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UK micro > small cap 🔬 snap shot

Sales - £277m
Cash - £92m
COVID prods on sale - 10+
Market Cap - £565m

#Abingdon, #BBI, #Omega, #Avacta, #GeneDrive (#GDR) & #Yourgene

Sales - £28m > £30m (Yourgene £18>£20m)
Cash - 🤔
COVID prods on sale - 3🤔
Market Cap - £761m Image
There's a margin of error to account for BBI accounts which aren't public, awaiting GeneDrive which reports 31/03, Avacta account were published 23/01 last yr.

Say £5m tops. Small fry when you consider imbalance of collective market capitalisations.
AIM 2020 Top % Risers (cash / Mcap)
#NCYT - £91.8m / £553m
#AAA - £10.2m / £204m
#SNG - £10.9m / £305m
#GGP - £6m / £983m
#EQT - €1.7m / £156m
#SVE - £118k / £13m
#EUA - £50.8k / £759m
#MNO - £1.43m / £25m
#PHE - £5m / £306m
#OMI - £7.6m / £51m

*info as per latest relevant RNS Image
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Very hairy: this company was going down the toilet even before covid; it's now a wreck - and even better, it's enormously exposed to Chinese solar. BK isn't off the cards and the upside may not even be that great. Chart is back to Jan 2017. Singulus from Germany #SNG.DE Image
It's a German maker of high end capital goods for solar, semi and life sciences: glass and wafer deposition / polishing, that kind of area.

How it started:

Revenues & Ebit
2017: €91m & -€1.2m
2018: €127m & +€6.8M
2019: €79M & -€8.0M
And in all it's glory, here's how it's going:

Revenues in 9M20 YTD a third of an already bad 2019. Goes from breakeven to -€20M loss and even achieves a negative gross margin, quite the achievement. Image
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Time's ticking.

Flu season is coming and lockdown is ending with a 20k+ per day infection rate in the UK

We support @PrimerdesignLtd over other companies because we believe in their earnest work and the quality of their innovation.

As investors and traders we can easily take money and put it into a whole host of stocks which we think might 'bag or multi-bag' - just to make money - even though we don't really know or genuinely care for those companies or products.
Many of us here now have been holding because there is a genuine team at @PrimerdesignLtd & @MicrogenBioProd and they are worth following and investing in.

If your relatives were vulnerable in a care home..

Do you trust visitors tested by PrimerDesign or by something else?
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An extraordinary day. Firstly, fabulous initial data from Pfizer's vaccine, demonstrating it's 90% effective. An immense scientific breakthrough and a boon for humanity.

From an investment perspective (the raison d'être of this account!): a day of joy and misery, equally! 1/16
Global indices absolutely rocketed - 27/100 FTSE100 Cos ended the session at 10%+. Most sectors were up, whilst precious metals miners and #COVID19-centric stocks got obliterated. The latter group included treatment and testing stocks, and at home/online entertainment/living 2/16
Personally, my PF took an almighty spanking, owing to #AVCT being my largest position by a distance, and also having recently opened a position in #SNG.

A high quality vaccine was always the key risk to #COVID19 plays, but for me, that has always been a medium term risk. 3/16
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Professor Jo Martin in the picture below is hard at work finishing off the report and recommendations for NPT Care Home testing in the UK.

She is one of the UK Gov's advisors at the DHSC and Head of Pathology.

Here she is with #NCYT Q16.

The Novacyt Q16 she's holding in her palm is small yet it can perform 14 Gold Standard tests in an hour (average throughput of around 4mins per test).

However the CEO said last week they have a NEW innovation for it. They're going speed it up and simplify it even more.
This was one of the CEO's typically understated additions - where he has a habit of sneaking in massive bombshells without the market noticing.

This new update coming for the Q16's & Q32's turns these amazing devices..
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Market cap, as pointed out by a hedge fund last night, is

"Currently lower than expected cash in bank come June 2021"

Find ANY other company on the stock market in that situation and post here. #NCYT is a once in a generation stock.

If investors don't understand what that means, it means that Novacyt will eventually re-rate come 2021, and it will have a market capitalisation of 1 to 2 billion and keep growing.

To miss something so obvious, you will never have any credibility
Take a look at diagnostics companies, their revenues, and their market caps:…
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