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#PMModi addresses 99th edition of Mann Ki Baat

Mann Ki Baat live updates:… Image
Awareness about organ donation in the country is increasing: #PMModi Image
#PMModi urges everyone to contribute suggestions for the upcoming 100th episode next month.… Image
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#RahulGandhi defies and disrespects every democratic institution, whether it is the Parliament or the judiciary. He should come out of this dynastic mindset and realise that no individual is bigger than the country, bigger than the Constitution of India: #PiyushGoyal Image
We have institutions of high integrity in this country whose working has never been questioned by anybody. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi has never respected high Constitutional offices, including the office of his own PM Dr #ManmohanSingh: #PiyushGoyal
I would urge #RahulGandhi if he represents the politics of truth and love as he claims, he must come to terms with the fact that today PM #NarendraModi is the most loved, admired & the most trusted leader in #India and across the world: Union Minister #PiyushGoyal
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📌 THREAD - भारत के बढ़ते वैश्विक क़द से घबराया ब्रितानी मीडिया

समाचार पत्र 'द टेलीग्राफ' ने एक लेख में कहा है कि भारत 'वैश्विक शक्ति संतुलन के लिए ख़तरनाक' होता जा रहा है।

#India #ThePamphlet #NarendraModi
The Telegraph ने लिखा है कि भारत की बढ़ती ताकत दुनिया के नाजुक शक्ति संतुलन को खतरा पैदा कर रही है।

इस लेख का शीर्षक है “India’s rampaging rise threatens to tip world’s fragile balance of power” यानी “भारत की बढ़ती शक्ति विश्व के शक्ति संतुलन को पलटने का खतरा पैदा कर रही है।”
12 मार्च को प्रकाशित इस लेख में भारत और रूस के रिश्तों तथा भारत और पश्चिमी देशों के रिश्तों की भी बात की गई है।

इस लेख में भारत का पश्चिमी दबाव में आए बिना अपने स्टैंड को यूक्रेन-रूस युद्ध को लेकर सामने रखने पर निशाना साधा गया है।
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#SAT Analytics✨

The Bucher Papers - A 🧵

#India has long been accused of attempting to stop the declassification of documents from 1947 pertaining to #Kashmir out of concern that the "sensitive" letters might have an impact on international relations.

The letters, also known as the Bucher papers, are thought to include political and military grounds for Jawaharlal Nehru, #India's first prime minister, to request a cease-fire with #Pakistan and grant the state of Jammu & Kashmir special status.

For the current nationalist government in Delhi, which has derided Nehru's decision to reach a compromise on status of disputed Kashmir as an ignorant "blunder," the correspondence from the then-commander-in-chief, Gen. Roy Bucher, will have major political implications.

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People in affluent Nation slog their entire lives and allow governments to deduct Income Tax at very high rates (50 to 60%)

This money, their Government hands over to investment bankers. With the profits they maintain a social security system that helps people in their old age
@gautam_adani developed a sense of credibility with the fund managers who manage these pension funds by leveraging on the @PMOIndia.

His proximity and intimate relationship with @narendramodi gave a message to the investors that they can trust Adani
@narendramodi extracted his piece of flesh by making Adani pay for his political career which involved full throttled use of free cash to buy MLAs, topple democratically elected governments, fund Election Campaigns, hacking EVMs, bribing & build a war chest at their Party office
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For Rahul, Mamata, Pawar, Kejriwal, YSR, Nitish, Uddhav, Mayawati & a son each of Mulayam & Lalu to think that they can replace #NarendraModi even as a consensus candidate of the Opposition shows a complete deracination from what India is today.
Not only do they shamefully disrespect the fact that it
is we the people who gave Modi an overwhelming mandate twice over, but they don’t even make an attempt to understand why we did so.
It would then not be wrong to believe that we don’t even figure in their plans at all - their single point program of returning to power by hook or by crook & to get down to business as usual, of milking the country.
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⚡️WATCH: In response to the discussion on the motion of thanks in the #RajyaSabha on President Draupadi Murmu's address, Prime Minister #NarendraModi today fiercely lashed out at the entire opposition including the Congress.

Take a look: 👇🏼… Image
During his speech, looking at the opposition bench, PM thumped his chest and said that ”today the country is watching, a single one is overshadowing many. I live for the country, I have come out to do something for the country.”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was replying to the motion of thanks to the President's address in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday during the budget session of Parliament.
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Gujarat High Court reserves orders in a petition by Gujarat University challenging direction to furnish copies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's degree certificate to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

#NarendraModi @PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal #GujaratHighCourt
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta for the University argued before bench of Justice Biren Vaishnav.

SG: There is nothing to hide as the degree is there in public domain, on social media etc. But we cannot be compelled to disclose the information.

SG: We cannot be asked to furnish the information to satisfy someone's childish and irresponsible curiousity. Also, it should be noted that the info sought has nothing to do with his (Narendra Modi's) role as a public figure.
@PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal

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Fact Check:

Let IT be BBC or #Hindenburg

Let it be @narendramodi
Or @gautam_adani

West, Congress, Leftist all are Attacking every Indian who is Building Public Infrastructure for common man & making New Bharat a global leader.

