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Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a ruthlessly power hungry despot, who single handedly destroyed #Pakistan’s industrial & economic base & bureaucratic institutions by introducing cronyism, political patronage & corruption in our society.

However, when we blame him for secession of East Pakistan we end up preventing the much needed catharsis that needs to take place in #Pakistan’s national evolution & it is an unintentional disservice to our progress of in nationhood.


Bhutto is guilty of a treacherous rejection of the Polish ceasefire resolution in December 1971, he is guilty of instigating the surrender of 30,000 soldiers in East Pakistan as a way to discredit Yahya Khan & pave his own way to power.


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1. Is the government of #Iran pushing citizens of #Iraq #Bahrain #KSA #UAE #Afghanistan out the way it is pushing #Pakistani #zaireen out?

2. Why is PM #ImranKhan's govt unable to engage with #Tehran or ask it to coordinate return of our citizens w/out risking #COVID19 spread?
@Office_AQPk #Pakistan is the only country in the world where the head of government has called for lifting sanctions on #Iran due to #COVID19 (despite evidence the sanctions & outbreak are not linked). But PM #ImranKhan is unable or won't discuss treatment of #Pakistani #zaireen with #Tehran
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inspired by @jeremyphoward:

#Masks4All is a must in #Pakistan to fight #COVID19.

cc: @ansukhera

#Czech Republic with community effort got to 100% mask usage in 10 days all thru local DIY effort
They have only 2 deaths with NO growth in daily new #COVID2019 cases.

We can learn from president of #Taiwan who led a nationwide effort to mass produce in-demand PPE Personal Protection Equipment, leading to capability to manufacturer 10mil surgical #masks per day.

They invested massively & brought down Taiwan’s cases to lowest in the world.

#Pakistan manufacturers over $24bil of textile products per month & this capacity could easily be directed towards producing PPE especially #Masks.

Graphs with light turquoise lines in these charts show flat curves because in these countries everyone wears a mask in public!

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#COVIDー19 crisis response is another area where the performance of Prime Minister #ImranKhan's cabinet is inadequate & late resulting in a rapid surge in #coronavirus cases+infections. His TV address was unimpressive. @ImranKhanPTI can learn from @realDonaldTrump & @NYGovCuomo.
Unlike #USA+#Europe, #Pakistan is right next door to two epicenters of #COVIDー19 spread: #China & #Iran. China was initially late but later took impressive steps to contain the spread, incl quarantining #Pakistani citizens. Unlike Iran where Pk citizens visited in large numbrs.
What steps did PM #ImranKhan take for a #CoronaFreePakistan when it was obvious #Pakistan faced #COVIDー19 spread threat from #Iran; & when it became obvious that almost every neighbor incl #Iraq+#Turkey+#Gulf traced 1st cases to Iran & when #Tehran failed to warn neighbors?
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Govt of #Pakistan must initiate criminal cases against these accounts spreading video & images from #Iran of #Afghan migrants as #Pakistanis under Quarantine due to #coronavirus.

They should be immediately arrested with MPO clauses & CyberCrime laws before this costs lives:

This is the original video Of Afghan migrants captured in Rafsanjan, Kerman Province of Iran, according to the video first shared on Facebook. #FakeNews #COVID:

Here is another PMLN MNA posting this video from Iran of #Afghan migrats as #Pakistanis Quarantined at #Taftan.

Strict criminal proceedings should be initiated against these opposition lawmakers who’re spreading panic among the people in these difficult #COVID19 times.

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On how a partisan PPP provincial govt hijacked our national effort to fight #coronavirusinpakistan by conducting a slick media campaign based on lies,
projecting #Sindh CM as active while throwing #Balochistan govt & #Pakistan’s fed govt under the bus as incapable.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah is patently lying here!

Listen to what he’s saying here & then go through this thread to see how false this statement is:

“Zaireen from Iran at Taftan were to be tested for #Corona at border”

He knew it’s a lie & telling it to make himself the hero!

In order to understand how PPP Jiyalas cleverly spun this issue of return of Zaireen from Iran possibly bringing #Coronavirus with them to Pakistan, let’s look at the facts:

After 18th amendment Health is a provincial subject & strictly a responsibility of provincial govts.

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On the anniversary of #27FebSupriseDay when #PAF conducted a daring counter attack on #India with #OpSwiftRetort bombing them, shooting 2 #IAF jets & capturing #Abhinandan.

Let’s look at a hidden weapon of #PAF:
Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft

#Indians were extremely scared of this weapon being in the use of a highly professional #PAF & desperately protested with Sweden not to sell.

But #Sweden still sold 6 of SAAB-2000 Airborne Early Warning Control Aircrafts to #Pakistan, 5 with AEW&C systems & 1 as transport.

#Pakistan became 1st customer in the world, with option to purchase 6 S-2000 aircraft with ERIEYE AEW&C, but due to #Kashmir earthquake we reduced order to 4.

