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Getting @realDonaldTrump elected wasn't Russia's main goal.
Russia's bigger goal has always been to create chaos and distrust within American society.
They want Americans to distrust the media by not knowing what's real and what's not.
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1. It is time it is made clear that one limb of our constitution - the judicary - will be thrown into legal chaos on exit day. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts! We all know civilised society depends on a functioning legal system; we're unlikely to have that. #FBPE #lawlessBrexit #FBR
2. Brexit has created divisions in Parliament and the public domain. Regardless of whether someone is Pro-EU or Pro-Brexit, there are far-reaching aftereffects relevant to the UK’s exit that must be addressed to ensure continuity and legal certainty on and after exit day.
3. The UK leaving the EU poses a significant challenge not simply for the Government and Parliament but also for the legal systems in the four Nations; it is a legal undertaking of a type and scale that is unique and unprecedented. Its a nightmare. #ABTV #WATON
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1. Do you want to HURT the Tories for Brexit?

Well, here's how in a short thread:

The Govt’s proposal to delegate primary law making powers away from the scrutinising gaze of Parliament (thro the EUW Bill) relies heavily on local councils.

#FBR @nickreeves9876 #ABTV #FBPE
2. The legislative task presents at a national level offers an opportunity for Local Government to stake some claims. The local elections give US the opportunity to scuttle that plan. Put simply, Local Councilors have an eye on a bit of a power grab of their own here. #ABTV
3. Local authorities will have to take powers from Brussels (well, London) if Brexit plans are to be successful - the Govt doesn't have many options to implement the legislative power grab from our sovereign parliament - the task is just too vast. #ABTV
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How many followers do you have?

If you are in the Resistance, there's a great chance you have many more than the average tweeter.

With more followers comes greater power.

With that power comes great responsibility.

A Thread. #RebelScum
In the Resistance, through #FBR parties and the practice of following back resistance members, numerous resisters have gained a significant amount of followers/

It's common to see resisters with 10k+ followers, even common to see resisters with 20k+ followers.
Understand how RARE it is for tweeters to have that many followers.

In 2016, a study found that 95.9 million tweeters tweeted at least once in six months. Within that 95.9 million, the average tweeter had just 707 followers.
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Thread: Characteristics of Russian Troll Accounts

Now that we're in the middle of Russia's pathetic and obvious full-scale assault on the 2018 Midterms, I thought it would be helpful to share noticeable characteristics of Russian trolls & get your thoughts & observations.

Characteristics of Russian Troll Accounts:

2) Russian trolls have a difficult time keeping up with the radical changes in American politics. They'll constantly default to outdated attacks on Hillary Clinton.

#TheResistance is owning 2018.
Russia's still stuck in 2016.
Characteristics of Russian Troll Accounts:

3) Russian troll accounts will often have odd punctuation errors: double periods, double commas, odd spacing between words and punctuation. The Cyrillic alphabet used in Russia doesn't translate well, in spite of their best efforts.
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a. The HoLs Constitution Committee stated the EUW Bill ‘risks fundamentally undermining legal certainty’. The statement echoes concerns that are reverberating through the UK legal system whilst being overlooked in the Brexit debate. Here are the issues:
b. The Committee’s view echoes mine: crucial sections of the Bill are ‘conceptually flawed’ & that ‘retained EU law’ should form part of an Act of Parliament on Brexit day in order to safeguard legal certainty.
c. There is an insidious fallacy from Brexiteers that we are returning sovereignty to Parliament and 'taking back control' of our laws. The harsh legal and constitutional reality of the Bill demonstrates this to be nothing but a fetish. We will be doing nothing of the sort. #FBR
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✨ New to #TheResistance on Twitter? ✨


📌 Here's a list of handy tips to get you started 🎈

#Resisters #ResistTrump #ResistanceUnited #Resist
✨First of all, welcome! ✨

Now that it's 2018, more and more people are forming online networks to share information, promote candidates and keep up to date with news 📰

In order to make the most of Twitter, there are many tips and tricks that can help.
Tip #1: Handle/username 🙋🏻‍♀️

When you open your account, Twitter may suggest usernames that have numbers in them (eg: @DaveP887776). Don't pick them (they look like bots).

