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#Dixon Tech Q4 FY23 Concall Updates :

- Margins expanded by 130 bps YoY due to change in sales mix, operating leverage, cost optimization & efficiency measures across all businesses &

via @YouTube
implementation of strategic price hikes across ODM business of washing machine & lighting.

- Strengthened balance sheet with reduction in gross debt by ₹223 Cr in the same period, net debt now at ₹68 crores, with net debt to equity of 0.06 as on 31st December 2022.
- Improved ROCE & ROE to 26.3% & 22.3%, respectively, as on 31st December '22.

- Revenues from Consumer Electronics were low about 39%, led by 17% lower volumes as Diwali was 1 month earlier.
- Co getting into new product categories, like the starting strips & rope lighting.
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#Syrma #Kaynes #Dixon #PGEL

#EMS market is set to grow at +30% CAGR for at least next 5 years from ₹1,469Bn to ₹6,000Bn by FY27.

🧵 on some spl. business insights from Q3FY23 concall & other sources

@soicfinance @ishmohit1

1 can't miss this decadal opp.

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There are 2 models that business generally follow:

1. Low Value High Mix (LVHM) - eg. consumer
2. High Value Low Mix (HVLM) - eg. Industrial

This data suggests both type of businesses are set for long-term high growth. Image
This is a crowded space with Indian and large MNC players. However, the industry as a whole is set to grow exponentially and established players who can achieve scale & offer wider capabilities stand to win bigger + mgt. are saying they are just scratching the surface ryt now. Image
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You can save LAKHS of your capital by knowing this simple concept of parabolic/vertical move in stocks.

The 90 degree angle inflection point in a stock is a signal to book profit.

Collaborated with @AdityaTodmal
1/ What is a parabolic move?

A parabolic move occurs when the speed at which the stock’s price goes up increases exponentially.

In other words, a parabolic stock is a stock that starts going up really fast.
2/ #IRCTC example:

Monthly TF:

Back to back 6 green candles (each candle represent a month here), so no profit booking has happened.

The angle towards the end of the upmove became much steeper i.e. 90 degree.

Such moves are highly susceptible for a bend in the trend.
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Our ace chartist @bbrijesh posts the Index chart in his video. Let us understand on how he creates this index in Tradingview to analyze the charts. #Index #TechnicalAnalysis #charting
There are 2 ways to create an index - Equal Weighted Index #EWI and Market Cap Index #MCI. 1. EWI is used when maximum stocks are from large and midcap. 2. MCI is used when max stocks are midcap and smallcap.
To plot EWI, the stock price is just added and it is plotted on the chart. For Eg. I have taken 10 stocks - #Reliance #LT #TCS #Infy #BajFin #Dixon #DivisLab #Titan #RECLtd #BharatForg Check #chart attached
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Thread On Industrial Progress Of Andhra Pradesh In Last 2.5 Years

#HBDManOfMassesYSJagan Image
కొప్పర్తి సెజ్ - రాయలసీమకు పారిశ్రామిక మణిహారం !

6914 ఎకరాల్లో కొప్పర్తి ఇండస్ట్రియల్ హబ్ ని నిర్మిస్తుండగా.. 3155 ఎకరాల్లో మౌలిక వసతుల నిర్మాణం పనులు శరవేగంగా పూర్తయ్యాయి

ఈ నెల 23న కొప్పర్తి సెజ్ ను ప్రారంభించనున్న సీఎం

#HBDManOfMassesYSJagan ImageImageImageImage
🔸 విశాఖలో రూ. 2500 కోట్ల తో నిర్మిస్తున్న ATG Tyres మానుఫ్యాక్చరింగ్ ప్లాంట్ పనులు శరవేగంగా సాగుతున్నాయి

★ 2014 రాష్ట్ర విభజన తర్వాత ఉత్తరాంధ్రలో నిర్మిస్తున్న అతి పెద్ద ప్రాజెక్ట్ ఇదే


#HBDManOfMassesYSJagan ImageImageImageImage
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Dixon Technologies Ltd. is the largest home-grown design-focused and solutions company engaged in manufacturing products in the consumer durables, lighting and mobile phones markets in India?

