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⚡️ 75th World Health Assembly Highlights: Noncommunicable Diseases (#NCDs) & #HealthyAgeing

The control & prevention of NCDs like stroke, cancers & diabetes form a significant part of #WHA75's agenda. What's their relevance to @UNDecadeAgeing? (thread) 🧵⬇️

#AddingLifeToYears Image
People around the 🌏 are living longer than ever before. This is good news: we now have an opportunity to be & do what we value for longer.

But our societies & environments still require significant transformations to help us maximise this opportunity. 👉…
Although we are living longer, our extra years are not necessarily being lived in good health.

In part, this is because the negative effects of living in unsupportive, unhealthy environments accumulate over time & often manifest in later life.
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Today marks the start of #WHA75!

This week, @WHO, Ministries of Health, civil society, & more will discuss #GlobalHealth priorities.

Missing on agenda? #GlobalSurgery & 🫀 care.

Hence, I'll be sharing key points, papers, & developments in #GlobalCardiacSurgery in 75 tweets 👇 Image
(1/75) To start, what *is* #GlobalCardiacSurgery?

GCS extends far beyond OR, from community-based disease detection & efficient referral networks to timely care, long-term follow-up, robust supply chains & adequate financial risk protection. #WHA75

Read:… Image
(2/75) Why does #GlobalCardiacSurgery matter?

⚠️ Every year, 18 million people die from #CVD

🫀 500 million live with CVD; 100s of millions more to come.

🏥 Up to 1/3 will require #CTSurgery or interventional care in lifetime

Data @IHME_UW:…

#WHA75 ImageImageImage
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Hello friends. What issues facing women and girls living with diabetes need more attention at the global level? No wrong answers #insulin4all #diabetes #NCDs #globalhealth
Burner account and/or DMs welcome
FYI things I have read/been told include:
- gender-based discrimination, pre-mature mortality, abandonment
- Marriage discrimination
- Body-image and diabetes
- Menstration
- Menopause
- Pregnancy
- Disordered eating and diabetes
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“Sugar is bad for your health” 🚩
“I don’t eat anything with sugar” 😏
“Sugar gathers at the waistline” 🤨
and other touching stories.🤦🏽

The above statements are the reason for proper nutrition education.
FACT: We all eat sugar. It can be found in our everyday foods/fruits, including rice, yam, eba, sugarcane (of course), beets, apples, oranges, etc. These foods have naturally-occurring simple sugars. So yea, we all eat sugar, be it glucose, fructose, galactose.
However, the ‘fear’ lies with refined sugars. Question is, should they be “cancelled”. Let’s find out. Keep reading.👇

Sugar is a good source of quick energy when consumed in moderation (a little per time).
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Have you read the @LancetCountdown’s new report on health and climate change? Check out @UHF_groups’ key takeaways 🧵👇
1) Climate change is impacting weather, #ecosystems, and human systems. This poses a threat to human #health. For example, young children, older people, and marginalized communities are more susceptible to health risks associated with high temperatures and #heatwaves.
2) High temperatures can reduce the frequency and duration of physical activity. Without #exercise, people are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other #NCDs.
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As part of ongoing missions to @WHOEMRO countries, in a visit to I R #Iran, Dr Al-Mandhari @WHO Regional Director met w/ 1st Vice President HE @Eshaq_jahangiri & Minister of Health & Medical Education HE @saeednamaki to discuss/enhance mutual relations & review #COVID19 response. ImageImageImage
"I was impressed to see how Iran has adapted a whole-of-government/society approach in #COVID19 response, using its strong Primary Health Care system. I was also pleased to learn more about national efforts in developing COVID-19 vaccine."-Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari
#HealthForAll_ByAll ImageImageImage
.@WHO Regional Director, WHO Rep. to 🇮🇷 & Govt. officials unveiled achievements of Iran #COVID19 Emergency Response Project. Financed by @WorldBank, ICERP was launched thru collaboration between @WHO & Ministry of Health to procure/deliver medical eqpt. for the pandemic response. Image
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Meet @Mel_Bertram , the world class leader in
🧩Health Economics
🧩Health Systems Reforms
🌈(all of them including for) #UHC , #NCDs & #Cancer

Very soon at #Data #Analytics #Delivery4Impact #DDI @WHO
Dr Bertram is a well-recognized advocate and technical expert for the #cancer community, for the brilliant work to support efficient & effective global 🌐 cancer control planning!

