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@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump The talking point changed. The job-growth trend, not so much.
@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Same story with the unemployment rate.

The administration was born on third base & you work to con us into thinking it hit a triple.
@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Beyond coasting on inherited trends, how has POTUS used power of his office?

Managed 1 big econ policy change: #TCJA tax law. Gave gift ($$ requiring no behavior change) to company owners. Profits skyrocketed.

Wages? An average hour of work buys 1.3% more now than a year ago.
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If brands choose to have a presence on a social platform, they had better understand, and be well prepared for, the diversity of interactions they will encounter on those platforms. This is probably most crucial on @Twitter.
I'm talking to you @oakley, with whom I've been politely DMing to no avail for the past 4 months. Lesson #1: when a customer shows you the courtesy of quietly lodging their concerns by DM, instead of airing their grievance publicly, it behooves you to be responsive and thorough.
I'm talking to you @Dell, which doesn't get why canned responses don't work in every case. Lesson #2: When bombarding customers with surveys, please make sure the survey links work. When customers are courteous enough to advise you of this glitch, don't send them a bot response!
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Our #PathToPartner is back ✨ today, we have Suresh Kanwar of Financial Services Apps sharing his personal story and how he’s grown alongside his career #POCintech #bame #PeopleOfDeloitte
Suresh talks about growing up in Lemington Spa, after his grandfather moved to England years ago. He chats about being different to others - having a different skin colour, having a different upbringing and dealing with different perspectives!
He went to Oxford and met his wife. He still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do but knew it would be something tech! He started working at Andersen! 👨🏾‍💻
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In tonight's criminal justice news, another cop escapes punishment for shooting an unarmed black man for sport

Killer cop Jonathan Aledda convinced a jury he wasn't guilty of shooting Charles Kinsey...

...b/c he was trying to kill the autistic boy Kinsey was watching instead
Not gonna say I called it... but I called it

Acquitted on one, 5-1 vote to acquit on the other three – meaning DA likely won't re-prosecute

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The £75m bonus paid to the Persimmon boss equates to ~£5,200 per home. According to @theCCCuk housing report the cost of building to #Passivhaus standard is £4,800 per home. #Priorities…… @RupertNeate @RHarrabin @MollyMEP
For the sake of accuracy the 14,500 homes figure came from the mobile site (
Main site says ~16,000 homes ( so bonus is only worth about ~£4,700 per home

Still, this excludes bonuses to other execs, dividends etc.
Persimmon are probably not alone here (they just happened to make the headlines), it just that when numbers align like this it strikes a chord and puts the claim that £££ is the barrier to building more efficient homes into perspective.
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In tonight's criminal justice news, 2 officers with the New Castle County (DE) Police Dept beat the sh*t out of 16-year-old Roger Brown for a "marijuana investigation" – while a 3rd tries to stop the recording

News story:…

Notice the 3rd officer isn't just telling the young man recording to "get back" – a lawful command if there was concern he was interfering

The officer is telling him to "get in the house," an unlawful command trying to prevent him from recording entirely
The Attorney General's Office has announced that they're going to investigate

Two grown men beating the sh*t out of a 16yo for weed is really pathetic tbh…
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In tonight's criminal justice news, just your usual casual police violence from the Lee County (FL) Sheriff's Office – caught on camera (1st Rule of @fsckemall remains undefeated)

News story here:…

Video from @brycherrera1 here:
This covers Rule 1 and Rule 3 tbh

How much more happens that we don't see? 🤔

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Today House Democrats for the third time voted AGAINST paying federal workers as negotiations continue. I asked the House Democrat Majority Leader a simple question: how can Democrats claim to support workers when they refuse to pay them and instead use them as political pawns?
The reality: Democrats won't put up a dime for a wall that stops criminals & drugs from pouring over our border—but instead passed a bill that sets aside taxpayer money for foreign organizations that provide abortions. They'll fund abortions, but not our security. #priorities
Even several of Nancy Pelosi's House Democrats are acknowledging that a physical barrier is necessary to solve the crisis at our southern border. What will it take for Nancy Pelosi to put aside her commitment to obstructing @realDonaldTrump & face reality? We need a border wall.
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Ladies and gentlemen: For your entertainment, the unintentional comedy stylings of @JustinTrudeau.
His shows can be seen intermittently when he happens to get around to attending the House...
He's super cool and good looking ladies. Buzzfeed thinks he's, like, AWEsome, OMG!...and this video is totally not cringey at all...
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While I sit here in Orange County Superior Court, let's talk a bit about #SilentSam and Chancellor Carol Folt ordering the pedestal removed the same day she announced her resignation
First, let me tie in some earlier threads

