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Many will look at a #transgender woman’s face and height (which doesn’t change with feminising hormones) and think ‘it’s unfair’. That is an assumption. A stereotype and not based on any science. Let’s go through what the science does show... 👩‍🔬
Note that being #trans is not a choice, and whilst complex, gender is influenced in part by innate factors such as genes 🧬. Only ~0.5% of people in the population are trans, and only 1/3 of those are #transwomen.
A #transwoman who has had puberty blockers as a teenager and never been through male puberty, has the physiology of a woman. 🙋What about trans women who transition later after puberty❓
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Dominic Perrottet, the premier of Australia’s most populous state, NSW, has defied attempts to shut down debate about the effect of transgender “inclusion” on female sport, saying it’s a “matter of fairness & physiology”. #AusPol #Sport #Safety
Perrottet: “The right thing to do is take the concerns of women & girls seriously, not shut them down, and if that means looking at appropriate protections for women-only sport, let’s have the conversation.”
The “progressive” wing of Perrottet’s Liberal Party view the issue as a validation of trans identity & overlook the reality of male-bodied players in female sport. Identity is not the problem, which is why female-bodied trans players would face unfairness & injury in male sport.
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#OSINT gets more important in #journalism. 📈

Today I gave a lecture to 🇧🇪 teachers in journalism about the force of online investigations. 🔎💪

Some inspiration. 👇

#HowToOSINT?🧐 1/5
This interactive map 🗺️ about Russian military around Ukraine by @TextyOrgUa shows how #OSINT today has the power of military intelligence with satellites 🛰️ in the past. 2/5…
@TextyOrgUa This amazing piece by @FoekePostma from @bellingcat is a good example of an #OSINT driven investigation about 🇺🇸 nuclear "secrets" in Europe.

Every journalist wants a scoop like this. 3/5…
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Hörenswert: Im #Fußball begehen etliche Fangruppen und Vereine den Internationalen #Holocaust-Gedenktag am #27Januar - Dabei können sie künftig auf neue Bildungsmaterialien zugreifen.
via @DLF…
Dazu: "Bildungsmaterial zu #Sport, Verfolgung und Erinnerung" mit dem Schwerpunkt "#Fußball|er im Fokus", ein Kooperation zwischen dem @ArolsenArchives und @BVB:…
Dazu: Dabei wollte man im #Fußball sehr lange nichts von Schuld & Tätern wissen - Die alten Verbandsvertreter saßen weiterhin in ihren Ämtern. Ihre Aktivitäten während der NS-Zeit taten sie als »unpolitisch« & »nur dem Sport verpflichtet« ab.
via @spektrum…
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[#Projet] > Mettre les sciences au service des équipes de France via @Sciences2024 #LaMethSci
[#Podcast] 2018 > Coupe du monde de foot : reprise de données un #LaMethSci à (ré)écouter via @franceculture !
A Aftalion > En France, il n'est pas toujours facile d'intéresser les mathématiciens au milieu du sport, mais depuis le développement des supercalculateurs, il y a de nouveaux outils intéressants pour mesurer la performance sportive #LaMethSci
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To the red-carpet sports retrospective of the year that is the @AuthorsCC awards dinner!

Having voted for myself in every category, I am feeling quietly confident...
Absolutely loving the way that statistics don’t lie… #SPORT Image
Huge excitement as the @AuthorsCC awards ceremony begins.

@CCampbell_Agent & @theoldbatsman compèring.

Wondering how many awards I will win! Image
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[#Thread] Mes chers amis, j'ai décidé de rajouter une petite couche et de remuer un peu le couteau dans la plaie.

Le sujet : Que faire lors de la baisse du marché des #crypto / #Bitcoin ?

Rangez vos mouchoirs, séchez ces vilaines larmes et voyons comment profiter de la baisse⬇️
Les yeux fixés sur les graphiques du #Bitcoin et l’angoisse de ne pas avoir vendu quand c’était au plus haut sont le quotidien des #investisseurs #crypto.

La « petite correction » sur le Bitcoin et les cryptomonnaies vous effraie et vous ne savez pas quoi faire ?
Nous allons voir les #erreurs qu’il ne faut pas faire ainsi que les bonnes habitudes à mettre en place pour en profiter de la #baisse des marchés plutôt que subir.

