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🦎 Ouverture des 13èmes Journées Thématiques #FAERE « #Villes & #Environnement » 

💬 Discours d’accueil de M. Ben Salem et J. Lochard, directrices du laboratoire #ERUDITE.

➡️Présentation des activités de la #FAERE

📆 1er et 2 juin
📍 La Centrif’ - Cité Descartes

#JT_FAERE ImageImageImage
🦎Première session de présentations avec un ensemble de trois travaux orientés « #énergie »

#JT_FAERE #Ville #Cities #Environment #Environnement #Economics #Economie ImageImageImage
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Cement की life मात्र 28 दिन होती हैं , उसके बाद उसमे 70% 80% ताकत बचती हैं। 3 महीने बाद cement की expiry होती हैं और वो बेकार हो जाती हैं ।

ग्रामीण इलाक़ों में लोग इस बात पर ध्यान नही देते इसलिय अधिकतम लोगों को खराब cement मिलता हैं और निर्माण कार्य कमज़ोर हो जाता हैं।
कोलम और लेंटेर में 28 दिन से पहले की फ्रेश Cement प्रयोग करें ।। plaster में भी फ्रेश का प्रयोग करें । 3 महीने की Expiry होती हैं और उसके बाद cement राख हो जाती हैं उससे बचें। । यही कारन हैं कि दीवारों से प्लास्टर गिरने लगता हैं ना पेंट रुकता हैं ।
Cement बैग पर Expiry date देखकर ले - एक साथ पूरे घर के निर्माण के लिए cement खरीद कर ना डाले ।।

फ्रेश Cement का प्रयोग करें ज़िस्से आपका निर्माण मजबूत और शानदार बनेगा ।।

#awareness #solutions #awake #safe #architecture #housedesign #cement
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📣 Exciting News Alert! 🚀✨

🌟 Revolutionizing Small Business Success! 🌟 Schooley Mitchell has unveiled an absolute game-changer for local businesses. 💼✨ They're unleashing groundbreaking solutions designed to skyrocket your success while saving you loads of cash! 💰💡(1/5)
🏢 Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to unprecedented cost-savings! Schooley Mitchell's innovative approach powered by cutting-edge AI technology is taking small businesses to new heights. 🚀📈 (2/5):…
🔎 Looking for ways to optimize your expenses?

Look no further! Schooley Mitchell's expert team will analyze every aspect of your operations, identifying hidden opportunities for savings you never thought possible. 💰💪… (3/5)
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Did you know some skills that are too difficult to learn but will help you throughout your life?

Unless you’re passionate and committed to mastering them, you can't learn them! A twitter thread... #Inspiration #Talents #Business #LifeSkills Image
Communication Skills

When you have excellent communication skills, you can excel at whatever you do in life. You can also expect a quick promotion in your job and a smooth career journey ahead.

#Profession #Lifegoals #Lifehacks #Communication #BodyLanguage
Listening Skills

Someone said it a long time back to never stop listening. Being a good listener can be a great way to make professional friends and enhance your network. As a good listener, you understand what others are saying, which can help you make an informed decision.
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'Big Eyes' (2014) was on the TV the other day. It doesn't mention abuse or #CoerciveControl and most disturbingly (or well-fittingly) it is a Weinstein production but it is actually an excellent watch to follow the dynamics of coercive and controlling behaviour and its impact./1
The story begins with Margaret just having left her husband and the father of her daughter. He is described as controlling. We get a feeling of her escaping an abusive home. He attempts to remove her from M's care by claiming that she is 'mental unwell'./2
M attempts to rebuild their life. She gets a job in a new city and channels a lot of her love, energy and time into her paintings. She meets Walter while selling paintings on the street. She is in a vulnerable place and needs stable people that she can trust and lean on. /3
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#education : Dans une enquête data exclusive conduite avec @matthieuslisse pour @Mediacites , nous montrons comment la carte scolaire reproduit la ségrégation sociale entre quartiers des grandes agglomérations, en proposant des ajustements :…
@matthieuslisse @Mediacites Pour aller au-delà des IPS, fourni par @education_gouv , nous avons traité les fichiers détails du recensement 2019 @InseeFr afin de dresser le profil social des parents d'élèves vivant dans les secteurs attribué aux collèges par le @departement59
Nous proposons même des modifications précises de la carte scolaire qui permettraient d'améliorer la mixité, comme ici à Tourcoing. #solutions #education #data #dataviz
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#Technology: "One way to reduce #transport emissions relatively quickly, and potentially globally, is to swap cars for #cycling, e-#biking and #walking – active travel, as it’s called."… #solutions
"Tackling the #climate and air #pollution #crises requires curbing all motorised #transport, particularly private cars, as quickly as possible. Focusing solely on #ElectricVehicles is slowing down the race to zero emissions."
"We also estimate that urban residents who switched from driving to cycling for just one trip per day reduced their carbon footprint by about half a tonne of CO₂ over the course of a year, and save the equivalent emissions of a one-way flight from London to New York."
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Every now and then I will make a #thread 🧵 of #threads 🧵 to keep you all updated on the #alpha I shared across time on #Twitter.

Today is the day. I don't know how long this will be.

Let's start with the previous threads🧵of threads🧵
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*Thank you* for every tweet & supportive msg re: the slurs on my academic integrity

I'm not important, but information, evidence & facts are.

In honour of that, here's a🧵correcting false claims in @bbcquestiontime on #Protocol [16:22-38:50] #bbcqt
There were statements made that some will disagree with or view v. differently.

