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Analysis: #Cboe BZX $MU

Case 60 #Micron Technology Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#MU 1/7
Ever since peaking at 97.50 in July 2000 Micron has been rather subdued, however, a slow, steady recovery began in 2013. Current trading conditions are messy and range-bound - the entire 2019 range from low to high is $18.

MU 2/7
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The sloping synthetic #trendlines are the most important piece of information in the monthly chart - a break/close above will signal strength. #Resistance into 66.40-63.60 zone is formidable but ....

MU 3/7
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Today, the World celebrates #Fibonacci day.

"Fibonacci sequence is nature's code. It is in everything from flowers to storm systems to the shape of galaxies"- they said, crediting Mr. Fibonacci for this "discovery"

Yet, they failed to acknowledge their very source. Thread (1)
As a student, I was quite fascinated by the Fibonacci treatise. Specifically, I was working on its closed form expression and its relation to Golden Ratio.

I brought a copy of Fibonacci's book "Liber Abaci" to see how the master himself derived it.

His introduction SHOCKED me
In the introduction to his book, Fibonacci (c. 13th century CE) makes the following revelations

1) "I am the son of an official working in Bugia, Algeria".

2) There was a colony of Indian Merchants in that city.

3) "It was there that I was introduced to Indian Mathematics".
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Analysis: #NYSE $SPY

Case 50 #SPDR S&P 500

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

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#SPY 1/6
It seems as though the up move will never end but a correction is long overdue.

SPY 2/6
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Currently breaking above #trendline resistance and the immediate target is 315.54 then 338.47 and the first synthetic trendline #resistance stands at 342.91. ....

SPY 3/6
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Analysis: #NASDAQ: #MRTX

Case 25 #Mirati Therapeutics, Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

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MRTX 1/7
A very strong trend which began in 2017 was followed by a volatile correction enabling the May-June 2019 gap to be filled. Immediate resistance appears at 93.90-94.24 .......

MRTX 2/7
........ then Fib 1.272 @ 101.01 but only a break/close above pivot resistance at 107.07 alleviates downward pressure to target 127.75.

Conditions remain tricky - caution is required.

MRTX 3/7
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I would be more than happy to guide on anyone who wishes to start learning #NimblrTA

The idea is let's do it for next 30 days and review where we are and what change it may bring.

Content is what is readily available but would be done in steps.

@Deishma @AhoNiranjana
#Topic #NimblrTA #Strength #Candles

Content for study…

Once done you may ask queries or if something is not clear or may have feedback, open discussion and learning.

Efforts will be yours to enlearn!
#Topic #NimblrTA #Strength #Candles
About Breakout Candle…

Acknowledge the tweets with
1) Questions
2) Feedback
Once you complete the topic must mention your participation through a tweet or like so it's known how many are following
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#Analysis: #Derived: #NATU3

Case 5 Natura Cosmeticos SA (NATU3)

Currency in BRL

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to place trades.

Please do your own research!

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A very strong trending stock which went #parabolic and beginning to lose some momentum. The trend will remain strong.

Chart 1
Monthly chart with strong upward moves closing above the #pivots, marking new highs.

The stock has gone parabolic making a new all time highs.

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1/n My thread on Y d 12 #Jyotirlingas in India hv bn positioned in a progressive spiral.If u draw a line over d Jyotirlinga temples on map then d final result is d shape of a conch shell or d #Fibonacci pattern. They say, this pattern is nature's secret code.Pic credit: Unknown
@DetheEshaSen @Defence_360 @meghdootindia @megirish2001 @CantstopulovinM @sanjeevsanyal @LostTemple7 @ToTheePoint @iamshinerk @davidfrawleyved 2/n So wat r Fibonacci numbers? A series of numbers in which each number is d sum of d two preceding number--1,1,2,3,5,8...Next number in d series will b 5+8 and so on. U cn continue adding number in this series till infinity. This mathematical pattern is represented as a spiral.
@DetheEshaSen @Defence_360 @meghdootindia @megirish2001 @CantstopulovinM @sanjeevsanyal @LostTemple7 @ToTheePoint @iamshinerk @davidfrawleyved 3/n In nature Fibonacci series r found everywhere. In the arrangement of sunflower seeds, pine cones,web of spider and also in d shape of conch shell. This is Aloe vera (original pic credit: shutterstock)
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1. Erkenne einen Trend
2. bestimme einen guten Einstiegspunkt
3. bestimme einen "Stop-Loss" (Verlustgrenze)
4. Bestimme ein "Take-Profit": nicht ändern, ODER "mitziehen"
5. Korrigiere den Stop-Loss bloss in Deine Richtung (Stop [ins Plus] mitziehen)
Persönliche "Regeln":
- pro Monat maximal 50 Euro Einsatz

Public Go-Live:
- wenn 3 Verlust-Trades = Feierabend
- wenn zweimal 3 Verlust-Trades = 1 Tag Pause
aktueller Stand:
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[1] Fibonacci Retracements is a trading technique that is created out of Fibonacci sequence which is mathematically derived. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610.. This is a special sequence as it has many unique properties. Firstly, all numbers after 0,1..
[2] are sums of the previous 2 numbers. 1 = 0+1, 2 = 1+1, 21= 13+8 etc. Secondly, each number when divided by its previous number gives 1.681 as a result. A number divided by the next highest number approximates 61.8%. A number divided by the next 2 highest numbers = 38.2%
[3] How can we use this sequence to trade? When a stock is having a pullback, we need to decide the optimal point to enter. Fibonacci tells us that prices move in waves and the smaller the retracements that create the waves, the longer the trend.
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