When #PAF inducted 4 S-2000s ERIEYE AEW&Cs in 2009, #India sponsored #TTP terrorists to attack #Kamra Base in 2012.

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In 2018, #Pakistani feminists held the first “aurat march" (women’s march) in #Karachi. In 2019, marches were held in other cities too. Filmmaker Olivia Qasir is filming a documentary around this years march on March 8. Here’s a trailer featuring cis & trans women taking part 1/2
Here’s the rest of the trailer 2/2 #Pakistan
And some background on Aurat March: #Pakistani women hold 'aurat march' for equality, gender justice…
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I have been thinking hard about what trauma does to you and how it shapes you and your family.

It takes a lot of courage to leave everything behind.

I'm going to share something deeply personal.

I realized that I hold on to stuff because I lost everything as a child
I realized that I don't stay at one place more than 3-4 years. I move a lot. It's because I left my home when I was 3-4.

I keep people at Bay, even if they're family because our neighbor in Kashmir, whom I used to play with, wanted to kill my family in the 1990s
It takes a lot of courage to walk away and leave everything behind for Dharma.

That's exactly what #KashmiriHindus did.

That's exactly what #Pakistani #Hindus continue to do

Ppl cant even part away from a needle but we walked away for the right to wear a tilak on our foreheads
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#Thread #FactCheck
.@chennaipolice_, among the best police force in #India, has had some pretty ordinary and Laughable leadership. Unfortunately, this ends up affecting the force in all spheres of functioning. For instance, the insinuation that @gayatrikl is a #Pakistani agent
The Commissioner pointed to @gayatrikl's @Facebook home page, and declared that he would investigate the #Pakistan connection.
Yes, Mr. Commissioner, #ISI operatives have been instructed via a @ImranKhanPTI's circular that they should declare that they work for Pak firms on FB
If indeed it's true, @chennaipolice_ should be hauled up for dereliction of duty because, until @gayatrikl came out to draw a #KolamProtestAgainstCAA, the police didn't know her Pak connection!!! So, what are you doing in your social media monitoring cell?
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#India #Pakistan - Situation along LoC can escalate any time: #Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat

Sources have been reporting for the last few days that there is heavy border fighting, a war like situation along the line of control…
India has to be prepared for escalation in the situation along the Line of Control with Pakistan, said Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday. Pakistan's army continues to attempt BAT (border action team) operations.
The Pakistani army indulge in heavy cross-border firing after J&K’s special status was abrogated in August. "Pakistan is attempting BAT actions almost every third day. We keep on foiling them and taking retaliatory action,” said a source.
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“The Awan Brothers IT scandal implicates national security and involves a coverup by House Democrat leadership and, now, the Deep State DOJ,” 

Judicial Watch: Federal Court Hearing on Awan Brothers, Congressional Democrat IT Scandal

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit Nov. 7, 2018, for 7,000 pages of Capitol Police records related to the cybersecurity investigation, and Aug. 2, the DOJ agreed to begin producing records by Nov. 5,

That deadline came and went with no records being produced; on a Nov. 13 phone call, the DOJ said “technical difficulties” had resulted in a delay, Judicial Watch stated in a court filing.

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"Thank God for Nawaz Sharif release. This is not a defeat for Imran Khan govt, but some in PTI want to make it their defeat," explains #AhmedQuraishi @AQpk in this #thread.
The government of Prime Minister #ImranKhan has an unprecedented mandate in #Pakistan electoral history. This mandate is to change governance in the country. This mandate must not be limited to #NawazSharif. #PTI govt could damage itself if it reduces its existence to NS.
The Supreme Court ousted #NawazSharif in a historic legal verdict. This is an issue between the ex-PM and #Pakistani law. PM #ImranKhan govt is turning it into a personal issue, with statements like the one in Washington.
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Thread: MIGHT #INDIA START THE NEXT SOUTH ASIA CRISIS? - Instead of waiting for the next terror attack to start yet another crisis, might Modi decide to take the initiative and launch an operation to capture territory in #Pakistani Kashmir?…
Instead of an attack in India that initiates crisis, what if one arose following a proactive Indian operation to seize territory over the Line of Control (LOC) in the portion of the disputed territory of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan?
This scenario is not implausible, even if its probability remains low. India’s much-debated “Cold Start” doctrine, in theory, is intended for exactly this kind of objective, albeit in the context of retaliation for a terror attack launched from Pakistan.
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Heres Kissinger's pioneering contribution. During 1971 War he sided with #Pakistan and planned to trisect #India with American 7th Fleet from East, Royal Navy from West & Chinese from North. Is it something to be glad about? Didnt our PMs advisors tell him about our history?
In 1974 US National Security Council under Kissinger completed classified 200-page study “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security & Overseas Interests” advocating #depopulation of #India…
Kissinger said “Control Oil and you control Nations; Control Food and you control People” . His strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in India leading to most grain reserves in world under control of 6 multinational agribusiness corporations.…
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11. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan

