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I just finished reading Shewach et al.'s (in press) meta-analysis of 181 stereotype threat effect sizes (total n = 10,436), published in @APA_Journals's JOURNAL OF APPLIED #PSYCHOLOGY. And it is sobering. 1/…
@APA_Journals First, the strongest effect sizes are found in the stereotype threat studies with the least realistic conditions. As the results get more realistic, the ST effect grows weaker. Studies in real-world settings show zero effect. 2/
@APA_Journals Most stereotype threat studies use low-stakes tests; examinees are likely unmotivated. As they get more motivated, the effect drops. Paying people for good scores eliminates ST.

Stereotype threat probably doesn't generalize to high-stakes tests w/motivated examinees. 3/
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In #psychology, many (or most?) studies are based on data gathered from an exclusively Western cultural context. For example, in an English writing course, the professor had a topic about what male facial features women are most attracted to.
The conclusion of the study he used is that women are most attracted to squarely, hypermasculine facial features. I was like "Eh? Hardly any woman raised in East Asia would be attracted to facial features of that sort. And the professor was ethnic Chinese.
Judging from his look and the way he talked, though, he was the thoroughly assimilated sort. Tons of ethnic Chinese born in Canada, on the other hand, speak Mandarin so fluently without accent that you literally can't tell they were born there.
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Evaluative criteria is key to resolving replicability crises in social psychology. "This is interesting" & "This is conclusive" are, obviously, not the same. I think it recommends the recalibration of standards we use to determine & judge reliability and conclusions. #psychology
At face value, the common logical fault of "jumping to conclusions" is a first mistake, not, perhaps so much on the part of a study, if it admits inconclusive results, but of a reader looking for support of a pet theory or hypothesis.
Another logical fault, "appeal to authority", can also be operating in an evaluative process. It relates to the previous fault in statements like, "Look, a published study, it must be authoritative." This compound error skips over disclaimers that reject claims of conclusion.
Read 8 tweets… A meta-analysis of 14 RCTs 🙄 for #BPD found that Treatment As Usual (TAU) helped a bit, Major finding given that #TAU is meant to be a control/inert treatment in #RCTs. This finding suggests more #research on the nature of TAU is needed. Brand new study!
While on the topic of meta-analyses, let it be known that once upon a time not very long ago (ca. 2006) in the world of academic #psychology, meta-analyses were looked down upon: /3
not experimental; boring; gl getting a tenure track job w a meta-analytic research program. Things have change and they are now the rage it seems. 3/3
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My next #APA2019 presentation is from David MacKinnon: "Modern Causal Inference and Third-Variable Effects." #psychology
MacKinnon: As the number of variables increases, the number of possible relationships among them increases exponentially.

#APA2019 #psychology
MacKinnon explains the difference between mediators, confounders, and colliders. #APA2019 #psychology

Confounder: a causal variable that needs to be controlled for to understand true X&Y relationship.
Collider: a variable caused by X&Y. Don't adjust from colliders!
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Hey @guardian @guardianscience This would be a really interesting dialogue to continue if you opened it up to the majority of researchers who don’t support the PACE trial and have good relationships with patients, instead of just giving Sharpe a platform.…
There are so many flaws in Sharpe’s argument that I won’t be able to cover them all myself (due to ME), but for one, his attempt to differentiate between ME and CFS to justify their work when he knows full well that in practice it is all considered the same. @guardianscience
This means that if you are anywhere on the spectrum including #SevereME (see #SevereMEday yesterday) with extreme exercise intolerance, then you can be put forward for CBT/GET, and actually many Severe patients were formerly moderate before these “treatments” @guardianscience
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Just finished reading the big UK mindset training study. It's extremely well designed:
✅Randomized control study
✅Sample size >4000
✅High treatment fidelity
✅High statistical power
✅Controlled for cluster sampling…
And here are the results... Mindset training had ZERO impact on any of the dependent variables:
❌Reading achievement
❌Writing mechanics
❌Math achievement
❌Test anxiety
That 0 of 7 DV's that mindset changed.
You would think that if mindset training were useful, then it would improve SOMETHING. Nope. Mindset theory had 7 chances and struck out each time. #education #edutwitter #psychology
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Next #ISIR2019 speaker is @eawilloughby's talk entitled "The first longitudinal investigation of cognitive ability in adult adoptive families." #psychology
.@eawilloughby recaps the literature showing conflicting results of prior adoption studies. Some show zero shared environment. But some studies show lingering adoption effects at age 18.
#psychology #ISIR2019
Today @eawilloughby reports preliminary results from a sample of 1200 kids who have been tracked for 15-21 years, since an avg age of 14.9. These "kids" are all 26-40 years old. They're adults & don't have many active parental environmental influences.
#ISIR2019 #psychology
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Next #ISIR2019 talk is from Gregory Clark comparing family networks and genetics in determining social outcomesn England from 1750- 2019. #ISIR2019 #psychology
Clark: Economic outcomes among relatives are correlated. The big question is whether that is causal (that relatives help out one another) or whether shared genes create these correlations. #ISIR2019 #psychology
Clark: The correlation is stronger the more closely related people are. (Sir Francis Galton showed this in 1869.)