Their pain is Not Modi or Adani it's Bharat
Why Adani is harm to West?

Adani is building world class Public Infra like


Such Infra development makes India & Common man Strong bt it needs Investment hence @gautam_adani is going for #IPO

They are targeting IPO to Stop India Growth

Why is @narendramodi making West Uncomfortable?

"Na Khaunga, Na Khane Dunga "

Since 2014 #NarendraModi has been strictly adhering to his statement there by eliminating all Middle Man of west & giving contract for Indian Companies to Make #AtmaNirbharBharat companies stronger
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Pakistan's foreign minister's unexpected reaction to the Indian External Affairs minister's remarks

“I want to tell India that Osama bin Laden has been killed while the butcher of Gujarat is still alive & he is the PM of India"Says Foreign Minister of Pakistan @BBhuttoZardari
An uproar in India after Pakistan's young Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called the Indian Prime Minister the butcher of Gujarat

BJP protest against #BilawalBhutto in Delhi
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#Puducherry: Prime Minister #NarendraModi released a commemorative coin & postage stamp on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of #SriAurobindo through video conferencing today.
#SriAurobindo's 150th birth anniversary is a historic occasion for the entire nation. To take his ideology to our new generation, the country had decided to celebrate this whole year in a special way: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Life of Sri #Aurobindo is a reflection of 'Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat'. Although he was born in Bengal, he spent most of his life in Gujarat and Puducherry. He left a deep imprint of his personality wherever he went: PM Narendra Modi
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The man who had the acumen to take on the dynasty and awaken the sleeping Hindu populace.
I want to share my observations with you,some may agree some may not
Ahmed Patel,a shrewd politician obviously wanted his hold on his state Gujarat to remain unchallenged. Everyone knows he was one of the brains behind the dynasty,so he must have been alarmed to see a common man spear heading the Bjp campaign in Gujarat
He must have started observing him very keenly when Modiji was given important organizational work in the party,including Advani ji's Rath yatra. Like all politicians,Modi ji must have been scrutinized and I can just imagine the alarm/shock Patel must have felt when he found out
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#Gujarat: अंजार, कच्छ से #NarendraModi का जन संबोधन,

"कौशल और कर्तव्य की भूमि है"

'भूकंप में कई गांव हुए तबाह'

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #GujaratElections #elections #Vibesofindia
"कच्छ भारत में तेजी से बढ़ रहा है"

"अगर कोई विकास पर शक करता है, तो उसे कच्छ के विकास की गति देखनी चाहिए"

"कच्छ नहीं देखा तो कुछ नहीं देखा"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #GujaratElections #elections #Vibesofindia
"गरीब परिवारों को पक्के मकान दिए"

"किसानों के लिए किसान क्रेडिट योजना शुरू की"

"कच्छ में नर्मदा का महाभिषेक"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #GujaratElections #elections #Vibesofindia
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#Gujarat: #NarendraModi का पलिताना से चुनाव प्रचार।

मोदी का कांग्रेस पर हमला,

"#Congress ने वाटबैंक के लिए फूट डालो और राज करो की नीति छोड़ें"

"विरोधियों को गुजरात की जनता कभी भी सत्ता नहीं देगी"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #elections #Vibesofindia
"कांग्रेस ने नर्मदा विरोधी आंदोलनकारियों के साथ मार्च किया"

"#Congress को हमें प्यासा रखने की सजा मिलनी चाहिए"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #Gujarat #elections #Vibesofindia
"पिछले दो दशकों में खेती में काफी बदलाव आया है"

@ADevvrat प्राकृतिक खेती के लिए काम कर रहे है"

"किसान की जेब में अब तक 510 करोड़ आए है "

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #Gujarat #elections #Vibesofindia
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Just in | #SamajwadiParty patriarch 82-year-old #MulayamSinghYadav passed away. | @SobhanaNair reports
#MulayamSinghYadav had been under treatment at the #Medanta Hospital since August 22 and was shifted to the ICU on October 2.
#Obituary | An astute politician, #MulayamSinghYadav blazed a new trail by putting backward castes at the centre of #UttarPradesh politics and served as the Chief Minister of the most populous State three times.…
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A Brief Insight About A Great Freedom Fighter Who Was Neglected Like Others By
Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty.


He was the first to declare SWARAJYA during Independence Movement, he called for HOMERULE (Swarajya) & that too in London.

The first to declare
Civil Disobedience & it was announced 20 years before Gandhi came into picture.

Verma actively involved in Independence Movement working offshore, in London Paris & breathed his last in Geneva.

SHYAMAJI KRISHNA VERMA passed away in 1930 and his last wish was his "ashes"
be immersed in SWATANTRA BHARATH, and the great man had an agreement with Switzerland government for the same.

#What_Happened_Then ?

