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The biggest discrimination in India is #EnglishApartheid. The State funds medical colleges, engineering colleges, MBA, High Courts, in English-medium *only*, excluding 90% of the population.

If you care about #SocialJustice why not #Reservation for Tamil-medium instead?
The fact is all the "Tamil pride" of the so-called "Dravidian" parties is for lip-service only. The agenda is English and Christianization. That's the #DravidianModel (itself a colonial construct). That's what the @PWilsonDMK et al fight for.
I thought they made them English medium, at least partially.

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I followed that IIT->grad->tech US path. My 2c:

1. Indians' domestic success is throttled by bureaucracy .
2. Indian quotas kill meritocracy. #Wokeism is a rounding error compared to quotas.
3. #EnglishApartheid ensures only a fraction of India's talent develops vs China eg.
Indians succeed, even in the US, not *because* of English, but despite it.

I thought I spoke great "convent school" English, but American students complained of my "weird accent" as TA. Immaterial.

Two factors of Indians' success are selectivity ratio and Indian families.
In general, Indians enjoy strong family support. Their domestic relations are also generally more stable. This creates a greater platform for success.

Indian languages' logical structure is an asset in brain development; but we are losing this advantage.
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“Your kids” may grow up speaking English at home, have an environment to learn.

Most of these children won’t. They will sit uncomprehending in class, not understand math or language, won’t be in any position to compete with China.

How to destroy talent and civilization #101.
This is what will happen with this children @harshmadhusudan.

It is a formula to destroy the country and civilization. No major country has succeeded by converting the entire population to a foreign language. India won’t either.
The little bits of English they pick up won’t let them think or speak fluently. Those who win Nobel Prizes learn in primary in their mother tongue.

Of course, if Indians” highest aim is to be (bad) coolies, this may work. Till chatbots written by Chinese programmers replace them
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China focused on excellence in all fields.

India prioritized "English-medium" and "quotas."

The results are apparent in every field. From Artificial Intelligence patents to the Olympics.

"English Advantage"
No, there is practically no example of a country neglecting the mother tongue of the majority of people to impose a foreign language, and then becoming a technological leader.

English imposition and slavery is India's liability. We still don't get it.

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बहुत देर से इस बात का आग्रह कर रहा हूँ, शायद किसी के गले उतर ही गयी।

लेकिन @DrRPNishank जी इसे ठीक तरह लाना अवश्य है, आप चाहें तो इस पर मैं आपसे मिलकर सुझाव दे सकता हूँ।
But wait for the #EnglishApartheid system and the English media to launch massive spin and propaganda against this. The elite class won't give up their privilege easily. Already started.…
No, have to start at the top institutes. This is critical.

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Imagine an Indian education system geared to transmission of knowledge and natural apprenticeship-based learning.

This is an adaptation to State's #EnglishApartheid, where a child cannot learn to be a doctor in their language and serve their village.

I've been fighting for this for years, but the ones in power have turned a deaf year. Change can happen but the govt is itself obsessed with English. Even the #NEP has no focus on professional education in #IndianLanguages.

Instead what does our system do? It tell the child he or she cannot be a doctor using #IndianLanguages. To be a doctor one must go to medical school, which is only in English. One must spend lakhs and get "certified." And after that the doctor must charge lakhs to recover that.
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In their High Court, Supreme Court, English is imposed. No Tamil or Kannada or Hindi. In IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, English is imposed, no Tamil or Hindi.

What do they trend? #StopHindiImposition 🤣
Why? They don't about Tamil or Kannada. But are sepoys firing for #EnglishApartheid.
If you cared about your languages you'd realize that English, and not Hindi, is destroying them. You'd demand Engineering, Medicine, management, Courts, in your languages.

Instead you fight for #EnglishImposition to deny opportunity to 90% of people.
My talk in IIT Madras on the English Medium Myth.

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A Hindi newspaper editor told me those who use erudite Sanskrit words in writing are derided as "ponga pandit." #IndianLanguages were infantilized, mainly due to being removed from higher ed. Even the PM pushes Hinglish.

Meanwhile, difficult words in English are "high culture."
Yes. In a Kingdom of Dreams show in Gurugram, the villains are blue-skinned and speak Hindi, the heroes are English-speaking and dressed in Western clothes. The script-writer is Christian. Media pushes these stereotypes.

I know @ShashiTharoor's tweet was in jest. But the point remain. In India's #EnglishApartheid, speaking difficult English is considered learned and erudite, while speaking learned Hindi or other #IndianLanguages is stuffy, obtuse and "backward."

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1947 was a transfer of power, not "independence." The British left, but installed their own stooge to continue the English system. Nothing changed, the Courts, the bureaucracy, the language used.

