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Hello, New York. I'm here in person at the #awssummit, and this is my keynote livetweet thread.

Thanks for joining me. We'll get started in a few minutes. Corey sitting at a table outside with text nws INFINIDASH IS
The usual sponsor scroll slides are up. I hope to one day be sponsored to the point where these companies all slap their logos on me until I'm decked out like a race car. a large screen with text on it with text GOLD SPONSORS A avta group of people on a stage with text htol GLOBAL SPONSORS a group of people sitting in front of a large screen with te
And we're starting with a video talking about how deeply important the @awscloud and @intel partnership is. Since Intel is sponsoring this keynote surely they won't tell a Graviton3 story that makes Intel look bad! a group of people looking at a screen with a logo on it with
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On this Friday afternoon I have something to show you folks regarding my "Last Tweet in AWS" threading Twitter client.

Of course this is a thread, and of course I'm using the client to do it.
Last week I went to @Monitorama and attempted to livetweet while also providing alt-text for images. It was frankly a disaster; talks move way too fast for me to be able to competently do that–but I also wasn't willing to pull a "eh, that's hard, screw accessibility."
Note the new checkbox at the bottom of the image. That's right, by default it will auto-populate on image upload with alt-text powered by Machine Learning®.

Specifically, @Azure's Computer Vision API. It's the best of the ones I've sampled so far. The Last Tweet in AWS clien...
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Combat fraud without sacrificing customer experience by @hai2vasu @volkancivelekkk

#AWSSummit #AWS @awsugmum @awsugindia
Fill out the survey to get 25$ AWS Credits.
Earn a Certification voucher as well as grab some free swags, Check out here:

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Hello, and welcome to Day 2 of the #AWSSummit in San Francisco. @SwamiSivasubram's keynote starts in a few minutes, and I'm trying something a bit different for today's livetweet thread....
I'm here today *strictly* as a customer. Through a careful strategy of "declining meeting invitations" and "outright ignoring people," I know absolutely nothing about what's in store for us today.

I'm not even allowed to sit in the press/analyst session!
The building is nowhere near capacity, which given... well, everything, makes sense. I exercised good judgement and left my "AMI HAS THREE SYLLABLES" protest sign at home.

It feels like that's not the cultural mood at this moment.
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And we're back for the @awscloud #awssummit!

@ajassy and Matt Garman join us for a fireside chat.
You learn a lot about people by their video backgrounds.

Matt joins us from his therapist's couch, while @ajassy's background teaches us about a third hobby of his! #awssummit
He famously likes "sports" and "buffalo wings," but those are generic, bland descriptors that are just... undifferentiated. #awssummit
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And welcome to the @awscloud #awssummit livetweet thread.

We start with @werner's keynote.
You can learn a lot by someone's home. Here, @werner speaks to us from the Ethereal Void of Thought Leadership, as he is too pure to spend time in our world for extended periods.
It's a bit gauche of @werner to brag how much time he spent watching Netflix.
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There are a lot of "Ask the @awscloud expert" options at the #AWSsummit today.

In this thread, it's "ask the @awscloud incompetent" instead.

Hit me with your cloud questions, and I will answer them poorly.
You secure Kubernetes by running it on AWS. Since EKS supports Fargate, there's no infrastructure for you to manage, and thus absolutely nothing left for you to secure. Your days are free and easy unless you're in infosec; in that case you're starving to death instead.
You should only use Lambda when AWS has overshot its revenue goal for the quarter. Otherwise, it's EC2 all the way, and don't skimp on the instance sizing.

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And the #AWSsummit keynote starts with the usual video and soundtrack. I'm offering a bounty for the audio track. DMs are open.
And @werner Vogels, husband to renowned bassoonist Annet Vogels takes the stage.

He is also Amazon's CTO. #AWSsummit
And protestors disrupt the business update. I think they work for a competitor. Get some class, Oracle. #AWSsummit
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This sure is a lot of words to say “the @awscloud marketplace let you work around large companies’ horrifying procurement processes.” #AWSSummit
@awscloud doesn’t understand enterprise? My ass it doesn’t—look at how many words we shoved into this Enterprise Grade PowerPoint slide!”
“Here’s a bunch of companies where at least one junior engineer picked the wrong freaking AMI without realizing it.”
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And @jrhunt takes the stage. Super nice person, incredibly gifted technologist, and very personable blog post author. A thread! I've been wanting to livetweet him for a long time. The time is meow! #AWSSummit.
"Follow me on Twitter if you want crappy takes. Python is my favorite language. The one thing I refuse to use is Javascript." I want to die on this hill too! #AWSSummit
"I surveyed the audience and it seems you want demos rather than slides. So! Breakneck slide time, then demos. #AWSSummit
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And now an @awscloud panel on diversity and inclusion in tech. It's not full of white dudes! This is like watching a unicorn set a DeepRacer track record! #AWSSummit
Observation: every person on this panel spends a few solid minutes establishing their credentials.

They shouldn't have to, and that's the world in which we live.
The panel moderator stops the conversation for 20 seconds to let people in the back find seats. Inclusion in action! #AWSSummit
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"At @awscloud we drink our own champagne" says @sandy_carter. Cool. Here at the Duckbill Group we milk our own platypus. #AWSSummit A thread:
We eat our own dog food. #AWSSummit
We soften our own fabric. #AWSSummit
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At the #AWSSummit keynote once again. I feel like I've played this song before, but here we go. Good morning, Atlanta!
Paul Soligon takes the stage! Mentions 5500 attendees. Mentions @Equifax, @ChickfilA, and other wonderful companies that nobody could possibly object to. #AWSSummit
It wouldn't be an #awssummit if it didn't have a slide with a truly sarcastic number of customer logos.
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And we are fashionably late here in Israel. #zman #bnei #akiva #AWSSummit
Here we start - #snark #on #AWSSummit
Only 10000+ customers using #sagemaker - I would have expected a minimum of 10,001+ #AWSSummit
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