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THREAD: #OperaDiversity

Taking @GarrettMcQueen's comments (Quote Tweeted below) as a point of departure.

I may add to this from time to time, so this is going to be an open-ended thread. But first a few caveats.

1.0/ THREAD: #OperaDiversity

#Opera #ClassicalMusic #WAM
When I say "Opera Diversity" I'm talking about <<Diversity OF Opera>> not <<Diversity IN Opera>>. These are two very different ideas and I articulate that a bit in this piece:…

2.0/ THREAD: #OperaDiversity Caveats

#Opera #ClassicalMusic #WAM
One of my other research projects is compiling a list of First Language Operas: a catalogue of the first time languages are used in the libretti of Operas historically. Many examples here will pull from that list.

2.1/ THREAD: #OperaDiversity Caveats

#Opera #ClassicalMusic #WAM
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/13/2020…
Fifth of countries at risk of ecosystem collapse, analysis finds | Biodiversity | The Guardian…

#ecosystem #collapse #biodiversity
'Universal law of touch' will enable new advances in virtual reality…

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It might be useful for folks to see other #MusicTheory traditions have contemporary performers and ensembles--i.e. living practitioners of the music--in existence even in the US. Here's a thread featuring on large US Arabic Ensembles and Orchestras.


The New York Arabic Orchestra of New York City.

established in 2007.


2/ Image
Middle East Ensemble (MEE) of UC Santa Barbara.

Formed in 1989.


3/ Image
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Definitional exclusion in opera and classical music is built in. The same thing here could be said about instrumentation, language, and vocal type. There are whole classes of behaviors we do to create implicit exclusion (i.e. definitional exclusion) in opera & classical music. 1/
I explored two in a couple of threads a while back. The first was "Classical Music, the Perpetual Foreigner Trope, and Colonialism" and the second was "What is #ClassicalMusic?" In both threads, the idea is that exclusion is implicit and primarily along racial lines. 2/
In the "What is #ClassicalMusic?" thread I used clear examples of works performed by different types of orchestras to show how what we mean by classical music is contingent on instrumentation. Since different cultural groups have different kinds of... 3/

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A thread about how we are creating a more accessible, equitable, and representative #music community!!! (1/20)
#ClassicalMusic #NewMusic
We at Convergence Ensemble pride ourselves on our attention to accessibility in our concerts. This includes handicap accessibility, wheelchair accessibility, etc but it doesnt stop there. Accessibility extends into community, programming, and sensitivity to all disabilities.(2/20
We want to make sure everyone is able to come to our concerts. That's why we bring our concerts to the places that the community already gathers, like churches in Dorchester and Roxbury. We understand that the concert experience can be alienating for people that don't often(3/20)
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Shri Apitakuchamba Stavah.
beautiful verses of Shri Appayya Dikshitar sung by Amritha Murali, in ragamalika.
(I've Split the verses into a thread) ❤️ #ClassicalMusic #hinduism #culture #Sanskrit
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OK. For those of you who have had enough of politics, perhaps a thread for music. I have been trying to choose my #DesertIslandDiscs and I have found it impossible to narrow it down to 8 all at once. What I've decided to do is go through my own personal musical history.
The tracks I choose will be chronological and based entirely on their effect on me at a particular time of my life or their connection to an event. My first track is from 1974. On Christmas Morning at 5 o'clock I woke up to find a cassette recorder at the bottom of my bed!
With that cassette recorder was my first ever 'album' 'Keep On Wombling'! I don't know how many times I played it in those first few days, but it was in double figures. Difficult to choose a favourite but I have gone for the opening track.
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Thread: What is #ClassicalMusic?

Something that came up in my thread, "Classical Music, the Perpetual Foreigner Trope, and Colonialism," and that has come up in numerous other discussions--especially those around the "Classical Music Crisis".

1/ As anything else, definitions matter. We shape the direction of discourse by focusing selectively on some denotations/connatations. Discussions about #ClassicalMusic are pretty exclusive; this creates specific narratives that are useful to some viewpoints. Some caveats follow.
Caveat 1 - I'm going to focus on Performers & Performing Organizations (hereafter POs) here.* This includes Legacy Institutions (e.g. big budget Symphonies); amateur groups; & student orgs.

*see my Sampling Bias in discussions about Classical Music:…
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Thread: things #white people are accused of doing wrong. Sometimes it's not even about doing, it's simply about white people being.





#WhiteDomain #WhitesStole

And no doubt more along the way..
"Is your spin class too...white?" 🤔

#TooManyWhitePeople #WhatToDo?
The unbearable whiteness of cycling..." 😬

#TooManyWhites #WhatToDo?
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