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Remember everyone quickly speculating whether Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was a data mining experiment. I used my GDPR right of access to find out more. (short thread) #Bandersnatch
Netflix claim they only use individual choices to inform which video segments to show, although they do learn from aggregate choices, as would be expected.
You can also get a copy of all the choices you have made to date, which Netflix does store (I did not ask for how long). They provide it through encrypted email (@virtruprivacy), a PDF file with a data key...
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You remember that less than 10 days I predicted how the current, embattled but ultimately doomed prosecution of the CJN at the CCT would pan out. Today the Court has adjourned again to 28th January 2019. And we are not even at Stage 1 of the trial yet. Let me tell you a story.
First thing first the Nigerian judicial system is imperfect. We have been shouting for a while. That's why I would find it hard to forgive the VP whom I had naively believed was a judicial reformist. Instead he joined them to shout fight against corruption with 0 substance.
The case below is completely fictional but is symptomatic of how cases are decided under current procedural laws in Nigeria. I am not sure any 1 case has suffered ALL the ills I will paint here but I am sure some have come close. This should be an eye opener. If I say so myself.
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Cómo sacar partido de los recursos que ofrece Netflix para las clases de Lengua y Literatura en secundaria.

En el hilo os dejo algunas ideas...

@NetflixES #netflix
#Élite aporta esa atmósfera envolvente de misterio que tanto gusta a los adolescentes.
Sobre el plano real del instituto, pueden situar la escena de un crimen, imaginar culpables y elaborar una noticia con las 6 preguntas básicas del periodismo
#SexEducation es fresca y tiene una temática atractiva por razones obvias.
En pequeños grupos, pueden exponer sus dudas sobre sexo, preparar un cuestionario, investigar sobre dichos temas y, a modo de entrevista, recrear un consultorio juvenil como en la serie.
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Per ragionare dell'impatto di #Bandersnach sul mondo dell'intrattenimento bisogna risalire a Bolter e al concetto di "rimediazione" applicato ai media digitali. Nel passaggio a un nuovo media si tende, soprattutto inizialemnte, a riutilizzare i contenuti ->
-> del media precedente "adattati" al nuovo media(il quale quasi mai soccombe). E' successo per l'ampio utilizzo iniziale da parte della tv di format teatrali e radiofonici semplicemente trasposti, è successo negli altri casi. In un certo senso
-> il vecchio media è l'"argomento" del nuovo (parafrasando McLuhan), secondo la logica dell'immediatezza. In una concomitante e contraddittoria fase, il nuovo media comincia a sviluppare contenuti propri paradossalmente rendendo l'esperienza più evoluta
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So now the cat is out of the bag - I was responsible for a couple of ZX Spectrum related easter eggs for Black Mirror's #Bandersnatch choose-your-own-adventure special...
Without getting too spoilery... a post-credits scene shows the main character listening to a tape marked "Bandersnatch Demo", consisting of screechy electronic noise. Tape close-up:
Naturally, this has caused no end of confusion to Americans and millenials who have no idea about the connection between cassettes full of screechy noise and 1980s computer games.
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#Bandersnatch is some good, goofy fun that gets less satisfying the longer you spend with it. The on-ramp was well designed, and CYOA style “early endings” + jump-backs worked surprisingly well IMO, but the mix of tired IF and traditional narrative clichés felt lazy.
as many have said, the genius = madness trope is played out and dangerous, and in this case also a crutch that covers for incoherent narrative (a major character can be either dead or not-dead in a single branch, with no clear causality AFAICT)
Also, interactive fiction that declares “surprise! all choice is an illusion! that’s the point!” has been done many times before, and adding the meta layer of fictional auteur giving up and removing meaningful choice from the game doesn’t make it feel any fresher IMO
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Mi experiencia sobre historias interactivas a raíz de #bandersnatch. Reflexiones a vuelapluma #AbroHilo 👇🏾
Resulta que tengo una relación bastante profunda con el mundo de la interactividad, pero siempre se me olvida. Después de lo típico en los 90, Elige tu propia aventura, rol, Lucas Arts, Sierra, Los justicieros... (no llegué a jugar a Marbella Vice. Sorry @alexdelaIglesia)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis me alucinó tanto que una de las primeras cosas que hice en internet fue meterme en un grupo internacional de adolescentes igualmente flipados que intentaban hacer una secuela. Nunca se acabó, por supuesto.
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#Bandersnatch is frustrating because it gets so close to a great idea but doesn't go there enough. I'm gonna spoil it so don't read on if you haven't seen it yet
Bandersnatch asks you a lot of questions, both thematically and literally. But the one question that sits above it all is the one question that it feels like it already knows the answer to: Can you fight fate?
It ultimately posits that you can't. Oh sure, you're given options, but limited options. By framing your choices as identical the choices in the book/game of Bandersnatch, it's saying that you have as little real control of the outcome as Stefan does.
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.@Blackmirror has gone back to the 1980s with #bandersnatch. A thread of real fears about tech in the past that would make great episodes:
Blackmirror 1897: Bicycle riding turns women into violent, psychotic homicidal pet torturers.…
BlackMirror, 1888: radio takes over teenagers brain and causes him to murder.…
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