#Afghanistan #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #CrimesAgainstChildren
Invasion of Afghanistan (2001-present) - War crime 🤨👇🏼
1. The Legacy of US UK France Canada Germany Italy Poland Australia Spain Portugal New Zealand Turkey Romania Denmark Belgium Czech Republic Norway Bulgaria South Korea Azerbaijan Singapore Nato in Afganistan🤨👇🏼
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In #Pakistan, Govt & pundits shouldn't make too much of #Trump appearance at #HowdyModi. It's a circus for #Indian PM, endorsing @realDonaldTrump for a 2nd term while the pro-#India lobby in DC works with anti-#Trump base, & hoping to keep him away from #Kashmir if possible @AQpk
PM #Modi has this in mind while trying to appease #Trump at #HowdyModi: #American restrictions on I.T. visa abuse by #Indian immigrants (aka 'Skilled Immig'), ending #India oil imports from #Iran, jeopardizing #Indian interests in #Afghanistan, & Trump rehabilitating #Pakistan
#Trump turning the screws on #India on trade tariffs, forcing end to oil import from #Iran & forcing India to buy from #USA/#KSA/#GCC, talking to #Pakistan on #Afghanistan, & restricting immigration from India, are things that worry #NewDelhi deeply. Watching #ImranKhan in....
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#Thread for #liberals who are fond of using term #IndianOccupiedKashmir.
Dear ill informed liberals,
There is no entity called #IndianOccupiedKashmir where as there is an entity called #PakistanOccupiedJammuKashmir also known as #POJK !
Its #Pakistan not #India that has occupied
#JammuAndKashmir was one of the princely states that had only 2 options like other princely states
Either accede to #India or accede to #Pakistan
Maharaja Hari Singh,a #Hindu ruler of #JammuAndKashmir didn't want to take #hasty decision for his sate that had #muslim majority 1/n
Maharaja Hari Singh could have easily acceded to India immediately as all powers of taking decision for accession was with him only but being a #secular Dogra ruler under whose rule not a single instance of forced #religious conversion can be found decided to take some time ! 2/n
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41. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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#ImranKhan must hv recvd report that #INSArihant has disappeared from its home base n not getting tracked as it is hibernating in operational mode! So the scary #AzadKashmir vomiting!
No future left for IK n GenB! Surrender Surrender Surrender!
Reason behind Skardu deployment of PAF is to ensure at least few machines remain unharmed if IAF takes initiative n bombs Pakistan airbases! To avert such mishap its deterent move. But #Brahmos hv already set its goal n electricity infra wd b finished in 1st few hrs.
#Balakot references by IK today r showing confusion in #PakistanArmy ldrshp. Also pointing towards its psychological impact. What do HE mean by more fearful attacks than earlier? Everyone knows Indians won't use IAF again! Then?
Raining fire from skies? But how?
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Its clear that #Pakistan plans a massive insurgency campaign on steroids against #India that would be backed by the military. India's response should be to retaliate with even greater force so that Pak has to pay an unbearable price for each of its actions.
Such situation would be close to full out war in the Kashmir region and can easily escalate into a full war.
#Pakistan is actually playing into #India's game. Pak's insurgency & supportive military actions will show Pak as the aggressor and India's retake of Pak occupied Kashmir in retaliation for such actions will be totally accepted. India already gamed the whole scenario.
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#India escalates tensions☢️ in #Kashmir; claims terror threat but offers no evidence. #NewDelhi is:
➡️Thumbing nose at #US Pres #Trump who twice in 2weeks called for end to K conflict
➡️Scuttling #USPakistan process in #Afghanistan
➡️Hiding #Modi home mess
To show contempt to President #Trump & the #US, #India has released a rapist, relative of ex-mayor of #NewDelhi, who raped a #US woman.
The #US is a big reason for #India's escalation against #Kashmir & #Pakistan.
➡️Ind is angry at #Trump ending #Indian abuse of #American visas; trade tariffs
➡️Ind is angry at #USPakistan coop in #Afghanistan, statements on K
➡️Ind & #Iran lobbies in DC are coop'ing against Trump
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The spike in attacks in Afghanistan is an attack on President @realDonaldTrump 's peace plan for Afghanistan, and an attack on Pakistan's role in it. /1

#Afghanistan #Pakistan

The assassination attempt on @AmrullahSaleh2 is part of the effort to derail Pres #Trump's peace plan for #Afghanistan; comes just 4 days after #Pakistan Federal Minister visited #Panjshir Valley & Mausoleum of Cdr Ahmed Shah Massoud, in a major policy shift for Pakistan.
The visit by @ShehryarAfridi1 to the #Panjshir mausoleum of Cdr Ahmed Shah Massoud marked a policy shift in #Pakistan away from #Taliban, indicating equal respect for all #Afghans, & support from #Islamabad for the exceptional efforts of @US4AfghanPeace…
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