Follow this extensive thread.

#dixon #stockmarkets #fundamentalanaysis
1)It is also a leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of lighting products, LED TVs and semi-automatic washing machines in India.
As an ODM, it develops and designs products in-house at its R&D center.
2)It manufactures and supplies these products to well-known companies in India who in turn distribute these products under their own brands.
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Thread on #PDSMultinational A unique platform business model in the Textile sector.

The company design, souces & finace all kinds of textiles from 540 unorganized Asian manufacturers and supply to branded players in EU-USA. That's the platform business Image
The company started its own manufacturing in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. Doubling their Bangladesh capacity this year. #Dixon of textile in making.

Company finance & help debottleneck their sourcing partner, thus increase efficiency and reduce cost & time Image
Company operates three segments: Design-Sourcing, Manufacturing & Financing

OPM has improved from 1% to 5% in the last 5 years, which suggests the company is now well established

The company reduced debt by 260 Cr in last year Image
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Low-risk, High-return stocks are what we look for relentlessly

But many of them we know but ignore
some of them don't grab financial headlines

Here are 10 low-risk, high return stocks (that we ignore):
What I mean by “high-return”?

These stocks have OUTPERFORMED the market:

💹Chart with upwards trend Since IPO
💹Chart with upwards trend Over the last 5 Years or since IPO

These are all long-term winners that will keep on winning
What do We Mean by “low-risk”?

A combination of:

❣️Great management
❣️Broad moat
❣️Financially strong
❣️High ROCE
❣️Low Disruption/Dilution/Volatility
❣️Consistent Organic Growth
❣️Assorted Customers/Suppliers
❣️Low debt
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1 new chart everyday, it could be from any space ~ equities / commodities / crypto / forex / bonds , etc

Will try to do it daily 🙏💪

Here's the first one 👇

SBI vs BankNifty

Ratio chart has given monthly breakout implying SBI could outperform BN in coming months.

#PB365 Image
(2) #DLF monthly chart

#PB365 Image
(3) #VodafoneIdea weekly chart

#PB365 Image
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#Dixon key beneficiary of GOI PLI scheme
Through its subsidiary Padget electronics, Dixon made 2 applications for phones costing < 15000 ,70% India mobile mkt share
Incentive of 4 to 6% under PLI subject to a cap
Total investment 200crs ,50 cr/yr till 2025
Post expansion revenue share of mobiles to jump to 44 from 12% currently
Ramp up capacity from 3 mn today to 15-16 mn over next few yrs ,aim for revenue 28-30000 crs over next 5 yrs
In talks 3 large players

Set top boxes, delivered 5.2 lakh to jio,dish,Citi
Order book 0.3mn/mon
Dixon is both OEM Player & ODM ( original design manufacturer)
Expanding capacities in Android & Linux TV ,semi automatic and top load washing machines
Current capacity 4 mn TV sets ,30%LED Mkt,acquired new customers Samsung,Nokia,Ramos capacity to 5.5 mn
#Nifty #stocks
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#amberenterprises Q2fy21 concall transcript

Q2 went well for Room AC industry,uptick retail demand, pent up demand
Overall electronic & consumer durables witnessed a good quarter
Inventory levels back to normal
Anticipate better H2fy21
#stock #StocksToWatch #Nifty #sensex
GOI banned import of refrigerant fill ACs, approx 30% of fully built RACs were imported mkt size 4000 crs , atmanirbhar bharat initiative,oppurtunity for domestic RAC players
Not easy for OEMs to import non-refrigerant fill ACs,unpack,gas fill test,negates cost advantage
#amberenterprises completed QIP 400 cr in Q2fy21, money used for debt repayment,capex,WC ,acquire additional 20% stake in Sidwal,company ready to grab mkt share in RAC
China plus 1 unfolding,global MNC enquiring about RAC & components
Amber started export of components to US
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Approves for 10 sectors On Nov 11
Pharma,Auto,Auto components Telecom,Advanced chemistry cell battery,textile,food products,solar modules,white goods,speciality steel