Sachez qu'une correction est naturelle après plusieurs semaines de hausses consécutives sur les #cryptomonnaies.
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The official #Olympics website endorsing #cryotherapy as an effective form of post-exercise recovery. Despite the fact the literature is very unimpressive, littered with low-quality studies, and tiny effects. #IOC

#science #pseuodscience #sport #exercise…
A Cochrane review says it concisely: ImageImage
Even the FDA are ahead of the game on this one, which is rare:… Image
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Le projet @genopets en phase de préparation pour une #whitelist.

En rejoignant leur Discord, vous êtes susceptible d'être dans cette whitelist et d'avoir la possibilité de #mint un oeuf ou un #Genopet en exclusivité.

Voici mon lien d'invitation Discord:
Vous n'avez pas encore entendu parlé de ce projet ? C'est un #MoveToEarn qui tourne autour du #sport et des #NFT.

Voici un thread qui pourra répondre à vos questions et si ce n'est pas le cas, n'hésitez pas !

Ici une réponse ne coûte pas 100€.

Ohhhhh 😍

Mais vous êtes de grands malades!

Je vais demander une #sponso pour vous faire gagner des oeufs à ce rythme!
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Leggo con enorme sorpresa le dichiarazioni della Sottosegretaria Valentina Vezzali che esplicita e rivendica il suo ruolo nella nomina del direttore generale di una SpA, quale è "Sport e Salute". Evidentemente sono saltati anche i principi base di pudore istituzionale (1/3)
Continua invece a moltiplicarsi la complessità della governance dello sport italiano, che ormai conta sei punti di riferimento diversi fra CONI, CIP, Sport e Salute e Dipartimento per lo Sport presso la Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. È questo ciò che serve? (2/3)
Nel momento più complicato dello sport di base, che al netto della straordinaria estate sportiva ha oggi gli stessi drammatici problemi che aveva a maggio, non sarebbe il caso, al contrario, di iniziare a semplificare? (3/3) @pdnetwork #sport
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Dodging Armageddon - Roy and HG providing a unique Australian perspective on #Tokyo2020…
#Olympics 🏅🏅🏅
'The overnight highlight... The Green-and-Gold Graham Arnold Olyroos have blown the Group of Death wide open, with a big win over Argentina, defeating them Two-Blot" HG is excited about the @Socceroos death-defying performance at #Tokyo2020…
'Marco Tilio is the youngest Australian male to score at the Olympics and he did it with just his second touch of the game.' @Socceroos… #Tokyo2020 #Olympics @MelbourneCity
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We’re #CelebratingIrish sports stars and organisations in GB this week in the run up to the Tokyo @Olympics. #IrishSport ⚽️🏉⛳️🏇🏊‍♀️
Ireland's long golfing history dates back to the mid-1800s with #Irish golfers punching well above their weight in British & international tournaments over the years.

🇮🇪 is home to some of the world's oldest & best courses as well as the oldest golfing union @GUIGolf ImageImageImageImage
European golfers from Ireland, Britain and across the continent join forces every two years to play in the men’s Ryder Cup & women’s @TheSolheimCup against the USA, with this year’s @rydercup European team being captained by @padraig_h
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#InternationalChessDay 2021: History, Theme, Motto, Key Facts & Significance:
#chess is #strategic #boardgame in which 2 players compete to capture other's king on 64-square checkerboard. One of oldest games in world "Chess".
#Thread #WorldChessDay #chessday @vishy64theking Image
To honor foundation of Federation Internationale des Eches/ International Chess Federation (FIDES @FIDE_chess) created in 1924. Popular activity among adults and children alike.
Created in India around fifth century. Given name “Chaturanga" at first. Without doubt, one of era’s..
Earliest games. Later, moved to #Persian, and when #Arabs invaded #Persians, became important part of #Muslim population’s existence, and spread to Southern #Europe from there. Took on modern shape in Europe during 15th century. By late 15th century, evolved into #Contemporary..
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To get you in the mood for England-Ukraine in the Euros, @dcsandbrook & I have recorded a @TheRestHistory special on the history of Anglo-Ukrainian relations - from the origins of 'football' to Hughesovka……… ImageImageImageImage
Includes me reciting Tennyson, our reflections on Harry Maguire & Greek civilisation, which members of the England football team properly belong to which century, & shout outs to @caitlinrgreen & @AdamRutherford
Yes, quite right, silly me - also includes Francis Fukuyama's take on the Euros.
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.#Netball leads the sector by engaging and retaining large numbers of female participants; This is important because females often participate in less sport than males
New research provides insights for sports aiming to get more women and girls into #sport…
Is netball having a positive impact on players lives? The evidence is in, and the answer is YES.

