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Starting my annual live-tweeting of my reading of @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue. Predictions: even MORE #CarefullyCalibratedDiversity; ageist fetishization of youth; huge amount of adspend wasted looking like everyone else; nothing's changing in fashion's old world
We LOVE @serenawilliams on the cover of @condenast @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue with @OlympiaOhanian. We don't love that the photographer wasn't a Black woman. Anna Wintour is the queen-maker - uplift a Black female photographer to be the next @annieleibovitz & pay her the $$$
.@LancomeUSA forked out the $$$ to be the @condenast @voguemagazine inside cover foldout, running the same old Julia Roberts La Vie Est Belle ad they've run for years. What a waste of a huge-impact triple-spread that @LancomeFR could've done something really creative with
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On Friday night, I sorted out my best bookmarks from the rest and went from approx. 4 billion to about 30 that I actually use. (Rock n roll, I know.šŸ¤ŸšŸŽø)

Here are my writing ones. 12 websites that I always use when I'm writing and how I use them...


1. My go-to for transcribing interviews, but I also love to use it for videos. Say, if a client sends me a video to refer to or I want to copy a video script structure, I'll press record on Otter, play on the vid, put my feet up and feel like a genius.
2. šŸŽ© h/t to @wordmancopy for sharing the only tools you'll ever need to breathe life into your creative processes.
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Looking to top up your tone of voice swipe file? šŸ‘€

Here's a list of my favourite online resources for discovering new brands with fresh voices and general copy inspo šŸ‘‡
If I'm feeling stuck in a ToV rut I like to visit Emotive Feels to shake things up - a beaut of a website from @Emotivebrand
I've tweeted about this a few times before, but once more can't hurt.

I could (and do) spend HOURS browsing @thingtesting_'s directory discovering new brands with interesting things to say.
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You Can't Create Desire In Your Target Customer.

I saw an ad for skill acquisition last week, and it read, "Why not use the money you spend on clubbing and eating to get a skill that will help you."

Not quoting, but very similar.
This is a wrong move because it doesn't understand marketing. See this:

Your target customer may ordinarily like clubbing and eating.

You can't create a new desire for skills but you can stir up a desire already resident in them.

"The Desire To Have Fun"
If they make money..
from their skills, they will be able to have fun.

Another desire may be "The Desire To Feel Among"

If they imbibe skills, people will respect them and seek their approval.


You can't create desire in people; you can only channel already existing desires to your product.
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It's saddening atimes when I think of how many ideas we know as clichĆ©s, that can change our lives by 360Ā° but we fail to consciously take heed to, like:

*No food for the lazy man
*A stitch in time saves nine
*Practice makes perfect

Need I say more?

We want to find...
...the easiest route to everything.

"How I made $100 in a day without doing anything."

"Become a badass chef by taking these 5 simple lessons"

And the list goes.

Well... As I like to think; anyone who's lived over two decades should know that these are not as they appear!
Everything will always be blueprints and no matter how much we read, how many classes we take, and how many amazing folks we have around; IF we DO NOT take action, consistently, we will still be where we are.

To be great at anything, like I said before, work is required...
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