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Reviewed a few preprints on BA.2 immune evasion for a talk. My synthesis:
- BA.1 & BA.2 show similar immune escape from vax
- BA.2 is about as far from BA.1, antigenically, as Beta was from WT
- ppl w prior immunity, then BA.1 infxn, neutralize BA.1 & BA.2 ~equally well

Nerdy 🧵
I like the "antigenic cartography" model for the variants (…); I see BA.1 & BA.2 as ~ "antigenically equidistant" from ancestral spike, but kinda far from each other too, similar to the cloud of pre-Omi variants.

But, immunity is complex at this point…
Folks whose first view of spike was BA.1 (ie, no prior vax or infection) may only be somewhat protected from BA.2 infection (similar to how Beta evaded D614G immunity). But, people with vax, pre-Omi infection, or both; *then* Omi infection, seem to have far broader immunity.
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@WalshFreedom Am I tired of needing mask mandates. Sure i am. But that doesn't mean that mask mandates aren't necessary or that they don't work. Americans are the most selfish people on the planet. Having freedom doesn't mean doing what you want, when you want. To enjoy the benefits of society
@WalshFreedom cont/ you need to also bear the responsibilities of society. You follow rules/laws. You participate in your own governance. You sacrifice a little for the benefit of the many. When you are elected to office, you compromise with people of opposing parties/viewpoints. This 80s me,
@WalshFreedom me,me crap ( and I am an 80s girl) has got to stop. This antisocietal, anti-educational, anti-intellectual, anti-science bullshit has to stop. America didn't get to be a world power by being anti-anything. #vaxup #maskup, #backup #washup #growup
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Best thing I did this week? I got my #COVID19 booster vaccine. Thank you, @pfizer @BioNTech_Group @Walgreens This one left me with the strongest side effects - arm & back pain, fatigue, slight sore throat- but 48hrs later I was all good. #VaxUp #VaxUpManatee #VaxUpFlorida
Why did I get the booster? To be as well protected as possible from the #coronavirus & to protect others, especially my wife, a teacher at a Tampa school where not all teachers are vaccinated (She got a booster, too)
I wasn’t mandated to get the vaccine but I would have been OK if I had been. New evidence shows people get their shots if the alternative means they lose their jobs. That’s not really a mandate — you still have the “freedom” to make your own choice. But it’s all good.
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Eyre et al (…) is a tour-de-force. Bravo!
- traced 150k contacts from 100k cases (! - NHS👏🏽)
- Pfizer vax'd index cases had ~5x (Alpha) or 3x (Delta) lower odds of spreading (this is beyond protection by preventing the index case to begin with)
🧵 1/6
- this despite similar cycle thresholds (Ct) in vax'd vs unvax'd index Delta cases, as others have shown
- Pfizer vax'd contacts had 16x (Alpha) or 10x (Delta) lower odds of being infected
- Ct is not infectivity
- Ct is not infectivity
- Ct is not infectivity
- #VaccinesWork
- they also saw waning, c/w other studies (incl imo the best studies, the post-hoc crossover analyses of mRNA RCTs). Here, they found 1.2x increased odds of transmission "for each doubling of weeks since 14 days after 2nd vax in index cases" (?), & 1.4x increase in contacts.
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Live: International dream team of air quality experts talking about how we're not doing enough to prevent #delta transmission in schools
Worst-case scenario: Children's hospitals overloaded with 1/3th the beds needed, and 1/5th the PICU beds needed
Delta primarily spreads through #aerosol inhalation. The 6-ft rule is insufficient. The 15-min rule is insufficient. If someone must eat indoors, they should not talk. The infectious person does not have to be in the room at the same time as you
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This interview with @mtosterholm is 🔥. One of the clearest & most succinctly accurate 6-min summaries of where we are with Delta/COVID mitigation, masks, & vax (best part starts at 1:30).

#VaxUp #BetterMasks #N95 #MasksInSchools
A few quotes below. h/t @PPEtoheros, @citlanx
"This virus is an #aerosol. It’s transmitted in the air, just like we see with cigarette smoke. If you’re in a room and you have a covering on your face and you can smell* the smoke, then you know you’re also getting virus in there if in fact you had an infected person in there."
* (Editorial comment on the smoke smell comment. Aerosols in smoke come out as a concentrated plume, waft through the air, & build-up indoors. But the smell is from the gases & can go through masks, whereas aerosols are blocked. Good visual analogy, but it breaks down at smell).
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I keep thinking about articles discussing importance of being both #VaxxedAndMasked. Some comments via 🧵. (1/x)

Data shows:
✔️ Vax safe & wildly effective
✔️ No vax 100% (think raincoat or sunscreen)
✔️ Masks very effective
✔️ Both help indiv & public health
✔️ Delta is a beast
2/ Through hard work we know:
✔️ COVID could spread by several routes
✔️ Airborne aerosols likely to be a critically important piece of that spread
✔️ We can reduce w/ masks, distancing, reducing #SharedAir
✔️ Vax reduces number & severity of infections…
3/ So if the only factor (indiv or collectively) is to provide the best protection, the answer is clearly to #VaxUp ASAP & to still #MaskUp in crowds or indoors w/ anyone who is unvaxxed. Delta is dangerous & many not yet protected.
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Should you still wear a #mask, even if you're vaxxed?

Answer isn't just about science, but also your risk tolerance & philosophy of humans. Nice overview by @olgakhazan w/ (contrasting) comments below by Profs @linseymarr @cmyeaton @j_g_allen @ashishkjha…
"According to Rivers, the vaccinated should keep masking indoors in these places until children under the age of 12 can get vaccinated. 'I don’t think we should give up on mitigation until we can offer kids the same protection afforded to everyone else,' says @cmyeaton."
"Though your heart might not break for your local anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists, 2 - 4% of American adults are immunocompromised, which means the COVID-19 vaccines do not work as well for them. By masking, you are ... also protecting kids & the immunocompromised." @olgakhazan
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