#Netball⬆️social connection, strength and fitness, skills and coordination, energy levels and overall health through regular participation in netball
Huge thanks to @NetballNSW and more than 10,000 netball players in our study. We found that netball provided players with HALF of annual participation in recreational physical activity. Players had⬆️ #physicalactivity #beactive Read more here:…
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#DAZN #Matchroom
#disruption #sport
#Legacy v's #PurePlay specialists

This week #EddieHearn announced the worst kept secret in sports broadcasting - He's taking his show, Lock Stock, to Mr #Blavatnik first-mover streaming service.

#Thread with a different perspective...🧐 ImageImageImageImage
This is exciting for #Sports fans - Especially #boxing

Lower cost access
More shows
Bigger production

Interesting, it's announced a week after #SundayTimes named the owner of #DAZN as the richest man in the UK (again)!

That rich list is an good starting point to explore Image
We're living through changing times;


What's that got to do with #DAZN & #Sport 🤔

Well, Sport & #Entertainment is big business 💰

It's also used by powerful people to influence Hearts & Minds...
#Sportswashing ImageImage
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Un lunghissimo thread che ho scritto invece di fare la lavatrice e pulire sotto al divano
E’ interessante quanto è mediaticamente accaduto fra il 30 aprile ed il 1° maggio sui principali schermi del nostro Paese.
Sto ovviamente parlando del monologo di #pioeamedeo e dell’intervento di #Fedez al concerto del #PrimoMaggio
Quella che è andata in scena infatti è probabilmente una delle faglie che attraverserà la società e la politica italiana del futuro. In 24 ore di tv si sono scontrati due Paesi opposti per consapevolezze e prima ancora per anagrafe
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📢 LIVE TWEETING @fuoridallabolla

🗞️ RASSEGNA STAMPA 20/4/2021

📣 @ceciliasala: "era stato pudore a parlare di questa storia negli ultimi due anni, invece da questo momento in poi sarà diverso. Vorrei capire perché è venuto fuori con questa veemenza adesso." #fuoridallabolla #Grillo
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Why top #Football teams are going #Crypto
A growing number of #Football teams are now venturing into #crypto for obvious reasons, with a #COVID19 battered global economy,
#football teams have had their stadium gates closed amid the compliance of lockdown measures in taming the virus leading to billion of dollars in losses
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Mache mich fertig für #stadtratlive und merke, ich wusste nicht mehr, wie sich eine #Jeans anfühlt.
#teamjogginghose #teamleggins #stadtraetinlive
Test ist negativ, aber da noch alle getestet werden, die sich testen lassen wollen, fangen wir offensichtlich nicht pünktlich um 9.00 an
So, der Aufruf der nicht öffentlichen Tagesordnung ist durch, ebenso das durchackern der öffentlichen Tagesordnung. Jetzt Sachstandsbericht #Corona #muenchen und #impfen
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Schwere Anschuldigung
Whistleblower veröffentlicht Emails, die beinhalten, dass ein Experte um #Tegnell absichtlich Daten zu COVID-Fällen in #Schulen u. Todesfälle von Kindern manipuliert haben soll, die Veröffentlichungen werden geprüft, hier Auszüge…
Offiziell soll die COVID-Pandemie in #Schweden nicht zu einem Anstieg der Todesfälle bei #Kindern geführt haben:
Die von #Malmberg erhaltenen E-Mails zeigen jedoch, dass #Ludvigsson im Juli 2020 an #Tegnell schrieb:
„Leider sehen wir einen klaren Hinweis auf eine übermäßige #Sterblichkeit bei #Kindern im Alter von 7 bis 16 Jahren, dem Alter, in dem Kinder zur #Schule gingen.“
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This is the biggest story in World #Sport at the moment

The way the narrative is starting to play out is so reminiscent of the #Trump election - It's a scary template!

Regulated media V's Unregulated Media competing to tell the story 🤯#Boxing #Tribal…
For any #boxing / #sport fan with no previous knowledge of these characters, we should be sceptical of simplistic caricatures that are served up by Online Fans OR stenographers masquerading as journalists!

There's a lot of sh*t out there! 🤳💻

Research & Critical thinking! 🤔
If we accept the @panorama programme #boxingandthemob then we have a situation whereby #OrganisedCrime has not only infiltrated BUT is dominating a Global/Professional Sport!

If that's the case, what's to stop these forces taking over #Football OR other major Sport next?

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