Spend the time to pick something creative that represents you and is catchy (eg: @TrumpFighterDave).
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#TheResistance & #ResistanceUnited:

#FollowBackResistance Party

Topic: Inspiration & Motivation #Quotes

🌞 Reply

🌻Tag your friends

🌞 Retweet


🌞 Follow those that participate

(I will be making images out of some of the quotes you tweet.)
#Quote: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” #Nietzsche
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I retweet stupid Trumpies.



See them, acknowledge the lunacy, retweet, disengage, and move back to reality. Hope to never see or hear from the idiots again!


This is her reply👆👆👆 to @Nataliew1020's reply👇👇👇 to @realDonaldTrump 🎃🎃🎃dumbass comment on health care.

Dec 26
Yeah, it's called #Trumpcare and it's going to suck just like you. Ppl w pre existing conditions will be uncover-able again.
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Why are ‘#Resistance’ accounts like this one so hyper focused on #Resisting #TeamPatriot & Louise Mensch rather than GOP/TrumpRussis/TrumpRegime, curious don’t you think? #TeamPatriot + Genuine #TheResistance are both fighting all things #TrumpRussia & #TrumpRegime = #SameTeam
This #TheResistance account sounds like they are threatening to cause some sort of imminent harm to #TeamPatriot. Why are some #Resistance accounts attacking #TeamPatriot as viciously and relentlessly as some #TheResistance who partner with Alt R MicroChip/dMatthewStewart? @FBI
Part 2 of Alt R MC’s hit list to frat #TeamPatriot offering $1 per Report & 5k bounty for permanent suspension. The list is from #TheResistance Robin Brenizer & Wooderson’s troll crew’s hit job website? Odd, WHY does TR & Alt-R want to SILENCE citizen journos? One Death already.
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At the risk of being called a party pooper, I'd like to remind #TheResistance that: 1. #TaxScamBill if anything GOP may now try to shove faster now, suppository style; 2. #NetNeutrality & #NationalMonuments are still in danger; 3. #infrastructure spending & many state services
have been cut to the bone; 4.#CorruptionMustDie & so does #nepotism, but both alive & well; 5. #NazisInAmerica & other hate group rampant, & there is no #GunControlNow or even serious discussion of it; 6. #StateDepartment is being decimated & deserted by many career ppl & that is
one of USA ramparts against isolation & a means to avoid wars; 7. worldwide US credibility, relevance & trustworthiness, even by staunch traditional allies, is at an all time low; 8. ppl whose only credentials are closeness to 45 are still in key positions & some have made wrong
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Thread: Since being released from the #BlockedByChiefCovfefe BLOCKLIST I have been inundated by confused Tweeters asking me this question:

Northern Resistance, how do I know if I'm a #Trumpanzee ?

So I have created this thread to try and help, cuz I'm nice like that!!
If you're getting ready to go to the polls in Alabama and cast your vote for a child molester...

You might be a #Trumpanzee
If you are rooting for the new tax plan, but concerned that your cousin-wife might lose coverage on her 2 existing teeth...

You might be a #Trumpanzee
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Eric Garland posted some good points. Just in a 'hit piece fashion', as he might put it. The idea's carry over. Remember->gaslighting.
This is classic gaslighting. Any rube knows that an account with x number of followers vs tweets blahblahblah. It's meant to be elementary.
That's how you build up the confidence of the reader. Next, you promote that if you can't follow the oppositions argument--it's 'vague'.
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#FBR Party Tips

#FollowBackResistance Parties are a fun way to get new followers. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your results.
Disclaimer: These tips are my opinions & nothing more. It's not my intention to exclude anyone & I'm not saying this is what you must do. ☮️
1. Retweet the party tweet. That's the invitation to let folks know there's a party going on. More partiers means we all get more followers.
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