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Com posaries2⃣metres d’informació genètica en una boleta de6⃣milionèsimes de metre?

Doncs fent servir l’equivalent biològic de #WinZip: HISTONES!

Segueix-nos en aquest fil on condensarem tot el que cal saber per entendre la #cromatina… amb una sorpresa final. SOM-HI!
Tenir òrgans és molt guay, però necessites teixits especialitzats, que vol dir cèl·lules MOLT diferents entre elles.

Pensa en, no sé, una neurona i un cardiomiòcit... No saps com son? Doncs et poso una foto de cadascun i veuràs que s’assemblen com un ou a una castanya:
Si son diferents, és que tenen coses diferents. Quines? Proteïnes. Concretament, una colla de proteïnes específiques de cada tipus cel·lular.

Pregunta d’examen: D’on surten les proteïnes?
Va, una pista...
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Ok folks, if you're itching to add a discussion of Marie Kondo/KonMari re: religion and #Japan (esp. #Shinto or #animism) to your syllabus, here's my recommendation on how to go about it per request 1/

#academicchatter #academictwitter #mariekondo #konmari #spirituality
First, raise the issues of race and gender in hot takes on Marie Kondo in Western popular media. These short articles pair well together.…… 2/
Next (DO NOT SKIP this step!), listen to scholar of Japanese religion @jolyonbt re: Marie Kondo/KonMari being representative of Shinto or animism or not.

Podcast with @TristanGrunow from @JapanOTR:…… 3/
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Bonus question! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #neurology #medtwitter #MedEd #neurology #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @AANMember
Q: What up doc. We sent for the AchR antibodies for this #myastheniagravis suspect patient and they came back #positive. Still need the repetitive nerve stimulations to confirm diagnosis?
A: Ye already have the answer ye seek. #RNS less sensitive than AChR antibody testing for #myastheniagravis. #RNS positive in only 50-70 percent generalized MG and 30-50 percent ocular MG. A yes is a yes and 2 yesses ain’t yesser. Less is more #mariekondo
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Cómo sacar partido de los recursos que ofrece Netflix para las clases de Lengua y Literatura en secundaria.

En el hilo os dejo algunas ideas...

@NetflixES #netflix
#Élite aporta esa atmósfera envolvente de misterio que tanto gusta a los adolescentes.
Sobre el plano real del instituto, pueden situar la escena de un crimen, imaginar culpables y elaborar una noticia con las 6 preguntas básicas del periodismo
#SexEducation es fresca y tiene una temática atractiva por razones obvias.
En pequeños grupos, pueden exponer sus dudas sobre sexo, preparar un cuestionario, investigar sobre dichos temas y, a modo de entrevista, recrear un consultorio juvenil como en la serie.
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The Konmari method and why people are jerks, a thread:
#KonMari #MariKondo #Tokimeki
“Spark Joy” = Tokimeki which is a feeling of excitement, palpitation, interest and a litany of things including “joy”. If all of your books give you tokimeki then keep them all. Konmari method is not about randomly tossing stuff away, it’s about valuing what you have.
Mari Kondo has a deep attachment to Shinto and was an attending maiden for a shrine for 5 years. A lot of the philosophies in her tidying at Shinto one’s, particularly animism.
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1) There's one fact about #MarieKondo that informs everything I read about her.

She spent five years as a Shinto priestess.

Let's break that down.
2) The Japanese religion of Shinto involves communing and appeasing the kami.

Kami are... Kinda but not totally spirits/gods?

Seriously, @neilhimself is a genius just for making a culturally understandable translation of Princess Mononoke.
3) So here's where kami break western traditions:

Shinto involves countless kami... and you may pray or appease them EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEY'RE NAME.

Be some spirits are nameless.

They're not D & D gods.

EVERYTHING could have a spirit.
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