The entire system is based on British India Act of 1935.

If you look at South America, they celebrate Simón Bolívar as their "liberator" who led them to freedom. But freedom for whom? Certainly not the native people the Spanish had conquered. It was a transfer of power to the Spanish elite in South America, from the State in Spain. Image
1947 was a transfer of power from the British elite to their representatives in India. There were a lot of machinations to install "their guy" who was more English than Indian, and who had a distaste for the Hindu culture of the land. He ensured continuance of the British System. Image
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I have been asking for cross-country data on India's "English advantage" even in IT, but have yet to see anyone come up with it.

Perhaps this table will conclusively establish this "advantage."

Rank by country of programmers in different areas.
All these countries study programming and algorithms using their mother tongues. Almost none of these use English-medium.…
Silicon Valley is not the world. And if India's "English advantage" is so great, where is the Silicon Valley and trillion $ market cap IT companies from India?

Imagine if you took per capita population numbers, how much further back India would be.

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More I read #NEP, more it appears like an utter disaster.

It has practically no move forward for #IndianLanguages, no earmarked resources, no clear plan.

But it has entire sections on "SEDG" including "minorities" to have the entire system serve that. #NaiManzil on steroids. ImageImage
Absolutely. It offers homilies to "Indian culture" but the details are geared around identity-based SJW "social disadvantage."

BJP is unique. It's far left of the West's "Left" in policies, yet gets itself branded "RW." Worst of both worlds. 😏

It has #indianLanguages in gana bajana, music and arts, poetry and literature, the stereotypical areas they've been relegated to. But when it comes to engineering or medicine or management, there is no mention of it. So #EnglishApartheid is preserved in high-paying professions.
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They keep talking about "structural discrimination." (Of course as copy cats of Western theory.)

But they are mum about the biggest state-based structural discrimination. Where by LAW, a non-English speaker can't plead in High Courts, SC, study in IIM, IIT, AIIMS, be a doctor...
It's a fraudulent argument to preserve English hegemony.

How does saying non-English speakers must be able to plead in Higher Courts, be able to study to be a doctor, engineer deny anyone? It is about creating access.

They don't want that access.

People don't *want* English medium. They want good jobs, they want access to technology, to Courts, to competitive exams. The govt denies them this.

The elite don't want them to rise. So instead of access, they say "let them learn English." That preserves English supremacy.
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EU is effectively a country in comparison to India. India inter-state migration for work is comparable to EU’s inter-country.

EU is a great model for India to emulate for language policy. India has 1.5 x the population, can easily support 22 official languages. @narendramodi
Check EU website. All languages are equally available. All countries have higher education and technical education in their mother tongues.

India needs to do the same. Central govt must support all 22 languages equally, states Higher Education in MT.…
Learning English as a 2nd or 3rd language is fine. Problem happens when it is made into the *medium* and then forced by the government for High Courts, SC, IIT, IIM, AIIMS, CAT etc with NO choice.

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English is yesterday’s skill. China is putting huge emphasis on Chinese. All countries are promoting their languages,
Investing in them.

The world of tomorrow will constitute a skilled technical elite who studied in their own languages and communicate via machine-translation:
In this world Indians will become coolies for others with no language of their own. Even in the US I see social services forms with 20 different languages but no Indian language.

Major civilizations are neither moving to English, nor destroying their languages. Only India.
The correct understanding is that English is the biggest *barrier* to socio-economic empowerment of the masses. The #EnglishApartheid system prevents their rise since all major national institutes are in English.


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Without end-to-end thinking it will fail @rahuldewan.

To revive #IndianLanguages need to tackle entire structure of discrimination and #EnglishApartheid created by the government—competitive exams, courts, IIT, IIMs, AIIMS, job interviews, patents, not just primary education. 1/
All of my language advocacy has been about increasing choice. Today the govt of India *forces* English, gives no choice at Supreme Court, most High Courts, most govt services, income tax, GST, national institutes. All are English. Increasing choice here will create demand lower.
Problem with *forcing* #IndianLanguages in primary is parents will rebel, there will be an outrage, courts will weigh in. I also oppose it because I feel that govt should have much less regulation of education (why I oppose RTE) than more.

Govt needs to work on demand-side.
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Just did an interview of a student who did her BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) from a govt college in Gurgaon. It is a sad reflection of how the Indian State has actively worked to destroy Indian talent & education.

3 years of college—and she never learnt to program. 1/
I asked her what projects she did, what code she wrote. The answer was "nothing." She said the teacher just taught "theory", they did not get students to code; actual coding was not required for any class.

