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Marxist historiography of India is replete with error because it is driven by ideology.

Facts are carefully chosen and discarded to fit the ideology; and if they still don’t fit the pre-conceived theory, they are “liberally” manufactured as well.

Needs to be trashed.
E.g. their need to whitewash Islamic iconoclasm. As Islamic 100%ers they must prove—1. Islamic invaders were not destructive, and driven by religious zealotry despite ample evidence from primary sources. When they fail at that they claim—2. Hindu kings were just as destructive.
They do immense contortions for this because iconoclasm, destruction of “idols”, subjugation of others’ temples and religion is a core part of Islamic theology. It is found across the world (e.g. in Turkey & ME)

Likewise, iconoclasm is simply not inherent in Hindu thought.
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Yes, this whole "breast tax" on "lower caste women" is a completely fake narrative. In many native communities across the world, women were topless just like men. In Kerala, the queen was topless in the 19th century as were Nair women. #FakeNarratives.
The whole "leering" comes from the #ChristoIslamic gaze and perversion of the mind. Exposing the breast was no more sexual than exposing women's face or the chest of men. The sexual-obsession-repression of #ChristoIslam creates rape and burqa culture.

It had nothing to do with wealth but with Anglicization and the colonial gaze. But we really need to document the old photos of proud grandmothers from Kerala to West Bengal and to document experiences.

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Bigotry and intolerance is inherent to #ChristoIslamic monotheism. It comes from the doctrine of each having access to exclusive truth, unbelievers being bound for hell.

In India their followers bizarrely attack Hindus as “communal” and their bigotry passes off as “secular.” 🙄
Of course many Indian Christians and Muslims who have internalized Indic pluralism and also participate in a multi-religious experience. #IshratJahan reading Hanuman Chalisa was a recent example.

But strangely, Indian “seculars” don’t support plural Christians & Muslims.
Indian Seculars support an @khanumarfa and a Hamid Ansari over an Abdul Kalaam or an Arif Khan Mohammad.

Seculars push #ChristoIslamkc fundamentalism over Indic pluralism.

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If you are a dharmic, Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist, who is eating halal meat think of the karmic consequences—an animal killed with cruelty, bled to death.

Newsbreak: Almost all meat you're eating is halal today unless you're getting it butchered yourself.
#NoToHalal #CrueltyFreeMeat
Every time you eat at a restaurant, ask? Perhaps a "certified jhatka" movement can be started.

Many kshatriyas and others have traditionally eaten meat. There is no blanket prohibition in Vedic Hinduism.
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#CongressisOver they say. But it has just taken rebirth. BJP is Congress 2.0.

Would Goa MLA's have joined BJP without Church's ok? Church is probably convinced its agenda can succeed faster with BJP's efficient execution.…
I thought I was bashing the BJP. What's with your "minority" obsession? 😏 The richest corporation in the world and biggest pvt landowner in India is a "minority"? Shed tears for Walmart next since Flipkart is a "minority"? 😂 An amusing #ChristoIslamic troll, but dumb. Muting.
The Church and Coca Cola are similar. Both are mega corps. Both sell sugar water. Both are bad for you. Except Church's marketing is way better. You pay money for a product which is delivered after you die and no one's ever seen it. And you scare your customers for retention. 😏
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This was done in Karnataka and Maharashtra as well. The entire plan from jallikattu to Sabarimala to "anti-superstition" is to ban popular Hindu folk practices. For common people, these are the link, not high advaita. Conversion war targets these, aided by "modern" Hindus.
Unfortunately large parts of "Hindutva" also looks down on these folk practices as "backward." Wants Hinduism to be "modern & scientific." Become allies in the conversion war.…
Create an arbitrary test of "non-mainstream superstition" to exclude Islam and Christianity, since they can have no scientific definition of superstition. So acts are carefully targeted to exclude them since the entire point is #ChristoIslamic supremacy.
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The battle is between Indic pluralism and totalitarian Abrahamism.
#Ramalingam was upholding Indic pluralism. Totalitarian Islamists murdered him.
Indian "seculars" are on the side of #ChristoIslamic totalitarianism in this war.
Indian "seculars" aim to turn India into Nigeria, a state of war between Christianity and Islamic after killing native traditions. Both totalitarian ideologies are monopolistic, in perpetual war with all others. This has nothing to do with "Hindutva."…
The Conflict is not about "cattle." Local issues will always be found. It is about theology. Christianity and Islam both make exclusive non-negotiable truth claims, that their "God" has authorized and revealed. This is the source of all religious conflict in the world.
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As I've said before, in India "secularism" is identical to #ChristoIslamism. Whatever supports the #ChristoIslamic conversion war will be called secular, who ever opposes it will be dubbed "communal" and targeted.
Indian seculars are sepoys of #ChristoIslam.
Secularism is a cure for the disease of totalitarian monotheistic Abrahamic religion. So it is useful in Christian and Islamic dominated societies. It is a step backwards for plural India and is used for the opposite effect—to propagate intolerant Abrahamisms.
Like how administering a drug to a healthy patient can cause sickness, pushing secularism in India replicates the pathology of Europe's religious conflicts to India. Secularism is a sickness for India
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#ChristoIslamic building their church/mosque on top of destroying others’ is well-documented throughout the world. Denied in India just because native civilization survives.
With a little more power, destroying Ram Mandir to build the mosque would be displayed with Islamic pride.
On my visit to Turkey the Istanbul museum proudly displays Churches that were destroyed or converted to mosques. Hagia Sophia is a living example. With power the same Islamic denial in India would proudly claim how Ram Temple was destroyed. (Secular apologists would be halal)
Here is my guide in Peru showing me a Church built after destroying an Inca temple to “show the superiority of their god.”
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