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there's a fundamental problem with #capitalism, and I daresay that @elonmusk's turning @Twitter into his personal plaything is an ongoing example of this intrinsic problem:

the truth is, a *corporation*, to be useful to a capitalist, doesn't need to make or do ANYTHING.

corporations are useful in so many different ways to #capitalism. they're good for laundering money—and laundering responsibility. creation of "shell corporations" to achieve this or that nefarious goal, shielded from scrutiny and legal consequences, is routine practice.

one can use a corporation, *any* corporation, as a dumping-ground for debts and other unwanted things. corporations can be *sacrificed* as necessary—@elonmusk's long-term plans for @Twitter probably involve such a sacrifice. he'll break his toy, then leave it in a ditch.

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In conversation with @tejeshwi_sharma & #SaaS founders in BLR, Klaviyo’s former CMO, Kady S. talked about all things marketing for early stage cos. Highlights 👇
"When you get to the $5M mark, you want to think about product #marketing aggressively. A framework I use is ABCD." 🧵
Audience - Identifying who the core audience is

Benefit - Building features for them that convert to benefits in a language that they understand

Compelling Reasons to Believe (RTB) - social proof, case studies, etc.

Differentiation - your product’s dramatic differentiation 1/
Use this framework for ur msging. It’s imp bcos when u go outside ur core market, u have to be able to convince ur TG. U may be getting into a fragmented/competitive mkt & this is how u'll stand out. Ensure it's consistent on ur site, sales training etc. This is product mktg.2/
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#19novembre, riprendiamo da dove ci eravamo lasciati: le #crociere.
Molte cose si potrebbero raccontare su questo fenomeno #commerciale in continua espansione, sempre più grande e devastante, esattamente come le #navi che utilizza.
Ma partiamo dall'inizio.
[Prima puntata].
Chi ha più di quarant'anni ricorderà (forse anche con un po' di nostalgia) questa sigla qua sotto.🎼
Un Little Tony romantico che cantava tutto ispirato🎤
"Mare profumo di #mare
con l’#amore io voglio giocaaare...".🎹
La serie #Loveboat, avete presente?
Correva il giugno 1980 e #Canale5 (chi altri?) portava in Italia la serie iniziata tre anni prima negli States (e dove, sennò?).
Tanti sorrisi plastificati per lanciare in tutto il mondo un modello di #business turistico di massa insensato e nocivo, il c.d. "crocierismo".
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I've used both fasc!sm and neo-fasc!sm as terms—forgive the use of exclamation points, but I try to evade @Twitter's censorship mechanisms as best I can.

the older style in fasc!st politics required support from a strong national tradition, something with *history*.

the NSDAP got as far as they did in Germany because they anchored themselves to something with genuine solidity and traditional weight: the national identity of Germany.

the Italian fasc!sts could anchor themselves *directly* to Roman iconography, visible all round them.

the contemporary fasc!st movements, however, seem to lack such anchoring points. they tend to gravitate towards individual icons and idols of "traditional values". this new fasc!sm depends heavily on *personalities*—qq.v. Donald Trump, @GovRonDeSantis, and Mr. @elonmusk.

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Western society has a fatal mania for *testing*, and the purported "objectivity" of multiple-choice texts. it amounts to a logical fallacy: the fallacy that you can make a machine or device that's capable of telling the truth about someone.

this mystic fallacy also enables fallacious belief in the reliability of "lie-detector testings" or polygraph tests, in which a human subject's physiological responses to questions are determined. a skilled and dedicated liar can easily defeat such "lie detectors".

that's because a skilled and dedicated liar, in general, believes that they are telling the truth—even when they are uttering things that contradict known facts.

Western intellectual culture hasn't yet let go this fallacy of a truth-telling machine, an "objective test".

