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@hamavaahaka @dhiyanasaid Oh it’s very obvious at this point, it is about power and about their belief in a prophetic narrative of how the end of days would come, and that narrative ends with Muslims in triumph after defeating the kuffar and establishing the caliphate.
@hamavaahaka @dhiyanasaid This is why we need to address the problems of Islam that teaches this nonsense and keeps proliferating. And that’s why we need to face Islam head on delegitimize it’s claims through scientific facts and removing reverence of it from the people.
@hamavaahaka @dhiyanasaid Once this seemingly impossible task is done, we can then discard islam into the trash of history for the garbage that it is. The collapse of Islam would the single most important event bigger than the future collapse of the Chinese communist party.
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The emancipation of non-Muslim Maldivians will not be handed over on a platter. We will have to work hard for it, and in that process, people will get hurt and some will lose their lives. It's not acceptable that some of us will pay the ultimate price for that freedom.
But the Islamist deepstate in the Maldives treats our rights and freedoms as something they own, and attempting to leave will continue to be framed as an attack on Islam and Muslims. This is done intentionally to rile up the masses against the minority groups.
And as long as they keep doing it, this will be the hardest fight we would have to endure in our lives. But it is a fight we must take on! We have to take it on for the sake of our families and children’s today and the future.
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So Islam is allowed to call people who doesn't believe it as dogs, asses, pigs and everything else in between? Muslim’s continue to delegitimize our entire humanity when you say we deserve eternal damnation in a fire! At this point you don't care about our human rights! (1)
People are being hounded, threatened, molested, killed for holding different opinions, little girls married off and raped, and we shouldn't say anything to express our disgust at the ideology of Islam that condemns us? Why are you privileged and protected? (2)
We have no fundamental rights in this country. The law of the country as it exists now, and the Islamic theology that empowers our cruel treatment will be criticized, harshly if necessary, given we have no recourse to the abuse we are subjected to. (3)
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As I read the article, it reminded me of fan groups in popular culture (eg: Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc) discussing and disputing their respective canons. I find this no different.

#ExMuslim #NormalizingDissent #AwesomeWithoutAllah #SecularMaldives
After reading the article and comments to it, I have to say, I do appreciate @maumoonagayoom trying to re-frame Aisha’s age to avoid the embarrassing pedophile accusations from critics of Muhammad and Islam.
And more importantly, I would remain supportive of any work that could retrofit Islam to modern values. It may not be Islam as Muhammad practiced it, and became a better Islam, maybe there would be less girls being raped by pedophile lunatics following pedophile sunnah.
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Leave her for the sake of Allah? We kaffirs still don't understand.

They were doing it for the sake of Allah.
For those asking why Allah authorizes this?

Rape is a weapon of humiliation to be used against kaffirs since they have rejected the word of Allah.…
Just like #ISIS, this is driven by theology. Allah make sure, multiple times, in the Holy Book that sex slavery is legal. He never mentioned how many times to pray. #Priorities.
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This guy is such an ass. In his attempt to harass me, he keeps tagging my father to torment him. My father is a devout elderly Muslim man, who I understand is broken in devastation because of his belief that he failed in bringing up ”good Muslim children”.
This self styled Islam defender feels that it is acceptable to harass his fellow religionists as long as it's helpful for his nefarious agenda of harassing marginalized minorities in the Maldives.
He is a classic example of how toxic Islam is how corrosive it is on the human mind, stripping him of his ability to have empathy and making him void of the qualities that make humanity such a joy.
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I don't know if I should feel honored or terrified as to where this is going. Let's keep pushing forward and see how far this goes!

#ExMuslim #Atheist #NormalizingDissent #AwesomeWithoutAllah #SocialEngineering #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
But just for the record @NoToSecularism_, I have better tools and access to knowledge and a know how to use them, unlike all those enemies of those prophets from that time, so I actually contribute towards a bigger threat to Islam it's ever seen in it's entire history.
Are you comfortable with that?
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My name Salman & I'm not afraid to make this public that I'm an ex-Muslim and gay. It's not easy for us who have been living under the closet for years about our religion and our sexuality to come out public about it. We've been forced to live our lives in fear, in isolation ...
under persecution from our families, friends, society and state especially for me coming from a highly conservative #Muslim majority society like the Islamic republic of #Pakistan, where both being openly gay and leaving #Islam are both criminalized by law.
#LGBT rights is human rights, freedom to choose & leave your religion is a basic human rights too unfortunately simply doesn't exist where I come from and if we even speak out about our existence we are threatened with consequences, labelled as foreign agents and worst...
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I get these hate message from Allah's representatives every day, even though I'm not an ex-Muslim. 😏 These Allah's followers are very angry people for some reason, Allah should learn some yoga and meditation.

You are a confused man, but you don't see it. Show me even one message where I ask for people to be slaughtered, as your violent faithful do.

I simply oppose exclusive dogmas which teach hate of kaffirs and unbelievers. Opposing hate is not hate.

I hope one day you find this freedom to think for yourself and not be stuck in dogmas @kaunaslam. Freedom is possible. And no, there is no "jannat" waiting for you.

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Mentre a Grenoble, Perpignan, Lione, Parigi gli islamisti evocano l'islamofobia per il divieto di bagnarsi vestiti in piscina ottenendo vasta eco (ne riparlerò), chi rinuncia all'Islam rischia tanto e dispone solo dei Social, cioè di NOI, per farsi sentire
Perciò, da stamattina molti musulmani apostati (persone di cultura islamica, in quanto cresciute con essa, che hanno rinunciato alla fede, sia in modo pubblico, sia in incognito - per non ferire i famigliari e non subire ritorsioni) raccontano se stessi con #AwesomeWithoutAllah
"Quand'ero musulmana mi sentivo confortata dalla falsa certezza di coltivare la vera fede e perciò consideravo chiunque non lo fosse un infedele che sarebbe finito all'Inferno. Sono felice di non esserlo più, perché aveva annullato la mia umanità (Maryam)"
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Gonna start linking threads I think people should see regarding how harmful ideologies are ro society here below as part of my pin :
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