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Why is #NutriScore so ♥️ & pushed by #BigFood multinationals producing ultra-processed foods? Shouldn't they oppose it?
Nope. This article explains it well:…
"the introduction of warning labels in Latin America is probably one of the main reasons”
"To state the obvious: compared to black warning labels, the traffic light has clear advantages [..]: first of all, a colourful scale looks significantly more decorative than a black “STOP” sign"
"while the system used in Mexico or Chile “denounces” an excess of a certain substance, #Nutriscore allows the possibility to compensate for negative nutritional properties with positive ones"

This 👇 18% sugar, mostly water? But "fruits".
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@CDCgov have had a cozy relationship with @CocaCola since 1946 when the CDC headquarters site was kindly donated by Coca Cola chairman Robert Woodruff.
Ever noticed that @CDCGlobal downplays the perils of #sugar?
@CocaCola have been 'manipulating' the #sugar message of @CDCgov for a long time.…
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Food producers look back at decades of successful marketing, no matter if "animal-" or "plant-" based. In contrast to the past, transnational food corporations are now actively supporting anti-livestock messages. WHY?…
In support of its near-vegetarian #GreatFoodTransformation, the EAT foundation has set up a formal partnership (FReSH) with the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (@WBCSD), an industry platform of which the President is also a member of EAT's advisory board.
Within FReSH, affiliated food multinationals have explicitly promoted a '#plantbased' transition, sometimes with strong anti-meat overtones.…
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Oral diseases present a major global public health burden, affecting 3.5 billion people worldwide, yet #oralhealth has been largely ignored by the global health community: new @TheLancet Series aims to get #GlobalOralHealth on the #NCD and #UHC agendas Image
Oral diseases disproportionally affect poorer & marginalised groups in society & are an early indicator of population ill health linked to deprivation: new #GlobalOralHealth Series calls for #dental services to become integrated in wider health-care system Image
Oral conditions share common risk factors with other #NCDs, including free #sugar consumption: @TheLancet #GlobalOralHealth calls for tighter regulation & legislation by governments as the effect of global sugar industry becomes a threat to public health Image
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Why we got fat - a nice vox article with charts, to help us see that there is no ONE explanation for the epidemics of diabetes/obesity…
#1 - We eat out - a lot (TOO MUCH)

2015 - Americans spent more money eating away from home than they did on groceries. People typically consume 20-40% more calories in restaurants vs. at home
#2 - MORE CALORIES (energy, if you prefer)

Avg. restaurant meal is 4x the size of a typical 1950's meal.

Americans caloric intake in 1970 = 2109 vs. 2568 in 2010
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