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The Last Week in AWS charity t-shirt fundraiser is well underway, featuring @awscloud S3 as its focus this year.

All proceeds as per usual benefit @826National; please RT for visibility, friendos.
Get yours today at

And of course, to reward you for your kind support of this glorious nonsense, I present a list of feature requests for @awscloud's S3. Just because it's amazing doesn't mean it can't be made better than it is...
I'd really like to edit an S3 object in the console without downloading the object locally, editing it, then re-uploading it. You can edit small enough Lambda functions in the console; I'm no rocket surgeon but changing a string in S3 seems easier? #awswishlist
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As an ECS on Fargate fan, I got a lot of questions about the recent incident / outage.

Let's talk about it... 🧵 1/43

TL;DR: meh. Incidents happen and this one did not teach us anything new about building on AWS. I expect more profound drama during these roaring 20s!
Disclaimer: everything fails all the time! I view incidents as "normal" and this thread reflects that.

Yes, AWS had incidents. Yes, us-east-1 is HUGE so it gets interesting incidents. Yes, AWS is bad at communication.

This is the default and well-known state!
I won't address bullshit arguments in here. Please go intellectually masturbate somewhere else!

No, multi-cloud is not a valid solution. No, multi-region is still really freaking complex and most of the time not worth it for the business. No, your datacenter won't do any better.
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Serverless is great, but it's not a free lunch.

The "serviceful" mindset means you'll need to learn and use many services in your architecture. Having the right tool to help you along can make a world of difference. And here are 7 of my favourites.
Serverless IDE is a VSCode extension that will save you countless hours when you work with CloudFormation, AWS SAM or the Serverless Framework.

Auto-completion, schema validation, CF docs on hover, and many more.…
IAM Legend by @TastefulElk is another great VS Code extension and takes the chore out of writing IAM statements.

Follow security best practices and do IAM role per function? This will save you hours of looking up IAM docs.…
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Great question from my current cohort of students, paraphrased:

"Should you always use Step Functions to chain together a few Lambda functions? Are there patterns to simplify this? How about using SQS between the functions?"

Here are my thoughts 🧵
Firstly, on the broader topic of orchestration vs choreography, I've written my thoughts before. TL;DR is that I prefer orchestration for intra-service workflows, and use events for inter-service communication.…
If you have a dead-simple workflow then Step Functions can be overkill, especially if you're new to it.

Simplest approach:
1. implement workflow inside a single function
2. use Lambda destinations to chain several functions together

Some considerations to think about...
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It's been a while since I gave @awscloud a livethread exploration.

For novelty based upon today's Amazon Linux issues, let's focus on Amazon Linux 2022, in the new EC2 Launch Wizard, in the Northern California region. Like the instance name, this is a 💩📬🧵.
There is something ever-so-slightly-screwy when a search for a full AMI ID returns over 5K results.
With only a slight bit of whining about needing to manually set IOPS for a gp3 volume, we're in. Yay.
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Let's build something new: a screenshot repo with a custom domain. Datastore is S3, DNS is CloudFlare. Eeny meeny miney Pulumi. @PulumiCorp, you're up.
They have a handy "S3 static site" tutorial option. It's in JavaScript, with a link to the Python code. Nice!

The first command errors. Less than nice.

(It wants `pulumi new` first).
They offer sample code on GitHub. This is why I have @cassido's keyboard handy.
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It's been a while since I've livetwote the setup of something new, so let's explore @Coralogix which I have never heard of before today.
Their pricing presumes familiarity with how I'll use it, but the original pain that's driving me in this direction is "I want to make sense of my @awscloud CloudTrail logs." I think not having an explicit "contact us for Enterprise Pricing" CTA is a misstep.
I think detecting the region from which a customer is signing up would be a nice feature, but they may have a reason to prioritize the Europe region.
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And now, a final "Opinions My Own" episode to close out the year, featuring @primitivetype.

