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Extra excited about this now. sso:GetRoleCredentials takes account and role name parameters (weird that it's not a role ARN but whatever). This looks to me like the client is in control of what IAM principal the user will become. This is a good thing! ⏬1/9
A great enabling capability for an org is creating single page apps w/ serverless backends, and now with these APIs in JS those apps can use SSO. One of the difficulties with these apps is that there may be many copies of a given app, for dev or just in many different accts 2/9
You should be able to stand up a copy of an app, go to its front page, and log in with SSO. But most SSO flows assume well-known URLs that you give to the SSO system. But with these AWS SSO APIs/Device Flow, that's no longer a problem. 3/9
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It's time! @ben11kehoe is talking about AWS Step Functions. A thread with some notes. #reinvent #serverless
First, general comments from @ben11kehoe:

"Don't complain about AWS where AWS can't hear you. Things won't get better if they don't know". Use #awswishlist or tag Ben himself.

Also: "Serverless is about not owning technology that doesn't differentiate you as a business"
"Everything that says IoT, ignore that it says IoT and evaluate it for your own purposes". The AWS IoT offerings are super powerful for all kinds of other things. IoT Events can work for state machines where Step Functions wouldn't be a good fit.
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The lights dim. An entirely-too-loud video for 8AM starts. Welcome to @awscloud #reinvent
It's a three hour keynote. Thank you to keynote sponsor Depends adult diapers. #reinvent
I see you, @github logo. #reinvent
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BREAKING: @awscloud has taken pity on us, apparently--they've released Savings Plans, which sounds like something that has to do with retirement. Fortunately it does--specifically sunsetting Reserved Instances. A thread:
I have a full analysis up at…, but at a glance this is a win across the board for almost everyone.
Alternately, @jeffbarr has a less snarky take here:…
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And now @timallenwagner takes the #serverlessconf stage by storm. Hearty applause.
"Who the f*ck is @timallenwagner to tell us what the future of Serverless is?" He ran the Lambda team at AWS for starters. THIS IS ALL HIS FAULT #Serverlessconf
The audience leans in with anticipation. #serverlessconf
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And the #AWSsummit keynote starts with the usual video and soundtrack. I'm offering a bounty for the audio track. DMs are open.
And @werner Vogels, husband to renowned bassoonist Annet Vogels takes the stage.

He is also Amazon's CTO. #AWSsummit
And protestors disrupt the business update. I think they work for a competitor. Get some class, Oracle. #AWSsummit
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Official Node.js v10.x runtime support on AWS Lambda!… Supported on docker-lambda too (and AWS SAM CLI). Many interesting things about this release, strap in:
1. It's "10.x", so only the semver major is pinned. This is a Good Thing™, unlike the previous releases ("8.10", "6.10", "4.3") where AWS fell behind official Node.js releases because they pinned the minor. No more missing out on feature updates 👍
2. The nodejs10.x runtime uses the same HTTP-polling model as custom runtimes under the hood – it matches the python3.7 and ruby2.5 runtimes in this regard. I suspect AWS will stick with this model for all new runtimes going forward.
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#AWSWishlist: AWS reference architectures reflective of company scale and maturity.

What I need in my early days of an MVP is different from what I need for PMF, different from what I need in scaling, and so on....
Would be interesting to have a repository with branches for different maturity stages so I could see how an AWS infrastructure should evolve and also what I should be layering on as my org grows.
The thing about startup engineering is it involves building a lot of things that are simply "good enough". Why? Because I have a ton of things to do and often good enough is all I have time for.
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