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if you grew up surrounded by other science nerds, especially in the 1980s like us, you might have developed the general notion that this was the future: we'd all be doing science in space. like on Star Trek!

the #ElonMusk fanclub is what happens when that dream curdles.

worst conference room ever. it seems designed for maximum discomfort. ~Chara
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the other day we had a bizarre conversation with someone who may or may not have been human—lately we've begun to suspect that folks have been training up natural-language bots for Twitter, creating artificial trolls programmed to talk like Christian fundies or whatnot.

people with narrow ideologies already tend to speak in a programmatic way, using memorized and memetic "arguments" that they're not equipped to defend, gets hard to tell whether someone's a "real person" or not. on Twitter it hardly matters. we're all fake here.

this particular Twitter user talked like an extremist Christian; the topic was #COVID19 and the all-too-familiar refrain, one that's heavily amplified by right-wing propaganda, that only *fearful* people care about taking public-health precautions, especially masks.

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*why* is #ElonMusk?

why is Mr. @elonmusk the way he is, and why does he have such a massive fanclub?

that isn't a question I propose to answer with a few tweets, or even a few dozen of them. ultimately they'd all be guesses and speculation, anyway.

Musk is a mystery.

#ElonMusk is not a mystery because he's a super special genius; he's a mystery because he's a human being, and (as "Neon Genesis Evangelion" strikingly depicted) one human soul can never really know another.

we are individuals, which means we're mysteries to each other.

my elder sibling Frisk, who used to have a great passion for driving, tinkering with and reading about cars, certainly has some long-term plans about researching and analyzing Mr. #ElonMusk.

Musk is both something new, and very familiar: the blustery business titan.

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I've heard it rumored that @elonmusk has been attempting to keep @Twitter staffed with people from his @boringcompany grifting operation, and that's a bad sign: The Boring Company was created and sustained almost entirely for the purpose of starving out public transport.

the idea was: @elonmusk, fortified by the noise made by the #ElonMusk fans and by the celebrity status which Elon enjoys thanks to relentless marketing and product placement (e.g. Musk's "Iron Man" cameo), would convince gullible politicians to *defund public transport*.

@elonmusk hates public transport for many reasons. chiefly he hates it because #ElonMusk's temporary wealth depends upon America's addiction to isolationism and to the *car*, which facilitates isolationism. Americans like to think of their cars as homes away from home.

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one reason that I love Darren Aronofsky's π so much is that, while there's outlandish aspects of the film, moments difficult to accept (like Max Cohen's improbable computer rig), most of the scientific and mathematics insights on offer in the film seem quite sound to me.

there's a particular detail from π that's on my mind now: Max's film belief that the stock market can be modelled like a _single organism_, a coherent unit. I think Max is spot on with that one.

that may seem *dehumanizing* perhaps. where's the room for individuality?

people have been talking about "mass psychology" for many decades now, and ideas about mass psychology are no doubt heavily researched in #marketing and #business circles.

there's one thing business people want to do more than anything else: *predict the future*.

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an important thing to be remembered about all right-wing grifters—@benshapiro, @MattWalshBlog, @DouthatNYT, @AbigailShrier, all of them—is that that they are *performers*.

they're people who have an _act_, and they get money for it. they all chase the gravy train.

"I'm just an entertainer" is also *legal cover*. #conservative propagandists, whenever they get in trouble for lies or bıgotry, always pretend that they're merely entertainment, not to be taken seriously—thus does @joerogan pretend to be a comedian, though he's not funny.

@joerogan's true purpose in life is a
to be a bland sweaty sack of vaguely "manly" and "working class" sentiments—there's nothing "working class" about being a privileged @Spotify star but whatever—that other grifters like @MattWalshBlog can bounce their bullshıt off.

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என்னோட இதுவரை எழுதப்பட்ட அனைத்து மார்க்கெட்டிங் திரட்டையும் இணைச்சு ஒரே திரட்டா இங்க Pin பண்றேன் வேணுங்கிறவங்க உபயோகப்படுத்திக்கவும். உங்களோட சந்தேகங்கள், கேள்விகளை தயவு செஞ்சு இந்த I'dல கேட்கவும். நான் பழைய உபயோகப்படுத்துறது கிடையாது. Image
இதெல்லாம் என் அறிவுக்கெட்டி எழுதுன விஷயம்தான் ஏதாவது தவறு இருந்தால் மன்னிக்கவும் 🙏.
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all of modern #computing, all modern #programming culture, at least the way it's practiced among the privileged—among @JeffDean / @jack / @ID_AA_Carmack stemlords of the world—centers round one daydream.