The bloody congis hid their wealth in "Vaults of Swiss Banks" but never received the ashes...

It took #NarendraModi to bring back his ashes
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photos: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
President of India #DroupadiMurmu paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres urged people to shun violence by following #MahatmaGandhi 's principles of #Ahimsa (non-violence) on the occasion of his 153rd birth anniversary.
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#5GLaunch | Prime Minister #NarendraModi is set to launch the #5G telephonic services, ushering in an era of ultra high-speed internet on mobile phones.

Follow live updates here:
#5GinIndia | Follow live updates here:
#5GIndia | #5G will be launched by #PMModi in select cities on October 1 and it will progressively cover the entire country over the next couple of years, according to an official release.

Click the link for live updates:…
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Dear Indian players, plz develop comm skills as this. You got to mentally win to beat top #chess players.
While he beat Vishy, Magnus already had this sarcasm & carefree arrogance we see in Hans.
@DGukesh @ArjunErigaisi
@rpragchess @NihalSarin @viditchess
You command respect and Hans does that with his convincing comm skills, that comments on other's feelings or their mental state in a way which is factual & undeniable; it cannot be opposed. You automatically get agreement & alignment from others. #Chess #India #Communication
Top leaders across the world have done this, with purely in the way they talk - right from world history to current ones. #FraklinRoosevelt #BarrackObama #NarendraModi #Putin #SteveWaugh #SteveJobs.
Apple Inc's strategy is same - remind audience of their feelings. Its successful
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One can only try to understand #NarendraModi's moves in hindsight. It is now clear #JagdeepDhankhar's actions as #WestBengal Governor had the tacit approval of Delhi. So, it is to be expected that the next Governor will follow his footsteps. So, who are the probables? 2/n
2/n Will hazard 3 guesses. #arifmohammadkhan, #mukhtarabbasnaqvi or someone with an Intel/Security background like TN Guv Ravi. Khan and Naqvi coming from minorities background have an edge. Naqvi is fluent in Bengali. He can play the #JagdeepDhankhar role better 3/n #WestBengal
3/n if it is #MukhtarAbbasNaqvi for reasons mentioned above - he will have a larger mandate. What can it be? Only prediction that can be made is that the game in #WestBengal will heat up again in the run up to 2024. Ebar notun "Khela Hobey". #JagdeepDhankhar #MamataBanerjee
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All about the #G7 summit and #India’s role in it…

By @Varnika38964255
The #G7 is an international association of the world's ‘advanced’ economies, which dominate global commerce and the international financial system. G7 formed the association in 1975 and includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.
#Russia joined the G8 in 1998 but was booted out in 2014 over the annexation of Crimea.

The #G7 has strengthened international economic and security policies and progressive discussion of crucial global issues such as climate change and gender equality.

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🪡 While upholding the findings of the Special Investigation Team that gave a clean chit to @narendramodi in the #ZakiaJafri case, SC added that SIT had “come out with flying colours”.

Q: When exactly did Modi learn of the massacre on 28 Feb 2002—and how well did SIT quiz him?
2️⃣ In his reply to SIT in 2010, Modi claimed he learnt of the #GulbergSociety massacre only at a meeting that evening, at 8.30 pm.


While a mob of thousands attacked a Muslim pocket in #Ahmedabad, the CM—who *also* held the home portfolio—was unaware for 5 full hours?
3️⃣ The implausibility of Modi’s defence is brought out by former @IndianExpress and @timesofindia legal affairs editor Manoj Mitta.

In his 2014 book, ‘The Fiction of Fact-Finding: Modi and Godhra’, Mitta reveals how #SIT bought into Modi’s claim with barely any challenge.
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BREAKING The #SupremeCourt while dismissing the plea challenging clean chit to @narendramodi in Gujarat Riot case has observed that the proceedings have been pursued for last 16 years to keep the pot boiling, OBVIOUSLY FOR ULTERIOR DESIGN.
BREAKING: The #SupremeCourt has held that “all those involved in such abuse of process, need to be in the dock and proceeded with in accordance with law.”
The court has observed “it appears
to us that a coalesced effort of the of DISGRUNTLED OFFICIALS OF the State of Gujarat along with others was to CREATE SENSATION by making REVELATIONS WHICH WERE FALSE TO THEIR OWN KNOWLEDGE” #NarendraModi #SupremeCourt
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#Thread #NarendraModi Ji Foreign Visits

A woman who is working in the Indian Embassy in Germany wrote about Modiji in a post like this !

When #former #PrimeMinister #ManmohanSingh came to #Germany, he brought around 40 people with him who were his relatives.

A total of five hotels (all Five-Star) were booked for their stay.

All the relatives shopped in expensive Malls every day and bought things for lakhs and lakhs of Rupees.

The bills were charged in the name of the entire State Department.

This was the daily story throughout the currency of Manmohan Singh's tour

The entire Indian-staff servant of the State Department used to dance in front of them all.

Manmohanji did not come to the Embassy even once or met us.

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