Find more at: 👇👇👇
She led the developments of the first exercise of @WHO @UN @SDGoals #BestBuys recommendations for #Cancer, turning the Impossible into the possible:

👩🏼‍🏫 achieve cancer- specific goals in low- and middle- income countries, where #cancer should NOT be a sentence of death!!
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The 1st Prof MK Bhan Memorial lecture has started live streaming
Please watch at
The Lecture will be delivered by Prof. Vinod K Paul @NITIAayog on topic 'Science & Art of Influencing Health at Transnational Scale: How Visionary Physician Scientists Do it'
Dr @RenuSwarup, Secretary @DBTIndia announces the renaming of the @THSTIFaridabad- @unescorcb cluster auditorium after Prof MK Bhan
Dr @RenuSwarup also announces the launch of a #Fellowship Program to encourage young #researchers to continue their postdoctoral research in India.
The MKB-YRFP scheme @DBTIndia
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🧵: In 2011, global leaders met at the @UN General Assembly to set an international agenda on non-communicable diseases (#NCDs), which cause 3/4 of deaths worldwide. This was only the second time #UNGA had ever met to discuss a health issue. (1/5)
This Sept, @TheLancet NCD Countdown 2030 reveals that, among high-income countries, only Denmark 🇩🇰, Luxembourg 🇱🇺, New Zealand 🇳🇿, Norway 🇳🇴, Singapore 🇸🇬 & S Korea 🇰🇷 are on track to reduce risk of premature mortality from #NCDs by 1/3 relative to 2015 levels by 2030. (2/5)
Although #NCDs have received plenty of political attention, action has clearly been inadequate. #COVID19 has exposed how the world’s poorest people are the most vulnerable. (3/5)
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Non-communicable diseases & injuries (NCDI) cause more death & disability at every age among the world’s poorest billion than in wealthy countries— new @NCDIpoverty Commission provides cost-effective & equitable interventions to address #NCDIPoverty Image
Among the world’s poorest people, almost 800,000 under age 40 die each year from #NCDs & injuries

The @NCDIpoverty Commission outlines how to reverse the neglect of the world’s most marginalised people living with these conditions #NCDIPoverty Image
"Partnerships & coalition building will be key not only within the #NCD community but also in alliances forged with the UHC & anti-poverty movements"—The Lancet Editors reflect on the #NCDIPoverty Commission calling for expansion of the global NCD agenda Image
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NEW—Many countries falling behind on global commitments to tackling premature deaths from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, lung cancer and heart disease: finding from 2nd #NCDCountdown 2030 report #ActOnNCDs #beatNCDs @imperialcollege @WHO @ncdalliance Image
#COVID19 is a pandemic that must highlight the high burden that #NCDs place on health resources, but also that many of the tools required to fight a pandemic are also required to fight #NCDs. NEW Editorial ahead of #UNGA & @ncdalliance #ActOnNCDs Week Image
NEW—Among high-income countries, only

Denmark 🇩🇰
Luxembourg 🇱🇺
New Zealand 🇳🇿
Norway 🇳🇴
Singapore 🇸🇬
South Korea 🇰🇷

are on track to meet SDG target 3.4 (1/3 ⬇️in #NCD mortality by 2030) for men & women #NCDCountdown #NextGenNCD #ActOnNCDs Image
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📅 What can we do to address non-communicable diseases #NCDs & injuries of the world’s poorest people?

