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Not until you discover the magic phalluses can do during fannies, you won't be able to epitomized #SexEducation

I knew better since my primary school days, such sensitive subject was never kept away from me and my colleagues then, so there's no reason one shouldn't tell


a boy child or a girl child about #SexEducation

It would only be a mandatory detention of information to them, the Sweet you never wanted her to lick would eventually be over liked if enough care is not taken and the fannies you never wanted him to be a fan....

would be so much fun. that's the essence of #SexEducation - it makes them know the sweetness and bitterness of this story, only an insolent fool would take pride in becoming a victim of what was already learnt to be hurtful at the wrong instance

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Comienzo el hilo de temporadas vistas en el 2020:
T02 | @castlerockhulu

Los orígenes de Annie Wilkes (la enfermera psicópata de #Misery, creación de @StephenKing). Lizzy Caplan está inmensa en el papel y su “hija” Joy es Elsie Fisher de #EighthGrade. Qué final 😱 disfruté los twists de esta antología.
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#Kammatipaadam - Malayalam cinema has achieved a lot more than entire Indian film industry. Great performances and even more great cinematography
But that ending though :(
#Anthapuram - ఈ సినిమా 1998 లో ఒచ్చిందంటే నమ్మలేకపోతున్న
Cult classic అనటం లో తప్పే లేదు రా
సౌందర్య ప్రకాష్ రాజ్ జగపతిబాబు ముగ్గురు మూడు మూల స్తంభాలు
#6Underground - Evademanna anukondi Michael Bay thopest action Director antheyy !
Pichi pichii gaa ekkesindhi action scenes asalaa .
First 17 min car chase adi kooda antha engaging ahh ayya 🙏
Full meals stuff for Bay fans
Pure Bayhem
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This is Part 2 (Part 1 is in the link)
I will write about what parents can do to talk about sex and educate children in appropriate way.

If you are a regular Indian parent like me, you don't ever want to talk to your kids about sex. Even after their marriage.

That's how we grew up and we wish everything remained the same way even in 21st century.

But world has other plans for you.
While you were busy growing up on old Playboy, Penthouse and Debonair and getting cheap thrills from racy third rate novels written by now famous socialites, world changed!

Internet happened
Globalization happened
Economy opened up
Smartphones happened!
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Though we all want our kids to be safe, the moment someone mentions Sex Education, we shrink into a ball.

Conventional sex education limits itself to half baked scientific knowledge of anatomy, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
This is still a Victorian model where ultimate aim is to drive people away from notion of sex by making it as uninteresting and scary as possible.

But imparting of real knowledge, information about pleasure, eroticism etc to adolescents brings you in conflict with law.
And the biggest parental fear - if they know about all this, they WILL start using this knowledge.!

Fair enough.

So most kids end up learning about sex from friends and sex videos aka pornography.

There is almost nothing to stop them from their curiosity.
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THREAD: I was thrilled to present at #SHAPETampa last week! @ShapeAmerica’s national convention is the largest gathering of #healthed and #physed teachers in the country. I know not everyone could make it, so here is a recap of my presentation.
My session was scheduled at 8 a.m. on the first day of the convention, so I didn’t know if anyone would make it. I wore my #SEXEDU shirt from @AskGoody in tribute to @THEKINGDMC, who was presenting (and doing some Run-DMC classics) with @HHPHorg later that day.
I was coming from the West Coast, so this 8 a.m. session felt like 5 a.m. to me.

Luckily, the room filled up early with lots of energetic folks. Shout out to @MelanieLynch52 for helping me navigate some projector connection trouble!
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TW. For abuse, 'discipline' and stories of child abuse. Do mute this thread to avoid.

Thread 2 of my live-tweet reading of To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. #exvangelical #ExposeChristianDiscipline
Before I go into Chapter 5, its worth asking the question, do these Christian Extremist parents actually like children? As in, children for who they are, what they bring, the way they see the world, their frustrations and playfulness, their insights and annoying traits.
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Cómo sacar partido de los recursos que ofrece Netflix para las clases de Lengua y Literatura en secundaria.

En el hilo os dejo algunas ideas...

@NetflixES #netflix
#Élite aporta esa atmósfera envolvente de misterio que tanto gusta a los adolescentes.
Sobre el plano real del instituto, pueden situar la escena de un crimen, imaginar culpables y elaborar una noticia con las 6 preguntas básicas del periodismo
#SexEducation es fresca y tiene una temática atractiva por razones obvias.
En pequeños grupos, pueden exponer sus dudas sobre sexo, preparar un cuestionario, investigar sobre dichos temas y, a modo de entrevista, recrear un consultorio juvenil como en la serie.
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