it's a simple dream: make a machine that magically _prints money_.

this is a dream with many forms and variations. @ID_AA_Carmack realized the dream by making a video game about Hell. (John...I hate to be the bearer of bad spiritual news, should have thought about the implications of that decision just a _little bit better_.)

the #NFT bros loosely glue #NFTs to procedurally generated images and throw them up into the air for #cryptocurrency and #blockchain and #programming nerds (#conservative nerds, too) to gamble on. it's amazing, really—technology has given us this nullity of an "industry".

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incidentally, this bit of #MadokaMagica can't be overemphasized *enough*, in my opinion, because it tells you what the Incubators are really all about: *eating planets*.

they've found a way to reap energy by destroying planets—indirectly, by creating powerful Witches.

that's *text*. that's not a guess.

as a result, we can be fairly certain that most of what Kyubey tells Kaname Madoka is lies. we can't be all that certain of *anything* that Kyubey says to Madoka, because their primary goal is "get Madoka to become a Witch eventually."

Kyubey latches onto Madoka with an initial sales pitch: they show Madoka the hopeless fight of Akemi Homura against Walpurgisnacht—activating her *guilt*. "how can you let this lonely girl suffer?" is the #marketing method.

that's right! Kyubey is a whiz at #advertising.

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I think science marketing is broken: I don’t believe scientists care about company blogs, social media or the pile PDF posters everyone has. And it’s so hard to get scientists to try a new alternative because it’s too risky.
So what can we do? #marketing #sciencetwitter
1. Keep your existing customers up to date on new products and services. Show them ALL the supporting data, and not in the cherry-picked app note style. Show them the proper data - mess and all!
2. Make it easier for scientists to try new stuff. Budgets are always tight so ain’t no one throwing that away on an alternative products. Give them free samples. Let them try something. Maybe they have experiments on the side to compare without investing too much.
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today is 2 November, All Souls Day, the last day of the traditional Hallowtide (after All Hallows Day yesterday and Hallowe'en the day before).…

so we'll probably be finishing that #Undertale playthrough today, the one we left off a few days ago.

ah, my typical day. #Undertale

(think I'll just lie here for a little while longer. it's so nice to be flat on one's face, sometimes) ~Chara Image
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@MatthewYglesia1 @rmc031 @JamesFBooth both @mattyglesias and @MatthewYglesia1 are equally insubstantial. it's difficult to distinguish between two roughly similar volumes of hot air.

the 'jokes' are meant to muddle the question: does @Twitter confer specific, well-delineated benefits on blue-checked users?

@MatthewYglesia1 @rmc031 @JamesFBooth @mattyglesias @Twitter do they get more prompt service from @TwitterSupport? does @TwitterDev provide "verified users" with extra software features? do "blue-checked" users get a blue tote bag in the post? the point is...@Twitter isn't saying. and so far, no "blue-check" is saying, either.

@MatthewYglesia1 @rmc031 @JamesFBooth @mattyglesias @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterDev they're not even saying, "no, we get nothing special." that's always very interesting, when people can't even muster up a simple denial—the easiest lie in the world to tell, a simple "no". (and it's shorter than "yes", the other easy lie.)

that suggests a few things.

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there's a widespread issue—we suspect—in the @Twitter community of online #journalists. we suspect that this is, in fact, common practice among celebrity accounts (blue-checked or not):

professional @Twitter users, we suspect, routinely use deceitful burner accounts.

fake @Twitter accounts swirl about celebrities in great numbers; a substantial fraction of @elonmusk's @Twitter fandom consists of false accounts—doubles, throwaway accounts, "sock puppets", #cryptocurrency bots, and so forth.

hence it's sensible to guess that at least *some* of this @Twitter noise coming from obvious "burner" accounts, i.e. Twitter accounts set up to be thrown away after a bit of use, must be coming from the celebrities themselves. @elonmusk, @mattyglesias, etc. are egotists.