(Video at…)
Dave Brown is the VP of EC2 at AWS, which is too many acronyms. He declines to address the platypus in the room.
"So you run all of @awscloud EC2. I'm not saying that's a high stress job, but you *are* only 22 years old. How do you live with that kind of pressure?"

@primitivetype: "Maybe in hex. The trick is to have an amazing team."
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I turn 35 years old on Friday, which is significant because it's divisible by 5!

To celebrate, here's a list of my 35 favorite AWS services. 🥳

As Mario would say, "Here we gooooo!"
35. AWS Snow Family

This family of services consists of Snowcone, Snowball, and Snowmobile, and I've never used any of them. 🤠

But, how could I not include a service that allows you to send 100 PB of data to S3 on a semi-truck?!

Narrator: he could not, not.
34. AWS Security Hub

Security Hub is a service that allows you to sleep soundly knowing you're on top of your security posture.

With approximately 1 gazillion integrations to other AWS services, this is very much the hub of your security monitoring efforts on AWS.
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yesterday I spun up 36x @awscloud EC2 instances to build out a weird sample data set

today, trying to get an exact cost for that work, it hits home (again) why @quinnypig has a very successful business

a story...

🧵 ☁️ #cloud #devops
ok, so I spun up the instances via python/boto3 (all old-school like) because I had a unique user-data script to each to execute and then shutdown

super simple 👇

🧵 ☁️ #cloud #devops
of course, the execution of this script took a while. about 6 hours. so I ran a couple quick, smaller scale tests and when I had things locked. I ran the script 👆

🧵 ☁️ #cloud #devops
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Let’s try something different. What @awscloud concept are you struggling with? Let me help explain it or find someone who can.
The way accounts were designed originally. "Hard to delete" and "at no point is there not a way to bill for charges" are fundamental tenets of the architecture.

This should change. It's 2021.
"Programmatically provision resources as defined in JSON / YAML / #awswishlist XML."

They're wordy, a bit finnicky, and a lot of projects and tools use more human-friendly things that get rendered into CF.

I struggle too.
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Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies--but that's super boring. Instead, ask me your @awscloud questions.

I don't have any particular roadmap insight, but it's probably something like "Service X now supports Feature-You-Thought-It-Had-Already" and *should* be called AWS Housekeeping.
In baseball, sometimes it feels like you sprint to third base and then just hang out there for the rest of the inning.

That's kinda how AWS services go from launch to maintenance mode to my mind. CloudWatch is vast and complicated, and there's no one right answer.
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How I'd improve AWS' documentation, a (probably very long thread) 🧵
Let me start with my perception of _why_ people read technical docs:

1. To evaluate if they need something
2. To set up something (presumably only once)
3. To troubleshoot setup or implementation
4. [a distant fourth] To learn more about underlying concepts and principles
go to

Does it meet any of those needs?

Because they have _so many_ offerings, the only effective way to navigate is through search, which is relegated to a slim header

Nobody will read the full docs of 10 databases to pick one
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I want to have an AWS region where everything breaks with high frequency. EC2 networks dropping packets, EBS volumes hanging and failing, entire AZs dropping offline, etc. If it breaks 0.001% of the time in us-east-1, I want it to break 1% of the time in us-fail-1. #awswishlist
It's one thing to design code to handle failures; it's quite another to *test* that it responds correctly. I would happily pay a 1000% premium on the usage if I could run my tests to a phenomenally flaky AWS region.
It looks like I'm not the only person who wants an AWS region which breaks all the time for testing purposes.

Now for the harder question, what should it be called?
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Give me an @awscloud service, product, or team and I will say something nice about them in this thread if it kills me.
Braket shows that not everyone at AWS is focused on "today" or "next quarter."

Chime is a terrific example of "willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time." It's not what you think it is. More on this to come when I have the time to write it up.

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Given that:

A) there are no conferences at the moment so I'm getting rusty,
2) I haven't seen @houlihan_rick's reInvent talk yet, and
iii) I've never livetweeted a 400 level talk before, I will now attempt it while watching this video:

And we're right off to the races with this talk. No intro music cranked up to 11.