Join the virtual launch event of @TheLancet #NCDIPoverty Commission on Tues 15 Sept to hear solutions from across global health & development

Register Image
📅 1 week to go! Join the @NCDIpoverty virtual global event, bringing together political, health & civil society leaders to discuss #NCDs, #COVID19 & using findings from the @TheLancet #NCDIPoverty Commission to #ActOnNCDs

Register Image
📅 3 days! For too long, we’ve neglected #NCDs & injuries for those in poverty. Following this year's Global Week of Action on NCDs, learn how #globalhealth can better #ActOnNCDs to deliver #HealthForAll

Register for @TheLancet #NCDIPoverty global event Image
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1/14 Dear Richard, “all we have is silence” equally applies to deadly interplay b/ #COVID19 pandemic + #NCDs epidemic. #PLWNCDs are at heightened risk of becoming severely ill or dying from #C19. Health systems are being overwhelmed with PLWNCDs becoming acutely ill.
2/14 Our recent survey shows massive disruptions in access to #NCDs services, which will result in upsurge of illness and deaths from NCDs (projections forthcoming) which failing health systems are unlikely to be able to manage.…
3/14 In 2000, #WHA53 recognized that “long-term needs of #PLWNCDs are rarely dealt with”. Since then, 200 million PLWNCDs aged 30-70 have died, majority living in #LMIC. Most deaths could have been avoided or delayed.…
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[LIVE] Are people with #HIV and #TB more likely to die of #COVID19SA? Our #BhekisisaWebinar in partnership with @Auruminstitute is on NOW. We'll be live-tweeting the event, follow on for live updates.
First up, Mary-Ann Davies, public health medicine expert at @WesternCapeGov health department will release SA's first preliminary data on the #COVID19SA death risk for #HIV and #TB patients from the Western Cape. #BhekisisaWebinar
Until now, there hasn't been much data on #TB and #HIV and how those conditions affect your risk of dying from #COVID19SA, Davies says. Getting good data is not easy. #BhekisisaWebinar
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New 2020 World Health Statistics 📊 - an annual check-up on the 🌐’s health - published today:
People are living longer and healthier lives but #COVID19 threatens to throw progress off track


#WorldHealthData 📊: life expectancy has increased.
Biggest gains in low-income countries where it ↗️ 21% (11 yrs) between 2000 & 2016 due to:
⚕️Improved access to health services to prevent & treat HIV, malaria & TB
🤱🏻Better maternal & child healthcare

#WorldHealthData 📊: All over the world, the #COVID19 pandemic is causing significant loss of life, disrupting livelihoods, and threatening the recent advances in health and progress towards global development goals.

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Many of the states reopening or where stay at home orders are set to expire on April 30 have populations that are especially vulnerable to #COVID19

The map below is from NYT, but analysis of vulnerability is from @IHME_UW @ThinkGlobalHlth 1/… Image
1 out of every 4 Americans is vulnerable to severe #COVID19 infection, according to analysis from C.Troeger @IHME_UW on @ThinkGlobalHlth

This includes 50M Americans who are over 65, many of whom live in states set to lift social distancing policies 2/… Image
It includes US adults (ages 20-64) more vulnerable to #COVID19 due to underlying conditions like sickle cell disease), HIV, chronic kidney disease, leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers #NCDs

Still looking at you, Florida. Georgia & South Carolina too 3/… Image
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2) Zoom capped us at 100. Sorry. Anyone know how to let more in? HK, Norway, Belgium, Bolivia, Argentina ....
3) says it all
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A rapid global #nutrition transition is exposing increasing proportions of individuals to different forms of #malnutrition

TONIGHT at 2330 h GMT, we publish a new Series on the Double Burden of Malnutrition co-led by @WHO