& Each panellist @RobertBuckland @peterkyle @johnfinucane @little_pengelly @naomi_long made some statements that were true.

No need for me to repeat those ones, with two interesting exceptions…
@little_pengelly claimed @allianceparty had called for "rigorous implementation" of the Protocol [33:05]

As @naomi_long said, it was re: UKG previous intention to break intl law in Sept 20

NB the phrase was used by *4* party leaders & @MarosSefcovic
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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman met Mr @MiebachMichael , CEO @Mastercard , in Washington D.C., today. (1/4)
Mr @MiebachMichael informed Smt. @nsitharaman that @Mastercard has set up huge #DataCentres in India and is focusing on training and digitisation of small businesses. (2/4)
FM Smt. @nsitharaman spoke about GoI committment to #Digital #FinancialInclusion with focus on #women and #SME by developing world-class #homegrown #technology #solutions. (3/4)
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"the paper introduces politics and #power into the multi-level perspective. Instrumental, discursive, material and institutional forms of power and resistance are distinguished and illustrated with examples from the UK electricity system."…
"policymakers&many transition-scholars have too high hopes that ‘green’ innovation will be sufficient to bring about low-carbon transitions.Future agendas in research&policy should therefore pay much more attention to the #destabilization&#decline of existing fossil fuel regimes"
"The specific contribution ... is to conceptualize regime stability as the outcome of active resistance by incumbent actors. Furthermore, the paper will discuss various ways in which these actors use power and politics to resist fundamental transitions to new low-carbon #systems"
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How the #DigitalDevelopment community thinks about sharing #information, #resources, and #data and partners to advance #DigitalTransformation will be key to creating #impact from our efforts and ensuring country #governments can replicate them to better serve their #citizens.
DIAL thinks about #partnerships in everything it does—in fact, were founded in 2015 by a partnership of #global #donors seeking to connect incredibly promising #DigitalDevelopment efforts that had failed to achieve #scale.
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[#Thread] Aujourd'hui, je vais vous parler de #DeFi avec @anchor_protocol et les nouvelles ne sont pas forcément bonnes.

Un sujet également traité par @danku_r hier (version anglaise) en vidéo que je vous invite à découvrir.

Découvrons ça de suite 🧵⬇️
Le constat

Aujourd'hui, @anchor_protocol est un protocole #DeFi sécurisé et de "confiance" avec des #APY (intérêts par an) à environ 20% sur la #blockchain @terra_money.

Un placement simple à mettre en œuvre avec un guide dispo sur @AuCoinduBloc.…
A l'origine, la réserve (#yield reserve) permet de payer les intérêts aux utilisateurs. Celle-ci avait une valeur qui évoluait à la hausse.

Mais voilà que depuis plusieurs semaines, cette réserve diminue très rapidement à cause notamment de la #Degenbox du protocole @MIM_Spell.
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The political momentum for reforming the #EU 🇪🇺 #fiscal framework is larger than ever. We are excited to share our freshly published feasibility & impact analysis of the reform proposals with you:… (1/15)➡️ Image
Recovering from the #pandemic and simultaneously achieving #environmental, #social and #economic goals requires large amounts of public funding and therefore ample #fiscal flexibility for #EU member states. (2/15)
And with all eyes on #COP26 this week, and the discussion about the scale and pace of investment for #ClimateAction high on the agenda, the discussion about how to create the fiscal flexibility for investments such as these has never been more timely (3/15)
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Limitations of an Optimized Mindset
A thread 🧵on the problem of optimization!
1/ Finding an optimal solution through an efficient algorithm is how a trained technologist looks at any computational problem.

But as soon as this mindset is extended to real-world problems, the majority of inefficiencies become annoying.

#solutions #efficiency #productivity
2/ In fact, the real problem starts when everything in life becomes an optimization problem.

So much so that eventually, it becomes a defining orientation to life as well.

#problem #life #problemsolving
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1/🧵🎥 #Delta COVID ALERT‼️

4th wave has Teens phoning parents to say Goodbye. Beds & Staffing are too tight to monitor visitation.
Infxs Dz doc @katieoneallsu told me we’re descending to new lows in a crisis of the #unvaccinated. Listen as she describes a nightmarish reality.
2/🎥 In previous waves, it was adults saying goodbye to kids. Now it’s the other way around. In LA, @ololhealth & other major centers are no longer able to provide quality care because their teams are too overwhelmed.

3/🎥 How do you solve this problem? @katieoneallsu speaks of temporary pseudo-answers: creating “new ICU beds” & staffing them w non-ICU caregivers. “The only way to truly stem the tide is by #Vaccination. We have weeks ahead in which this gridlock will continue to hurt people.”
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
Next 👇
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@RetractionWatch 1. As the Exit strategy via #vaccine became clearer, the journal IJEST #springer @SpringerNature decided to retract my paper on #COVID19, published 19th Nov, received 5 citations (first preprint 17th March, 2020). @Indrroy @C0PE @levent_k_elpen

@RetractionWatch @SpringerNature @C0PE @levent_k_elpen 2. The Supplementary section of the paper:
1.Solution slide (attached).

Results are consistent if more countries are included. Studies using different statistical techniques also confirmed that. Thus main findings of the study are robust.
@RetractionWatch @SpringerNature @C0PE @levent_k_elpen 3.Retraction letter @SpringerNature mentioned

#solution may not be safe. In order to protect public health, the content has been removed’

Though in the paper, I mentioned the term ‘keeping Comfort level’ (check attached solution slide) and included a caution part in the text
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