No giant wall of logos. Just @houlihan_rick getting right into it.

He has the grace to introduce himself fully, rather than "this is a 400 level DynamoDB talk, you'd better know who I am."
"Most of you have heard this already, but repeating things is important."

This is backed up by the repetition inherent to many of DynamoDB's own API calls.
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Extra excited about this now. sso:GetRoleCredentials takes account and role name parameters (weird that it's not a role ARN but whatever). This looks to me like the client is in control of what IAM principal the user will become. This is a good thing! ⏬1/9
A great enabling capability for an org is creating single page apps w/ serverless backends, and now with these APIs in JS those apps can use SSO. One of the difficulties with these apps is that there may be many copies of a given app, for dev or just in many different accts 2/9
You should be able to stand up a copy of an app, go to its front page, and log in with SSO. But most SSO flows assume well-known URLs that you give to the SSO system. But with these AWS SSO APIs/Device Flow, that's no longer a problem. 3/9
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It's time! @ben11kehoe is talking about AWS Step Functions. A thread with some notes. #reinvent #serverless
First, general comments from @ben11kehoe:

"Don't complain about AWS where AWS can't hear you. Things won't get better if they don't know". Use #awswishlist or tag Ben himself.

Also: "Serverless is about not owning technology that doesn't differentiate you as a business"
"Everything that says IoT, ignore that it says IoT and evaluate it for your own purposes". The AWS IoT offerings are super powerful for all kinds of other things. IoT Events can work for state machines where Step Functions wouldn't be a good fit.
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The lights dim. An entirely-too-loud video for 8AM starts. Welcome to @awscloud #reinvent
It's a three hour keynote. Thank you to keynote sponsor Depends adult diapers. #reinvent
I see you, @github logo. #reinvent
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🎉🎉🎉 AppSync... again!

🤯 #GraphQL Server side Caching at API and Resolver level
🔥 #DynamoDB Transactions

That means faster queries, cache per user, per argument, and DynamoDB all-or-nothing operations across tables

And that isn’t even reinvent yet 👌
#serverless #aws

@ednergizer don’t know who are the engineers who worked on that feature but please passed our congrats to them.

Another #awswishlist
Did I also say that Caching is already supported in CloudFormation too?


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BREAKING: @awscloud has taken pity on us, apparently--they've released Savings Plans, which sounds like something that has to do with retirement. Fortunately it does--specifically sunsetting Reserved Instances. A thread:
I have a full analysis up at…, but at a glance this is a win across the board for almost everyone.
Alternately, @jeffbarr has a less snarky take here:…
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And now @timallenwagner takes the #serverlessconf stage by storm. Hearty applause.
"Who the f*ck is @timallenwagner to tell us what the future of Serverless is?" He ran the Lambda team at AWS for starters. THIS IS ALL HIS FAULT #Serverlessconf
The audience leans in with anticipation. #serverlessconf
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And the #AWSsummit keynote starts with the usual video and soundtrack. I'm offering a bounty for the audio track. DMs are open.
And @werner Vogels, husband to renowned bassoonist Annet Vogels takes the stage.

He is also Amazon's CTO. #AWSsummit
And protestors disrupt the business update. I think they work for a competitor. Get some class, Oracle. #AWSsummit
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Official Node.js v10.x runtime support on AWS Lambda!… Supported on docker-lambda too (and AWS SAM CLI). Many interesting things about this release, strap in:
1. It's "10.x", so only the semver major is pinned. This is a Good Thing™, unlike the previous releases ("8.10", "6.10", "4.3") where AWS fell behind official Node.js releases because they pinned the minor. No more missing out on feature updates 👍
2. The nodejs10.x runtime uses the same HTTP-polling model as custom runtimes under the hood – it matches the python3.7 and ruby2.5 runtimes in this regard. I suspect AWS will stick with this model for all new runtimes going forward.
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