#undernutrition #overweight #obesity #foodsystems Image
@WHO @CityUniLondon @CorinnaHawkes @Branca59 @SandroDemaio @RachelNugent More than one in three low-income and middle-income countries face both extremes of #malnutrition. NEW Series with @WHO calls for a new global #foodsystems approach to help reduce #undernutrition and #obesity at the same time Image
@WHO @CityUniLondon @CorinnaHawkes @Branca59 @SandroDemaio @RachelNugent @FoodPolicyCity A package of 10 double-duty actions across different sectors could simultaneously tackle both #undernutrition and problems of #overweight, #obesity, and diet-related #NCDs in a more holisitic way ImageImageImageImage
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#TRIBECON begins #Pravara; felicitations to #AbhayBang @SearchGad & #sudarshan #VGKK for their inspiring work on #TribalHealth; @DrLahariya @whoindia among others felicitated
#abhayBang #healthsystem design for tribal communities need to be relooked for #UHC; strategies & schemes must adapt with local social & cultural context; recollects #Brainstorming with @DesirajuKeshav at @SearchGad leading to #ExpertCommittee #tribalhealth @TribalHealthIND
#TRIBECON #AbhayBang notes with happiness increasing interest in #tribalhealth research, yet this continues to be “off the beaten path”; congratulations to #pravara medical college in bringing this together; the proposed #Bandardhara declaration to improve #tribalhealth research
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I am revisiting the topic of Public Issue of Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) covered a couple of days back. Only this time, I am focusing on Subordinated (Tier II) NCDs that are slipped in (sometimes slyly) along with senior secured NCDs of NBFCs. Thread (1/9)
Refer to the picture, below (the pic is representative only). A subordinated NCD (circled in red) appears as one of the many maturity options. A naive investor may think that it is similar to other NCDs on offer, just that it has a longer maturity. (2/9)
What many investors are unaware of is the fact that subordinated NCDs are paid after senior NCD holders in-case the company goes into liquidation i.e. subscribers to option I to VIII NCDs, in the pic above, would be paid before payments are made to option IX to XI NCDs. (3/9)
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There have been a flurry of public issue of NCDs lately. These issues are primarily from NBFCs who are finding it tough to raise funds though banks and MFs. Here, I explain why the public issue NCDs are not in the interest of retail investors. Thread (1/9)
A) There is a common misconception that public issue NCDs are akin to Fixed Deposits (FDs). FDs of PSU banks are covered under the umbrella limit of 1 lakh deposit insurance. NCDs are not. A case in point is the expected loss to retail investors in DHFL public issue NCDs. 2/9
B) The rate offered by these NBFCs in public issue is much lower than what they offer in privately placed deals. Further, a substantial fee is cornered by brokers for selling these NCDs to retail investors. 3/9
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Oral diseases present a major global public health burden, affecting 3.5 billion people worldwide, yet #oralhealth has been largely ignored by the global health community: new @TheLancet Series aims to get #GlobalOralHealth on the #NCD and #UHC agendas Image
Oral diseases disproportionally affect poorer & marginalised groups in society & are an early indicator of population ill health linked to deprivation: new #GlobalOralHealth Series calls for #dental services to become integrated in wider health-care system Image
Oral conditions share common risk factors with other #NCDs, including free #sugar consumption: @TheLancet #GlobalOralHealth calls for tighter regulation & legislation by governments as the effect of global sugar industry becomes a threat to public health Image
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The quality of a nation's democracy is more closely associated than GDP w/reductions in deaths from heart disease, road traffic injuries, and other #NCDs 1/
Adult life expectancy improved faster in nations after they transition to democracy, says new research via @TheLancet @CFR_org @IHME_UW @StanfordHP @BilkentUniv 2/ Image
The importance of democracy for in explaining reductions in cardiovascular disease and other #NCDs is increasing over time 3/ Image
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.@DrTedros has been making it pretty clear on social media that @WHO is supportive of #sugartax and wanted it in @beatNCDs report #beatNCDs
It is pretty obvious from UN high level commission report on #NCDs that nearly all (all but one?) of the Commissioners agreed on #SSB taxes Image
Other than breakdown over #Sodatax, there's a lot to like in @beatNCDs report. Congratulations to @SaniaNishtar @DrFrieden @IlonaKickbusch @MikeBloomberg @katiedain1 other cochairs + commissioners for producing it out of a v diverse group of stakeholders…
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