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#comingoutday — quando eu tinha de onze pra doze anos, eu estava começando a me descobrir. uma criança doidona, estranha e sem amigos. eu era adiantado e, portanto, mais novo do que todos na minha classe (+)
todos me diziam como eu era inteligente, mas eu sofri bastante pra conseguir assimilar os assuntos novos e o ambiente da nova escola em que eu entrei pra cursar o fundamental II.

era um espaço pequeno, particular porém barato, a apenas um quilômetro da minha casa (+)
alguns poucos rostos eram familiares, mas haviam bem mais desconhecidos por ali. era bem diferente da escola de onde eu vinha, que era perto e ainda menor.

eu não me encaixava em lugar nenhum. falava com todos, mas não havia um amigo de verdade... alguém em quem eu confiasse (+)
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I'm bi but I don't like the word b/c it implies there's only two genders, but also being bi means straight people think you're pretending to be bi b/c it's trendy and I'm also excluded from the queer community b/c I married a cis dude, happy #comingoutday
I'm a third-culture kid and 🏳️‍🌈and an anarchist 🏴who votes and a million other things that ensure that I'll feel alienated from people in any community or group I find myself relating to, but every now and again I find other misfits (like @Layalzebub) to hang out with.
@Layalzebub Being an extreme extrovert but also being addicted to truth telling (often at the expense of following norms) is a lonely existence; if I was easier to coerce into other people's beliefs I'd probably have more friends (and clients), but at least I keep it interesting?
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For National #ComingOutDay, a #thread on trans children coming out as a follow-up to #transphobic comments after Jacob asked @ewarren how she would protect trans kids in the #EqualityTownHall. I've seen an appalling number of harmful myths in less than 24 hours. Let's bust 'em!
"Children can't come out with a gender identity at a young age!" False. Studies of child development show that children begin to understand sex and how it relates to gender as early as two years old. See a large, long-term study by @olsonista :…
This is also true in my personal experience running peer-support groups with parents of trans & NB children and middle- and high school-aged trans & NB youth. While many kids come out during puberty or after, a growing number of children are coming out at young ages and PERSIST.
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On this joyous day, a thread of friendly reminders:

You come out on your terms and at your own time. No one gets to pressure you to come out or not come out.

Deciding you don't want to come out is perfectly good and valid. Just respect others' truth.


A bisexual person is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to more than one sex, gender or gender identity though not necessarily simultaneously, in the same way, or to the same degree.

A pansexual person is attracted to any gender with the same caveats.
Bisexual + pansexual women who date and marry men are still bi/pan.

Bi/pan men who date and marry women are still bi/pan.

A bi/pan person who has never dated someone of the same gender is still bi/pan.

A bi/pan person who only dates someone of the same gender is still bi/pan.
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I wrote this piece for @nytimes about my son Oliver and when he came out. There’s a story behind it I would like to share 1/5… #ComingOutDay
Oliver was pressuring me to write about him being gay. He was 14 at the time. I asked him why it was so important and what if he were bullied? He had already been bullied by some boys in middle school and it was terrible. 2/5
Oliver said, “Ladies listen to you, right?” (He calls my readers “Ladies”)
I said, “Some.”
So he said, “Well, I know kids who can’t come out to their parents. And what if some moms read that it wasn’t a big deal for Jen Gunter, so maybe what you wrote changed their minds?” 3/5
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Hoy es el #ComingOutDay y pues creo que nunca he contado mi historia públicamente porque parece que nunca he estado en el clóset, pero todos lo hemos estado en algún momento.
Pues fue así: (abro hilo 🧶 larguito)
Yo trabajaba en la SRE, todavía no acababa la universidad. Mis papas me habían conocido novias y yo también les había llevado novios, presentados como amigos.
Vivía aún con ellos, así que me fui a trabajar y dejé un beeper en mi cuarto. Empezó a sonar y vibrar.
Mi mamá entró al cuarto a apagar el aparato. No resistió la tentación (abuso de privacidad, no lo hagan, padres y madres de familia).
Mi madre leyó el mensaje que decía:
Genaro, no me dejes. Te amo mas que nunca: Gerardo.
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