#ISIR2019 #psychology
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Next #ISIR2019 talk is from James J. Lee. His topic: "Genome-wide association studies of intelligence."

For those of you who don't know, a genome-wide association study (GWAS) identifies correlations between variations in segments of DNA and a phenotype. #psychology
Lee: Once we know that a trait is heritable, it seems reasonable to identify which segments of DNA are associated with a phenotype. #psychology #ISIR2019
Lee: In 2016, Okbay et al. published a GWAS of 293,723 for years of education. Lee et al. (2018) followed up with a sample size of 1.1 million. They found 1,271 SNPs (i.e., DNA variants) that are correlated with educational attainment.

#psychology #ISIR2019
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Thomas Bouchard speaking at #ISIR2019 now. His talk is entitled "Finding Out How Things Work."

He mentions Popper's requirement that science must test ideas that are refutable. "But I discovered how resistant psychologists were to refutation and science." #psychology
In graduate school he contested the idea that genetics might influence autism. "It was a bloodbath. No one else in the room wanted to entertain the idea that genes could influence psychopathology." #psychology #ISIR2019
Bouchard discussed the evidence of the time, such as the Tryon (1924) study showing that rats could be bred to select for behavior. "What more evidence do you need that genetics can influence behavior?" #psychology #ISIR2019
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After covering phoney evolutionists, astrophysicists, I'll work on some material on famous #psychologists, who help build the mental cage for mankind. Defining what's NORMAL to think (aka what they WANT you to think and what not). Let's spot some luciferian #freemasons, shall we?
I went through some works of one of the big shots in #psychology, #CarlGustavJung. Guess what, #CGJung's grandfather was a Grand Master #Mason in Switzerland. Surprises. Wiki says #craftsman: code for #freemason. Original Jung coat of arms had a #phoenix, a #masonic symbol.
#CarlJung's grandfather is rumoured to be an illegitimate son of #Goethe, who was decorated in the usual elite occult medals. Goethe was the writer of #Faust, who sold his soul to the #Devil. Faust means fist. Fist is a major #masonic symbol. Must be coincidences, right?
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Although our automatic response is often to run away, numb our feelings, or somehow distract ourselves, escaping only temporarily relieves anxiety. Fear will return, possibly in a different form, until you finally choose to confront it with systematic mental discipline techniques
Mental discipline refers to how disciplined you are to consistently engage in the kind of mental practices that get you what you want. If you want to become a more relaxed person, you need to train yourself to do so.
Once you have become a more relaxed person, you have to continue to practice the same rituals or techniques. It is the equivalent of physical exercise.
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In 2015-2017 A lot of people wanted to become Full Time #Investors via #Smallcaps seeing #Multibaggers shown by #Advisers #Investors. In 2018-2019 a lot of people want to become Full Time #Traders via #OptionWriting, #Futures seeing #M2M shown by #Trainers #Traders
We used to earlier get influenced by people succeeding in your #social circle where you would know people over the years but now we get influenced by #SocialMedia successes that may or may not be true. #Tweetstorm on questions on approach to #FullTime #Trading
In 2018 we got a crash in #Smallcaps and #portfolios are down 10-50%. This will test out people who became #fulltime #investors without thinking or preparation. Now in 2019 if you want to be a #FullTime #Trader this #tweetstorm gives you only questions to help you think!.
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Professional sports players are usually #freemasons: they are part of the overpaid #masonic distraction schemes (most sports are invented by masons for this reason). That makes any news, tragedy, crime related to these people highly supect. #Hoax/#PsyOp should be considered.
And boy, do our elite have tragedies. Always something happening to them. Car crashes, plane crashes, jewelry stolen, kidnappings, murders, overdoses, drive by shootings. ALL FAKED. I just looked at the #ManUnited crash in 1958. Here pilot #JamesThain, with a #masonichandshake.
I believed this plane crash was hoaxed. 3 past 3 was the time, forever remembered. 3-3. 33. Doesn't get more obvious than that. #BobbyCharlton was on the flight. Some one-eye symbolism with keeper survivor Ray Wood. #ManchesterUnited #busbybabes #hoax #Munich
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For reference, #GoogleDoodles with #Domes mostly. Secretly hinting to us that the earth is flat. Which it is. #flatearth.
For reference, professional sports players in #hoaxes. Freemasons are everywhere, they use the same tricks everywhere. Whether it's staged terrorism, faked space travel, or professional sports. #hoax #psyop
Somehow this thread was not linked. Here another piece in the puzzle to show that all alternative theories that DISPROVE #GOD, #JesusChrist, like #ancient civilizations, #aliens/cosmonauts, etc, are all run by #luciferian #freemasons. Do the math people.
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Virtually every school of #psychology that has given rise to a form of treatment has done so from the perspective of #pathology—that there has to be a pathological situation, or state, that the person who is coming for the psychological work wants to be relieved of. ~Ken James
"And a test as to whether or not the given method of treatment works is whether or not the person's symptoms are relieved. Jung completely erased that perspective. I won't even say that he changed it, he just obliterated it." ~Ken James, Ph.D., Jungian analyst
"Because for Jung, doing psychological work had to do with becoming whole. It DIDN'T have to do with ameliorating symptoms." ~Ken James, Ph.D., Jungian analyst
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Next #APS19DC presentation is from @JoHenrich: "W.E.I.R.D.: How Westerners became psychologically peculiar and particularly prosperous." Henrich is chair of the Dept of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard. #psychology
.@JoHenrich says this presentation is the culmination of 13 years of work. He has a paper in review and an upcoming book about the topic. #psychology #APS19DC
.@JoHenrich: Most #psychology studies were based on Westerners, but they are psychologically different from other peoples in the world. He wrote this up in a lit review:…
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#கிருஸ்தவர்கள் வந்துதான் தமிழ்நாட்டில் கல்வி கற்ப்பிக்கப்பட்டது.--வைரமுத்து பேச்சு.