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at some point in life I realized that "a quantum of solace" was a meaningful phrase. it's not just a silly title to a Bond movie.

how did I learn that? how did I learn that it was possible to feel one (1) unit of solace? but somehow, I feel that way about solace.

I think a great number of human traits and behaviors are, effectively, quantized. this shouldn't be as mysterious as it is. one suspects that there's been some deliberate obfuscation and commercial lock-down of information on human behavior and how it "scales".

to take another example: the concept of "spoons", quantized units of get-up-and-go-feeling or however you want to put it, is widely accepted as valid in #neurodivergent and #disabled discourse. one can have zero spoons, or just a few—we feel these things intuitively.

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#VLRM look to get final confirmation of the #GSX deal, morphing from basically a Spac into one of the world's first fully regulated exchanges crossing the digital divide, between #fiat & #crypto!
So for under 12 Million MCAP what's currently not priced in & what can we expect...
🔥The #GSX is a regulated exchange market (Tier 1 exchange) which also holds an Multi-Lateral Trading Facility ("MTF") licence for the listing of specific forms of security under MiFID.
#markets #StocksToBuy #stockstoinvest #Aquis #aim
🔥#Juno - 3 areas of licensed operations cover the formation & management of trusts & similar entities, the administration of funds, a broad range of activities, like fiat & crypto currencies & the formation & management of companies in #Gibraltar / jurisdictions worldwide.
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Rolex fait plus de $10 milliards/an.

Voici ce que j’ai appris + les leçons que tu peux appliquer à ton propre biz. 👇
1/ La SIMPLICITÉ avant tout

Rolex ne propose pas les montres les plus originales du marché.

Beaucoup trouvent qu’elles sont (trop) basiques.

Ceci étant dit, la simplicité bat souvent la complexité.
Sur ce marché, et bien d’autres...
2/ La RARETÉ vend

Rolex ne produit qu’une quantité limitée de modèles par an.

Résultat : la demande augmente encore et encore, ce qui permet à la boîte d’augmenter ses prix et entretenir son image de marque.
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#Marketing scholars! Marketing research priorities for 2022-2024 are out 👇 Simplified version with examples of research questions below:

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #OpenScience #phdvoice #phdchat #phdforum #research #researchers
1⃣ Data challenges: new privacy regulations, no access to third-party cookies, and new post-covid advertising models
Some research questions to look at:

• What business models can help companies adapt to changing privacy policies?
• What available data (e.g., search data) should firms use to improve targeting?
• Can firms optimally combine pre and post covid advertising models?
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#17CongresoAbogaciaMLG, hablamos de #Marketing de la mano de @MutuaAbogacia

“Creamos contenidos que ayuden a la educación financiera, al talento y el emprendimiento así como a la innovación”, asegura @idoiarevuelta, directora de #comunicación @MutuaAbogacia
“Los podcasts nos sirven para mejorar nuestro posicionamiento y ascender, además es una herramienta de plena innovación”, dice @idoiarevuelta, de @MutuaAbogacia hablando sobre ‘Redefinir la marca desde la voz del cliente’, en nuestro #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
“Los podcasts nos sirven para mejorar nuestro posicionamiento y ascender, además es una herramienta de plena innovación”, asegura @idoiarevuelta, de @MutuaAbogacia hablando sobre ‘Redefinir la marca desde la voz del cliente’, en nuestro #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
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En #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG, en #SalaTasa, disfrutamos del taller de #DesarrolloProfesional de la mano se @lidiazommer, Socia Directora de @Mirada_360 y profesora de #MarketingJurídico en @IEB_Spain
@lidiazommer nos cuenta cómo diseñar la oferta de nuestros despachos para optimizar su rentabilidad y satisfacción de nuestros clientes, evitando la guerra de precios”

#SalaTasa #MarketingJurídico #Taller #DesarrolloProfesional #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
@lidiazommer: “Se pueden hacer muchas cosas por un cliente más allá de exclusivamente lo técnico jurídico y eso también es diferenciación”

#SalaTasa #Taller #DesarrolloProfesional #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
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