending in a House-Senate conference.
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#GOP salivating over someone 6yrs older than Trump with reams of oppo on him and a phalanx of haters among Democrats does not equal "a lot of people." Sanders polls at 12% & #Midterms were about women & POC.

A Lot of People Want Bernie to Run in 2020…
As I wrote a few weeks ago for @damemagazine, 2020 won't be about one term, but two. Any Democrat running for 2020 must be prepared to be an incumbent for 2024. Sanders will be 83 going in.…
The reality that neither Bernie nor Biden wants to face is how neither of them looks all that different from Trump on a debate stage. But the counterbalance between Trump and a woman, especially one 20yrs his junior, would be incredibly stark.
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resist_hashtag_v1.0.11-win64.exe #NPC
Non Player Ballots count too... #NPBs #NPCs #NPCLivesMatter #Midterms
"Another #NPC in the Wall" ~ @Carpedonktum's masterful entry into the InfoWars #NPCMeme Contest
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THREAD: I’ve put together a mini Midterms version of the Trump Fundraging analysis, focused mainly on the last few days before Election Day (Oct 29-Nov 6). Please RT!

#Trump #TrumpEmails #Midterms #2018Midterms #2018MidtermElections
From October 29th through November 6th, I got 27 total emails. That’s exactly 3/per day, WAY above the 0.896/day average throughout all of 2018.

I chose Oct 29th for this thread because that’s when they really started picking up.
“Donald J. Trump” dominated the From field most of Oct. In the week before the midterms, they switched to a big mix of surrogates: Donald Trump Jr. (1st email of 2018), Eric Trump (8th), Melania Trump (5th), Lara Trump (23rd), Newt Gingrich (12th), & Brad Parscale (12th).
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Remember that if you are trying to vote at the end of the day: as long as you are in line by the hour the polls close they have to let you stay and vote. If you have any trouble call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) #elections2018 #election #voting #votingrights #vote #midterms
Recuerde que si intenta votar al final del día: siempre que esté en línea para la hora de cierre de las urnas, debe permitirle quedarse y votar. Si tiene algún problema, llame al 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) #Elecciones2018
请记住,如果你想在一天结束时投票:只要你按小时计算投票结果,他们必须让你留下来投票。如果您有任何问题请致电 866-OUR-VOTE(866-687-8683)#Elections2018
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Me until midterms are over.
me for the next two days.
Send me your memes, gifs and pics of you until #midterms are over.
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i'm carb loading to get me through the #midterms.

ok, fine, so i'm carb loading. also, it will help me get through the #midterms.
i guess what i'm trying to say is that carb loading is happening, one way or another.
i plan to make it very difficult for them to deport me as i will be firmly embedded in a rich buttery pie crust.
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THREAD: Here’s every race in 2018 #Midterms where you can vote for weed legalization or against some old asshole blocking legalization. And oh yeah, help save democracy.
In #Michigan, Proposal 18-1 would legalize cannabis including flowers, concentrates and edibles. Plus you can grow 12 plants at home!…
In #Missouri, three competing legalization measures are on the ballot. Measure 2 is backed by local grassroots activists. The other two are pretty sketchy. My colleagues at @Leafly break it down in detail.…
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Why is WAPO dedicated to attacking this movement?
If we aren't a threat—or real—or simply just a conspiracy theory—why the [constant] heavy attacks?

[Information Warfare][IW] (…
#QAnon🦅 @POTUS

Your Country Needs You.
Your Vote Matters!
We, the People.

The Time is Now.
Patriots Fight!
– Ephesians 6:10-18
– Declaration of Independence
We Will Do Our Job to Protect the Vote.
Will You Do Yours?
Will You Answer the Call?
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🇺🇸🗳️ Un thread sur un des aspects les plus passionnants des élections de mi-mandat aux #EtatsUnis : pourquoi le parti du Président subit-il toujours un échec ? #Midterms2018
🇺🇸 Plantons le décor : 40 #midterms se sont déroulées depuis 1862, période lors de laquelle le duopole entre républicains et démocrates se met en place. Le parti du Président a perdu des sièges à la Chambre des Représentants lors de 37 de ces 40 scrutins - 93% des cas.
🇺🇸 Il n’y a donc que trois exceptions à cette implacable mécanique électorale : 1934, 1998 et 2002. Lors de ces scrutins, le parti du Président a gagné des sièges à la Chambre. J’essaierai de revenir dessus.
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1/Jack Burkman is a scary & dangerous conspiracy theorist, he's the guy who spent approx. $25,000, unsuccessfully trying to prove the theory about Seth Rich. Now Burkman's got some nonsense about Robert Mueller. Many witnesses are coming forward today claiming that Burkman
2/ contacted them, telling them that he'd be willing to pay them to claim sex abuse allegations re Mueller. Today, Burkman's tweeted that it's the 'left' trying to defend Mueller, that he never offered money, but the witnesses have email evidence. Important to note that Burkman's
3/got a new Conservative talk show that isn't doing too well, so he's looking for press...and then, you know, Mueller's got the goods on Trump. I maintain that as the #Midterms approach the drama, diversion attempts will grow more and more profound. Keep that in mind, kids.
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