நன்றாகக் கேட்டுக் கொள்ளுங்கள் கபாலம் காலியானவர்களே..!

#Civil_Engineering தெரியாமல் தஞ்சை பெரிய கோவில், மதுரை மீனாட்சியம்மன் கோவில், போன்ற எந்த கோவிலும் கட்ட முடியாது.
#Marine_Engineering தெரியாமல் சோழர்கள் கடல் கடந்து வாணிபம் செய்திட முடியாது.

#Chemical_Engineering தெரியாமல் இரசவாதம், மற்றும் மூலிகை வண்ணம் கண்டறிந்திட முடியாது.

#Aero_Technology தெரியாமல் கோல்களை ஆராய்ந்திட முடியாது.
#Mathematical தெரியாமல் கண்க்கதிகாரம் படைத்திடல் முடியாது, ஜோதிடம், பஞ்சாங்கம் படைத்திட முடியாது.

#Explosive_Engineering தெரியாமல் குடவறைகளை படைக்க முடியாது.

#Metal_Engineering தெரியாமல் ஆயுதங்கள், உபகரணங்கள், ஆபரணங்கள் படைத்திருக்க முடியாது.
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I've been reading about @MarzGurl and this new drama and I have thoughts. Typically, when a group member does something bad or in violation of group norms, the Black Sheep Effect says that the group turns on them. Yet when that member is an exemplar or leader this might (1/14)
not happen. The leaders or exemplars of the group or those perceived to be in part set what is acceptable but also shape aspects of the individual's identity. What may be going on in the case of fans rallying against a scapegoat for their own dissonance and...(2)
With the potential of having to admit that a paragon, an exemplar of their group, or someone so closely tied to ones specific group of interest has been alleged to have done some terrible things is tied to the need to reduce that negative emotion.(3)
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My beard care #ecommerce business had a 901% sales increase for the first quarter of 2019 versus 2018. How did I do it? Log on to the interwebs, navigate over to the YouTube and watch everything you can by @rorysutherland @CravenPartners and @RobertCialdini then
go implement it. Here’s some teasers; figure out what people want/need and find a way to make it-or figure out what you can make and find a way to make people want/need it. Makes no difference to the added economic value, GDP doesn’t care how you got there.
Branding isn’t how cool you are, it’s really a heuristic for clients to say “well this probably isn’t shit.”
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@AllenFrancesMD Allen is right on. Dunno is it the single most important tool of all but it can normalize & strengthen the therapeutic alliance if done well. Traditionally, in the Freudian school there was a big ban of self disclosure even though Freud himself wasn’t exactly practicing what he
@AllenFrancesMD preached. Over the course of the evolution of psychoanalysis (not the same as psychotherapy but a big influence on it), views on self disclosure changed as a new school of thought came about-“2 person psychology” vs the old classical 1 person psychology, leading to current trends
@AllenFrancesMD In which relational psychoanalytic schools of thought aka inter subjective school have become the new paradigm. It is a paradigm that in the extreme promotes self disclosure but certainly calls for it when appropriate, emphasizing that the therapist’s past experience inevitably
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brand new piece! it's more of a massive timeline than an essay: Origins of "Social Contagion" and "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria"...… #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #healthcare #children #psychology
...for those who'd prefer a TL;DR (it is very long), here is the summary of the piece... #trans #transgender #LGBTQ #health #healthcare #children #psychology
...I will share more excerpts from the piece tomorrow. But in the meantime, feel free to share it with others. And if you appreciate this work, and the fact that I make pieces like this for FREE, please consider supporting me on Patreon!…
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Not true.
World population will peak at 10B in 50-100 years
-poverty declining
-Lots of empty, habitable land
-Crop yields, shelf life tech improving

We only have wealth distribution issues, not overpopulation.

Many nations face SHORTAGES of young workers to sustain the old.

The perpetrators of this insane, malevolent guilt complex need to take a bow. Well played. Your sterile zombie army awaits your command.…
What's happening with these apocalyptic narratives is a steady transition from natural, extrinsic predators to unnatural, intrinsic ones.

Those most susceptible are slowly being killed off by their own manifestations.


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