My take on Folt's power play here:
The thread on Gary Williamson, lawless thug leading ACTBAC ("Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County"... but meddling in Orange County) here:

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1) The same reason why this is priority #1 @SenateGOP @SenateDems is the same reason @TulsiGabbard only got 6 co-sponsors and @RandPaul got no co-sponsors to stop funding terrorists bill. @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @SpiceOfOurLife
2) H.R.258 - "To prohibit the use of United States Government funds to provide assistance to Al Qaeda...." #KhashoggiKoolAid

Latest Action: 01/13/2017⬅️ Why no action since?
Why only 6 co-sponsors?…
3) H.R.608 - Stop Arming Terrorists Act #KhashoggiKoolAid
Latest Action:House - 01/23/2017⬅️Why no action since?
Why only 14 co-sponsors?
Should this not have been a slam dunk?…
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Today, the administration will hold an event about efforts by companies to invest in workers.

Every story on it should make clear how much new federal $ is going to it. The answer is basically zero.

For an administration with a cooperative Congress, this is PR, not policy.
In contrast, the administration & Congress devoted $1.5 trillion to address the twin "problems" of too-low corporate profits (graph) & people whose parents die wealthy being unable to inherit ENOUGH millions of $ (link).
#priorities #RespectTheirAgency…
$0 to boost human capital & workers, which is where almost most Americans get most of their income.

$1.5 trillion to boost financial capital & investors. 10% of Americans own 84% of stock.

That's the context.
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Rubio has an A+ rating, & has taken $3.3 million from the NRA. He is just one of many R’s (Cruz) who are handmaidens to the gun lobby. The safety of the public is not as important as their #NRABloodMoney.

Let’s dispel gun myths the NRA constantly parrots.…
“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”
This is probably the most common argument heard from gun advocates. It’s true that guns can’t kill by themselves & DO indeed need someone to pull the trigger... Guns don’t kill people, but allow someone who WOULD kill much easier, faster, more lethal means for killing. #GunReform
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Nancy signed off for gift trip to send Chief of Staff to Cuba RE LBGT rights in Cuba sponsored by Center for Democracies in the Americas (off shoot of Regime Change Deluxe) #Priorities…
ALWAYS #FollowTheMoney…
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That awkward moment when you're an incumbent Republican Congresscritter, running for re-election, and tweet out a picture of Hitler's troops to honor #DDay

Gonna guess @DrewFergusonGA / @RepDrewFerguson did Nazi that before tweeting?

[h/t @hayhaydrewdoo]
Too busy trying to weaponize patriotism to notice when you're honoring bona fide Nazis

Nah – Trumpists are loyal to Russians, not Germans

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In today's criminal justice news, police in Henry County GA beat the sh*t out of former NFL player Desmond Morrow for the heinous crime of mobile phone possession

Slammed into a truck, faceplanted onto the asphalt, then choked until he blacks out

And it's all on video
To be fair, Georgia has been on some next-level sh*t with the police brutality for awhile. But damn.
F*ck no. We'll be lucky to even get their names.

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Upon reading London now has worse murder rate this year than New York and other soaring gang related crime statistics, felt compelled to write a thread about @SadiqKhan his role as Mayor and what his #priorities should be instead of what they appear to be. 1/15
He has taken action in ensuring (a) Mean tweets on social media are being policed and has also ensured some of his targets have been ex-Muslims for so-called “hate speech.” See @ShaziaHobbs for example. 2/15
(b) He avoids answering questions on the annual Al-Quds march in London which is pro-Hezbollah, “Hezbollah” means “Party of Allah” regularly features banners & chants of “death to the Jews” #Corbyn has been a speaker. 3/15
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MS Gov Phil Bryant signs 15-week abortion ban, wants Mississippi to be "safest place in America for an unborn child." MS ranks 50th in health of women, 50th in health of children, 50th in health of infants, 1st in infant mortality. #priorities
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I was on the air while today's school safety presentation was taking place. Having now caught up, here's my stance:

Not giving up my due process rights.

Adults can and should be able to exercise their constitutional rights.

Gun bans don't work. In fact, I believe in general that supply side gun controls (laws restricting legal access in hopes of stopping criminals) are not nearly as effective as efforts to reduce demand among criminals.

I believe imposing an age limit of 18 to use social media would be far more useful for helping kids grow up mentally healthy than an age limit of 21 to purchase a firearm.

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