So programming was a taught from a book, evaluated by paper "exams." 2/
So she could recite what a Database was but could not write SQL. She had never worked on an actual database. To her credit, she was able to write a little bit of C++. But she had actually never written any useful program in her entire 3 years of "computer" education. 3/
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I have an chapter in the new edition of my book debunking myth that English medium is a “boon” for the poor and SC/ST.

#EnglishApartheid is their curse, if you want to lift them give professional education in their language, watch them scale new heights.…
Telangana study—children who studied in Telugu outscored English medium kids in math and science scores, which indicates better brain development.

English medium won’t get them “ready for the global competition” but will destroy their ability to compete.…
Except for Indian dunderheads, English is a dead story. The world is advancing rapidly with children studying in their mother tongues, auto translation will bridge communication. English is yesterday’s news. Brain dead politicians are destroying India’. Look at China, Japan.
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China invested masively in Chinese medium educarion so masses can access technology. As a result it is a world leader in Artificial Intelligence today.

India is “rapidly speaking English” to get call center jobs. 🙄 #EnglishAdvantage

@narendramodi @myogiadityanath @DrRPNishank
@narendramodi @myogiadityanath @DrRPNishank She is not an idiot. There is a massive investment in English propaganda by the US and UK targeting India. This is the best way to ensure India remains an intellectual coolie for them. From Ford Foundation to British Council to Church, all push English.

@narendramodi @myogiadityanath @DrRPNishank But we can't just blame foreign powers. That propaganda targeted China also and they've thrown it off like a wet rag. They are strategically clear about promoting Chinese as an international language. Indian decisions makers are decades behind, English is yesterday's story.
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For entry as a Jawan, no English is needed. Entry as an officer requires English. This is linguistic apartheid. Who says colonialism ended in India?
You think the "world" speaks English? You think Russia, China, Japan, France uses English to select officers, or they don't interact with other countries?

Such ingrained ignorance and slavery.

Hear the story of this young man from IIT Roorkee whose dream it was to join the army. #EnglishApartheid killed that dream.

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The genesis of English obsession in India is the #EnglishApartheid policies of the colonial Indian state.

Pushes English at all levels—from Supreme Court, most High Courts, entrance exams, MBA, CA, medicine, engineering. It *makes* English an elite language.
The State's #EnglishApartheid causes mad rush to English. It then pushes more English, claiming that "people want it."

But barely 10% read English newspapers, even fewer watch English TV. Wherever there is real choice people DON'T want English. But State doesn't enable choice.
False. Which language theory taught you that "language is *just* for communication"? Language embodies culture & knowledge. Also pushing English at "grassroots" does not dismantle English apartheid. Village kids in English medium are *much* worse off.

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Yes, this is an excellent move. Had met @nsitharaman in the last term and given her a copy of my book "The English Medium Myth."

Anything that dismantles #EnglishApartheid is a real pro-poor and Indic move.
Most important that English requirement be removed from the SSC exam to allow rural youth to compete fairly. Every central examination must be made language-neutral to provide greatest access. @AmitShah
Why just regional rural banks? Why not extend this for all bank exams, which are currently only in English and Hindi. If there is a language requirement, make that part of the training NOT an entrance test.

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Other countries without India’s English-liability are zooming ahead in exports, even while India destroys Human Resources via #EnglishApartheid policies.
Strange, no, that every one of the Asian Tigers that zoomed ahead used their own languages? And the other “English Advantage” Philippines remains a relative laggard.

Strange then, that their economies are far ahead of us, despite this “advantage”, no?

Or perhaps it’s not really an advantage since most of us don’t understand these books in English.

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The govt. of India today imposes ENGLISH at all levels.

It imposes English for Engineering, Medicine, most High Courts, Supreme Court, for entrance exams, CAT, MBA. All major developed countries succeed by using their own languages.

Does the policy fix this? @narendramodi
The biggest myth is that the govt promotes Indian Languages but people want English.

As enumerated above, the govt imposes English in all ways. The people are given no choice. To succeed in the #EnglishApartheid state English has been made a requirement.
Being ignorant is not being “practical.” Today China is exceeding the US in Artificial Intelligence by using Chinese education at all levels. Israel leads in technology using Hebrew, Japan using Japanese. We peddle ignorance.

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Every major developed country uses the languages of the common people for Science and Technology education.

India’s English obsession and state-sponsored #EnglishApartheid is its biggest barrier to equity and growth.
Who said you can’t teach in multiple languages? We have huge language populations, can easily sustain multiple languages.

First things first —they would have LEARNED science.

Secondly, medium to LEARN science doesn’t mean that one can’t learn other languages to communicate. Scientists do this all over Europe.

Every Nobel Prize winner LEARNED Science in their mother tongue.
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