Aim - make India mfts globally competitive,enhance scale,increase exports,attract investment
Pli scheme aimed to reduce dependence on China,give incentive on products mftd in India, increase employment by focusing on labor intensive industries like mobile equipment,#pharma,medical devices
In March #goi made 53 drugs eligible for pli worth 6940cr ,benefit 136 mftg units
14000 cr package incentivise #API production & medical devices mfg
3240 cr to promote medical devices mft
Pli for electronics & mobiles,incentives of 4-6% to mft mobiles & other electrical components such as transistors,diodes,resistors etc
#Telecom #mobile #Nifty #sensex
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One line thesis for top momentum stocks:
#ADANIGREEN - Largest govt contracts
#LAURUSLABS - Superb Q results, CDMO, Sector Tailwinds
#ALKYLAMINE - Duopoly, Proxy to Pharma(60%) and agroChem(40%) boom
#GMMPFAUDLR - Market leader, MNC, Pharma Proxy

#GRANULES - Pharma boom, API, Cos Moving from China to India for APIs.
#DCAL - CDMO business
#BSOFT - Big wins from the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, etc
#DIXON - Marquee clients like Samsung, Philips, Xiaomi, Proxy to electronics consumption theme in India

#TATACOMM - New investments from FIIs, WFH, Few players left, INet growth
#DHANUKA - Agrochem boom, Asset light business, collaboration with innovators
#AFFLE - Digital consumption growth
#INTELLECT - Financial platform, new product financial services-ready public cloud

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This weekend is for me to celebrate. I recovered all my 3 years loss including corona. Let me tell my story. I was doing great till 2017 end. Was part of the small/mid cap rally and in nutshell paid SCG of nearly 3 lakhs. And then things turned around badly 1/n
Then from there I was part of the crash of small/midcap. Portfolio was fully into small stocks which cannot withstand the headwinds. I jumped from one stock to another like a monkey and intensified the loss. 2/n
Then came the election I decided to take advantage of the situation and to recover my loss, I indulged in futures and options during election time. my political predictions were wrong and made huge loss. To put into perspective, I cagr of my 13 years of market became 1-2% 3/n
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- Company is vertically integrated but now will provide more solutions.

- Capacity expansion of LED bulbs is executed
- #dixon to enter into outdoor lighting like street lights.
Mobile phones
- Delivered 2.5 million phones in the month of July
- Capacity to be increased to 700k phones per month.
- #lg phones order book seems to be healthy
- set top box order book can generate revenue of 1000 crores and will show it as a separate category
- Has entered into a contract with large global brand to produce Smartphones for there international demand.
- #dixon is in talks with one more large brand which can be a Game changer for the company.
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#Dixon Technologies Concall at 4:30pm
We would be providing live updates and key highlights of the Conference call.
Stay tuned.😀
@drprashantmish6 @KushalGupta44 @blitzkreigm @prathod2008 @MMayankmatru @AEHarshada @varinder_bansal @marketst0day
Q1 numbers were quite badly impacted due to the pandemic.

- shutdown mode from 22nd March to 3rd May.
- Some factory operated from 30 to 40 days last quater.
- Despite nil production in April and may, all the labor cost were paid
- Focus was towards reducing fixed costs
-April month had nil revenue.
May was recovering period
In June company were back to normal production.

- July - 250,000 television were manufactured.
- Company has even extended the capacity.
- Delivered 13 millions LED bulbs in July
- For washing machine - very bad quater
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New Position: #DIXON
Long @ 5114

Shakeout+Breakout/Volatility expansion expected.

Risk 0.6% on portfolio ImageImage
Strong move!!
Excellent move in #DIXON!
Booked @ 5950

Reason for closing- Extended+Untested BRN ahead! Image
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Another way to create a new position or add to an existing one (Pyramiding), known as Squat!

Read on:
Bought #Dixon using 4 to 8 weeks breakout method using the weekly time frame.

The stock went below the breakout line & stayed lower for a few days (Daily frame). Came back up above the line again which is where I bought more. Imagine the legs exercise behaviour, Squat. ImageImage

Cup & Handle breakout on the daily frame. The stock went below the breakout line and stayed lower for a few days. I bought when it came back again & 'closed' above it. Another squat behaviour. ImageImage
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