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Rekord-#Strompreise in #Frankreich. Fast 3€/kWh (!) an der #Strombörse morgen um 8 Uhr in der morgendlichen Lastspitze. Solche Preise beunruhigen mich sehr. Denn es sagt viel über die Marktsituation aus.
(Danke an @herbertsaurugg der mich darauf aufmerksam gemacht hat)
Zunächst einmal stellt sich die Frage nach dem Warum. Heute Nacht wird es in Frankreich relativ kalt, mit Temperaturen knapp unter dem Gefrierpunkt im ganzen Land, außer direkt an der Küste. Warum ist das so relevant? Frankreich heizt viel mit Strom
Oft sich es nicht einmal Wärmepumpen sondern ineffiziente Heizstäbe. Dadurch ist der #Stromverbrauch heute Nacht sehr hoch. Dazu kommt das in Frankreich gerade sehr viele #Atomkraftwerke ausfallen. Nur noch 31GW sind aktuell am Netz, 20GW weniger als 2021.
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An 8 Step Checklist Before Entering Any Trade:

A thread(🧵)... (1/18) Image
1. If the market is in a trading range or trending: Traders must know that if this happens, there's a higher probability of right #trades. Always remember, the trend is your best friend (2/18) Image
#Traders must also ask if the prices are in a strong trend and if they want to continue to move along with this trend. (3/18) Image
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(1/8) A few thoughts on the current debate about the #EUTaxonomy on sustainable energy finance, especially the classification of #gaspower and #nuclear.
(2/8) #Nuclear power has a very peculiar risk profile. It certainly is climate-friendly, with small life-cycle CO2 emissions (like wind and PV). But its waste problem and nuclear accident risks are unique. Ultimately a value judgement whether or not these eco-risks are acceptable
(3/8) The true risk about #nuclear for climate change mitigation: Its track record of delays and cost overruns. New nuclear power makes for a very risky and costly bet for reaching climate targets. Just look at #Olkiluoto, #Flamanville, #HinkleyPoint. #FalsePromise?
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@WalshFreedom Am I tired of needing mask mandates. Sure i am. But that doesn't mean that mask mandates aren't necessary or that they don't work. Americans are the most selfish people on the planet. Having freedom doesn't mean doing what you want, when you want. To enjoy the benefits of society
@WalshFreedom cont/ you need to also bear the responsibilities of society. You follow rules/laws. You participate in your own governance. You sacrifice a little for the benefit of the many. When you are elected to office, you compromise with people of opposing parties/viewpoints. This 80s me,
@WalshFreedom me,me crap ( and I am an 80s girl) has got to stop. This antisocietal, anti-educational, anti-intellectual, anti-science bullshit has to stop. America didn't get to be a world power by being anti-anything. #vaxup #maskup, #backup #washup #growup
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Personally, I wounder if @LinusTech's @Anjyoun would love to make a #collab video with @lazygamereviews on how to make a #RetroGaming system that can do 100% accurate & hardware-accelerated #virtualization-based #gaming possible.

Cuz that would work quite fine with #KVM and some #configs and #tweaks, and I'm certain @LinusTech still has some @LimeTech #UnRAID boot sticks lying around so they can cobble that together easily.
Not to mention that they could even do hardware-accelerated #hackintoshes with easy #backup & #backroll should an update of @iTunes brick it like @FF00FFde's last #Hackintosh...
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Artsenfederatie KNMG nieuwsbericht #Corona krijgt feedback samenleving 😉😂
De KNMG had wellicht liever een censuurknopje gehad bij de reacties, leest u mee?
(Note:@KNMG verwijderen heeft geen zin meer, #BACKUP 😘)
#COVID19 #hoax…
Brief van een Boze (en Verdrietige) Huisarts
"Het beeld wat de kranten schetsen klopt echter niet. De zorg wordt niet overspoeld met Covid19 patiënten. De IC’s liggen niet vol." #COVID19…

(Ook nog 1 reactie op de @KNMG brief 🤓)
De KNMG doet ook een goede poging om in aanmerking te komen voor de Neurenberg 2.0 bokaal. (Note: heeft de KNMG nu zijn volle verstand verloren door mee te gaan in de pro #COVID19 propaganda of zijn ze medisch incompetent en/of te ver vd werkvloer?)🤔…
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Como destacar-se da concorrência no mundo da Internet e desenvolver um #website sem qualquer conhecimento técnico? Está tudo explicado aqui ↓ [#THREAD]
Conheça o João 👨🏻‍🔧.
O João é dono de uma pequena loja de eletrodomésticos em Belém. Desde há algum tempo, gostaria de desenvolver o seu negócio online. Mas, como fazer isso sem qualquer conhecimento técnico? ↓
Passo 1: Registar um nome de domínio. Como é que o João deve escolher o agente de registo? Deve ter em conta dois aspetos:
💶 Relação preço/qualidade
👍 Experiência e reputação
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A few weeks back, we've noticed our snapshot bills to grow weirdly high.. after some debugging, I've found the snapshot billing and way snapshots stored as an interesting concept..
As the graph says, the usage vs snapshot billing isn't growing proportionally linear.. (1/n)
I decided to debug how snapshots are billed.. fundamentally, snapshots are block-level backups of EBS volumes.. since AWS can't see data inside your block, they read disk blocks occupied and take a copy of them and store them as objects in their s3.. (2/n)
Every time there's a data change inside your EBS volume, by nature of linux and hard disks, the new blocks is where data is written.. So, AWS knows there's change of data (this could be deletion of data too) and marks those blocks as the difference in data..thus incremental (3/n)
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